A Hole Through Time [Marvel] [Seeking Steve Rogers]

Started by Le Immortelle, August 01, 2015, 06:42:04 AM

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Le Immortelle

A Hole Through Time

Genre: Superhero, Action, Alternate History
Pairing: F/M
Forum: Extreme
Role Sought: Steve Rogers aka Captain America
Seeking to Play: Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel
Themes: Superheroes, Cold War
Inspiration: Captain Marvel Vol. VII & VIII, Civil War, Various other story arcs

Carol Danvers and Steve Rogers are battling an enemy that has attacked New York. The battle rages on as the villain, say Absorbing Man or even a Kree takes the battle to space. Captain Marvel jumps in on it, chasing the shuttle of the villain in hot pursuit before blasting them off outside the atmosphere of the Earth. However, the ship has an energy absorbing mechanism and while being subjected to Captain Marvel's energy blasts, it absorbs them and using its own inner firepower, it explodes entirely, Carol taking the impact head on.

When she wakes up, she finds herself on the shores of Pearl Harbor, right before the infamous attack is due to occur. The ominous planes in the field of sight and sensing where she is, Carol though confused like anything, jumps straight into action only to find that the Japanese seem to have some tech far ahead of its time. But jumping in the fray is a familiar figure, Captain America. The attack is thwarted successfully with Danvers even going the extra mile in chasing the enemy planes and destroying them mercilessly. There is huge media frenzy about the arrival of new 'Captain' on the scene.

The WWII never reaches the American shores with Captain Marvel & Captain America protecting the other side of the Atlantic but over half of Europe firmly remains in control of Nazis, ushering in an entirely different era of Cold War. I would love to explore interaction between Carol from the future and obviously, not really a woman of convention of the times she has been thrust in and Rogers who has always had a slightly old school outlook about him [even in future, imagine him in 'his' time!] as they first not so willingly and later on due to repetitive circumstances, forge a formidable team.

Potential story arcs include, Cold War, biological weapons of warfare, supersoldiers being developed by other war hungry nations etc. along with Carol's attempts to reach back in her own timeline. The world is a pretty open ended one and needs my partner to brainstorm with me extensively in constructing something dynamic and complex here.

I am looking for a partner who can write a complex, multi faceted Steve Rogers in a literary manner along with sharing duty of NPC's with me. Lords, ladies, lieges all are welcome as long as you get the character right and are interested in a collaborative effort.

Anyone interested, please hit me up in PM's. Thank you for reading.