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Author Topic: Six's Seeking Stories [Any x Any] [Forum, PM, Email preferred]  (Read 458 times)

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Hi there.

Thanks for dropping by - before you begin, just a heads up. I don't mind if none of my On's are in a plot, I'll still consider it, but please check that you aren't after something that is listed in my Off's. These are linked to in my signature, as well as my current cravings.

- - - General - - -
Post length:
Varies from 10+ paras to a single paragraph. I don't care if you write a novel or a tweet, just give me something to work with. If there's action or dialogue happening, don't start re-describing the room just to reach an arbitrary word count. I'd much prefer to read a dozen quality words that all moved the plot than a thousand that meandered around the characters.
I don't care if you can't spell, and I can overlook grammar mistakes - as long as you're consistent in the mistakes you make and I can figure out what you mean, I'll let it slide. That's the difference between poor English, which can be improved, and lazy writing, which can't. On the other side, please don't try and impress me with purple prose. A little poetry is fine, but I shouldn't need a thesaurus to figure out what you want to say.
Genders and pairings:
I don't care about your gender, but I am pickier about character genders. Typically, I prefer one character to play a masculine role and another to play a feminine role - and I'm very picky about M/M pairings. Anything else is usually an easy sell.
As long as the majority of it is recognisably human, it should be fine. Generally, no snouts, no animal genitals and little to no hair on the torso, please.
I play in forums, PMs or by e-mail exclusively. I do not play in IM. For faster replies, please email me. I enjoy swapping character descriptions, but I don't provide pictures unless absolutely necessary. I may provide IM contacts, but only after we've been in touch on E through PM first.
I don't have any off-limits words when it comes to writing about sex. If you do, please tell me. The only thing I would ask is that you keep euphemisms sensible - if they get too vague, or childish, I'm liable to laugh too hard to take the story seriously. If you're cool with writing a funny story though, then use whatever takes your fancy.

- - - Plots - - -

Plots are not taken on a first-come-first-served basis. I'd like a little collaboration from my partners and that should be enough to keep a plot fresh for two or three games, at least.

Space vagabonds
Playable in an original universe, or in Mass Effect or Star Wars settings. Our characters would be the whole crew of a ship that cruises space, generally getting into all sorts of mischief. Whether that's ending pirates with a lightsaber, investigating the murder of a Spectre, or running drugs for the Martian mob, expect lots of action beats.

You are what you eat
This is based on something that was mentioned during plotting a new game with a partner. One character (ideally yours) would play a vampire. Male, female or something else, so long as they're a bloodsucker, it's all good. My character will be a succubus (female, futa or transformable, your choice). My character is summoned by yours to act as a blood donor - it's pretty obvious there's a vampire about when bodies start turning up. But if your character sucks succubus blood, and the succubus just recovers herself through sex with third parties, then your character can live in total secrecy, known only for being really friendly with the town bike. Here's the kicker though - your vampire inherits attributes based on whoever my character last slept with. This will require doubling on both of our parts, for the third party NPCs, but it means that if my character last slept with an archmage, your character's magical skills will grow. If my character slept with a hunter, your character would know how to set traps and hunt for a day or so.

Obviously, this is a pretty smut heavy one, but I'd still like to work out a good plot to go along with it. PM me if you can think of something for out characters to get up to with this.

Classic Adventure
For this, I'm looking for a male character or, preferably a futa, to play opposite my female or futa (your choice). The premise is pretty simple, a grizzled adventurer takes on an apprentice to make his/her quests go a little smoother. Your character is a veteran of years of questing, winning wars for besieged kingdoms, defying villains and bedding beauties. But sometimes, you need someone to carry the loot with you, to help spot those traps or cast just the spell you need.

Your character could be a mage, a rogue or a mighty warrior - it's not a system game but I'd like to keep to the classic archetypes. Mine would be a complementary archetype, looking for a teacher or to just do some good. For our first quest, simple is best - a dragon has made a nest in the mountains that look over a King's castle and he has declared that a purse of gold waits for anyone who brings him the beast's head.

Pretty basic set-up - one very capable waste wanderer encounters another, far less capable survivor. Whether they then work together as partners, or whether the stronger simply takes the weaker is up for discussion. For this, I am interested in a M/F or F/F pairing only. We can play in a fandom, such as Fallout or Metro, or make up our own - either is good by me. Any kind of post apocalyptic setting is great by me - Zombies, Mad Max style resource wars, alien decimation, viral outbreak. Any!

Clearly not Dragonball
No, I don't want to play Dragonball, or in the world. I want to play an adventure game very heavily inspired by it though, and by Journey to the West. So lots of martial arts fights, lots of technology rubbing shoulders with magic, all in the name of a grand treasure hunt. One character would be the brawns - a supremely talented martial artist that can potentially overcome any foe, even if it takes them a couple of tries. The other would be the brains - solving the puzzles, talking around the bad guys and generally leading the way. Note that brawns won't be rock stupid, and brains won't be a damsel in distress - but we should take care to make sure they don't tread on one another's toes.

The treasure hunt is negotiable if you can think of a better reason for them to be wandering around the world, visiting exotic locales and meeting interesting people. My go to treasure hunt though, would be a search for a number of keys that are required to unlock a chest that contains... something. What it is, we can deal with later - we could copy Dragonball again and say the chest grants a wish, or we could come up with something better. Maybe even something darker, where our characters unleash an ancient evil that had been locked in the chest, and then have to rely on all the allies they made on their journey to overcome it in a single climactic confrontation?

Alternatively, if you have any other ideas - preferably Cyberpunk, Fantasy or Sci-fi (in that order) feel free to drop me an email or a PM to discuss it.

Lastly, if you like the gist of a plot and the way I write, but you'd rather I write as a narrator or a GM, let me know. It wouldn't be hard at all to adapt a story.

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Re: Six's Seeking Stories [Any x Any] [Forum, PM, Email preferred]
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Added "You are what you eat" and "Classic Adventure"

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Re: Six's Seeking Stories [Any x Any] [Forum, PM, Email preferred]
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