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June 17, 2021, 10:24:54 pm

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Author Topic: Rathan's thoughts  (Read 937 times)

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Rathan's thoughts
« on: November 05, 2008, 07:59:55 pm »
Here's my first idea.  This one stems from an anime I saw many years ago called Crest of the Stars. Still it's different enough to be it's own beast.<smiles> We don't have to go by this exactly but I do like the general idea.

Human Kind has been expanding out into the the outer reaches of space for two millenia.  Not once have they found a race such as themselves.  Not once have they found anything that could successfully stem they're expansion into the unknown.  Not one other sentient race.  Human kind started taking it as a matter of fact that we are all there was in this endless void of space.  The planets splintered and were brought back into the fold, empires fell and rose, whole new cultures flourished then diminished.  Till the whole galaxy was finally brought under the loose thumb of The Imperial Confederacy of Man.  Yet it was mostly in name only.  The universe was run by the weak but rich merchant class that controlled through a figurehead leader.  Corruption was rampant and the line between the rich and poor enormous.  The Imperial navy was mostly for show and of course to put down the odd "peasant" revolt in the name of the emperor.

A young nobleman had the honor and bad luck of being born of the previous line of emperors.  Exceptional in almost every way yet scorned because of his Ľįńęąģε.  Stationed as far as anyone could be in the least likely place to be able to cause trouble, he, his few retainers, and an underpowered ship held station.  The world they held was naught but dessert and his life seemed over.  His name was Rathan.

Then they came, these ships of unimaginable speed and grace.  One second they were blips on the radar the next his ship's power flickered and died.. all but the backup power.  One of the few nobles left who held to the old ways the young leader sounded the abandon ship and typed in the code for self destruction taking a seat upon his now deserted command room he waited for death.  What came was something far different.

Footsteps sounded light and seemingly delicate but powerful as if panthers were set lose upon the ship.  He readied to defend himself only to be thrown to the ground as some gravitational wall fell upon him.  Helpless to it's power he waited for the ship to answer his command to destroy itself only to find the red light of warning die slowly as the creatures stepped into the room.  shielded by powerful looking armor and a blank reflective surface for a face they came to him.  One looked at him seemed to sniff the air then took the helmet off it's head.  What came after took his breath "it's a fucking elf" he thought looking with awe upon the strange but beautiful face.  Inhumanly distant yet wonderful at the same time.  Whispering something commanding the weight lifted and with a swiftness even his modified body could not match restraints were applied and for the first time in his life he heard they're language only to find he could understand because of what she'd applied.  "Follow me"  It was a command and his body followed even as his mind fought.

This scenario could go many ways.  As you can see my character is proud and arrogant yet basically a captive.  This could turn into a romance between two differing races or a tale of passion.  He could somehow get the upper hand and subjugate this new race.  Or could end up joining with them to cleanse the empire and bring a new era into the galaxy.  The possibilities are endless.  I'm open for pms, forums, and im for this.  Rathan signing off.
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