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December 05, 2016, 02:41:40 PM

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Author Topic: Epic Tales To Be Told [M looking for F][Story Focused][WIP]  (Read 316 times)

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Online Moon Hound HatiTopic starter

Epic Tales To Be Told [M looking for F][Story Focused][WIP]
« on: August 03, 2015, 09:44:09 AM »
Hello and welcome to my new request thread!

First off, feel free to look through my O/O's, which you can find in my signature at the bottom of this post or in my profile. I am pretty openminded, but it's always nice to make sure beforehand that at least some our tastes overlap. My O/O's are by no means overly detailed, so feel free to ask about anything not found in there. It never hurts to ask, right?

Moving on, I will expand this thread over the days and weeks to come with more and more ideas, as well as Photoshop some images to flare up the visual appeal of the thread (whoo eye candy~). Those found here will primairily focus on story more than they do smut. Naturally, a bit of smut here and there where it feels approriate is something that will likely happen and is something to be enjoyed when it does happen, but the title of the thread begins with the words "Epic Tales" for a reason.

If any of my ideas found below end up appealing to you, feel free to send me a PM! Do NOT post in this thread, please!
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Online Moon Hound HatiTopic starter

Re: Epic Tales To Be Told [M looking for F][Story Focused][WIP]
« Reply #1 on: August 03, 2015, 04:05:45 PM »
        [HIGH FANTASY]
Epic Fantasy Story: Rise of Those Not Chosen by Destiny

             Epic Fantasy Story: Rise of Those Not Chosen by Destiny

In a world of might and magic, of swords and shields, of humans, elves, dwarves and other such mythical and mystical beings, a dark force rises, threatening to overrun the world and consume it whole, to plunge it into eternal darkness. The hero chosen by destiny as foretold by the prophesy rises to the challenge, gathering a party to repel the darkness and save the world. This is not their story. No, this is the story of a man, not chosen by fate or foretold by prophecy, who will rise above and beyond the call of duty. This a tale of hard work, unrelenting dedication, and loyalty.

This is the story of those that rise to the challenge in times of need. My character will be a young but capable lieutenant in the army of his country who has only had a few years of experience past bootcamp training prior to the start of the story, commanding a small squad in the capital city of his nation. With most nations having enjoyed peace for many, many years, the sudden invasion of dark forces takes them all by surprise. The capital falls within a day and a great deal of the army is wiped out, including many of its high ranking leaders, whom had gathered for a yearly meeting in the capital, with the rest ending up scattered and in various states of disorganization. The lieutenant will face many challenges in his effort to help form a solid front that can protect the people and fight back against the enemy. Eventually he will become the general that leads the army against the darkness.

It is basically a fantasy story of a self made man, someone who reached greatness through hard work and dedication, rather than someone “fated” to be a hero and guided by such supernatural forces. While I have planned for the hero and the lieutenant to cross paths on several occasions and also work together on several such occasions, this will mainly revolve around the lieutenant's journey and struggles as he tries to pick up the pieces by gathering as many allies together as he can. Not only the army, but he’ll also try and seek aid from the mage circles, for example. This is where your character comes in. He will need someone that can and will stand beside him through thick and thin, someone that supports and believes in him even when nobody else will.

Now, the background of the female character is one with a lot of options. Perhaps she is the childhood friend of the lieutenant and also part of the army. Perhaps she is a young but talented mage he meets early on, who becomes interested in him for some reason. It is certainly a role that can be brainstormed about in detail.
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Online Moon Hound HatiTopic starter

Re: Epic Tales To Be Told [M looking for F][Story Focused][WIP]
« Reply #2 on: August 03, 2015, 04:58:08 PM »
War of the Olympian Demigods

             War of the Olympian Demigods

The Olympian Gods of Greece are real... and because of them the human world is about to fall into chaos. The lust of Gods and Goddesses is as great as any humans, or perhaps even more. They have mated with many humans over the centuries and have sired many children as a result. These children, known as demigods, often grow to become people of great importance in the human world, guided by the unseen hands of their divine parent, for they, though powerfull and immortal, are not able to interact with their children. It is forbidden since time immemorial, as is tempering with the free will of the mortal humans.

But one day everything changed. The son of Zeus, Heracles (Hercules in Latin), rebels against the Olympian Gods, enraged by the loss of his wife and children, who he slew while under the effects of a strange magic spell. Suspecting the Gods, he starts to rally all the demigods to form an army to fight against the Gods themselves. If any approached demigod refuses, they are cut down where they stand. However, the demigods alone are not enough to successfully invade the realm of Olympus. However, one day word of the mythical titans, archenemies of the Gods, reaches Heracles' ears, and he decides to set out and find them, to free them from their prison and make them his allies    or slaves, depending on how cooperative they are.

The Gods, unable to interact with their children directly, send out all sorts of mythical creatures and monsters at their disposal in an effort to stop them. They all fail miserably, posing little challenge to the ever growing demigod army. In a last ditch effort, the immortals attempt to fight fire with fire. They send out servants to bring together the few remaining demigods who had not yet been found and recruited into Heracles' legion. Among those few are the young Palici twins, Alec and Heros, sons of Hephaestus, the blacksmith of the gods. They are seen as the weakest among the group, and are treated as such by most of the others, because neither of the twins is able to controll fire or magically forge mighty blades like their father, only ever being able to produce a crude, subpar weapon at best.

One day Alec disappears, leaving Heros to set out on a quest to find his missing sibling. The leader of their small band of demigods, another son of Zeus named Carnus, attempts to persuade the younger demigod from leaving on this quest, but ultimately falters to the persistence the son of Hephaestus displays, though also suspects something greater at work behind the disappearance of the other twin. Knowing Heros was too weak to fend for himself against any agents of Heracles that might cross his path, he assigns him a bodyguard. She (your character) is one of the most powerful members of their small organization.

As the subsection suggests, this will take place in modern times. Taking a page out of the book of series such as Percy Jackson, the Greek gods are real, though they and the nature of their offspring remains hidden from most of mankind. This war is one fought in the shadows of modern society, but also one that threatens its existence, as Heracles' hatred for the gods blinds him to what the unleashing of the titans might to the world itself.

The relationship between our characters could be rocky at the start, with her being a powerful demigod already, while he starts of weak. However, as the journey progresses she will come to see his true strength, his determination to stand against any odds, and his slow growth into something more epic than she could have imagined him to be at first. Together they will uncover a conspiracy bigger than any of them.
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Online Moon Hound HatiTopic starter

Re: Epic Tales To Be Told [M looking for F][Story Focused][WIP]
« Reply #3 on: August 03, 2015, 06:05:28 PM »
Dracula's Legacy

             Dracula's Legacy
                                                          ~ CURRENTLY IN DISCUSSION

Severely injured in what was deemed to have been a terrorist attack on a local shopping mall, likely by anti-capitalist extremists, doctors judge his eyes too damaged to fix. However, after awakening from a coma roughly two weeks after the incident, the young man finds himself with vision clearer than ever before. But those are not his own eyes that stare back at him from the mirror. Gone were his baby blue eyes, replaced by a pair with irises red as blood, unnatural and unnerving.

Upon inquiry it is found to be unknown whom these new eyes once belonged to or whom had donated them to him. Shrouded in mystery, it was strange the operation was even allowed to be performed on him without concent of his nearest of kin. Eventually discharged from the hospital, he arrives at his apartment to find a mysterious woman lounging on his couch. Her eyes are like his own, crimson and almost aglow.

She introduces herself as the granddaughter of Vlad Tepes, also known in the history books as Vlad the Impaler, also known as the figure used as the inspiration for the legendairy horror novel character count Dracula. But it is not fiction, he learns, for Vlad is real and vampires are real.

The granddaughter of Dracula tells him that he has been chosen. Vlad is long since dead, but his legacy is to be continued. All that remained of him were his eyes and only one worthy of his title as the lord of all vampires could claim them as his own. The eyes had been implanted in the skulls of many others before him, vampire and human alike, but all but him had perished under the overwhelming power.

Come to help him ascend the throne of lord of all vampires, as well as to become his bride and rule at his side, the granddaughter of Vlad offers him her blood, to help him ascend from mortality and become the vampire he was destined to be. But before he can make his discion, they are attacked, the night bringing the enemies of the late Vlad to the young man's doorstep, wishing to end the rise of a new Dracula before it can even begin.
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Online Moon Hound HatiTopic starter

Re: Epic Tales To Be Told [M looking for F][Story Focused][WIP]
« Reply #4 on: October 06, 2015, 03:46:03 AM »


Ideas for a plot are swirling around, but I was thinking that the main pairing for this could be Elsa slowly falling in love with a man who calls himself a druid, wielding magical powers of nature and animal spirits. In the long term there could be a conflict that threatens the whole of Arendelle, forcing the pair to work closely together to resolve it. Perhaps it ties into his past? Perhaps he was actually once the young king or crown prince of another nation, who went through trials much like Elsa did, but he ended up fleeing the country, as the people never came to understand and accept his magical gifts.