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May 28, 2018, 12:38:18 AM

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Author Topic: Race Wars [MxM] RP Request[Seme/Dom needed!]  (Read 214 times)

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Offline FreeBirdFlyTopic starter

Race Wars [MxM] RP Request[Seme/Dom needed!]
« on: September 01, 2015, 02:21:04 PM »
Hello and welcome to my thread! I'm new here, however not new to roleplaying so I hope you give me a chance! This is just one of my ideas I thought of, I most likely will be either updating this thread or making another one for my other ideas. ^.^


War has been raging between the different species in Antaladis. A land filled with many different races such as elves, the Fae folk, pixies, even hybrids that have humans an animals characteristics like nekos or the werewolves all who have different rivaling packs. During these wars many women and children were killed and in this, making the population of all these races drop to an all time low.

So in order to get stronger faster than the rest of the other packs, the different clans began to steal and kidnap creatures from other packs to breed with. Interestingly enough, they found out previously a while back, that in some cases, male omegas or submissive in any particular species are sometimes able to be impregnated and bare offsprings in litters ranging between 1-6.

Thus beginning  the 'Race War' between all the creatures packs.


1) MC, an omega of a pack and YC alpha of a pack that is known for kidnapping omegas from different packs meet when YC's pack attacks and kidnaps MC.

2) MC is being sold at an auction for a low price since he is still incredibly unruly and needs to be broken by YC, an alpha looking for the right omega to breed.

3) YC is a trainer and is tasked with training MC, an omega that won't submit.

4) MC already has a litter of kids, YC is the alpha of a different pack that had stormed into MC's territory, killed his mate(or he could already be dead) and took MC.

5) MC is going into his first heat, and is not apart of any pack but a solitary omega that YC had scented when going on a hunting expedition with some other people of YC's pack.

6) MC was injured and YC took him in, now MC believes that he owes YC and will do almost anything to repay him.

7) MC and YC were mates, when something made their relationship sour and MC tried to run. Not wanting to lose MC, YC starts to hunt him down and their relationships turns into a cat and mouse game.

8) MC is the leader of a pack of rogue omegas that do not wish to mate with any alphas, YC is the alpha of a different pack wanting to hunt the pack of omegas down and force them into your own pack to breed and become stronger.

9) MC and a group of omegas were being transported to another pack for a big sum of money when YC's pack raids the caravan and takes MC and the other omegas for his own pack.

10) MC is an unmated omega, YC is the alpha of the same pack MC is apart of and wants to take MC as his mate, MC wants nothing to do with YC.

11) MC and the other omegas of his torn clan were taken by alphas to be put in a huge auction held every once a years. There, alphas from near and far come to chose a mate or multiple mates to take back to the clan and breed with. MC is less than willing to even step foot on the auction stage... However he doesn't want his friends, his clan mates to get hurt... The real question is, who will buy him? A feisty, almost untamable omega that knows how to bite, and bite hard.

12) Suggest your own, or we can brainstorm, or mix a couple together! ^.^


+I also think they should be two different species. I was thinking about either playing a neko or elf. You can be whatever you wish. ^.^

+This will most likely have multiple side characters as we go along in the rp!

+I am looking for a seme/dominant for the main pairing. However I a have qualms about playing a seke/switch for other characters to mix it up later on. ^.^ Maybe a seme, but I'm not very experienced, but I'm not completely against it. :) I know how monotonous it can get just playing the same role over and over again!

+I am looking for about 2-4 paragraphs. The lowest about would be a paragraph. I do not do one liners!!

+Third person only please!

+I only rp on threads. I do not mind starting the threads. :)

+I will not do these kinks: bloodplay, watersports, potty play, vore, scat, anything nasty like that.

+If you are interested comment below or pm me please!! :)


Kinks and things that will happen most likely[some can be taken out]: mpreg obviously, rape/noncon, multiple penetrations(maybe), sadism/masochism, master x slave, relationships, harems, light cum inflation, incest(maybe, depends on partner for this one), humiliation(possibly extreme), pseudo-rape, Stockholm Syndrome(maybe), multiple partners, multiple orgasms, heat/estrus, kidnap, sex toys, cages, slutty clothing, discipline/punishment, leashes/collars, orgasm denial/control, knotting, abrasions(maybe, I'm not sure), spanking/whipping, restraints, and others if you want to add some I left out, please all you have to do is ask if I do it or not! :)