Alpha/Omega, One on One

Started by ultimategeek, July 31, 2015, 08:33:37 PM

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I'm looking to take on a new plot or two.  The following is someting I've been interested in trying for a while.  It will be M/M.  Please see my O&O.  So here's the plot I've got in mind:

I’d like to play an omega who is part of an omega abolitionist movement.  He is, what might be considered a domestic terrorist, working with fringe resistance groups that fight for omega rights, occasionally with violence.  He’s worked hard not to be what people expect when they think of an omega.  He can’t help his lithe frame but he’s become well-muscled and strong.  He may have been born pretty, but he doesn’t have to abide looking delicate.  He cuts his hair like a punk rocker, gets an industrial piercing in his ear, a tattoo down his side, and earns himself a patchwork of scars.  His last heat very nearly killed him.  Working the way that he does, with this resistance group, there were other omegas to take care of him when he was in heat, but it was a very near thing.  Suppressants are expensive and the street grade sort he usually gets his hands on are only barely effective, making things ten times worse when they stop working and he finally has to succumb to a heat cycle. 

I’d like to pair him up with an alpha who, for whatever reason (writer's discretion), has a more educated view of A/B/O dynamics.  He’s a strong ally and a firm believer that omegas should be treated just like everyone else.  Maybe he even acts as an informant or does a little work for one of the less violent resistance groups that my omega is involved with.  They meet and develop a congenial if somewhat mistrustful (on my omega’s end) relationship.  Yet the alpha’s high mindedness doesn’t make his instincts any less sharp or real.  He constantly has to fight to keep himself in check.  He still wants to protect the betas and omegas he sees as ‘in his care.’  That doesn’t sit well with the omega resistance fighter who doesn’t want to be reliant on anyone. 

Shortly into their relationship the omega is on the verge of another heat and essentially putting his affairs in order because it really might kill him this time.  Which is better, he believes, that submitting himself to an alpha, even to save his own life.  The alpha, worries that he’ll lose someone he misguidedly sees as part of his pack, but at the very least is certainly his friend.  He hopes to earn the omega's trust enough to convince him that there is another way.  But it's a long road and a confrontational one.

I expect that there will be knotting, but no anthropomorphic element and no mpreg.  Also not interested in non-con for this one since the plot is so much about negotiating and earning trust.

Please shoot me a PM if you're interested!
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