The Family Dog (incest, blackmail and more!!!)

Started by Frost, August 21, 2015, 09:37:04 PM

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The Family Dog

Brother and Sister still living with there parents, the brother and sister are of age and at the final year at school before being thrust in to the real world.

The sister is in her room sitting on the floor revising for school, the family dog wanders around the house, making it's way upstairs to sit with her, after a while it sniffs the air between them, it's tongue licking over her leg and shirt, she tries to push him away, telling him no, but he is persistent, soon she is warming to the touch, letting him lick, teasing her breasts through her school shirt making wet patches, sniffing along her legs and licking.

The Brother comes home and in through the open back door, removing his shoes as he comes upstairs almost silently though not on purpose, seeing if his sister is home he walks in on her and the dog licking, shocked and horrified to begin with, but then his evil mind starts to play, knowing he can blackmail her.

I shall leave the rest for the story as it can go so many different ways!

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This is available again!!! PM if interested!!!!!!!!