Let's make history (F for M)

Started by AnnieSatin, July 27, 2015, 08:45:32 PM

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Hi I'm looking for a long term rp partner to write with. I adore anything historical. If one of these don't strike your fancy then tell me what does. I have a ton of ideas but a few of them are:

The King's Mistress
The rp could take place in medieval or any other period non modern pre 1800s. The idea is that the King is in a loveless marriage to a woman 20 years his senior. His Queen is bitter and angry because she was suppose to marry the King's father but he died two days before their wedding. So instead, to preserve the treaty between their nations she married the son. They have only ever laid together in attempts to produce an heir and have been unsuccessful every time. Now the King is 25 and his Queen is 55. The King has never taken a mistress, until now. She is young 20 and beautiful with dark hair and blue eyes. Sent by her father a Duke for the King to be the Queen's lady in waiting. But the King desires her for himself.
(He could seduce her, he could blackmail her, he could force her, PM me and tell me where you want to go from here)
Really wanting to do this one !!!

A regency era rp 
(romance, historical, fluffy)
He is the son of a wealthy landowner a Lord perhaps he is promised in marriage to a beautiful young girl who is very stuck up and interested in only his money and status. He is marrying her because he has to he knows it's a good match and the one he loves is gone anyway. She left two year earlier promised to his cousin. They never said they loved each other and by the time he was going to admit it she was already promised. Only now she is back.. his cousin died in a horse accident a week before their wedding.

Phantom of the Ballet
(BDSM, Dom/Sub,Corruption,Control)
It's a fandom twist on the phantom of the opera. She is a ballet dancer who is lost in the corps and background until one of the rich backers of the ballet spots her. She becomes his obsession, he gets her pushed up into the spotlight and starts controlling her, growing jealous and paranoid when she dances with a male dancer. Taking place anywhere from the 1800s to early 1900s.

Royal Boarding School
(modern, fluff, romance, can work in some fetishes if you like)
The second son of a royal monarch is sent to boarding school. It is very elite and very prestigious. While there he meets a young lady that he takes a fancy to. How will their romance play out? How will they react to the press and internet finding out? This is a tough idea and open to any twists you like.

I am open to any ideas with MxF pairings. I love controlling jealous dark men and I encourage unsolicited PMs.





Added the royal boarding school. Bump :)


Bumping looking for new things to tease my mind. If you read this tell me "pineapple" ;)




I Like the idea of a royal boarding school.



Bump back and interested in new writing partners.


BUMP I'm back and looking for someone to write with. 


Hi, AnnieSatin

I read your idea of a Regency role play and was very intrigued. 

Does the idea of this work for you? Young debutante  being introduced to society‚Ķ candle lit drawing rooms, fine crinolines, powdered hair, silk slippers; grand balls with fine young officers dancing with debutantes, intrigues, political undercurrents and jeopardy as YC becomes the object of attentions? 

Key characters are YC, her strict Governess, her wicked elder sister , a young captain of the Guard, jealous friends. The Italian Ambassador, a French spy, and soprano Italian opera singer. Locations being grand London houses, French chateaux, opera houses, down at heel gin palaces and dockside inns.  Lots more to consider but any interest? 

My kind regards