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Author Topic: Male looking for Female Writers for MxF via PMs, One shots also welcome!  (Read 487 times)

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Offline VatesTopic starter

Hello all! As one can guess based off of the post title, I'm on the hunt for some fine female writers looking for mxf plots via PMs or perhaps email if that's your thing. Some points about me:

  • I've been writing for over 15 years
  • I work, have a crazy life, but usually reply either once a day or once every other day and expect the same
  • I write anywhere from about 700-1500 words a post depending on how engaged I am. Rarely 1500+ if I'm setting the scene or intro etc
  • Will happily do one-off rps if the idea is interesting enough

What I'm looking for is ideally a female writer who posts well and around once a day, likes plotting and dynamic characters. If plots aren't your thing and you're just looking for something quick and sleezy I'm fine with that too, for the right rp, but otherwise please come with a plot idea and not just a pairing. Also, as a note it will take quite a bit to convince me of an oc x canon pairing where I'm playing the canon as those really don't tend to go well in my experience. Usually you get someone who has an idea worked up in their head that doesn't translate well plot wise.

Also, if there are any suggestions you have on how to make this post better, that aren't about pretty colors and whatnot (I am HORRIBLE with pallates, and am not going to try to make us all suffer through that), please feel free to toss me a PM! Suggestions/chat/questions always welcome! I won't bite... at least not out of character!

Pairings with Plot Bunnies(All presented in a my character x your character format)

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep - Vincent x Aqua

My white whale. That one rp you want but will never happen. Still, a man can dream, and thus I have to put it here. Spoilers to follow:

Some time ago, while a Xehanort was far younger than he is today, he discovered the paths to wander the many worlds of the universe unhindered. As part of his exploration, he stumbled upon a sleepy, somewhat peaceful realm in the Radiant Garden. It was there that he discovered Professor Ghast, the royal scientist who had a somewhat devious but easily manipulable assistant named Hojo. As the experimentation progressed, a diamond in the rough appeared in the body guard of one of Ghast's assistants: Vincent Valentine.

There was a good pureness to his heart, and Xehanort hypothesized that he might even have a pure enough heart to wield a keyblade if left to his own devices, however it also provided the opportunity to see what it might take to corrupt such a pure heart to darkness, and present Xehanort with an ally. Before his plan could be fully realized, however, Hojo spoiled it by killing Vincent, and it was assumed by Xehanort and Ghast that Vincent Valentine was well and truly gone.

Unbeknownst to all but Lucrecia Crescent, Vincent's body was being experimented on by Hojo. However, his attempts to implant tissue from other heartless were largely unsuccessful until Lucrecia took the entire sample of purified darkness, one of the ancient creatures of darkness known as Chaos and implanted it into Vincent's body. Vincent was ressurrected, but in the struggle following his rebirth Lucrecia was killed along with Hojo, and Vincent seeped through the darkness into the dark realm.

Where we start this rp is largely up to the partner. Ideally I see it starting after the beginning of the main storyline. Aqua senses the darkness radiating out of Vincent and the pure light in her heart is drawn to it like a moth to flame. There's something oddly compelling about this broken creature. He's not apparently a danger, but at the same time sensing the darkness in him she can't just leave him as is. She takes him along with her on her search, adventures ensue.

We could also start with Vincent finding her spirit in the Dark Realm and rescuing her from it as well, but that means less existing canon plot to lean on AU style.

Anyhow, I could go on about this for... well, a hell of a long time... but I haven't gotten any biters yet, so, I'll leave it be.

Other Fandoms

Some Fandoms I'm familiar with but don't have a plot a plot/pairing for. /Storyline

List O Fandoms
Video Games
Assassin's Creed
Batman Arkham Asylum/City/Knight
Devil May Cry
Final Fantasy (essentially all of them)
Metal Gear Solid
Tomb Raider

And many others, feel free to ask.

Too many to list but:
Sword Art Online
Scrapped Princess
Ouran Highschool Host Club
Deadman Wonderland
Is it Wrong to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon
The Irregular at Magic High School

Star Trek
Star Wars
Doctor Who (but just the basics, sorry Whovians, too many things on the backlog)
Basically any of the MCU movies/tv shows/whatever.
Prydain Chronicles
The Sword of Truth Series
The Coldfire Trilogy
The Chronicles of Amber

Originals (no, not the series!):

Too Human - Cyborg x Mafia Boss' Daughter (who may or may not know it) - (Sci Fi Future / Adventure )

Bear with me on this one! It's not as standard as you might guess from the pairing:

In the future, mankind masters the art of cybernetics. Short term nanomachines are used to integrate completely the circuits of biotechnical replacement parts for humans. Longevity is increased a hundred fold, and medical stocks skyrocket as people now work harder to live longer. Replacement arms, eyes, livers are no longer the things to marvel at, but rather commonplace items. Less than perfect vision and hearing are all but eliminated save for when it occurs in the Naturalist factions who believe that such science is an abomination. Most of humanity accepts it as easily as we accept cellular phones today, however.

Unfortunately, unbeknownst to the naturalists or the public at large, there is a darker side to any technology advancements. The Mafia, long thought a relic of the past has seen a resurgence of men and resources, primarily money as of late. They have their hands on the major players in the United States Congress, and have started to influence the creation of laws to lighten the restrictions on biotechnological enhancements.

The source of the money, however, is even more sinister than one could imagine. Scientists now owned by the Mafia a few years ago stumbled onto a new, permanent form of nanotechnology that remains living in human tissue indefinitely, not just to 'hook up' an implant. Rather than release it to the world, however, scientists found another use for it, permanently planting nanomachines in the brain stems of certain patients to override electrical signals from the brain, turning living people into living dolls made out of flesh, ripe for the sex trade.

Your character would be the daughter of the local Don, perhaps the grand kingpin of them all, but she might or might not know it. Perhaps she's never questioned where the money comes from, or why she's gotten everything she's always wanted. However, there's one thing that she's wanted for a while but never gotten. Her tutor, a seemingly nice, give you the shirt off of his back sort of guy is everything she wanted in a man, but only has eyes for his girlfriend.

Frustrated, she mentions (how pointedly depending on how innocent you want her to be) that she just wishes that he would be with her, that he could be hers forever. Unfortunately for him, one of her father's subordinates decides to make this happen, and destroys his life and his mind in order to make him the perfect little controllable tutor that she can do what she want with. Your character either reacts with horror or glee, again, depending, but after a night to consider what has happened, the next day her Father's empire is hit and rattled to the core, their mansion destroyed, and she and her new companion barely escape.

Now wanted and on the run, she doesn't know to to trust save for someone who was once human who obeys her every command, or does he? As time goes on it seems like he obeys her less and less and realizes more and more the things that he lost to become what he is...

Lot of avenues on that one and a lot of ways for it to go dark. I will include a first post I made for it a while ago that wound up never getting a reply, but serves as a decent rp post sample.

The Fallen - Fallen Paladin x ???? - (Forgotten Realms/High Fantasy / Adventure )

I'm not much of a system guy, so it's not necessarily based off of an actual system, but loosely based off of the Forgotten Realms lore:

He was called the Bringer of the Light. He was the paladin's paladin, a symbol of righteous justice that caused evil to flee wherever he went and brought good throughout the land. But more importantly than that, to all that knew him, he was the real deal. When kings offered him lordships and rewards he turned them down, or distributed the money amongst the poor. When women threw themselves at him he told them that he was married to his quest and that he could never leave someone with a broken heart. On the nights when everyone wined and feasted after a hard fight, he sought solitude and trained, to better himself with each day, with each action.

But at the same time he never judged those who were not as good as he, not as skilled as he. He never turned his nose up at someone for not believing what he did. Only people that sought to hurt others faced his justice, and he protected the weak even when they hated him.

His name might have gone down in the legends as one of the greatest heroes of all time had it not been for the battle of Windmore hill. It was there that he and an army of companions surrounded the Lich Lord Grexx. With a company of over a hundred priests, priestesses and paladins they faced down the dread lord, sealing his evil. But the taint of the lich began to drive the priests mad the more the ceremony went on. In the end it was Lucian, the Bringer of Light, who, shielded with what spells they could give him charged into the containment field that held the Lich's taint at bay and claimed his head for his own. The story should have ended there.

But for reasons no one can fathom, as the Lich's body withered away, Lucian dropped to grab the corrupted rings of power from the Lich's fingers as he went mad, and raped and murdered his companions, until the hillside was littered with the bodies of the fallen. What became of the rings is lost to time, and as for Lucian, there are rumors. Many say he was disposed of by an order of holy paladins in secret. Others say that he sold his soul to a demon and was consumed. A decade later his name is still not spoken without spitting afterwards or unaccompanied by a vile curse or two damning him to the lowest pit of the nine hells.

No one actually suspects, however, what truly came to pass. That what remains of Lucian survived. That the man who shed his name and shed his life does not remember that day, or what foul thing made him do the things that he did then. He survives now only in secret, a bounty hunter who operates by alias alone, taking any dirty job he can, his skill with a sword the only tattered remnant of his former life he clings to, having forsaken men and gods alike to walk his path alone.

Little did he know that the woman who approached him did so because she had heard that he would take any dirty job as long as it paid well. Nor did he suspect that her job would lead the both of them on a quest that might finally give him some answers about what happened that day, and perhaps... some semblance of peace.

Into the Shadows - A Masked Assassin x An Innocent Young Lady - (Steampunk/Adventure, (possibly with other fantasy elements))

Actually proposed this one to someone to rp but it got shot down by them. Still, I like it, so here it is!

((names and whatnot are up for changing, obviously))

Of the nine kingdoms, of Aeranon, Dannan is the most prosperous, the richest, and the shining jewel of the known world. It is not, however, without it's darker sides. Despite it's best efforts, the royal guard cannot keep the streets completely clean of organized crime, and for every wonderful monument in the city there is a dark underground building somewhere willing to cater to the darkest of indulgences.

Still, to the innocent young lady who is of distant royalty, it has always been a dream. It is said that lives and fortunes are made in Dannan and that it is a place of endless wonder and excitement. Her life has been, exceedingly boring. Though royal blood flows through her veins it is distant. She has lead a comfortable life, and was exceedingly beautiful, but in the country there was little hope for her save for being betrothed to a country lord.

So when the royal prince of Dannan happened to be visiting and saw this diamond in the rough and took a liking to her, the lady was ecstatic. A trip to the castle was arranged, she got her own room, her own handmaidens, and finally became a member of the royal court as she always wanted... but sometimes what you think you want, and what you actually want are not quite the same. Life at the castle was, well, boring. Tea and dinners with royalty who told stories that they so often repeated, and because she was to be a Queen, there was no leaving the castle whatsoever without a massive armed escort, and going to shop on the streets? well, she had servants to do that for her. And the prince? He seemed content to ignore her, leave her like a doll that was to stand beside him, beautiful to look at but nothing he seemed to have any interest in touching...

Life could have been boring and dull and gone on like any other, but that's when the lady began to talk with a friend that she had made, the duchess. The duchess was young, beautiful, and outspoken, at least in private. But recently she had been kidnapped. The lady found such a thing fascinating, and wanted to hear the tale of how she'd been held hostage and been released for a ransom. Once the tale was told to a crowd, the lady marveled at it, and found herself asking more and more questions in private, to which her friend admitted the truth.

The slew of kidnappings that had been the talk of the country? None of them were real. Instead, her friend, and her friends friend had hired a bunch of thugs to kidnap them and demand money. The thugs would get a cut of the money to play things out, and the women sat in the lap of luxury for a few days only to come back and be the talk of all of their friends. And how much more the duke appreciated her now!

As she listened, the lady began to form a plan in her mind. She would do this, and a woman who was to be queen, why, that would be talk throughout the kingdom for all of her days! And perhaps it would finally get the prince to pay more attention to her than a passing greeting in the morning while they ate breakfast. But it simply wouldn't do to hire just some random band of thugs for this, no, for this to be perfect she would have to hire the most wanted man in all of Dannan, the Mask of Death, a man who's face had never been seen before.

Pilfering a bit of jewelry that no one would miss, she set up the payment, and waited. It didn't take the Mask long to live up to his end of the bargain, whisking her away into the night, but it was there that the fantasy seemed to end. The place that he put her was dusty, out of the way, and not comfortable at all. Frustrated with what he had done, she admits to him that she hired him to do this, and demands to be released at once!

Infuriated at being a pawn, the masked man decides to get a bit of revenge of his own before he lets her go (this can be anything from some groping to teasing to straight pseudo or non-con, depending on preference), and then dumps her back into her boring little life once again. The lady is the talk of the town, surely, after all, she had seen the Mask of Death and lived! Yet she finds herself wistful, empty and still unnoticed.

As she thinks on it, it suddenly occurs to her that the man had mentioned in his time with her his hatred for the Dannan royalty, and how he had pledged revenge, so she comes to him with an offer. If he will take her on as an apprentice, she will help him discover what he needs to know and get revenge on the royal family.

This would be a steampunk game of airships and gadgets, royal intrigue and masked assassins. Bunches of ways to go with it!
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Offline VatesTopic starter


Ooookay, so looking at it now this intro is... 3000 words which is double my normal, but it at least gives you an idea of how I write and whether or not you would hate it or not. Contains dark graphic themes, viewer discretion is advised and all of that.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
"I can't do this." The man in the labcoat said pleadingly. "I mean, it's one thing when we bring back people from the dead, they're effectively dead at this point. But this, I mean, he's still breathing, he's still on life support. He's not actually dead. This young man is perfectly healthy."

The cyborg goon snorted lightly, and thumbed to his friend lightly, who chuckled, and shook his head as if he couldn't believe what he was hearing either. "Yeah, he's still healthy alright, Dr. Rosenthal, and if you, yourself, would like to remain 'still' healthy, then you need to start doing the work on him that we requested. You understand?"

The doctor shook his head lightly, feeling the knot twisting inside of his gut that he couldn't shake as his hands steadily picked up the saw, looking again at the diagram that they had laid out for him. Just think about it as dead tissue. Just think about it as things that he no longer needs. They're going to kill him if you don't do this, and they're going to kill you too, just keep thinking about that, don't think about the fact that you're sawing through someone's neck. He thought to himself, but it was hard when he could feel the healthy skin resisting as the saw came down on it and blood began to splatter against his coat.

"I... hand me the implant stub." He said softly as he looked at the young man who was now missing a large chunk of the back of his neck, pressing the metal plating slowly to the missing piece. He could feel as the nano machines did their work, smelling flesh searing to metal as they adhered to the flesh and embedded beneath it, pulling from the blood that was seeping out of the young man the resources that it needed to build the plasteel casing that would form underneath the new layer of skin it was building.

The doctor checked on the heads up display, watching as the metal wires bore deeper into the man's neck and slowly wrapped filaments all throughout his cerebral cortex, acting as a buffer in between the brain and the body. Now the body itself could be autonomously controlled completely, and likewise the brains sensory input from the body would have a buffer to it, to stop things like pain, heat, cold from even reaching him.

Likewise, the brain could be communicated with nearly directly from that central hub of it. Rosenthal reached over and hit a console to control the important things. Stop pain from hitting the brain, stop the body from going into outright shock by sending the appropriate signals. Once the implant had taken to the neck he slowly rolled over the man's body and frowned. He looked so goddamned young. He couldn't be more than mid twenties, and the doctor guessed that it was probably closer to 21 years old.

Looking at his face made it worse, and Rosenthal shuddered at the next part that was to come. "I'm so sorry." He whispered as he took the circular saw and reached for the man's face, listening to the terrible sound of bone and flesh ripping apart as he cut slowly down into the skull near the nose, neatly bisecting it, the saw's auto sensor stopping him from cutting the brain. Slowly then he reached down and gripped at it, ripping slowly away the flesh and chunk of skull, lifting it up and severing the optic nerve as he pulled out the eye with it, trying not to wretch as he tossed it to the side.

Numbly he reached for the next implant and slowly pressed it into the gaping wound, listening as it fused into place and extended to where it needed to fit towards. On the screen he could see the nanomachines eating away at the rest of his skull, replacing it slowly with hardened plasteel plating to make it resistant to projectiles or energy shots. The eye slowly regrew, sort of. Instead of a physical eye, a multi spectrum sensor capable of sensing nearly everything on the light spectrum and transmitting it to the brain. In addition a telescopic lens for long distance focusing, and digital hud display for identifying targets.

Rosenthal stopped then and looked as the face remade itself in front of him. It looked just like the young man that had once been there, and yet he could see the glassy sheen of the fake eyeball when he squinted, and faintly could see the tiny lattice work of the eye, the not quite perfectly human aspect of it as the eye stared back at him faintly, no doubt already taking in and calibrating data as the network started to attune itself to the young man's system.

Taking one of the heavy large circular saws off of the table then he went about his next grizzly task, trying not to think about what he was doing. Trying to imagine broken, unusable arms instead of fresh healthy ones as he sawed them off at the sockets and pressed the nano machine stubs to them, and then proceeding to do the same with the legs, watching as the dead, useless meat slowly fell to the floor there and fell limply.

Once he had stopped the bleeding, Rosenthal put the limbs in an ice bucket. It was a long shot but maybe they could be donated to someone who didn't want a cybernetic implant. The purists were still big about that sort of thing. Maybe there could be some use for this young man's pain. The thugs wouldn't allow it, but maybe Rosenthal could sneak them out of the laboratory, or use them on someone else they brought in, or, something. There had to be some sort of meaning for all of this.

Slowly then he lifted the body, sliding the body plate underneath it, then put one on the front too, and then lowered down the Appendage Reconstruction Framework down over the nightmare that was the armless, legless human in front of him that had been perfectly healthy not an hour before all of this began. The mold began to adjust for the arms and legs, placing them correctly and growing them proportionally as it began to build them.

Plasteel and electronics covered by Synthflesh synthetic flesh. It was almost indistinguishable from the real thing. While that was happening he watched as the chest plate armor slowly burrowed it's way beneath his skin defining the man's chest a little more than it had been as it nestled lightly beneath his musculature to protect the vital organs in case of an attack.

Meanwhile the arm checks were coming nicely, battery power was already active for enhanced motor control. For standard motor function it could rely on the power of the general body itself, though it would wear him out far quicker than a normal human might using their own arms.

Had this boy not been healthy a moment ago this might have been his greatest success. As it was he stood in abject horror at what he'd done, trying to figure out what god he could pray to, what sacrifice he could make in order to make all of this right. Outside he could see the two men pacing as the last touches were bolted into place, and the person that once had been looked, like the person that once had been.

Rosenthal pressed the button and watched as the table smoothly glided so that the boy was standing upright, listening to the sensors whirr softly, barely noticeable as they calibrated for the weight that he was now holding. On the screen to his left he could see a variety of diagnostics slowly popping up, everything from heart rate to the hormone breakdown in the blood system. It took a few keypresses to make it normal, and then a few more to power him on.

"Are you awake?" Dr. Rosenthal asked softly.

"Yes." The young man replied mechanically as his eyes opened. For a moment the cybernetic one glowed a pale yellow softly before it faded to normal eye color after it initialized completely.

"What is your name?" Rosenthal said softly.

"I am serial number K-41-N-642391-Z," the young man replied quietly. "Would you like to give me a name?"

Rosenthal frowned slowly and shook his head. "No, I don't want to give you a name. I... What was your name before all of this? Who were you before all of this happened?"

The cyborg paused, and then its eyes went blank as it seemed to be searching for a moment before replying. "My name was Alexander Franklin." the young man said dispassionately, his eyes moving back and forth as he seemed to be thinking for a moment, but he didn't say anything other than that. He wouldn't say anything either, unless he was asked.

"I... what happened to you, Alexander?"

"I don't understand the question." Alexander replied softly.

"What events happened to you prior to you coming to see me? Start from the first thing that you can remember this evening, and tell it to me, like you were telling me a story."

"Accessing." Alexander said softly. "I was, happy, experiencing joy earlier this evening. I had just gotten the night off from teaching that one girl, the daughter of the head of Cybertonics. I was uncomfortable with the situation, the family had known ties to shady business practices, or at least that was what the rumors said. But I needed the money. They were offering ten times what the other tutoring jobs were, more than enough to pay for classes this term."

"Still, I felt worried. Each time it seemed like the girl got closer and closer to me, I was worried that she might be unnaturally attached to me. The last thing I needed was a girl who had ties to a crime family having a crush on me. I didn't think that anything would happen because of it, maybe that I would get roughed up a bit or something, but it wasn't worth risking. Besides, I have," Alex paused and froze then, "I had a girlfriend. Monica."

Rosenthal didn't say anything, but hung his head slowly. He felt like he had to listen now, that some part of him had to bear silent witness to this man's story, the story of a man whose life he had effectively completely taken away.

"So I called up Monica to meet me. She was the best girlfriend you could ever imagine. Loving, understanding, supportive. I was going to go into computers and be a programmer, but it was going to cost a ton of money. She told me that it didn't matter if we just ate in and watched old reruns of movies, as long as I could keep funding my dream. Some people will tell you that and not mean it, but she did, she meant it all. So when she was coming over I felt so happy, because I knew that all of it would melt away."

"We were watching an old classic movie. I don't remember what it was called, I just remember that Monica laughed a lot the first time we watched it. Suddenly there was this loud crash, and two men came into the room with guns aimed at Monica and me. I remember feeling scared, wondering if this had to do with my job, if it had to do with me tutoring that girl." Alexander said, his emotion starting to bleed into his voice.

"One of them grabbed me. I struggled with him, but he was so strong. He had implants, I think. I remember how impossibly strong he felt. He just held me down and laughed. The other one, he started making... comments about Monica, about how pretty she was. He started telling her things that he was going to do to her, and then she kicked him, between the legs. He hit her, as hard as he could and I could hear the snap."
Tears slowly rolled down his cheeks.

"They killed her," Alex choked out. "They killed her, because of me. They called her a stupid –" Alexander paused, and flinched slightly. "They called her terrible things afterward. And then they asked me if my family was upstairs. I knew, my little sister Abigail was, but I was so afraid that they would kill Abby that I lied, I told them that she was over at a friend's house playing. I knew that they might go over there and kill her friend's family, but I told them it anyway. I, does that make me a terrible person?"
"No," Rosenthal choked out.

"I, I lied to them. And then they told me that I was going to come with them, that if I tried to resist, or tried to kill myself they would find Abby and Mom and Dad. That they would do things to them that I'd only seen in slasher movies. That they would make them scream and die a thousand deaths before they died completely. But that either way they were going to do it to me. That I was going to feel like that before I died."
Rosenthal felt his blood run cold, and asked the question he'd never dared to before. "Did you? Feel it?"

"Yes." Alex said softly, more tears running down his cheeks.

"Do you have any questions for me, Alex?" Rosenthal asked.

"I... can I not be Alex, anymore?" Alex said softly.

"I don't understand."

"I don't want to be Alex. I don't want to remember that pain. I don't want to remember them killing Monica. I don't want to be helpless, I don't want to be afraid. I'm so afraid and I can't make it stop. I don't want to hurt anymore or –"

"Stop, Alex. Stop, please." Rosenthal said softly, and hit a few keys on the keypad. "I've shut off your memory paths to the last day or so. Up until you turned on. Do you remember anything that happened in the past 24 hours?"

Alexander paused, and blinked. "I remember that you activated me, Doctor. But I do not remember anything before that."

"Lock down any pathways to that of your family or your friends or even your life before I activated you. All that you need to remember is that you were created to be a Guardian Cyborg for a very special girl. You used to tutor her, before you had a terrible accident and were hospitalized. Unfortunately it killed your family, and your one friend. But you don't need to worry about that, because you have a new purpose now. To protect the girl. You are a Guardian, first and foremost." Rosenthal said with a deep sigh of resignation.

"I am... a Gaurdian." The cyborg replied quietly. "I am to protect her, at all costs."

"That is correct. Do you have any other questions about what your assignment will be?" Rosenthal said softly.

"No." The cyborg replied, the emotion seemingly drained from its voice.

"Good. They will... they will tell you where to go from here. I..." Rosenthal paused, and touched the cyborgs shoulder. "I gave you military grade strength arms and legs. It is stronger than almost any other implants out there on the market today, Alex. You don't have to be afraid anymore. They won't be able to hurt you if you need to stop them."

The cyborg turned slowly and stared at the doctor. "Doctor, who is Alex?"

"So, the official story is, what? He was in an accident, was terminal and we had to make a cyborg out of him, is that right? His family couldn't pay, but someone knew how crazy the girl was over this new tutor, and so we decided to take him off of his family's hands. A Guardian all her own." Vince said with a light shrug. "Seems legit enough to me."

"I, I don't know man. I mean, you know me, I'm a company man, I'll do whatever, Vince, but this whole thing seems creepy."

"God, Frank, don't fucking start with me. You acted so freaked out about the damned girlfriend too. Which wasn't my fault, by the way. It's not my fault the stupid bitch didn't want to have a little fun." Vince said with a shrug as he looked at the guy in the passenger's seat. "I swear to fucking god, you keep whining about this stuff people are going to start questioning whether or not this is the right profession for you, if you know what I'm saying."

Frank shook his head. "That's not what I mean. I mean, even if someone was giving you like some sort of cyborg, even if it looked like someone you wanted to bang, wouldn't you find it creepy?"

"Pfft, are you kidding? Shit, I would have taken that girlfriend chick back to reanimate her and bang her a few times if these fuckin cyborgs didn't take like a million to make. I swear, must be fucking nice to be able to drop a million for a surprise gift for your kid. The old man has it sweet." Vince said as he pulled into the driveway.

"Yo, cyborg, come on." Vince said as he stepped out, watching as the silent Gaurdian did the same, and then followed him into the mansion. "Well, okay, they said to just leave him on the couch, so uh, go sit on the couch, and I guess whoever will wrap him up the way he should be, I suppose." Vince said, scratching his chin.
"So we can go now?"

"Yes, Frank, we can go. You can stop whining now." Vince said as he shook his head and closed the large doors behind him, leaving the cyborg sitting alone in the dark, staring into space on the guest couch at the front of their mansion, just waiting to be wrapped. A shiny new toy for an unsuspecting girl.

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Re: Male looking for Female Writers for MxF via PMs, One shots also welcome!
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Re: Male looking for Female Writers for MxF via PMs, One shots also welcome!
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