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Author Topic: F for M/GM (NC/Extreme) - Fantasy (Pathfinder, Freeform)  (Read 484 times)

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F for M/GM (NC/Extreme) - Fantasy (Pathfinder, Freeform)
« on: August 06, 2015, 01:57:40 AM »
I can't promise a specific posting rate, occasionally I should be able to post multiple times a day, other times it may be a week or more.  I also occasionally have to take a break from the site (though usually have/give warning, and don't know of any specific instance of such coming up), but just a fair warning. 

As for what I am looking for.  I don't tend to have many flat offs, though my ons tend towards non-con, multiple partners, and monstrous partners.  I am fine with a system or freeform.  I generally prefer to play a strong female who is overcome or otherwise defeated, so prefer my writing partner takes on one or more dominant male characters.

My preference is probably fantasy in a Dungeons and Dragons style (Pathfinder being my preferred system if one is used), though Numenera would be fun.  I am open to sci-fi (especially 40k) but don't have any specific ideas in that regard.  A Star Wars or freeform Star Trek game could be fun though.  Finally I wouldn't be opposed to a Shadowrun type game (and I do have a couple of the editions).  I am also willing to consider a modern setting if that is what my partner strongly desires.

I usually prefer a fair bit of smut in my writing, and am fine with a long term campaign/story or a one-off scene. 

If interested, please PM me and we can discuss ideas.  Thanks!

Old Posts (Still looking/considering)
Post 1
I prefer a heavy dose of smut, but am open to anything from nearly pure smut to a good balance of it and plot.  I tend towards heavier/darker content, with my character being badly mistreated, degraded, and so on.  I usually prefer that my writing partner is willing to write multiple male characters (and am willing to write multiple female characters if desired), and multiple partners in a sex scene is a big on. 

Please see the below ideas, if interested, please PM me!

Swift Silver
Swift Silver, the Defender of Alpine City.  For more than a decade, Swift Silver, aka Rita Malena, has helped protect Alpine City from the criminal and villainous element that would see it corrupted.  A champion of justice and honour, she has gained a massive following of fans and supporters.

It was in her early twenties that Swift Silver took up the mantle of Defender and Heroine.  Although she had long known of her powers, she had hoped to lead a normal life.  She had graduated high school and went off to college to study computer science.  It was only when the Hellhound began to terrorize the city, leading his pack of demonic canines and demented gang members in a war against the police, that she realized that no one else could do what needed to be done.  She quickly crafted a costume and, in a massive battle in the city’s main park that was recorded by news crews and broadcast for weeks, defeated the Hellhound using blasts of silver light. 

The thrill of victory and adrenaline of battle was too much for her to resist, and she began to patrol the city on a nightly basis.  She broke up gangs of robbers, traffickers, and dealers.  She thwarted numerous plots.  And, slowly, she built a reputation as she defeated any super villain foolish enough to enter her city.  The Dragon, the Dark Mind, the Twisted King, the Hellhound, and numerous others have all been defeated by her.  She stopped a villain disguised as the mayor, she broke up a ring peddling a mind control drug, stopped a demonic incursion, prevented an alien invasion, and has performed many other feats both large and small.

Swift Silver’s powers are centered around super-human speed and control of what she describes as ‘angelic light.’  The speed, which only works in darkness, allows her to move almost too fast to see.  The light allows her to bathe herself in a protective shield, strike with explosive force, and project beams of energy.  The light will protect her from almost any sort of attack, however when used offensively will only damage those she considers her enemy.  It will not damage inanimate objects at all.  She is capable of flight when she has her protective shield up, but finds it extremely draining.

Most normal humans can take only a single blow or blast from Swift Silver’s powers, though none have yet died as a result.  The super-human can usually take ten or less such blows. 

Swift Silver cannot break her word, if she does, the one she broke her word to gains an unnatural ability to influence her with his words.  All of Swift Silver’s powers rely on a limited pool of energy that she draws from direct sunlight.  When she runs out, she will no longer be able to use her powers until she has a chance to sunbathe again.  Normally this isn’t an issue, but major battles at night or indoors, or inclement weather over multiple days, can result in her running low.  To use her powers offensively, she must be able to use her hands.  Either to punch, or to project a beam from the palm.  Likewise, she can only attack what she can see. 

The general idea I have is that Swift Silver is in her early to mid-thirties and at the height of her fame and success.  She is largely undefeated, and has grown complacent and overconfident.  This leads to her taking risks she shouldn’t, and her eventual defeat and capture. 
Swift Silver’s sidekick, lesbian partner, and former rival is Hellfire, aka Tamara Church.  A former villain turned heroine, Hellfire works as assistant mayor, a job that takes up much of her time.  Her powers are extremely potent, but destructive, making it difficult for her to properly assist Swift Silver in many situations.

In her mid-twenties, Hellfire was the former assistant of villain who had become mayor.  When Swift Silver unmasked him and his many depredations, Hellfire had a change of heart and offered her service to the heroine in taking him down.  They have since entered into a full partnership, both as heroines and as life partners.

Hellfire’s powers are centered around her ability to control an extremely potent form of fire.  She can burn or melt nearly anything, and while the range is limited, she is more than capable of unleashing an inferno that will destroy everything in its presence.  Unfortunately, her powers are of little use against anyone she doesn’t want to severely harm.  There is no stun setting, so when forced to use them in combat she often relies on cages, walls of fire, and other controlling measures instead of direct attacks. 

Although fire in any form doesn’t harm Hellfire, anything in her presence isn’t so lucky.  Metal jewelry will melt, gems will shatter, and clothes will burn away.  This generally isn’t a problem if she is operating at a distance, but has led to a few embarrassing moments.  Hellfire’s primary weakness is water.  If she is wet, she is unable to use her powers.  She can protect herself from rain using heat, but unexpected or large quantities of water are difficult for her to deal with.

Maid RPG
I am craving either a solo (or small group) game where I can play a Maid character using the Maid RPG system.  I would want it to be NC (either when a stress explosion happens, with the stress explosion being the focus of it/changing after, or related to the more general 'plot').

Post 2
This is a fairly generic idea I'm craving in one of several forms.  It would probably be on the shorter end, though maybe could be expanded, and very heavy on smut.  It would be focused on non-con content, preferably involving multiple male characters.

The idea I am craving is that a woman travelling alone for whatever reason is kidnapped by a criminal element.  Pirates, drug cartels, slavers, gangsters, etc.

A businesswoman is trying to negotiate a deal for her company in a foreign country.  A college student is on spring break.  A rich heiress is exploring the world on her yacht.  A woman is on a road trip.  A woman walking home from work cuts through a bad part of town to save time.  There are a good number of scenarios that could fit the craving.

The story would obviously focus on what they do to her (at least non-consensual, possibly extreme if desired) and, hopefully, her transformation from a fairly strong willed woman into his/their slave. 

I would also be willing to try, if someone was interested, writing multiple female characters (as I would prefer, though won't demand, that anyone interested is willing to include secondary male characters for at least some of the scenes).

PM me if interested, thanks!
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Re: F for M/GM (NC/Extreme) - Fantasy (Pathfinder, Freeform)
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