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Current Craving: Overwatch!

Hello and welcome to my veritable onslaught of ideas that have me ready to get writing. MY Ons/Offs can be found in my signature and that'll cover the gist of my post length, kinks, and other little things but here's a TL;DR version if you will: I average a paragraph more or less depending on my partner since I try to match them, all I ask for is spellcheck and some grammar, I'm not fond of bathroom play/heavy pain/Vore, I'm fine with most anything else, and I'm bad at condensing things down to TL;DR's. Also puns. Interact with me long enough and expect terrible puns and even worse wordplay. It's an unfortunate hobby of mine it is.

Still reading? Hallelujah I didn't scare everyone away yet.

I won't ramble on and I'll just get to the pairings/plots and such. If something catches your eye just shoot me a PM or reply here and I'll try to PM you. I'm pretty flexible when it comes to my stories. I'll also try to split the pairings/plots into section for those who like one genre but not the others. For ease of reading y'know.

Assume all pairings are organized MyCharacter/YourCharacter

Fantasy Based


Paladin/Demoness (or Monster Girl)
Rebellious Noble/Queen


Human Prince/Elven Princess: Two races forever in conflict either in full war or border skirmishes. Peace is hardly possible unless the two kings resort to a more drastic measure. To secure the future of their people and ensure the end to bloodshed between the races the kings offer their son and daughter to an arranged marriage. Both enter the arrangement with some hostility, at the least, and must find a way to deal with each other despite centuries of war and conflict. If a romance can blossom between these two then perhaps there is hope for their people yet.

Conqueror/Queen and Princess: The King long held off the advances of the great conqueror but eventually the walls came crashing down. Quite Literally as the city was broken by his siege engines the Conqueror took to the castle and laid waste to their greatest fighters. The king found himself taken away to be put to work in some faraway land for death was too easy a punishment for him. The Queen and Princess, however, were spoils of war to be taken by the victor. Willing or not they would soon find themselves subject to the Conqueror's rough tastes and heated desires. Where they go from there is, perhaps, the greatest question.

Mage in Training/Sorceress Teacher: When a sorceress discovered the latent talent in a young man whose curiosity had drawn him to her home she found he would not leave. Sensing her magic he refused to leave until she taught him all she knew and thus she was eventually forced to take him on as her apprentice. His talent with magic was growing quickly but his eyes seemed to harbor more than simple respect for her talents. The way he eyed her would let her know he thought of far more than just her magical prowess. How is she to resist his advances and how does one teach a man so intent on either bedding or courting you?





Human/Android: Life travelling from system to system in a small ship is about as interesting as watching paint dry after you knock out a few hologames and beat the ship's AI at chess fifty million times. So what's an enterprising but bored ship pilot and tinker to do? Make a few adjustments of course. With some time and the right parts from a recent stop he manages to upgrade the AI to practically full sentience, which is against the galactic law which is deathly afraid of some kind of AI induced apocalypse. With the purchase of a lifelike body typically used for sexual pleasure he places the new and improved ship AI into this new female android body for companionship. Now what do they do now that "she" is an android with a techno-organic body that is practically human while "she" possesses entirely human thoughts, feelings, and urges while still being mechanically minded? How does he react to her now that his ship is basically alive and walking around? Perhaps a life of adventure as they travel from planet to planet making note of the life that inhabits them? Or perhaps they try to live as merchants trading from planet to planet still?


Pairings (Or, shows/movies/books I like and some of the people in them I like)

Note: Consider it implied that I'm willing to do OC/OC in any given universe unless specifically mentioned.

Fate/stay night
Guys I can play: Shirou, EMIYA, Cu Chulainn, Gilgamesh, Fate/Extra Master (Basically OC I suppose)
Girls I'd like to play opposite: Rin Tohsaka, Saber!Arthuria, Saber!Nero, Medea, Caster!Tamamo-no-Mae

Fairy Tail
Guys I can play: Natsu Dragneel, Gray Fullbuster
Girls I'd like to play opposite: Lucy Heartfilia, Erza Scarlet (Love Triangle would be hilarious I think.)

Guys I can play: Maybe Aizen? Mostly OC's though
Girls I'd like to play opposite: Soifon, Rukia

Guys I can play: Naruto Uzumaki, Kakashi Hatake, Shikamaru Nara
Girls I'd like to play opposite: Sakura Haruno, Hinata Hyuuga, Ino Yamanaka, Tsunade, Temari

Highschool DxD
Guys I can play: Issei Hyoudou, OC
Girls I'd like to play opposite: Koneko, Xenovia

Guys I can play: OC's
Girls I'd like to play opposite: Kerrigan (Pre-Zerg or Post-Zerg), Nova

Guys I can play: Arthas Menethil, Illidan Stormrage
Girls I'd like to play opposite: Jaina Proudmoore, Sylvanas Windrunner, Alexstraza, Ysera

Guys I can play: Reaper, Hanzo, Genji
Girls I'd like to play opposite: D.Va, Tracer, Mercy, Widowmaker, Mei

Street Fighter
Guys I can play: Ryu, Ken Masters, Akuma
Girls I'd like to play opposite: Cammy White, Sakura Kusagano, Juri Han

Guys I can play: Maybe Ragna the Bloodedge or Yuuki Terumi/Hazama
Girls I'd like to play opposite: Noel Vermillion, Rachel Alucard, Makoto Nanaya

Final Fantasy (All of them)
Guys I can play: Bartz, Cloud Strife, Zack Fair, Vincent Valentine, Tidus
Girls I'd like to play opposite: Faris, Tifa Lockhart, Cissnei, Yuffie Kisaragi, Rikku

Guys I can play: Luigi, OC's
Girls I'd like to play opposite: Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, Rosalina

League of Legends
Guys I can play: Garen, Shen, Master Yi
Girls I'd like to play opposite: Lux, Katarina, Miss Fortune, Ahri, Akali, Irelia

Guys I can play: Steve "Cap America" Rogers, Tony "Iron Man" Stark, Wade "Deadpool" Wilson, Tony "Taskmaster" Masters
Girls I'd like to play opposite: Laura "X-23" Kinney, Natasha "Black Widow" Romanov, Betsy "Psylocke" Braddock, Neena "Domino" Thurman, Kitty "Shadowcat" Pryde.

Guys I can play: Connor "Superboy" Kent, (I'd like to try maybe) Richard "Nightwing/Robin" Grayson
Girls I'd like to play opposite: Barbara "Batgirl" Gordon, M'gann "Miss Martian" M'orzz, Starfire, Harleen "Harley Quinn" Quinzel

Harry Potter
Guys I can play: Harry Potter, Scorpius Malfoy (Grown Up)
Girls I'd like to play opposite: Hermione Granger, Ginny Weasley, Rose Weasley (Grown Up), Lily Potter (Grown Up)

Guys I can play: OC's
Girls I'd like to play opposite: Anna, Elsa

Settings I like only for OC's: Wheel of Time, Stormlight Archive, Mistborn, Star Wars, Sword Art Online


Fate/stay night

Fate/EXTRA Master / Saber!Nero: He was a no name untalented master who managed to summon his way to one of the most interesting servants. The Empress of Rome herself now aided him in combat and as they bonded to uncover the secrets of their foes they discovered more about each other and found an unbreakable bond there.

[Craving this] Gilgamesh / Harem: The King of Heroes saw the world as his once he was summoned in the Fourth War. When he won the fifth without trouble he destroyed the corrupt artifact deeming it unorthy of his presence or collection. Surveying the remnants of the defeated Gilgamesh took his prizes from the defeated. Saber!Arthuria, Rider!Medusa, Caster!Medea, and Rin Tohsaka (who served as the master fueling their continued presence in the world) all came to bow before the King. He would begin the creation of a new world that fit what he felt was the ideal and the first step was making these women serve flawlessly before he branched out to the rest of the world.

Cu Chulainn / Rin Tohsaka: Instead of Archer, Rin summons Cu Chulainn instead as her temperment reminds the poor Lancer of his teacher. Side by side they battle the other masters of the Fifth Grail War and find themselves drawn together. Him drawn by her willfulness and stubborn dedication to the way of the magus and she drawn to his surprisingly laid back nature only matched by his sheer tenacity in battle.


Ghost / Kerrigan: Before she met Raynor Kerrigan was in training. All ghosts went through an academy to hone their psionics and their other incredible skills. He was a ghost that was forever second place to the psionic prodigy that was Sarah Kerrigan and he was jealous of that. Fighting on and training to usurp her one day she would find herself drawn to the man who put all of his effort into besting her. At first it was just competition between the two of them. Then things grew more tense. And then, finally, in one fateful moment they were wrapped up in telepathic battle when they got a glimpse at the passion underlying all of their actions and a heated kiss brought them together. (This could work just as well with Nova replacing Kerrigan if desired).


Human Mage / Jaina Proudmoore: The Horde was expelled from Dalaran with a fury and the Kirin Tor was weaker for it. Kalecgos, Jaina's draconic lover, turned away from her as she fell from grace in his eyes in this world. A human mage, one from humble beginnings in Stormwind, has come under the tutelage of the great Jaina at just this time. He seeks to learn from her but also to try and comfort her from the loss of Rhonin and Theramore. In the depths of her anger, hatred, and grief perhaps he just might get through to her.

[Craving this] Blood Elf Death Knight / Sylvanas Windrunner: The Lich King took souls and corrupted them. Blackened them until they resembled nothing like what they once were. He was a former defender of the Sunwell before he was felled by an abomination in Silvermoon. She was the Ranger-General who died defending her people's home. Both were raised to serve the Lich King and, in time, both wrested themselves from their dark lord. He was attracted to her from the moment he met her again. In life they had barely spoken and were dedicated soldiers but in death. In death they were united in purpose and history. He served as her liaison to the Ebon Hold since Koltira seemed more interested in working with the Alliance than serving the Horde or the Banshee Queen. Together they would take the fight to Arthas and find a warmth, however dim, that both thought was long dead with their mortal lives.

Street Fighter

OC Fighter / Juri Han: The rules were simple. Defeat your foe and progress to the next fight. Juri had never heard of him nor had he heard of her but they were to meet in the next battle on his road to greatness. They fought tooth and nail but ended in a draw and left to recooperate. Then they clashed again and, once more, ended in a draw. Finally, they met a third time and he came out victorious. This lit a spark in Juri. She had to know, needed to know, more about this man. What type of man had the power to defeat her and her Feng Shui Engine?


[Craving this] OC / Elsa: The Ice Princess had fled her home when they discovered what she could do. What kind of monster was able to conjure ice with a thought? What kind of monster would they be allowing to rule? When she fled into the now snowy lands she discovered, after a long trek, that she was not alone. Another had managed to find her. He was a man from a small village some ways off but he had left his village upon discovering his gift. He was much the same as her but he created heat and fire instead of cold and ice. He had made a home for himself in these woods and lived comfortably. When he found out that she was capable of creating ice he instantly tried to help her. Did she push him away and force him to pursue the only one he knows who has a gift similar to his or does she come to him seeking to control her power and return home to claim her throne?


[Craving this] OC Mutant / Laura "X-23" Kinney (and/or Kitty Pryde): New mutants entered the X-Mansion with decent frequency. One new mutant flourishes in this enviroment as his mutation blossoms with all of the new people to learn from. Gifted with Intuitive Aptitude, or the ability to learn anything at a hyper-accelerated rate, and a body that could adapt to suit the needs of the person mimiced (in relation to speed/strength/flexibility. He can't grow wings or metallic skin) he rose up with little difficulty. He learned from the best the school had to offer and longed to join the X-men properly but first he needed to be mentored fully. Given his penchant for close quarters brawling he was placed under the tutelage of Laura Kinney to learn how to handle himself in a fight and how to work with a team. He caught on quickly and molded his style to match X-23's. She would find him a dutiful, if a little headstrong and cocky, learner while he would find her incredibly beautiful and deathly graceful in battle. (If this uses Kitty instead then his talents would lend themselves greater to the sciences and computers which are, as I recall, her mental forte. If using both then we could say that Laura teaches him combat and tactics while Kitty provides him with scientific and technical masteries to compliment them. Perhaps a three person squad for training missions in the Danger Room?)

And that, I think, is quite enough of that. I think I ended up rambling, or at least wall of texting if indeed that is a word, more than I expected. But with all of it out there I do hope that you, reader of this thread, find something interesting. If you do please reply or send a PM and I'll eagerly discuss plots and the like with you! If nothing caught your eye then I commend you for coming this far and hope you find whatever it is you may be looking for soon enough. 'Til we speak again, reader, have fun out there.
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Been a long time since I made this but most of this stil stands true. I'd love to get a few more RP's going.

Note: I tend to reply once a week or perhaps less depending on the length of each post. Work is gonna pile up in the coming month or so until January and school is getting close to finals so 1 post per week will likely be the norm. Just so you all know!
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A) Bumping because I might have one or two more RP's open for business.
B) Really Really craving something in the Street Fighter universe what with SFV coming out in a day.
C) God, how did I miss some of those spelling errors for this long. My English professors would be very disappointed methinks.
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Been a while since I bumped this, doing a little spring cleaning on here and I've got a few openings for RP's and certainly still craving Street Fighter or just about any fandom. If you want to do something Fantasy/Sci-fi though still send a PM since I always love those too!

So let's see who's available!
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Oh look, a bump!

A few RP's have fizzled out for me so here's what I'm aiming for (but feel free to ask if what you're thinking of isn't one of these particular cravings. I'm pretty open).

Overwatch RP's (Would love something with D.Va!)
Naruto RP (OC/Naruto/Kakashi Harem would be hilarious I think. Get a paper saying they have free reign to "restart" their clans with any woman they want. Create a battle harem to fight evil?)
Highschool DxD (Issei's harem, nothing to add to that!)
X-men RP (with canons or OC's in the academy. School with a side of heroism)

That's all I have off hand. Hope to hear from people soon! Thanks for reading!
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It's been a while. Most of my cravings are about the same.

Still looking for some Overwatch fun.
Always up for Fate/stay night or Fate/Grand Order fun.
Huniepop has my attention again. I'd love playing that world as a sort of 50/50 plot/smut comedy with a better protagonist than what the game gives you.

Besides those most of the above still stands. Let me know if anything sparks your imagination!
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