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Started by seeker619, August 20, 2015, 09:35:27 AM

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1-Spy vs spy but the spies are married and do not know it until one gives them orders to eliminate the other.  What happens is up for discussion.
2-Poolboy with dirt on wife.  poolboy vs wife and homeowner.
3-Jilted lover vs the new lover
4-Neighbor vs neighbor Fx F or M X F
5-Mailman or woman VS homeowner (Mailman has kept dirt on homeowner)
6-mailorder bride vs groom who purchased her.
7-Female cat-burglar trained in marshal arts loses fight when caught and is at the mercy of homeowner m or f
8-F or M Demon vs human
9-shapeshifter vs human (mxf or fxf)
10-mob wife vs husband
11-mob wife vs hitman
12-sex therapist vs client. (mxf) or (FXF)
3-Superheron vs powerful vixen.  two powers you choose for vixen and one weakness I choose vs powerful superhero with 2 powers I choose and one weakness you choose.
13-Fugitive vs bounty hunter (mxf) or (FXF)
14-Anger management instructor vs client. (mxf) or (FXF)
15-Probation officer vs assigned individual on probation  (mxf) or (FXF)  Could be individual seduces officer???
16-In Vixen School top pupil vs smart pupil but not very cooperative and therefore at the bottom of class. FXF only
17-Top pupil in Vixen school vs Top student in superhero school.  MXF only
18-Sex shop employee vs buyer  (employee uses his or her purchases against her or him once he spies on her to see who she plays with and whether or not there are others a spouse or another lover.  Perhaps she or he would be humiliated if the purchases were made public in some way.)  MXF or FXF)
19-Dealer vs smaller dealer who uses more than sells and comes up short on bill.
20-Dealer vs user  MXF or FXF)
21-principal vs teacher mxf or fxf
22-gymnast vs coach MXF or FXF)
23-Jeannie vs master
24-Female boss who is as beautiful as she is cruel to one employee  vs abused employee.  mxf or fxf
25-Model vs photographer mxf or fxf
                                                 For now on pairings are open to both mxf or fxf unless specified otherwise
26-Doctor vs nurse
27-Doctor vs doctor
28 nurse vs nurse
29-Psychiatrist who addicts patient vs addicted patient
30-Incubus vs woman-m x f only
31-Drugged female teacher vs student who videos her after being drugged and blackmails her
32-ex wife vs ex husband-mxf only
33-powerful vixen with two powers you choose and one weakness I choose vs powerful vixen with 2 powers I choose and one weakness you choose. fxf only
34-Brother and sister-incestuous
35-Sister vs sister -incestuous or one is jealous and blackmails the other to do what she wants
37-Father and daughter -same
39-Inmate vs inmate
40 Inmate vs guard
41-Inmate vs warden
42- succubus vs male
43-Roommate vs roommate
44-Con artist vs mark
45-Freed inmate who was always innocent vs prosecutor who tried to have him jailed for life
45-Model vs crazed fan-mxf only
46-Gambler vs Bookie
47-Actor vs actress
48-Stalker vs stalked.
49-F wrestler vs f wrestler
50-Female country club member vs waiter
51-F Harem member vs m member of harem who figures out her drugging and turns the tables on her
52-F slave owner vs slave who saves her from drowning in  pool only if she gives up the way to remove his controlling collar which he soon puts on her.
53-Acting lessons instructor vs pupil
54-mother and son-incestuous
55-Cougar mother's boyfriend x son or daughter