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April 14, 2021, 09:19:38 pm

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Author Topic: Hunger Games Cravings (Mxm)  (Read 374 times)

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Offline CallysTopic starter

Hunger Games Cravings (Mxm)
« on: July 31, 2015, 03:33:13 am »
Hi all! First of all, Here's the link to my Ons and Offs.

The specific idea I'm craving right now is based on the Hunger Games - specifically Haymitch. I'm very interested in exploring his past and would love to find a scenario in which to do it. I've got a few ideas.

1. It's been a few years since the Haymitch has won the Quarter Quell and subsequently lost everyone he ever cared about. He's 20 and still in good shape, even though his drinking problem is just starting to get out of hand. President Snow had virtually lost interest in his antics, knowing he's harmless now, but a wealthy up-and-coming Capitol citizen has his eye on young Abernathy. With the right amount of payment and favors, Snow figures a few nights a year in the Capitol might be good for the young man. Maybe it will remind him that he can't just languish away in District 12 attempting to forget who is really in charge.

Your character, for whatever reason you feel, has arranged to have Haymitch as your personal plaything to do with as you will. This could be romantical, though pretty dubious to start with, or it could be purely for personal pleasure. The choice is up to you.

I would be playing Haymitch, who would probably start off as a brash, stand-offish youth. He would be the one carrying out your character's wishes, (IE submissive) though he might put up a bit of a fight if that's the inclined direction. I would love to chat about this and hash more out about the chosen direction!

2. Haymitch has lost so many tributes over the years that he's finally gotten to the point where their faces blur together with the right amount of liquor. He can't quite forget them, no matter how hard he tries, but he has forgotten various details. The week before the Reaping each year the sole Victor pushes his alcohol tolerance to the brink, hoping he might just die of liver failure and won't have to show up to the two pairs of young scared eyes who will depend on him for their lives. While his liver hasn't given out yet, he's made sure his gaze doesn't ever quite meet the children's. Unless they do something so extraordinary it unlocks the hope buried deep in his heart.

We wouldn't have to start there. We could have plenty of interactions between your character and Haymitch in 12 before the Reaping. Or we could start there and go throughout the entire Games. I also wouldn't be opposed to an AU in which your character survives. I am thinking this would be more story based in nature and without any romance or sex.

3. Haymitch worried about Finnick from the moment he showed up in the Tribute Carriage. Sure, he should have been worrying about his own tributes, but they were once again dressed in over-sized mining hats with almost no clothing. They also weren't really remarkable. Finnick, though, looked strong, confident, and beautiful. Haymitch had seen tributes like him be showered in sponsor gifts, and this time was no exception. While he made it through the games in relatively one piece, Haymitch's real fear was regarding what would happen after Finnick won. What would Snow make him do? Or, more appropriately, who would Snow kill to make sure he complied? After Finnick was forced into the life Haymitch had finally been allowed to retire a few years ago (no Capitol members seemed that attracted by an aging drunk anymore) the District 12 Victor knew it was up to him to help the boy out as best he could.

Essentially, I'm thinking this would be a Haymitch/Finnick sort of deal. It could either involve romance/sex or just a mentor-type relationship. I'm interested in how they became friends enough to trust each other in the books. I also wouldn't mind playing either Finnick or Haymitch here.

If any of these seem interesting, feel free to PM me!