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Author Topic: Serial [M lf F, Various NC]  (Read 208 times)

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Serial [M lf F, Various NC]
« on: July 17, 2015, 01:53:49 PM »

The news article catches your eye immediately with a perverse fascination. The names are being withheld to protect the victims as expected, and it's not like you don't feel any sympathy for them, but something about the story seems to be utterly enthralling. Somewhere in your home city there's a serial rapist on the prowl.

The police call him the Wedding Bells Rapist but the media took to calling him 'The Incubus' a long time ago because he hides his face from his victims using a full devil mask. Described as tall and powerfully built, he tends to simply overpower his victims from sheer strength. The news article mentions that he's been active for over a year now with the police seemingly no closer to catching him but insisting that they're doing their best, though that must be a shallow comfort to the 30+ housewives he's raped.

That's what the newspapers are saying though, the tabloids claim he's actually had over a hundred victims, it's just that for some reason his victims refuse to come forward. The darker corners of the internet tell an even more twisted story if you're willing to listen. It not that you don't feel any empathy for the victims, but you can't help but feel a little wet as you think of this along with your hubby's medical test results. . .

Quote from: Info
Kind of in a dark mood, what can I say? Various ideas for various levels of intensity and darkness, as marked.

The Incubus

Setting: Light-NC

Victimology: Married Women, 30+ Victims

MO: Officially called the Wedding Bells Rapist, he's also nicknamed the Incubus because he wears a simple devil-themed mask during the attacks. Loves demonic imagery, and is convinced that he's the best sex partner his victims ever had. And he's frequently right.


Setting: Medium-NC

Victimology: Fertility Clinic Patients. 5+

MO: Is completely obsessed with impregnating his victims. As such he stalks his victims, usually cornering them in an alley to assault them. The messed up part is that he wants to make babies, and his victims are women that want children themselves.

The Wolfman

Setting: Hard-NC

Victimology: Random Park-Goers. 7

MO: A savage brute of a man, too the point of wearing a mask made of wolf pelt. The Wolfman chases down, beats, and rapes women that have the unfortunate luck to cross his territory while he's in a hunting mood.

The Artist

Setting: Extreme-NC

Victimology: Random Attractive. 5+

MO: A psychopath that sees the bodies of his victims as an artistic canvas, he takes women, rapes them, then slits their throats and poses the bodies.

The Breeder

Setting: Extreme-NC

Victimology: Healthy women between 18 and 35. 9+

MO: An enigma even by serial criminal standards, all that's known for sure is that he kidnaps victims and their bodies are found years later with signs of pregnancy. A serial killer that uses childbirth as his weapon of choice, he keeps his victims and breeds them until their bodies give out from the breeding.