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Author Topic: Warhammer 40k: RP During Age of Reformation  (Read 1099 times)

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Warhammer 40k: RP During Age of Reformation
« on: August 21, 2015, 12:07:20 AM »

Warhammer 40k, Sisters of Battle
A Story of Sisters and the Skirting of Heresy

Fear the mutant. Kill the heretic. Hate the alien. Burn the witch.

"Blackest of Ages, Saddest of Times. Let none give name to he that laid us low..."

        —The Chant of Days, Scrivener Obyss Mak

Before you progress any further, I'd like you to know this. This RP, while based within the Warhammer 40k universe, will be more of a themed RP instead of a strict adherence. Meaning, some parts may be accurate, while I intentionally play loose with other parts. I intend to try my best to stay in the spirit of the world, but won't always be pure to the lore. The Lore is too dense, and oft times silly, for me to want to invest the required amount of time to be true at every point. Thus, keep that in mind.

This RP is intended to be fun, not a pain. Its an exploration. Not a mandatory lesson in WH40k lore.

Genre: Warhammer 40k
Time Period: The Reformation; Wars of Faith
Faction: Sisters of Battle
Rank/Characters Position/Order: Cantus Advance, apart of the Seraphim's. Order of the Bloody Rose.
Story Elements: Character and Emotional Exploration through adversity.
Detail Elements: Consensual, Vanilla, etc. Then plenty of Extreme. Possible Non-Con (story related), Blood and Violence (fairly detailed), Possible BDSM (story and or specifically character related), more specifics can be discussed or implied based upon elements within the agreed upon plot/sub-plots.

Disclaimer: If you are a squeamish type or don't like terrible things going on, this RP is not for you. I don't do extreme levels of detail, but I am not afraid to deal in extreme themes with a decent amount of detail to make a reader feel it. With this being a Warhammer 40K RP, to properly do it justice, it must be dark, gritty, and bad, and nasty stuff is going to happen. You've been warned.

What I Expect/Am Looking for in a Partner: I have a tendency as of late to write large posts. Feel free to look over my posts. If this scares you, sorry (I probably wont be for you). I expect any potential partner to have a good grasp of writing, including the English language. I don't expect perfection, as I surely make plenty of mistakes. I would love for someone to match at least the smallest of my 'large' post sizes and my attention to detail, but know not all can. So I will be accepting a partner more based on quality. As that is far more important. If you happen to be able to match the other lesser criteria, then bonus points for you.

I thrive on bouncing ideas off others, so that is abso-freaking-lutely essential. This RP as it stands right now, is more an outline that needs fleshing out. After some brain-storming, the overall plot may have changed dramatically. So, don't 'apply' unless you are willing to throw some ideas around. At the very least, be willing to discuss what and critique what I'm offering below.

Your Character: Your character is yours, but I expect a few things to fit within the story I have envisioned. First, your main character must be female. Lesbian or Bi-sexual, either suits me fine. Must be a Sister of Battle and within the same Order as my char (listed above and below in char sheet). Need be of equal or near equal ranks to allow for best level of interaction. This applies only to main character. Any secondary(s) or player controlled NPC's are exempt, as agreed upon.

The RP

The RP I envision will be broken into two main parts. Theme and plot. Both quite separate and different, but melded together to create a cohesive narrative that I hope flows beautifully.

The Theme

A skirting of corruption. An undertaking of actions not necessarily heretical, but perhaps acting as enablers for worse and worse things. Yet, through this, resisting the ultimate fall. Too only succumb to the harsh and terrible plots of others. Finding mercy at the whims of peers or enemies. In thanks to the unwittingly planted seed of corruption. 

The Plots

A Matter of Personal Retribution

“Come sisters! Let us purge these heretics and lay down the specter looming over us like a blasphemous shadow!  Even in death shall a sister have avenged herself upon these blasphemers! Let us cleanse ourselves in holy fire and blood and emerge pure! Pray for victory and it shall be ours!”
 - Alicia Dominica

One of Vardine's closest and most debauched associates, Gordoon, managed to escape justice. Succeeding in hiding for many years. Until finally, a new Inquisitor tracked him down. When news reached the ears of Alicia and her eager new order, she and her sisters jumped at the chance to punish Gordoon. For he had been responsible in corrupting many a sister through his leaders falsehoods.

However, the Inquisitor brought with this news, the announcement that Gordoon had a massive loyalist force of traitorous Imperial Guard. At this mention, most wanted to sent the Imperial Navy to simply commit Exterminatus. However, Alicia vehemently declared it the right of the Sisters of Battle, to avenge themselves upon this foul traitor. The Imperial Guard even lodged a formal request to be sent in to clean their tarnished image.

In the end, the Sisters wanted Gordoon dead by only their hands and would succeed astoundingly in superseding the Imperial Guard itself, and would even surpass the Space Marines for the right to descend upon the traitors for the right of justice in the Emperor's name. 

Leading to a battle that would prove to be one of the most vicious and brutal battles ever prosecuted by the sisters, even into modern time.

A Sinister Grudge (Part 1)

Reduma VI had recently become the first shrine world dedicated to the Sisters of Battle and their fervent worship of the God Emperor. Created as a means to enshrine the doctrine they would henceforth follow to the letter through devout adherence. Also to be a symbol of the reformed sisterhood now rededicated and militarized in their fanatical faith. Forever swearing to no longer be so easily fooled by likes of the name of he should be forgotten – of the one who laid them so low.

”...Let none give name to he that laid us low..."
—The Chant of Days, Scrivener Obyss Mak

Thus when a cult of Slaanesh had been discovered on the newly christened Shrine world, the sisters were furious. They immediately began purging anyone who had even the loosest of possible connections to the cult. Perhaps many an innocent died, but the vehemence of the sisters would hear no counter discussion on the matter.

Cannoness Palor had been determined to keep this a secret. She would not allow the world to fall to invasion from other Imperial factions who wished to make the Adepta Sororitas look back or worse – fall to Exterminatus. Through her efforts, it had been discovered that several high ranking sisters had been corrupt. Leaking information and battle plans to the cultists. Which had hampered the Sisters efforts to purge the Slaaneshi. These sisters had been remnants from Vardire's order but had remained hidden. Concealing their heretical ways. Never having been true sisters of the new order.

Currently they await execution most painful. The Cannoness wants to make them an example to her fellow Sisters and to the world's population. With them captured, the Cannoness expects a swift end to the cult. Now bereft of their inside sources of information, they will be blind to all forthcoming assaults and surely fall.

-By this point, the player characters have already proven a thorn in the side of the cult. Having won several battles and slain numerous members of the cult. Having earned the ire of the cults leaders on the planet.

--The cult might try and send an assassin to slay the PC's.
--The cult might even try and further corrupt the PC's as the two characters could have been protege, unwitting to the true nature of the six heretics. While the initial reveal of the heretics would have put the two characters is serious trouble, they would be absolved. Proven to have no corruption. Perhaps its fully true or perhaps their corruption had only begun. Starting small, unnoticeable to the Cannoness, but the Slaaneshi noticed and work to worm their way into the two characters minds, hearts, and bodies.

A Sinister Grudge (Part 2)

The Cult of Slaanesh is successfully defeated and destroyed. Reduma is declared pure and safe. However, several cultists, at least one or more of its leaders managed to escape. They swear vengeance against the sisters, especially the PC's. Managing to keep tabs on the sisters, possibly through traitors or carefully placed spies, the cult follows the two sisters when they are transferred off world.

The cultists bide their time, building a new cult, and designing a plan for the two. After sometime, they spring their trap. Ambushing the sisters as they patrol the city. Using gas to knock them out, along with their entire squad. Now captured, the cult enacts its plan. Desiring to use the purity of sisters – even if the two are somewhat corrupted already – to fuel a terrible ritual. Hoping to summon a daemon to finish the women's corruption once and for all.

-The vengeance sworn against the sisters wouldn't be death. Instead, to finish their corruption – though – in a cruel and perhaps brutal way as recompense. It would be poetic to turn the two heroes into servants of Slaanesh. Even if they did cause the cult a lot of misery.

Mercy Under the Barrel of a Gun (Next part of Sinister Grudge)

Rescued by an Inquisitor who had been monitoring the cult, the two sisters are not freed however. Held under suspicion of corruption. However, the Inquisitor eventually deems them safe and uncorrupt – for the time being. Deciding to blackmail them, to keep them tethered by leashes. Making them useful tools and or toys.

-- This part of the story still under construction --

Domina (This isn't so much a story, as a backdrop for the plots below)

(For these stories, the Order of the PC's will be Ebon Chalice and not Blood Roses)

Savior of the Daughters, and seen by some, as the savior of the Imperium. Slayer of the mad man Vardine. Redeemer and leader. Creator and Domina of the Sororitas. Alicia Dominica holds a special place in the hearts and minds of her sisters. Especially since the Emperor himself summoned her and sent her forth to rid the Imperium of the filth tainting it at nearly the highest level.

Alicia is a devout and fierce woman. Capable, powerful, and a strong leader. Able to rouse her sisters to great heights of courage and fervor. She had already led her sisters in many glorious battles. Taken back nearly a dozen worlds and helped defeat numerous enemies that had dared strike at the Imperium in its time of weakness. Yet, there are many enemies arrayed against her. Many still corrupt individuals who see her as their downfall and plot vengeance accordingly.

Her enemies ranks are largely Imperial, but a few outside the realm of Humanity would see her fall or corrupted as well. Particularly some forces within Chaos who see her as the perfect instrument to destroy the swiftly growing ranks of the Sororitas – a clear and dangerous new enemy in the making for any who stand against the Imperium.

Aware of the danger which surrounds her, Alicia began a purge of the Daughters of the Emperor. Cleansing it of those still loyal to Vardine's madness or to far corrupted to be saved. This and her holy wars help to cleanse the madness from the Imperium itself. On a personal level, she surrounded herself with loyal and skilled sisters. Entrusting them as her personal servants and bodyguards. So she may continue the will of the Emperor.

-The plots below will surround Alicia and the events she sets in motion. She will be a primary NPC that the PC's interact with on a regular basis.
-The PC's will be her bodyguards. High level sisters with considerable battle experience and who earned her favor and trust through their bravery, devout worship, and belief in her doctrine.
-How Alicia is played, can go several ways I imagine. She can be dominant over her bodyguards. Or more aloof. Depends on how we want to use her to interact with our PC's.

--Executing the Will of the Domina (Part 1)

As part of her cleansing of the Daughters of the Emperor, Alicia ordered that all disloyal sisters be found and imprisoned or executed. One sister stands under suspicion and Alicia sends the PC's to investigate and confirm if the woman is indeed duplicitous. She is 'special' in that she had at one time, been one of Vardine's personal guard. Not one of those allowed into the Golden Throne room, however. This makes Alicia's interest in her, very personal. If she is indeed corrupt, Alicia wants her taken care of. Possibly wishing to do so personally.

For the time being, instead, she tasks the PC's to discover what the woman is up to. This leads them to find out that the sister is collecting undesirables and having them shipped off to some unknown location. The PC's try and arrest the sister, but are ambushed by hidden forces and barely escape. Perhaps suffering wounds of varying degrees.

-I imagine part 1 delving into the underworld created by Vardine's atrocities and ruinous ways and the parts which already existed. While they investigate the sister, the PC's are forced to encounter and deal with the underbelly. Perhaps having their faith tested by the acts they realize some of their own sisters enacted.

--Executing the Will of the Domina (Part 2)

Continuing on the trail of the traitor, the sisters find the woman gathering up more people. Forcing them onto transports with the help of mercenaries and smugglers. Instead of trying to ambush her, its decided they should figure out the reason behind the smuggling of Humans. This leads the sisters to a horrific revelation.

Their once compatriot is dealing with Dark Eldar. Offering up the captured humans to be sacrificed in the Eldar's dark rituals. The PC's know little of the Dark Eldar, but know enough to call for aid. They contact Alicia who is enraged by this breach of faith and the foul alliance she has forged. She arrives personally and with the aid of her trusted bodyguards, commits to dealing with the heretic.

--Cries of the People

With the Imperium only just recently begun rebuilding under the direction of the new Ecclesiarch Sebastian Thor, social unrest still looms upon countless worlds. Malcontent still rife among those who are brave enough to openly denounce the Imperium or have yet to hear news of Vandire's death. Some souls have indeed heard the news and hold the Daughters of the Emperor to blame for many of the atrocities.

On Tetron, a newly established Adepta Sororitas stronghold recently finished construction. During its entire construction, the populace swelled with anger and many denounced the sisters as traitors. Many of them found themselves imprisoned. One had been burned as an example. This only made things worse. Emboldened by abuse and hatred for their treatment before the sisters arrival and after, the populace continued to grow malcontent.

Several patrols of militant sisters had been attacked – though only a few were killed, many suffered injury. Even none-militant sisters began being killed or injured. When simply trying to treat the wounds of Battle sisters and locals alike. Attacking the Hospitalers proved the last straw for the world's Canoness Preceptor. She officially declared any who attack another member of the Sororitas, a heretic and requested the backing of Alicia and the Ecclesiarchy.

This she got and more...

-Alicia herself arrives, with her personal retinue and six Preceptory within her own Order. The Ebon Chalice. Intending to put down the threat. Yet also hoping to quell the populace through the preaching of the Imperial Cult and assurance that the Sisters serve the best interests of the Imperium and the world.

-This RP will consist of having to deal with an enraged populace. Atrocities on both sides will be committed. Yet, Alicia will try to calm them. At the same time, she will not permit the Sisterhood to be mocked and abused by faithless souls. There will be some good and bad on both sides.
-To make things more interesting, perhaps even the Imperial Guard on the world distrusts the Sisters and threatens to escalate matters if the Sisters don't stop persecuting the populace.
--Maybe even a hidden xeno or chaos influence is enflaming the already hard emotions of the populace. Threatening to swallow up the entire planet.


After successfully completing a mission, a team of Sisters find themselves the subject of a hunt by Arbiters. At first the Arbitrators demand their unconditional surrender, but the Sisters refuse. Knowing they did nothing wrong and also aware that Arbiters have no true authority over the Sisterhood. Yet, the Arbiters are insistent. Stubborn. Acting perhaps too aggressive. Unable to figure out why, the Sisters are forced to fight. Trying a frontal assault which gets some of them killed. Forced to retreat, they flee into an underground labyrinth. Beneath the hive planets capitol of Vonda.

All attempts to call in reinforcements are blocked by jammers. Thus the sisters are forced to try and make it to their base on foot. Over one hundred miles away in largely unknown and dangerous territory with a highly skilled, dogged, and dangerous team of Arbitrators and unknown number of allies hunting them. While the Sisters themselves are not to be taken lightly, the Arbiters most definitely hold the advantage.

Note: I imagine this being a shorter story. I don't see it having the durability to withstand idea burnout. Thus, I think best kept short.

-I don't see much room for sexual stuff. If some can be fit in, and it fits, then that works. Otherwise, the feelings and what not, can still be dealt with as the sisters are hunted and likely to start thinking more about death and how they feel about one another, etc.
-Perhaps the leader of the Arbiters holds a personal grudge. Having had something done to him or her when the Daughters had been apart of Vardine's personal forces. Using his power and station to influence his subordinates.
--Perhaps the lead Arbiter had once been a Daughter, but found herself thrown out. Disgraced. She managed to hide her identity and past and joined up with the Arbiters. Climbing the ranks. Maybe the Arbiters didn't care about her past. Only interested in how she could do her duty.
-How this plot is resolved, is up for discussion.


Focus of the RP

As I want the focus to be on the Sisters of Battle, the PC's and potential NPC's, I think avoiding most aliens would be best. Thus all of the action will be on a Imperium world(s). Facing Human enemies. Though, if the Cult of Slaanesh is agreed upon, a Daemon or two might show up.

The biggest focus will be on the relationship between the PC's and or any main NPC's. I want to focus on a group of women (Sisters of Battle) that are cut-off from normal interaction with their male-counterparts (a good deal of the time) and have or are beginning to develop emotions towards their female counterparts. Maybe some resist, some have already given in, perhaps some just use sex with a woman simply as stress relief and don't take it very seriously. Sex of course wont be the whole focus, but it will be an end result for many of the Sisters. Most of it would be how the women feel about each other and their sexual-orientation.

Added on top of being a Sister of Battle. Meaning they will be kicking ass in the God Emperor's name most of the time then suddenly wondering what to do about their natural sexual desires. Indoctrination and training never taught them what to do about it. This would probably lead some into questionable areas, whether illicit sex clubs, or just regions in a Hive city that perhaps a pure sister shouldn't be visiting.

These girls are Human after all. They aren't genetically engineered like a Space Marine. They may be fanatical zealots, but sex and hormones are incredibly good at addling the mind if repressed in the way a zealot would - by simply ignoring it for severely extended periods of time.

That said, I think throwing in an Inquisitor from the newly formed Ordo Hereticus, could prove a good counter-player in the mix. This Inquisitor notices what is going on, but watches from afar. Either unsure how to act or watching to see where it goes. After all, sex itself and such emotions, aren't heretical. Thus no need to go accusing holy sisters of vile crimes – just yet.

Especially since the Inquisition is still so new and Alicia Dominica basically single-handedly 'saved' the Imperium. Meaning that, even if the old Daughters of the Emperor still have a stigma about them, it wouldn't be wise to go after any without solid proof. Lest Alicia herself use her influence to defend her Order or lash back in response.

Lastly, despite the obvious sexual overtones, I must emphasize – this will not be a sex heavy RP. Too much sex will kill my inspiration and desire to write. Thus, a lot of the sex will be downplayed or fade to black. There can be plenty of teasing, implied sex, heavy petting, so long as it is reasonable to the RP/setting, etc.

Background Information

Alicia Dominica: Alicia still lives. Her betrayal not having happened yet. She leads the Sisters into glorious battle against all of the Xeno's and enemies that sought to take advantage of the Imperium during its weakened state. Through her glorious leadership, the Sisters of Battle have already won numerous victories and regained many worlds lost to alien hands. The Sisters of Battle, and in large part because of them, their umbrella organization the Adepta Sororitas, has also gained much fame. On a similar level to the famed Space Marines, the Sisters of Battle are seen (too many) as a bright and shining beacon of hope for the Imperium. In large part because of Alicia's own actions.

Imperium of Man: Despite this being a time of rebuilding and rehabilitating a shattered Imperium, there are still vast swaths of the Imperium that are still corrupt and home to all sorts of vile sorts. Especially the cult of Slaanesh. The Ordo Hereticus is still new, but swiftly growing in numbers and power. Its members are eager to root out corruption and purge heretics. The Convocation of Nephilim has yet to happen, and thus the Sisters of Battle are not yet the Ordo's Chamber Militant.

Sisters of Battle: By this point the Sisters of Battle have already passed their first formative stages, they are still expanding, learning, and cementing themselves and how they fully operate. Thus, despite most Sister's absolute and fervent faith, there are still those still used to their time having served the mad Ecclesiarch Vandire. He had introduced some heretical elements that Alicia's agents currently purge, but have yet to finish cleansing the Adepta Sororitas as a whole. Regardless, the Sisters of Battle grow at a rapid pace and have become one of the staunchest fighting forces within the Imperium. Yet a haunting stigma still looms over them in the eyes of many within the Imperium and is something the Adepta strives to cleanse itself of through penance of fire and blood.

Background Notes of Interest

-Maybe Vardire made some of the Sisters serve him or others of his loyal followers, as concubines or what not. Perhaps some of these Sisters were not known and hide their desire or shame as secret. Hoping not to be discovered by those other sisters conducting a purge of those still loyal to Vardine or those possibly considered as having taken part in heretical actions.
--Some of these actions might have been aided by the Cult of Slaanesh or were simple debauched excesses that would shame the new Adepta if ever brought into the open. The details exactly can be left up to the imagination and discussed if desired.

-Many of the Sisters wish to repent for their association and former belief in Vardire. While not having formed the Sisters Penitent yet, they perhaps serve in a similar fashion. Going to extremes or putting themselves in harsh situations in an attempt to find redemption.
--Some of these sisters might simply be victims and thus seek to forget the horrors of Vardine's rule.

-Maybe some Space Marines captured several Daughters of the Emperor, but upon realizing they had been duped once Alicia revealed this revelation after speaking to the Emperor himself, are released and or made to act as agents between the Space Marines and the Adepta Sororitas – perhaps among other possible things. Depending on how noble and Human the Chapter which held them, they might have suffered more or less. Though the more inhuman chapters would likely have killed them. So instead, any surviving prisoners would almost certainly come from the more noble Space Marine chapters.

My Character

My character bio isn't super detailed. Allowing for her to grow in the RP or to allow for some change if a partner desires it (within reason).

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Name: Ezra
Age: 44
Gender: F
Height: 5'9”
Faction: Sisters of Battle; Blood Roses

Appearance: When not donning her glorious and symbol emblazoned armor, one can see a sculpted body. She has well toned, but tasteful musculature for a woman. Still retaining her supple and womanly curves. She is a very attractive woman that many would lament goes to waste as a Sister of Battle. She has blood red hair with a white-silver streak that starts at her hair's natural parting in the front – usually ending up on the left side.

Of special note are her extremely dark eyes, that almost appear to have no iris and or no pupil – depending on who is stating it. This is technically an 'abhuman' mutation, that grants her greater than normal sight in low to sub-dark light. Yet its so minimal in its appearance, that Ezra herself doesn't really realize it and no one else does either. To her, seeing in lower light is normal and has never become a subject of discussion.

Ezra is proud of her physical condition and is quite careful to maintain it. Eagerly taking the provided treatments that prolong her life, help keep her body in peak condition, and enable a speedy recovery from wounds. Ezra is not a modest woman. She is unworried about exposing herself when among her sisters or in other appropriate situations where it wouldn't be seen as highly inappropriate behavior.

Personality: Ezra rabidly adheres to the tenants set forth by the Imperium and the Ecclesiarchy and is unyielding in punishing those who transgress. Yet she is quite personable. Especially with her fellow sisters. She enjoys the company of her battle sisters and even those who are sworn to other orders within the Adepta.

She has a good spirit and can often be seen using her healing talents on innocents. Even healing  repentant souls, so they may face judgment with dignity. Even if their fate is set. Despite having compassion, Ezra is however, quick to anger. She has a fiery will and relishes the destruction of heretics. If not for her great compassion, her superior's would have shown great concern over her relish for destruction. Yet, they realize that she simply finds joy in being one of the Emperor's hands of justice. Eager to bring praise to him through her actions. 

While not all realize it, Ezra is one of a growing number of women who have grown attracted to their fellow sisters. Unable or unwilling to control their urges and seeing their sisters as an outlet for sexual frustrations or in a genuine light of infatuation or love. Ezra being a strong willed woman, has already obtained several 'conquests' as she jokingly (or not so jokingly) claims. While she still would jump a man, given a chance, she is fast coming to like women more – largely due to females being the only available bodies.

I actually Photoshopped this picture, just as a note

Things of Note

-Some might say that Ezra utilizes her status as a role model to younger sisters, as an unfair tactic to seduce them. Ezra has earned a loose reputation as a sexual predator, but not in a truly derisive way. She isn't mean or demeaning to those she 'conquers'. In fact, if asked, those who've had sex with her, find her amazing. Still, there are a few in the know, who disapprove of her and other 'female-lovers'. Though, as of yet, there is nothing truly criminal – let alone heretical – about what she does. Thus, no one really acts upon their disapproval. For now, anyway.


Her life began in service to the Daughters of the Emperor. Shortly before the fall of Vardine. Having been born to a high ranking member of the Daughters. She was put into the order when deemed old enough to understand what she would be taught. Ezra quickly grew proficient and masterful over her knowledge, route memorization's, and healing techniques. Impressing those around her.

During her entire training period, the Imperium had been crumbling under Vardine's rule and would see his eventual fall just before her officially being accepted as a warrior-sister. She witnessed some of the crimes he forced her sisters into, but managed to avoid participating in them because she was mostly kept within San Leor and not allowed to be apart of the forces used by Vardine. Still, this fringe experience left some small scars and unorthodox ideas in her mind.

By the time Alicia had felled Vardine and reformed the Daughters of the Emperor into the Adepta Sororitas, Ezra became among the first to be apart of the newly formed Sisters of Battle. While not as old as other sisters, she still held an age that left new and younger sisters, in awe of her experience. That and she retained her youthful vigor and appearance.

While Ezra is not young for a Sister of Battle. She is not the oldest either. Sisters do not live as long as Space Marines, due to their extensive modifications, but Ezra has earned herself a place among the Sisters who have survived numerous battles and display great faith. Showing she will be a Sister who will be hard to kill, corrupt, and bring low in any other form.

How your character could be connected to Ezra

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

-Perhaps your character is a conquest or wants to be one. Enamored with Ezra and desiring to be bedded. Maybe its more than sexual. As Ezra is not a purely sexual creature (as that would eventually be seen as criminal by an Inquistor or another Sister). Being highly devoted, fanatical, and driven. Your character could be a peer of equal level or not, who admires Ezra's commitment and feels a deep connection with her.

-Perhaps your character is initially 'against' being with another woman, but Ezra is determined to break through that. Eventually seducing your character and making her like it.

-They could be long-time friends that simply become friends with benefits. Blowing off steam after long missions.

-Maybe your character and Ezra are cooperative sexual predators. Enjoying the sex a little too much.

-Any other ideas.

How to Contact Me

Please PM if Interested.
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Re: Warhammer 40k: RP During Age of Reformation
« Reply #1 on: August 21, 2015, 12:11:05 AM »
Here is an awesome picture for a plot that uses a male, in addition to the above desired focus, that is not an Inquisitor. The male character will be obvious (see pic). And again, make sure to remember what I said at the top. Not all of this RP's elements will adhere strictly to the Lore. You'll see why when you look at the picture. Especially if familiar with why this picture contradicts, if amazingly, the established lore.

Perhaps this love or lust story could evolve out of this tidbit, from the above post -

-Maybe some Space Marines captured several Daughters of the Emperor, but upon realizing they had been duped once Alicia revealed this revelation after speaking to the Emperor himself, are released and or made to act as agents between the Space Marines and the Adepta Sororitas – perhaps among other possible things. Depending on how noble and Human the Chapter which held them, they might have suffered more or less. Though the more inhuman chapters would likely have killed them. So instead, any surviving prisoners would almost certainly come from the more noble Space Marine chapters.

Basically, I see it as a Space Marine who is more Human than perhaps he should be, lets go of his inbred desire to simply punish and slay all those who commit crimes against the Imperium. Realizing the Sisters got underhandedly duped and thus were not willfully betraying the Imperium. Perhaps this leads to initial infatuation. With the Space Marine awkwardly trying to display his affection. The Sister, for her part, would likely be floored in disbelief initially and then find his advances flattering - what Imperial woman wouldn't find a Space Marine hunky or at least intriguing? If terrifying. Since the sister is badass herself, that mitigates much of the intimidation factor.

Despite being his chapters captive, perhaps he had been responsible for her and her other captive sisters, means he got to know her a little or at least is familiar with her and she him. While the situation which brought them together could create some animosity between them, I think they would get over it quickly enough. Both sides devout faith would allow them to overcome any hard feelings. Perhaps, it is when he is ordered to release her, that he makes his first advance.

Its really open as far as what can be done with it.

This could fit into the main idea I have above (maybe not easily) or be its own plot. I think I would prefer that if this is used, it be melded into the main idea somehow. As I'm not sure how it would work as a short idea, as it certainly wouldn't function well for a long plot. I don't imagine anyway.
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Re: Warhammer 40k: RP During Age of Reformation
« Reply #2 on: August 21, 2015, 12:17:52 AM »
Added in a bit of important information I forgot to add initially.

'Your Character', added below 'What I Expect' and the 'Disclaimer' - all below setting information.

Please make sure to read this, as it will save time answering questions related to partners character.

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Re: Warhammer 40k: RP During Age of Reformation
« Reply #3 on: August 23, 2015, 12:26:53 AM »
I restructured the original post to bring emphasis on the possible plots for the RP. And to rework the weak points of the original post.

I removed weak plot ideas/needing better fluff and added a new plot, A Matter of Personal Retribution, and fluffed/fleshed out the Cult of Slaanesh themed plot. Now called, A Sinister Grudge.

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Re: Warhammer 40k: RP During Age of Reformation
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Added Two more plots with an added backdrop more specifically related to the plots.

-Domina (backdrop)

--Executing the Will of the Domina (Part 1 and 2)
--Cries of the People

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Re: Warhammer 40k: RP During Age of Reformation
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Added a plot called, 'Hunted'.

Still very interested in RPing any of the plots. If you've got an idea of your own, feel free to shoot it my way.