Magic School bus: Senior Year (M Seeking F)

Started by NightOwll, August 01, 2015, 05:58:52 PM

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I remember watching magic school bus as a kid and thinking there was always some sexual tension between a few of the characters. The years have passed and they are seniors in high school! I want this role play to be fun and like the show the science can be pseudo at best :)

The plot is essentially feebie gets pregnant by Arnold and they debate whether or not to use the magic bus to shrink down and perform the abortion. With possible other adult scenarios that could be used, perhaps Ralphy gets chlamydia and has to be treated, something along those lines.

Im looking fit that special someone who has the perfect mix of nostalgia and nasty who will take a journey with a new role player :)

***additional ideas*****
Time travel with bus to WWII to confront the classic question of murdering Hitler

Explore the ocean and tackle Japanese whalers

The economics of human trafficking.

It's possible the story could over flow into college over time, keep in mind the kids did grow up to be the planeteers (I'm not kidding Google it :) ) so it can vary from academics to social justice to straight up classic vigilantism!!!!!

I would describe my literary style as a shallow depth of field, image a photograph where the area in focus is very sharp but the out of focus portion is fairly blurry, I like to write about the focus and the backdrop is fairly fuzzy. I like to think that I'm pretty funny and fun and im looking for a goofy adventure with some smut not a strictly sexual endeavour.