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Author Topic: some fantasy plots. (M for F)  (Read 404 times)

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some fantasy plots. (M for F)
« on: July 22, 2015, 04:32:21 AM »
Hey all,

Option 1: TAKEN!!!!!!

In this RP, your character is the young crown princess, who has been aiding her ailing father in running the kingdom. This kingdom has been troubled of late as the kings strength waned. Nobles becoming restless and neighbouring kingdoms turning greedy eyes on its lands.

My character, male, is the one of most successful generals serving the kingdom, a string of victories on the field having giving him a loyal following among the commoners, seeing how he was born as one of them.

Out of desperation the king and his daughter approach him and offer him her hand in marriage, they hope that his popularity and his skill can aid her in keeping the kingdom from falling apart.

Naturally because this is a political marriage, I imagine they start out fairly cold towards each other, but as they work together, side by side to maintain the throne. They grow closer and eventually learn to love each other. In working together, they manage to not only maintain the kingdom and its old border, they manage to extend them, with a mixture of diplomacy and warfare.

For this one, I imagine, that over time we come up with various subplots, unruly nobles, that conspire against the young queen that need to be dealt with, perhaps a raids by seafaring people, or northern barbarians. With time passing between plots, allowing us to skip ahead in time. It’s an option to have the pregnancy and birth of an heir happen during one of those skips, this prevents any pregnancy play(?) if that’s not your thing, while also allowing a nice amount of time to skip.

What kind of setting, is up for debate, we can go full fantasy, with magic and creatures everywhere. Or go for a near realistic historical setting, (as in these people do bath and have a sewer system.)

This is about romance, but this also a medieval story, so he’ll expect her to perform her wifely duty, and the kingdom will expect an heir, so while he won’t rape her, he will expect to consummate the marriage soonest. (and make it a pleasant as possible for her.) And off course once they’re used to each other and realize they do care about the other, its less of a duty than it is a pleasure. And no we don’t have to write out every sexscene. We can hint a trysts during time skips, or fade to black at times.

Option 2.

Hundreds of years ago, a magical cataclysm, tore open the veil between worlds allowing monsters and beasts to enter our world. Some simply becoming a new predator posing little trouble, others become a problem, killing and feasting on humans

To handle the infestations, a school was created, taking in boy and girl orphans to train them in killing these monsters. The boys are trained with weapons, swords, axes, pikes, and armour, to be the brute force required in killing them. They get partnered with a girl, who is taught to wield magic like a weapon and to support her partner.

In addition they both get trained to the peak of fitness and are taught hand to hand combat. To handle unruly humans.

As they mature and graduate they are sent out in the world, to go kill monsters. Often the excitement and thrill of the hunt and then kill lead to complications such as their partnership growing intimate.

Our characters, yours female, mine male, have recently graduated and are out in the world for the first time. They ride towards rumors of a monster terrorizing a town. They are eager to prove their mettle.

(for a more taboo twist, these characters can also be orphaned siblings, their complication even more complicated.)

What kind of monsters can be debated, as can the rest of their adventures. Perhaps there's politics involved, or they cross some religious bigshots.

I’m looking for a player, comfortable with writing, multiple paragraph posts (2 is multiple with me), nicely filled with description and detail. One post a week is fine with me, more would be awesome. Also if something is wrong with the story, please let me know, I would prefer to make changes over losing a partner. And please, if you want out, let me know. I’ll sigh but I promise there won’t be any hard feelings.

If you like any of the above, please PM me. I'll get back to you soonest.
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