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Author Topic: Stories and Smut Galore MxF  (Read 272 times)

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Offline Ser Issac ClarkeTopic starter

Stories and Smut Galore MxF
« on: August 29, 2015, 05:34:56 PM »
Greetings one and all! My name is Ser Issac Clarke, and I'm addicted to RPing. I absolutely love to write, I love to create characters and make interesting stories, to forge worlds, universes, etc. Before I go on any further I suppose you'll want to know some things about me.

About me

I started RPing when I was about 13 or 14, making me a roughly 7 year veteran. I tend to post anywhere between 3-8 paragraphs. Really though it all comes down to the kind of mood I'm in. You give me a novel and I'll write you a novel, you give me 1 line and I'll give you 1 line. However, I do try my best to post at least a paragraph.

What to Consider before PMing me

I tend to ask that my partner try and post at least once every few days or so. If you could post every day then that would be lovely. However though it isn't a big deal for me. I also ask that you be able to post a paragraph minimum. It isn't a big deal if you don't but I just prefer you do. Proper grammar is always a must but I'm no Grammar Nazi, lord knows we all make the occasional goof when we write. I play male characters exclusively, some times only one character, other times a couple. Honestly I'm bound to have a few extra side characters. Also, while I'm thinking about it, I only do Male on Female pairings. Nothing against other pairings, their just not my cup of tea. Sorry to those who were looking for something other than that. Also, I only RP in the PMs or emails. I can however be persuaded to play in the threads

For now, that is all I have but if I can think of anything else I will let you know. Now we get to the juicy bits and pieces


These are just a few that I can think of currently. I'm sure I can think of more as time goes on.

Hair Pulling
Threesomes/Group Sex
Sex in Unlikely Places
Large Breasts
Curvaceous Females
Long Legs
Clothed Sex
Shower Sex

Honestly I keep things pretty vanilla and most stuff is up for debate. There's however of list of things I will never do:

Heavy Bondage
Scat (Basically anything involving the toilet)
Blackmail (In a sexual setting)

There are a few things but not much I can think of at the moment

Story Heavy Plots

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This RP is set during the Vietnam War, during a time where drugs, sex, and crime were a part of life. It follows the story of a war vet coming home from Nam. He started off quiet, sensitive, and naive, a child in many ways, and came home a changed and damaged man. Coming back to his home town, he joins a local biker gang. There, the story will unfold. You will play an old friend or old love, someone that would have missed him and will witness the dark decent as he tries to live a normal life, slowly descending from a sensitive nature, to something much more savage. This was inspired in part by 'Sons of Anarchy'


Tinker, Tailor, Psyker, Spy
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
During the Cold War, the KGB and the CIA began to research in the field of the parapsychology, the KGB having Project 'MKULTRA' and the CIA having Project 'Stargate'. Both sides were equally interested in using psychics in the field of espionage. While the war between Russia and the US ended, the Cold War has simply changed shape.

The research never stopped and has made massive strides, giving birth to ESP-ionage. Psychic agents have been waging spy warfare for years. However, what happens when an agent goes rogue and decides to pull down the whole rotting system. This is where you and I come in. We play as a pair of psychics that have been tasked with stopping the rogue psychic, our powers being of our own choice.


Gods from the Stars
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
There is a theory that states that many of the legends of gods and supreme beings of the past is simply the misinterpretation of ancient man encountering something more advanced then themselves. Something with the power over the elements, over the sky, over things that they couldn't imagine controlling. Ancient gods from the sky. Beings of an extra-terrestrial origin. Humanity would worship these creatures and would soon forget about such beings of immense power. What then, if such a being returned? Would we question our own ideologies on God, Religion, even life itself? Now that we have learned to understand science to a higher degree, would we understand such beings? What if one such being was simply harbinger, one of many others? What would one do then?

I was inspired to do a story that would follow a human on Earth who encounters an extra-terrestrial and befriends (perhaps even falls in love with) them. An extra-terrestrial who could have inspired an ancient culture. Perhaps an intergalactic warrior who is reminiscent of an Aztec warrior. Perhaps they are a rogue "god" who comes to Earth to defend it. I see all sorts of stories coming from the idea. If this sounds good to you, please message me. Really craving this one.


Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
No one is really certain when people began to get sick, what nor does anyone know what exactly caused the virus in question. People only began to know of the virus' existence when most of Manhattan was burning to the ground. The science community refers to it as "MRSK-1" but the community refers to this virus as the "Marvel Virus". Those who contracted the Marvel Virus began to experience flu like symptoms, followed by an increasingly more severe fever. The strange thing about the virus however is the 3rd symptom that comes with it. For a reason that can't quite be explained by science, the virus grants the afflicted with certain abilities. In other words, get sick and get superpowers. The common amount of people don't survive longer than a week. When the seventh day occurs, those who are unlucky become a walking explosive. Those who are unfortunate enough to get that far will combust at a temperature of 5000 degrees fahrenheit. Those however who survive the week mark become imbued with the powers the virus had given them.  With Manhatten in flames and a new virus that no one understood fully, it was only a matter of time until the military quarantined Manhattan to keep the virus from spreading. Manhattan became divided into three sections. The quarantine zone, the demilitarized zone, and the uninfected zone. Those who became afflicted with the virus (known as "Powers") are moved into the quarantine zone and are kept lock behind the walls of the quarantine zone. Those who become too difficult to control are killed by the military, those deemed to be a unique specimen are captured and subjected to experiments. The DMZ is the military controlled zone that cuts Manhattan Island down the middle, occupied by soldiers and scientists alike. The safe zone is where the uninfected go.

The pairing of us here is up for debate. You could play a soldier and I a captured Power (or visa versa). Perhaps a pair of Powers who try to escape the quarantine zone or simply try to survive in the mostly lawless quarantine zone. Perhaps a scientist, as I said the pairings are up for debate.


World War Weird
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The date was April 30, 1945 when the tide of the war changed. Berlin was being surrounded by the Soviets, it looked as though the war would be finished and the Führer would be executed within the manner of hours. As Hitler was preparing to end his life, a scientist rushed in with astounding news. They'd found a way to push back the Soviets and save the Reich from total collapse. The Führer took a gamble. If it failed, he'd be dead either way. If it worked, his dream would come to fruition. As the Soviets were beginning to climb up the steps of the Reichstag, the Germans made their push. From above their heads came screeching death. The Soviets were caught by surprise. Aircraft streaked above, faster than anything they'd ever seen. From the empty German subway tunnels came the sound of thousands of pounding feet. The soldiers weren't like the Wehrmacht they were facing. These soldiers were seemingly impervious to pain and fatigue. Within hours, the Germans had pushed the Soviets out of Berlin. Within days they had pushed them out of Germany all together. With every passing hour, the Germans regained lost ground and gained new ground. Their war machine had been given new and terrible life. The pounding of German boots, the screeching of their jets, and the earth shattering steps of their Walkers.

How could such things be done? An army that had almost no fuel left suddenly having an abundance of it? How could they produce soldiers that were immune to pain and to fatigue and be so well equipped? It was so quick. British intelligence sought anything they could to explain it but the only thing they could find was a simple message. 'Die Glocke hat geläutet...', "The Bell has rung". The British worked night and day trying to figure out how such things could be possible, then the Germans unleashed their newest weapon. On December 25th, 1946, the sound of a screeching aircraft could be heard. The London skyline was set alight by a bomb. A bomb more powerful than anything seen before. A bomb that killed more Englishmen in a single second than on the invasion of Normandy. London became an irradiated ruin as the British began to scramble to enact a long dormant plan, Project Olympus. The remaining pilots and naval men embarked on the 12 ships that made up Project Olympus. Ships that did not embark on the waves of the ocean but the winds of the sky. Ships that not even the German Army could hope to construct. Before ascending to the sky, Churchill instructed any able bodied man, woman, and child to flee. Flee London, Birmingham, Edinburgh, flee the United Kingdom and go to Canada where they could be safe from the Germans. Those who could fled to Canada. Those who couldn't were doomed to endure the German invasion of their home and the knowledge that the British Government and military had ran to fight another day, hiding in the clouds above and remaining in constant motion to avoid the Germans at all costs.

The Germans attack allied borders more and more fiercely with each passing day, each attack weakening the allied forces more and more. The only hope to push back the Germans is to keep the Flying Fleet in the air, to send the best and brightest from the allies to the fleet to prepare for the counter attack, men and women alike. Each has been specially selected to aid in their respective projects. For the Americans, Project Beowulf and Project Talos. For the Soviets, Project Zver and Project Zhelezo. Finally the British with Project Oracle. Each is close to becoming a reality. Within weeks, the necessary elements needed will be acquired and the counter attack can begin


The Hellbender
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
I recently had a brain wave for an RP following a character of mine. Born by the blood of demons, my character is a manipulator of the world of Hell, capable of pulling the very foundations of Hell into the world, or put simply a Hellbender. However, he is hunted. In the world above, the police hunt him mercilessly for the destruction and death he leaves in his wake. He doesn't do such things on purpose mind you, he simply can't control it. At least not fully. In the world below, the souls of the damned wish to tear his soul from his living body every time he enters Hell. He tries to redeem his soul and lead a normal life but no matter what, he finds himself sinning. I can explain better, just feel free to PM me with the title 'Hellbender'


Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The following is from an interview with Thomas Blackgate:

Interviewer: Thank you for taking some time out of your busy schedule to talk to us Detective

Thomas: My pleasure

Interviewer: So you are a Private and Paranormal Investigator who...

Thomas: Dabbles in Demonology and the Occult yes. I read my business card too.

Interviewer: What exactly does it mean to be a Paranormal Investigator?

Thomas: To be frank, it means I tend to see some pretty freaky [expletive deleted], pardon my french.

Interviewer: So how do you....take care of demons or ghosts?

Thomas: Magic generally

Interviewer: So your admitting magic exists?

Thomas: Well how else do you explain Copperfield and Houdini? Though I certainly don't float or perform for a crowd.

Interviewer: So what's it like to use magic....if you don't mind me asking?

Thomas: You know that tingly feeling you get when your foot falls asleep? It feels kinda like that....only a lot cooler.....and it doesn't feel like you got pins in your feet afterwards

Interviewer: What else do you do?

Thomas: Well when I'm not dealing with demons or cults, I'm usually investigating common crimes. Usually murder but honestly it's anything I'm hired to investigate.

Interviewer: What can you tell us about the occult? Demons and all I mean?

Thomas: It exists. People generally don't see that side of the world but you have the occasional few like me. Sounds crazy as hell I know, but it's the truth.

Interviewer: One more question, do you have anything you'd like to say to people out there?

Thomas: Yeah, call me anytime. Truth truly is stranger than fiction, sometimes we all need a helping hand

This is my character, Detective Thomas Blackgate. Private Investigator, Smooth Talker, and Warlock. I have many ideas in mind for a plot and for characters, long-term and short. Feel free to message me with the title 'Blackgate'. I'm happy to discuss a plot with you.


Aliens, Monsters, and Mutants~ Oh My!
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
For millions of years, mankind has looked to the stars and wondered if he was alone. Often times he's wondered where his brothers among the stars would come from and more importantly, wondered why they would come. Was it for peace? Or was it for conquest? Many feared the idea of an alien threat attacking earth and for a long time, many believed such a thing couldn't happen. At least that was until February 24, 1942. On the night of February 24, 1942, air raid sirens throughout Los Angeles County began to go off and soldiers began to mobilize. Many feared that it was another attack by the Japanese Imperial Air Force. The real enemy however was something....unknown. At 3:16 AM, the US army began firing .50 caliber machine guns and 12.8 pound anti-aircraft shells into the air at reported aircraft; over 1,400 shells would eventually be fired. The firing continued for almost an hour until it was reported all clear. The army would "claim" that they hit nothing and that it was simply a false alarm but the truth however was more staggering.

On the night of February 24, 1942, the US Army spotted a heavily damaged alien ship flying over the LA skyline. The army would take the wreckage away and the so called "Battle of Los Angeles" would be a wake up call for the Earth. Humanity wasn't alone and humanity wasn't ready to defend itself against such a threat. Thus, Argus was born. The name derived from the Greek figure Argus, the hundred eyed guardian of princess Io. With the help of Earth's sharpest scientists and it's deadliest soldiers, Argus was tasked with watching the skies and protecting Earth from all extra-terrestrial threats. They answered only to the Council of Nations, and for 72 years Argus has remained ever vigilant. For 72 years, the darkness of space remained silent. For 72 years, the Earth lived in ignorant bliss of what horrors lurked in the deepest regions of space. That silence however, had been broken.

From the deepest regions of space came an alien threat, a threat that had consumed entire galaxies. A threat that is ever adapting, and ever terrifying. They are Legion. They only live to consume, to adapt, to destroy. Their blood begins changing all creatures on contact, adapting it to either perfect the one who made contact, or consuming it to fight for Legion. Now, Argus must fight. They are Earth's greatest chance at survival, they will use every asset at it's disposal to combat the alien menace.

You and I would be playing a pair of Argus soldiers who are tasked with defending earth as Legion is attacking. We'll be following the two as they go from scared noobs who survive a first encounter with Legion to hardened soldiers leading the fight against the scourge of deep space. PM me if you are interested in playing soldier


The Chronicles of Cain
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The Bible tells the story of Cain and Abel. Cain, the first human born from man and woman. Abel, the first human to die by the hand of another. Abel had the respect of God but God had no respect for his older brother. Cain was jealous and angry, and in his jealousy and in his anger, Cain decided to murder his brother. The Bible then states that God; angered by Cain's crime, made Cain immortal. Cain was doomed to roam the Earth for eternity, unable to die and marked forever as a murderer. There's a part of the story never spoken of though. God saw potential, thus he gave Cain a task that only he could fulfill. God tasked Cain with roaming the Earth in search of those who had sinned, truly sinned and were truly evil. He cursed Cain with immortality but bequeathed him with 'The Mark of Cain'. Not only did this mark make him unkillable but it gave him the innate ability to know who was evil and who wasn't. And so, our story begins....


Game of Thrones: Rising Tide
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The Mad King Aerys' rule was a fiery and bloody one. Many kingdoms would suffer at the hands of the Paranoid King, The Starks and Baratheons being two of the more notable ones but none suffered more then that of House Oceanstone. On the Stepstone Islands, House Oceanstone prospered and thrived. They were an industrious people, many believed as industrious as the Valyarians. While not as advanced, their technology was considered some of the finest in the kingdom. Masters of Science and of the Sea, Oceanstone made a powerful name for themselves, and that frightened The Mad King. He couldn't allow such a House to exist, thus he ordered for the extermination of the House. The Battle of Storm Bay was a bloody one. While Oceanstone made the Targaryen forces pay for every inch they took, they ultimately admitted defeat. The House name Oceanstone was erased from the books, their titles severed, their names destroyed. Everything, except the legend and one other. Lord Damion Oceanstone sired 3 children, 2 daughters and 1 son. The daughters were murdered with their mother, the son. . . . never found. The story of "The Lost Prince" became something of a legend in Westeros, but the thing about legends is sometimes. . . .they're true.

I would be taking on the role of Captain Alister Oceanstone, the Lost Prince, as he's returning to the shores of Westeros after a long exile. He comes back for revenge against the Targaryen's and all those who had wronged his family, to rebuild the Oceanstone name at any cost. You would be playing a member of his crew, whether it be an ally or a woman he'd been married to in order to obtain his ship. I can honestly seeing this RP going down many paths and I can't wait to see where the story goes


Game of Thrones: We Are The Night
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Those who worship R'hllor believe that the night is dark and full of terrors, those who know of House Wayne know that the darkness can bare many things. For from darkness came a king. A king who could tip the scales of power. Lord Bruce of House Wayne, Last of his Name and Lord of Gotham. Lord Bruce finds himself become a lord after his parents are killed. Bruce knows not who killed his family, nor does he know who would want his family dead. All Bruce knew was that someone had wanted his family dead and wanted House Wayne out of the picture. Enraged by the death of his parents and given the power to do something about it, Lord Wayne takes his thrown and begins his rule, beginning his search for those responsible for his parents death and to bring them to justice.

While going through a great many pictures, I came across a rendition of Batman in the land of Westeros. Immediately, my brain began to chrun and soon a story began to form that could fit Batman into the story of Game of Thrones


In the Emperor's Name
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
It is the 42nd Millennium. For more than a hundred centuries the Emperor of Mankind has sat immobile on the Golden Throne of Earth, but no more. He is the master of mankind by the will of the gods and master of a million worlds by the might of his inexhaustible armies. He was once a rotting carcass writhing invisibly with power from the Dark Age of Technology upon the Golden Throne, keeping the forces of Chaos at bay. He is the true Carrion Lord of the vast Imperium of Man for whom a thousand souls had once been sacrificed every day so that he would never truly die. However, many find his sudden recovery suspicious. How could the God-Emperor of Man, a corpse rotting for over 10,000 years, suddenly rise as flesh and blood? Many believe such a thing couldn't happen, that this so called 'Emperor of Man' is an impostor. The Emperor of Man retreated to his sanctuary on Ophelia VII, calling to arms those who would serve to aid him against those who would question his power.

However, civil war is the least of humanity's worries. For the moment the Emperor rose, the psychic wall he had formed in the Immaterium to keep the forces of Chaos at bay collapsed for mere seconds. While he was able to reform the wall, that time was all that was needed to let loose countless billions of daemons upon the Imperium of Man. Of all the planets in the Emperor's dominion, no planet is more under threat then Cadia, the Imperium's most valuable fortress world. Should the forces of Chaos take Cadia, the Imperium could face the biggest threat ever seen since the Horus Heresy. The Emperor has seen this and will not sit idly by as the retched creatures march on Cadia, and the Insurrection will not stand by either. Both would send all they could, from Space Marines to Imperial Guard they will defend Cadia, to their very last breath they'll defend it. However, even with countless soldiers ready to defend Cadia, few believe it will still be enough.

This, my friends, is where our story begins. Here on the doomed world of Cadia we begin the story. We follow the story of the Space Marines, Imperial Guard, and Citizens who fought and lived on to face the forces of Chaos, Xenos, and the Insurrectionists


Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Strange how something as small as bacteria can cause more deaths then nuclear weapons and be twice as horrifying. All it takes is one person, one match to set off a massive fire that can't be extinguished. The Common Cold, that's what everyone called it. Just the sniffles, just a cough, nothing to worry about. How wrong they were. This was no common cold. This was A-6, The Superflu. Developed as a biological weapon by the military, the virus was being developed and tested in a facility in Nevada. One accident was all it took. One clumsy scientist was all it took to release a virus that would consume the world and the people in it. The Superflu was the flu, all the symptoms of the flu, but twice as deadly. It didn't kill you right away and that was the beauty of it, it killed slowly, often killing a normal human being within a week. It only took a week to infect all of Nevada, another week to infect the western seaboard, and another week to consume the rest of the US. The government is in ruins, bandits run wild, but before we tell the story of the survivors that braved the storm, we must first show the events leading to the Plague.


The Order
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
In some way, legends are always based on truth. The real question however is whether the truth is more frightening then the fiction. For is that not where the supernatural lies? Where werewolves and vampires, ghosts and ghouls all reside? All legends have some degree of fact, they they are often portrayed as a way to frighten children. The fact however is, that it all exists. For as long as man has began walking, they have been there. Hunting us, stalking us. For a time, they ruled us, forcing us to the bottom of the food chain. Then a select few stood above the rest, defending the realm of man. Thus, The Order came to exist. For thousands of years the Order has existed, fighting the darkness in secret and keeping mankind safe. For a time, they had been successful, forcing the creatures to hide and fear humanity.......until now.

Something has occurred, something dark and malevolent. Creatures of myth and of nightmares have rose from their lairs and have begun to reek havoc on man once more with ferocious fury. From packs of ravenous werewolves stalking the forests of Romania, to the crushing tentacles of the kraken of the Atlantic, the creatures of darkness have returned and only The Order can stop them. The greatest hunters, scientists, witches, and warlocks have been called to take up arms against this threat.....that is where you come in.

You and I would be playing as members of the order. Ideally, I would like 8 different characters (4 for me and 4 for you) but I will settle for anywhere between 4 and 8. There is more to my idea so please feel free to send me a private message if you wish to discuss it


Pacific Rim: Kaiju Wars
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
It's been nearly 15 years since the Breach in the Pacific was sealed. The bringers of destruction hadn't been seen in the same amount of time but everyone felt that it would only be a matter of time till they returned. That was when the Pan Pacific Defense Corps got to work on a long theorized project to try and replace the Jaegers. No one disputed the fact that the Jaegers used a great deal of power that could be better used for better things. Though effective, the price required and the resources needed to build Jaegers was inefficient. That was when Dr. Newton Geiszler formulated the idea of producing controllable Kaiju. With the discovery of the kaiju acting much like Jaegers for the Precursors. Not only did the human created Kaiju require less material to produce but the kaiju could be operated by a single pilot without risk of a neural overload. The problem with Jaegers had been the fact they were trying to control a machine that had no organs, no circulatory system, no nervous system. With the kaiju, everything was in place and made for a more endurable neural load. Many Jaeger pilots feel the program will put them out of the job and will end up scrapping the Jaegers entirely. Now, a problem has reemerged in a different corner of the world. Another portal from the Anteverse had opened in the Atlantic. Kaiju began to flow out and now the Jaegers were needed more than ever along with the new man-made kaiju fighting alongside them. With Jaeger and Kaiju fighting along side one another, the Kaiju Wars have begun


When Hunters Become Hunted
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
“People who cease to believe in God or goodness altogether still believe in the devil... Evil is always possible. And goodness is eternally difficult.” - Anne Rice

No one truly knows the origins of vampire kind. Legends speak of a time before recorded history. The land had been dominated by the three sapient beings. The Winged Ones, The Unspoken, and The Mortals. The Mortals were perceived as frail and inferior to The Winged Ones and The Unspoken, they were primitive, violent, and relatively stupid in comparison to them. The Winged Ones were devote followers of 'the Elder God' and the purifying cycle of birth, death, and rebirth through the Wheel of Fate. They preached and spread the knowledge of the Elder God, converting all who would listen. Then came the Unspoken. They refused to accept a religion they deemed wrong.

It was this decision that resulted in a war that would shape the future. Both sides saw that this bloody war wouldn't come to an end as long as their enemy existed. The Unspoken would build a device to rid themselves of the Winged Ones, the Winged Ones would use their magic; tearing a hole in the fabric of reality. Nine sorcerers from the Winged race banished the Unspoken to the Demon Realm. To ensure that they could never return, they erected nine pillars to seal the passage between the two realms. But that was not the end of it. The Unspoken defied their enemy, cursing the Winged Ones. They were made sterile, unable to bring life into the world. They were given a hunger for blood. And finally, making the Winged Ones immortal.

Unable to fulfill the Wheel of Fate, many committed suicide in hopes the Elder God would speak once more. Unable to give birth, the Pillars selected new guardians. The only sapient race that could fulfill the Wheel of Fate, Mortals. The Winged Ones would abduct those who had been born guardians, giving them the power to defend the Pillars, passing their curse on to the Mortals, giving birth to the vampire. It was this birth that led to the Rebellion. The Guardians overthrew the ancients, leaving them cursed with Vampirism. As their numbers grew with each feeding, there desire for blood driving them mad with power.

Mankind would become cattle as the vampires dominated mankind, forcing them to become slaves. Thus, giving birth to 'The Ironguard' and to the Rebellion. Armed with knowledge of the vampire's weaknesses and with their ingenuity, they begin to wage war.

And this is where the story begins. The pairing here would be a vampire on my human slave, Gein. Gein was raised as a slave behind the massive walls of Sommerdamm, the vampire capitol. He'd been in chains for most of his life as the vampires had begun their rule. Gein hs been controlled by vampires for too long, developing a deep seeded hatred that drives him. He's considered dangerous by both humans and vampires alike. Perhaps your character is a human sympathizer, maybe a house slave for the same vampire that buys Gein. It's all up for discussion


Strangers in a New World
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The RP is set in the distant to near future with Earth becoming overpopulated and it's resources running out. On March 7, 2009, NASA launched the Kepler Satellite, it's mission was to locate Earth-like planets orbiting foreign stars. For 100s of years, the satellite made note of planet after planet. Then, we found it. Within the Alpha Centauri Galaxy was the gas giant Polyphemus. Orbiting the gas giant was 14 moons, one of which being inhabitable. Demeter V. Upon scanning the planet, it could see that the planet had water, flora, and fauna. It was perfect for humanity. Getting there however, would be difficult. In order for humanity to survive, it would have to break the barriers of science. Through the discovery of Demeter V came the technology needed to keep a human being alive through cryosleep, the technology to pilot a ship on it's own to Demeter, to maintain itself, and to maintain the crew.

That is where you and I come in. You and I would be the first humans to set foot on Demeter. Your character would be a scientist type. A botanist, biologist, what ever you like. My character would be a hired gun who is tasked with protecting the scientist from the planets inhabitants, for humanity isn't the apex predator on the planet. They are the hunted, not the hunter and there are much bigger and much badder animals living on Demeter V, creatures that could make the predators of Earth seem like common house pets


My Dark Angel
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The idea for this is relatively simple. The story would be around the time of the American Civil War. My character comes across yours when she's a rather young age, orphaned and alone. As she's wandering through the city, alone and afraid, a creature begins to stalk her, a vampire to be more specific. As the vampire is about to pounce and drain your character dry, mine steps in and protects her. Feeling sorry and partially responsible for her, he takes her in and takes care of her. The story would follow our characters, yours as she begins to grow and mature as she begins to realize that the man that saved her is one of the very creatures that tried to kill her at a young age. There's more to the story but that's the basic idea I have for the time being


Star Wars: Turncoats
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Order 66. The Order that brought the Jedi to their knees and put Emperor Palpatine into a great deal of power. When the order went out, the clones were ordered to kill the jedi, jedi sympathizers, and deserters with extreme prejudice. When Order 66 was deployed, many clones turned on their masters without question or hesitation. Some however, did the opposite. They gave the jedi a chance. They let them run, told their commanders to run as far and as fast as they could. Many of these clones were either branded as traitors and executed, or simply continued following orders from the Empire. Some however would go on to help the jedi and the rebels.

This RP could go one of two ways. Perhaps we would follow one of the few clones who disobeyed Order 66. Who not only helped his commander run but even ran with them, protecting them as best as they could. Perhaps follow a group of Imperial Commandos when they come across a jedi or even a group of jedi and disobey Order 66 and turn against the Empire itself. Let me know what you think


Smut Heavy Plots

Sun, Surf, and Seductive Women
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Pics that Inspired Me:

Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3

There are two kinds of people in this world, those who are lucky, and those who aren't. The people who find a 20 dollar way on the way to work and the people who step in dog shit on the way to work. David had been lucky for a long time, it was a gift. Though he wouldn't exactly call a plane going down in the middle of the Pacific lucky. However, despite being in a plane crash, David had managed to survive despite every other passenger perishing in the crash. David had just wanted to go on vacation and enjoy life. He had gotten something far more......interesting. One might consider what he got to be a vacation of a life time. David had washed onto the shores of an uncharted island in the Pacific, but he wasn't alone. For on the island lived a village of elven woman. Woman who have lived alone on the island for almost a hundred years. They took him in, helping him heal and helping him survive. Their methods are a bit.....unorthodox. Most of it involving a sexual act. It's from here that the story unfolds


A Family Affair
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How far would you go to save someone you love? What would you be willing to do? It's been a long time since David has been home, a long time since he saw his family. College tends to do that some times. With summer finally here, David was able to come home and finally see his family and his friends. But not all is well for David. David has discovered that his (this one is up for debate, it could be his sister, sisters, and/or his mother) has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. They've been diagnosed with a disease that causes sexual arousal at random intervals. If they don't get the sexual release they crave, they gradually become sicker and sicker. If they go too long without it, they could die. So for convenience sake, you look to David. Better to be with someone you love then a complete stranger


Don't Forget to Breathe
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Dante's always been a bit of a nerd. He's always been the scrawny guy that people like to tease and pick on. He decides that it's perhaps time he got into shape. There he meets one of his campus mates. She's a goddess and decides to take pity on the poor guy, helping him get into shape and perhaps become something more then a gym buddy. She decides to help him, to be his personal trainer. He struggles but she has the perfect way of keeping him going. Every time he does well, completes a rep, she gives him a "reward". This reward can be a flash, a handjob, a blow job, or perhaps she let's him have her because she craves attention.


Old Flames Burn Bright
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We don't meet someone we truly love often. Sometimes when we do it's only for an instance but it's an instance that lives with us forever. The RP would follow our characters, once a pair of high-school sweethearts if there ever was a pair. We were inseparable, together every second of every day. When graduation came, we went our separate ways despite the fact we tried to stay together. I went to college and explored the world. You stayed behind and got married. Married to a man that doesn't appreciate you. You remained complacent. You just lived and tried to make the best of it. Then the past came back to haunt you


A Wondrous Inheritance
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Issac's parents died when he had been exceptionally young. He was raised by his rather eccentric but exceptionally wealthy grandfather. Issac loved his grandfather, he'd raised him like a son, always keeping in touch despite going off to college. When he'd discovered his grandfather was dying, he rushed straight home to be by his elder's side. His grandfather was the owner of the one of the largest corporations in the world. Now Issac was the owner. While he wouldn't participate directly in the business, he was the largest share holder and therefore, the owner. Not only did Issac inherit a company and millions of dollars, Issac had inherited another gift. Issac was given a harem full of beautiful woman as a thank you for taking care of his grandfather


Scenes without a Plot

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Pic 6 (NSFW) CRAVING!!!!
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Lola Bunny (Questionable haha)
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Teacher on Student
Teacher on Principal
Teacher on Teacher
Boss on Secretary/Assistant
Stepson on Stepmother
Stepson on Stepsister
Stepson on Stepmother AND Stepsister
Friend on Friend's Mom
Photographer on Model
Ranch Hand on Rancher's Wife
Ranch Hand on Rancher's Daughter
Nerd on Popular Girl
New Neighbor on Trophy Wife
Old Friends[/size]