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Author Topic: Pdragon's Plot & Pairing Parade (Mostly futa and trap ideas)  (Read 11094 times)

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Tentatively accepting new games

Greetings everyone, pdragon here. Welcome to the ol' request thread. Feel free to send me a PM if anything you see interests you. I make sure to respond as promptly as possible to anyone who messages me,(I consider it basic common courtesy) so even if I'm not down for an idea you'll at least get an answer and a reason why, so don't be afraid to contact me with anything, the worst I can do is say no right?

Experience/Writing Style: I've been RPing more or less constantly for about 10 years now. I consider myself to be a proficient writer, though I would say I excel more at concept and ideas than at technique, so a few spelling/grammatical errors may slip through from time to time. Typically I find the 2-5 paragraph range to be the most comfortable for posts, though mostly it depends on what I have to work with.

RP location: I pretty much stick to just forum rping. I tend to be in a lot of games at any given time, so its easier to keep it all contained within the site and in my bookmarks so I can keep them all organized. Rping via pms can sometimes just be too hard to follow and keep straight, and games off site are just a no in general.   

Post Frequency: On a good week I tend to post every 2 or 3 days, though depending on how busy things become IRL I may resort to checking in once a week instead. I try not go a full week without posting something, but sometimes things come up or motivation becomes low, apologies in advance for any inconveniences.

Pictures: I tend to prefer using anime/drawn pictures when rping, or just none at all is fine as well. I don't do real life pictures at all, because I find it weird to use an actual person's face when rping, especially in a more sexual context.

Characters: I tend to play male, female, hermaphrodite (futa), or cross dressing (trap) characters. My male and trap characters tend to be on the more submissive end of things, while my female and futa characters are typically more dominant and strong willed.  Personally I don't mind anyone playing any gender of character, so feel free to come to me with whatever character you want to play, though I do have strong preferences as far as gender pairings I like (listed later).

Quick O/O

Ons: Oral of all kinds (including rimming), Anal, group, gang-bang, rough, outdoor, light bondage (no pain emphasis), pet-play, food play (particularly using cum as/on food), cum play, large cocks, unsafe sex, non-con, curvy/well endowed characters, thighs, moderate corruption/degradation.

Offs: heavy bondage, excessively mean doms (unless part of a larger character-arc), orgasm denial, my character being forced to drink their own cum, feet, blood, guro, scat

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Re: Pdragon's Plot & Pairing Parade (M seeking any)
« Reply #1 on: July 23, 2015, 01:01:34 AM »
The gender pairings I typically enjoy playing the most. The gender I'd prefer to play will be bolded, though I'm up to discuss flipping roles if you'd really like to.

Futa x Male - Typically with the futa in the dominate role, I enjoy the "role reversal" aspect of it. Possible themes include: NC, Rape, Romance, Anal, Oral, Light BDSM and Cross dressing

Futa x Female - Two great tastes that go great together, yuri and futa all in one tight little package. My futa's tend to be rather lewd, and have no issue coming on strong to a lady that catches their eye.

Male x Trap - This is honestly the only kind of Yaoi I like, but boy do I love it. I love cute traps, and tend to play them more often than I do regular guys. Dominance varies, though usually the trap is the more pure and submissive one (I am prone to write almost obnoxiously pure and innocent trap characters).

Female x Female - rather self explanatory, Yuri is the purest form of love! Plots tend to vary from super mushy romantic stuff to a bit darker, more domineering stuff. I tend to play tomboys, or the more dominant girl in the relationship.

Trap x Female - A few different ways this can be played, which is why I find it oddly interesting. Perhaps the girl decides to use her trap friend as a personal dress up doll, or a more tomboyish girl decides to take a more dominant role sine their partner is more of a submissive woman than they are. Or perhaps a seductive woman decides a feminine boy would be an easy target, only to find out he's more aggressive than she first thought. Like I said, plenty of ways to shake up traditional gender roles with this one.

A list of plots I currently have ready to go. Ofcourse I'm always willing to plot out something that caters more specifically to your tastes if you'd like. As before roles I want are put in bold.

Love Trap (Trap x Male/Futa (NC/cheating))

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
At a fairly average highschool/college, the resident cross dresser spends his days with his three closest friends (either a group of boys or futas). Whilst he assumes their relationship is purely platonic, in truth all three of his friends secretly harbor feelings for him. Thus when he reveals to the group that he's recent gotten a girlfriend, the three finally snap, and in their desperation to "prove their feelings" to him, they end up ganging up on him and raping him. Whilst the boy tries to carry on as normal and put the situation behind him, it soon becomes clear the his friends don't intend to stop, doing everything in their power to get him away from his girlfriend so that they can have their way with him. And worse despite his protests, he finds to his horror that the boy's/futa's cocks satisfy his sexual desires far more than his girlfriend can. Will the boy be able to keep his new relationship in tact while being subjected to his friends perverted desires? Or will he find himself succumbing and becoming their personal slut?

Stray Cat Rut (Futa x Male/Female)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A young man/woman happens upon an abandoned stray cat on their way back home one day, and in a spur of sympathy they end up taking the poor thing in with them. For several weeks they take care of the abandoned cat, nursing them back to health, giving them shelter, and showering them with plenty of love and affection. In fact the new owners generosity and love is so powerful that a miracle happens, seeming to transform the cat into a beautiful young cat girl. However, this story isn't all heart warming, as now humanoid feline isn't exactly all female, packing a little extra between their legs, though "little" is probably a poor word for it. It also happens that this stray cat isn't exactly motivated by joy and gratitude towards their would be master, in fact (in typical selfish cat fashion) she doesn't consider them to be her master at all, and the roles of pet and owner are quickly flipped on their heads. How will our hero fend with their new fickle, lazy master? After all taking care of a cat is hard enough without all the new "special needs" they're being forced to attend too.

Elements: Neko, Lighthearted, romcom, NC, pet play, futadom.
can substitute for other animal girls if desired

They Stand Beside Us (demon/succubus Futa/female x Female)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
In the near future the floodgates to the supernatural world have been blasted open, causing all manner of terrors to flood into the human world. Monsters, demons, evil spirits who posses the innocent to commit their wicked acts, all of these things once legend have now become a daily reality. However, while conventional weaponry can only do so much to hold back the darkness, humanity has found strange allies in the most unlikely of places: lust demons. While most creatures are content with the destruction of our world, the demons that feed off the power of sex and lust rely not just on humanity surviving, but thriving, and as such have actually sided with the humans in this conflict. Fighting alongside humans the demons are not only able to draw upon our energy for strength, but can also awaken the hidden magical potential that had been laying dormant within the human race for so long. Special task forces of these paired duos have risen up to combat these new foes, and schools all across the world have opened to train the next generation of youths to keep up the seemingly never ending fight.

The Supernatual Team Defense Academy is one such school, specializing in teaming up succubi, incubi, and omnibi with the strongest and brightest young humans in order to form powerful partnerships. When two people become bonded they start to undergo various changes: humans will gain massive boosts to their physical attributes, becoming stronger, faster, more durable than normal humans, even gaining access to magical powers before unknown to them, while demons will gain a significant boost to their existing powers, drawing upon their partner's energy to enhance themselves. Of course, being demons of lust, the process of "drawing energy" is innately sexual in nature, requiring partners to be sexually active and compatible in order to work most efficiently. It has been observed that emotional and physical intimacy between partners increases the potency of energy shared between them, more closely linking their souls and improving their efficiency in combat. Because of this fraternization between students isn't prohibited at the school, in fact it is encouraged so that partners can be as powerful and effective as possible, the school even going so far as to provide special classes to teach human students how to most effectively feed their demonic partners.

The rp would focus on the relationship of one such pairing, from the moment they are first bonded, to their exploits training and fighting various monsters, to the development of their relationship. I want to focus on either a f/f or f/fu pairing, so it will either be an omnibus (futa succubus) and a female human, a succubus and a futanari human, or a succubus and a female human. In addition to scenes between the partners themselves, there's also options to get involved with other Wielders and their Arms, as well as the occasional scene with a monster who manages to get the upper hand on our heroes and have their way with them.

Fairwater's Revolutionary Breeding Program (Futa x Female, NC, group)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Over the years Japan has made many attempts to combat it's declining birth rate. From breeding a culture that encourages early marriage, to tax incentives for couples who bare children, to even subtle, conspiracy level things like heavily censoring pornography so that young people will feel encouraged to go out and see the real thing. None have worked particularly well, and the country faced a slowly rising crisis few countries have ever truly faced before. As such a drastic new program was put into place, a mandatory breeding clause as part of all high-school attendance. Implemented several years ago across various coed schools, the policy was simple: all female students were required to become pregnant, and all male students were given free reign to have sex with girls as much as they wanted to accomplish it. Under this rule female students were not allowed to deny any sexual request or demand, and their continued enrollment in the school was considered legal consent for the boys to do whatever they wished with them. The only way to escape becoming a sexual plaything was to get impregnated and have said pregnancy confirmed by the school, at which point the girl would be exempt from the program and be allowed to return to normal study.

For some schools this policy was implemented quite well: established couples lead the charge to set a good example, boys behaved kindly and professionally in approaching girls they wanted to copulate with, and within a few weeks most girls were confirmed pregnant and were able to continue on with their lives promptly. Other schools however became absolute horror shows, with gangs of boys using and abusing female students, day long orgies replacing all school activities, and boys employing various shady methods to ensure girls wouldn't actually get pregnant so that they could keep them as sex slaves for as long as they wanted. As the program spread across the country the birthrate skyrocketed...but so did the enrollment into all girl's schools, female students flocking to them like crazy in search of sanctuary from the program. Though this mass of applicants drove up tuition costs and enrollment standards of such schools so high that only the brightest and the richest elite could afford the safety of an all girl's school.

Fairwater's School for Young Maidens is one such elite school, a pristine, radiant haven where girls from all over the country can come and live out their school days without worry for the crazy breeding programs sweeping the nation. However this school technically is not a proper "all girls" school, for it is one of the few girls academies that allows in futanari, and was in fact opened specifically to be a place where such women could fit in and belong. At first this didn't really prove an issue, some slight paranoia from girls who had escaped from particularly depraved schools, but nothing that really caused a divide in the student body. That was, however, until the new student council president was elected, an ambitious futa who saw the school not as a haven for young girls to escape the breeding programs, but a treasure trove of the most beautiful, affluent women across the country. The way she saw it, to allow such women to escape passing on their immaculate genes just because of their ability to buy their way into the school was a travesty, a mockery of what the entire program was trying to achieve, and an insult to all the women who had toughened it out and complied with the program regardless of their personal feelings. She saw those women as heroes who made a great sacrifice to protect the future of Japan, and all the women who safely roamed the halls of Fairwater as cowards who were too afraid to do what was best for their country.

As such the new student council president spent many weeks appealing to the school board, until she finally managed to get them to approve her proposal, Fairwater's own version of the breeding program. It was the coed school program's equal in every way, except instead of giving the power to men to breed with whatever girl they pleased, it would be the school's futas who would be allowed to run rampant. The day of the assembly where the new program was announced was a shocking moment for all, and it was quickly discovered just how much darkness truly resided within the school, lying beneath the surface of being a girl's paradise. All at once everything was unleashed, pent up desires and frustrations, feelings of love, hate, jealousy, lust, all came pouring out at once. Futas began turning on and raping their most trusted friends, girls who had been part of a group of futa classmates suddenly found themselves a toy being casually passed around, star athletes of the sports clubs found themselves the new team cumdumpster, girls began desperately bargaining to be "protected" and "claimed" by a single futa lover rather than be subjected to the hordes of their horny classmates, futas with particularly desirable girlfriends began to "sell" the chance to have sex with them, lesbian couples found themselves watching in horror as they were torn apart and violated in front of each other.

How does one survive in this former paradise now turned perverse prison? There are various different set ups for this game. Perhaps following a young couple or group of friends as they try to survive the school's crazy new policy. There could be a GM situation where on person is controlling a bunch of different futas as the other plays a girl being passed around from place to place. Or we could do an "anthology" style approach, doing various scenes of different characters, showing how the new program has affected them.

A Mother's Love (Futa x Female x Male)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The basic premise of the story is a cuckolding/NTR plot about a futanari mother falling for and eventually getting into an affair with her own son's new girlfriend. Both of them realize how wrong their relationship is, and they don't want to hurt their son/boyfriend, but they're just so attracted and sexually compatible with one another that they can't help themselves. While they start out carrying out their affair discreetly, over time they become increasingly more daring and risky in when and where they have sex, born from a mixture of guilt and lust. Deep down they want to get caught so this crazy affair can end, but the closer they get to being discovered without actually being found out the more turned on they get, and the more they want to push their limits even further. Will the son eventually find out about the affair? What will happen when he does? Could their relationship possibly survive?

A Mother's Love- beyond the grave(ghost Futa x Female x Male non/dubcon)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A variant of "A Mother's Love" but with a supernatural twist and a much wackier premise. This story follows a still fairly young married couple shortly after the husband's mother has passed away from illness, still rather young herself. Something the wife has kept secret about herself, out of fear of being called crazy and what not, is that she's actually partially psychic, and has been able to see and interact with ghosts since she was a young girl. Normally this doesn't affect her daily life too much, but that all changes a couple weeks after the funeral when she discovers her mother in law's spirit lingering about their home. This would obviously be strange in itself, but even stranger yet is that the mother was a futanari, and her ghost appears to be constantly masturbating to her!

While being a futa wasn't a big secret, this rampant lust certainly was, and when she confronts her the mother reveals that she had actually been secretly lusting for her son's wife ever since they first started dating. For years she had yearned to start an affair with her, but was either too virtuous or too afraid to ever make a move. However even after death that powerful desire was still so strong that it kept her from moving on to the after life, her unfinished business taking the form of the wife's delicious body.

However, since the wife can see, and even touch, her new ghostly form, the mother has been emboldened to finally act on her desires, pushing the wife into all manner of depraved acts, taking advantage of her ghostly powers to molest and harass her right in front of her husband, coming on to her in all manner of strange situations and angles. While initially resistant, weeks of sexual haunting will eventually break the wife down and make her more accepting of the mother's ghostly advances, believing that if she does start playing along perhaps her mother's spirit will be satisfied and finally be able to find peace. Of course, just how many years of perverse fantasies will the mother have to burn through before she's finally ready to move on?

Call Me Mommy (Futa x Female)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The story of a young futa and her best friend's mother. The two young ladies have been friends for as long as they can remember, and the girl's parents have always been like a second family to the futa. However ever since hitting puberty the futa has become more..."aware" of her friend's mother...her mature beauty, her thick, curvy body. As shameful as it is she's fantasized about her more than once growing up, and whenever she comes over she finds herself having to fight to keep her eyes from lingering too long in places they shouldn't be looking. To make matters worse her friend's father died several years ago, her mother never moving on to find another lover, leaving the futa with all sorts of horrible "what ifs" racing through her mind, after all a beautiful woman like her shouldn't be forced to live the rest of her life alone right? Things come to a head one day when her friend stays home from school with a fever. The futa goes to visit her, but finds her passed out asleep, leaving her and the mother alone for the first time. Could this be the start of a thrilling forbidden affair? What happens when the futa finally gets a taste of what she's been craving for so long, and finds out she only wants more, and more? How will the dynamic change as the futa goes from inexperience virgin to confident lover?

Fallen Hero (transformation, Female/Futa Succubus X Fe/Male Adventurer)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

A young hero has set out to make a name for himself. For his first ever great dead he has managed to discover an evil succubus disguising herself as the duchess of one of the kingdom's larger cities. After an epic battle he manages to slay the demon, but not before she places a curse on him to transform him into a succubus himself. Now trapped withing the body of demon, a female one at that, the hero has fled in search of a means of turning herself back to normal. However upon hearing of the hero's transformation, the church along with the order of knights he used to serve under have deemed him a corrupted, lost soul, and have deemed that the only way to end his suffering is to slay him, lest he go onto to spread demonic corruption throughout the land. The hero now finds herself hunted by the very people she fought besides, along with all manner of assassins and bounty hunters wishing to cash in on the exorbitant price placed on her head. One of such hunters manages to track down the hero, but with her supreme skill along with her newly found demonic powers she makes short work of them. However rather than kill them she decides they could instead be made into a servant, so using her powers she has her way with the broken hunter and uses their own sexual energy to bind them together. With the two now magically linked the hero has set down an ultimatum, either the hunter assist her in finding a cure for her curse, or she would dedicate her life and new found powers to sexually torture them for the rest of their days, promising to release them of the contract once they succeeded in their task.

Another sort of open world fantasy rp. After the initial set up the two would travel the world slaying monsters, hunting for clues, and having lots and lots of sex. The hunter in question can either be a bounty hunter, a knight from the hero's old order, or just some random schmuck trying to get rich off of the bounty. They can also be of any gender, and generally would be the submissive of the relationship as the succubus uses them to help track down clues of a cure and satiate her new body's near constant lust.


In Service of a Goddess (yuri, giantess, size play)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

A rather smut heavy story based on the above images. In a kingdom that worships giants as gods, a young woman has been chosen to be the newest hand maiden for her city's local goddess. The woman is quite elated by this new promotion, as it is considered the highest honor to serve at a god's side, and is prepared to fulfill her every whim. However, while things start normally enough, she soon discovers that her new mistress has developed a rather unique "taste" for human women, and desires the girl not just as a servant, but as a concubine as well.

The "plot" of the rp as I have now is mostly just smut, with the goddess experimenting with new ways to enjoy her newest plaything, seeing how their relationship develops over time. Though with some brainstorming it could possibly be spun into something more plot heavy, maybe some kind of political intrigue angle between other giants, or perhaps word begins to spread that the giants aren't actually gods, and this causes rebellions and revolts to spring up throughout the kingdom, the human girl constantly being pressured by rebel spies to join their cause and assist with some kind of assassination plot against her mistress.

An Unfaithful Love (Female x Futa (multiple))

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
YC is a young woman in a happy relationship with her futanari girlfriend. They've always gotten along beautifully and they're quick to start getting intimate, and she even has a pretty nice cock too and given all the rumors for how sexually charged futas are YC imagines their sex life will be amazing. However despite having all the tools her girlfriend just doesn't have the stamina to properly satisfy her needs, usually cumming before YC has a chance to or needing considerable effort to get her off (and honestly it shouldn't feel like a job just to get a single orgasm). So inevitably she finds herself drawn to some of the other futas around her on the side, hesitantly at first, but the more new lovers she tries out the more excited she is to taste the next one.

character ideas:
Her rival- One of the girlfriend's close friends, but her and YC seem to hate each others' guts, and YCs girlfriend often has to play mediator between them. However when they find themselves alone with each other one day all that anger and intensity bubbles over into lust and they end up doing it in the spur of the moment.

Older Neighbor- A widowed futa father who's kids have all just moved out to college and beyond. YC's family has been close to them for years, and you've often come over to hang out with her children, and seeing how lonely she is decide to keep dropping by to hang out with her. However with the duties of mother/fatherhood now out of the way the mature woman finds herself reawakening to the more "personal" needs she's been putting aside...and 10 years of not dating to focus on the kids leave her plenty pent up and plenty willing to stick herself in the first willing hole that offers.

Girlfriend's sister- Perhaps her older sister is visiting from college and she decides to get a quick taste of her sister's woman, or maybe she's a bit more virtuous but YC has convinced her that they're in an open relationship and that it was always a secret fantasy of hers to see her sister fuck her girlfriend, tricking her into thinking her girlfriend was ok with it.

School Bullies/"Bad Boys"- Basically a trio of bullies/too cool for school crowd manage to get YC alone between classes, and teasingly try to grope and seduce her. However when she doesn't immediately try to push them away and reject them, they sense that little hint of willingness and attack, introducing YC to the world of threesomes and stealing her away between classes for quickies whenever they can.

Awkward/Creepy girl- YC ends up getting paired up with the weird, disheveled but kinda cute loner girl. She's shy and a bit weird, but well meaning, and when they get together after school to work on the project YC can't help but notice the rather impressive bulge in her skirt. As it turns out she's secretly one of the best hung futas in the school, and with just a bit of encouraging YC is the first one to get a taste of this hidden gem. I figured this could be a fun one as it puts YC more in control and instead of just being seduced or swept up in a moment of passion she has to actively seek out and pursue this affair.

Gym Teacher- A classic tough, tomboyish, and a bit overly eager and harsh gym teacher. She's not particularly happy with YC's physical performance, and decides to call her in after class for some private training lessons, which quickly devolve into some rather intense fucking thinly veiled as "endurance training"

Train Molester- A bit random and cliche, but YC could be riding the subway/bus when suddenly the seemingly harmless business woman behind her decides to sneak a quick grope. However instead of freaking out YC starts subtly encouraging her and they end up going way further than either intended. Bonus points if YC's girlfriend is on the train/bus with with her.

Girlfriend's Friend- YC's girlfriend confides in her friend that she isn't able to properly satisfy her, but of course being a scumbag her friend decides to take the opportunity to give YC "lessons" on ways to better enjoy sex, including plenty of hands on "practice" sessions.

Delivery Girl- I was thinking if YC ends up getting particularly depraved/desperate she could end up getting visited by a delivery girl and decides to try to reenact all those cheesy pornos she's seen. Perhaps the delivery girl is someone she recognizes from school, or perhaps she just delivers to her house semi-regularly, so there's a familiarity that makes it even more surprising for the delivery girl when her tip ends up being able to put her tip in YC. Bonus points if the futa adds her "secret sauce" to the pizza after wards.

School Athletes- Some kind of jock situation, YC being attracted to the toned body and athletic level stamina. Perhaps she agrees to become one of the school's team's manager, and helps "refresh and entertain" the whole team. Imagine them winning the big game and immediately after they run a train on YC to celebrate. Especially twisted if YC's girlfriend is a huge fan of whatever sport the team plays and attends every game to be supportive of YC and the team.

more plots to be added later.
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Re: Pdragon's Plot & Pairing Parade (M seeking any)
« Reply #2 on: July 26, 2015, 02:11:49 AM »
A compilation of various characters from rps that can possibly be retooled and re purposed for other games.

Remus Gaston
Name: Remus de la Cruz Gaston
Age: 26

Subject: Sex Ed
Elective: Cooking

Build: Lithe/Slender
Height: 5'5
Bust/hips/Ass: flat chested, firm hips, soft supple ass
Cock/Balls: 5 in. long, 1 in. balls
Pubes: shaven
Foreskin: uncut
Cum volume: average

Background: Born in France Remus originally trained to be a chef and pâtissier, intending to take over his family's lucrative line of restaurants and hotels. However he ended up moving out to the futanari academy as a personal favor to the headmistress, a personal friend of the Gaston family. Originally he was only in charge of running the school's cafeteria, providing high class food arrangements for the students, though eventually went on to become the cooking instructor as well. Most recently he has begun taking over for the former Sex Ed teacher, when it was discovered that he was surprisingly knowledgeable on the subject (despite his almost naively innocent appearance). 

Ons: (openly) Romance, food play, massages, tender love making, oral, gently guiding someone through their first time, being relied on, giving guidance.

(secretly) dominants, thick cocks, cock slapping/facial marking, cock worship, rimming, rough sex , drinking/eating cum, gang bangs, having his hair pulled, being treated like a pet, being forced to service multiple people, being treated like a cum dumpster, public molestation, light water sports.

Offs: Hardcore BDSM, mean people, scat, guro
Misc notes: Fills in as the school's mascot during sports games/school events, and is quite popular amongst the students as a result.

Is considered a motherly figure amongst the staff despite being a boy.

Was very feminine and into cross dressing even before coming to the academy, part of the reason he was accepted so quickly.

Name: Mo'kaan "Moka" Faith-Shield
Age: 67
Race: Arch-Demon
Role: Tailor/Baby Sitter

History: Born the sole heir of a noble arch-demon house, Mo'kaan was bred since birth to faithfully serve amongst the top ranks of Lord Belial's army. It was not long after coming of age that she was given lordship of a small battalion of lesser demons, and over the course of many battles displayed her cunning mind for strategy as well as her merciless resolve to claim victory. As the years passed she rose through the ranks, commanding larger and larger forces as time wore on, almost reaching the point where she could become one of Belial's personal war advisors.

However she would never go on to hold that position, as fate saw fit to have her cross paths with Johan Faith-Shield, a valiant knight and one of the most revered heroes of the human army at the time. On the day their forces clashed love had bloomed on the battlefield, the two becoming enthralled with one another at first sight. So enamored was Mo'kaan that she abandoned her station and turned traitor to be with Johan, costing Belial's forces a victory that may have completely changed the tide of the war. The two led forces together for several years after that, until Johan's growing age forced them to finally settle down in Eastbrook.

However while they had retired to a quiet life, Mo'kaan's demonic nature was no secret to the villagers there, nor did it go without scrutiny. For years suspicion was thrust upon her whenever misfortune befell the village, even minor things that she could not have feasibly been involved with. Eventually the couple managed to win over the trust of the townsfolk, and finally were able to settle down in peace. The two had several children and lived out their days happily until Johan finally succumbed to illness at the age of 60, though having known that Mo'kaan would long out live Johan anyways it was a tranquil passing. With her husband gone Mo'kaan now spends her days running a small tailor shop and watching over her children, along with the other children of the village from time to time.

When the siege commenced Mo'kaan's first priority was to help get her family and other children out of the city. She plans to help organize whatever resistance she can, however the time spent away from battle has crippled both her ability and courage to face the invading hoards. Not to mention with the sudden assault of Belial's army, old suspicions have begun to reemerge amongst the towns folk, leaving her in a tough spot, considered a traitor by both the demons and possibly the humans as well.

Ons: NC, futa, females, men, rough sex, impregnation, oral (giving and receiving), anal (giving and receiving), pet play, excessive cum, lactation, nursing, cum play, food play, gang bangs, orgies, other player on's
Offs: scat, guro, bdsm (minor stuff is alright), torture, other player off's

Notes: While formerly very fit, sharp, and all around an impressive physical specimen, years of peace as well as baring multiple children have left her body soft and plump, far more curves than muscles. While she does sometimes feel embarrassed having let herself go, she still hasn't kept up any kind of training regimen as she never intended to go back to fighting.

After the death of her husband she swore to never take another man again. However she does sometimes hook up with other women in order to sate her urges when she gets too pent up, seeing it as a sort of loophole in her oath. Because of this she will be more willing to submit to female/futa monsters than she will male ones (though she is still open to pair with male monsters)

Has minor transformative abilities, allowing her to hide her
true form

and masquerade as a human. It also allows her to augment her private areas, from tightening/stretching her holes, to making herself lactate, to growing a fully functioning cock (something she used to sport quite brazenly when she was a member of Belial's army, but now tends to forgo unless she gets really drunk)

Has the ability to manipulate objects with invisible strings of magic, bringing them to life as puppets that obey her will. This ability works on any lifeless object, including dead corpses, and can even be used to try to bind and restrain living creatures, though this relies heavily on her own physical strength. This used to be her main means of fighting, slaying her enemies forces then "raising" them to fight against them, and at one time it was said she could control entire armies of corpses at a time. However her power has dwindled considerably with disuse, and now a days she really only uses it to control dolls and puppets, using them to help out around the shop or entertain the village children.

AJ Hale
Name:] Alexander Jin "AJ" Hale
Age: 21
Position: Bartender/part-time entertainer
Appearance: 5'8, 145lbs. Frequently cross dresses. Uses hair extensions to lengthen out his hair. Has a naturally svelte figure and youthful, feminine face.
Personality: AJ is a rather spunky and outgoing individual. For the most part he tackles things with a carefree attitude, preferring to not to think about things too hard and just have fun. He can be quite mischievous and flirty as well, and very much enjoys teasing his friends, especially his male friends, though its usually all in good fun. Still while he may come off as goofy and happy go lucky, he can be very fiesty when angered, and isn't afraid to throw himself at people twice his size if they manage to piss him off. Despite his rather bombastic nature he can be quite down to earth if the situation calls for it, giving out handy life advice like and listening to people's problems like a good bartender should. Also while he wouldn't consider himself a slut, he's not keen on making people work too hard if they're looking for a little lovin'.
About: -Is the son of an American business man and a Japanese business woman, keeping a fair amount of traits from his father.
-Wants to become a famous singer/actor, and tries to use the resort as a platform to showcase his talents.
-Playfully acts as if his cross dressing appearance is a completely different person, and even makes a game of seeing how long he can keep people convinced that Alexander and "AJ" are separate individuals.
Ons: Pansexual, anal (giving or receiving), fore play, fellatio, rough sex, playing dress up, cum play, food play (especially anything involving chocolate), very light bondage, fun pet play (nothing too strict), strip teasing, cream pies, facials, group sex, both dommes and subs.
Offs: guro, heavy bondage/S&M, feet, water sports, scat, NC (doesn't mind being taken a bit aggressively, but won't tolerate seeing anyone else getting put through it)
Ons & Offs thread: see role play preferences

Serana vi Marion

Serana vi Marion "The Hedge Knight"

level 1 Arcane Duelist / 0/8 experience

Look: Standing statuesqe at 5'10 Serana carries herself with the rigidity and formality that suggests a combination of formal upbringing and strict military training. She has a lean, athletic build with lightly toned muscles, betraying her power and swiftness, though she also carries the supple curves of a healthy woman, her body meticolously (and no doubt arcanely) groomed to be both functional in combat and pleasing to the eye, fitting to the tastes of her old fae master. Her face is also naturally fair without need for adorments, and despite her many battles her skin is smooth and free of scars.
While she was born a regular human, her time amongst the hedge has left her noticably warped and altered. The most mundane of these changes being her hair, stained partway black from it's normal auburn shade, and pale skin. Though more prominent and exotic features include the inhuman horns growing along the sides of her head, the painted rose sigils embedded across her body (crest of the fae court she belonged to), and her steely blue eyes that glow with ephemeral light whenever she channels her arcane abilities.
However these features are usually a rare sight to most passerby, as Serana spends most of her time adorned in her armor. Crafted by the fae, the ancient, jaded metal and leather of her armor  is surprisingly sturdy given its ornate, ceremonial apperance. Her helm bares the semblance of a great owl, and all throughout the armor has had hedge vines woven into it, establishing a link between it's wearer and nature. The plants interwoven in the armor are eternally living, and will slowly grow back when damaged, and will even bloom flowers in time with the seasons.

Armor: 3
Hit points:   21 (8+Constitution)
Damage:   d8
Str:   16 [+2] Dex:   15 [+1]  Con:   13 [+1]
Int:   12 [+1] Wis:   8 [-1]     Cha:   9 [+0]
Alignment: Neutral - Help throw off the chains of fellow slaves/captives.
Fill in the name of one of your companions in at least one:

 _______broke up a fight I was involved in. I was probably going to lose, but they don’t need to know that part.

 _________and I are regular training partners.

I may have killed a relative of______ at some point in the past.

_________ seems like they would fold at the first sign of trouble. I don’t trust them.

Race: Human - Fae touched

Equipment Load: 10/ 24 (8+Str)  Coin: 0
    Dungeon rations (5 uses weigh 1)
    Noble's silks (0 weight)
    Scale Armor (2 armor, worn, clumsy, 3 weight)
    Bastard Sword (+1 damage, two-handed, close, 2 weight)
    Rapier (precise, close, 2 weight)
    Parrying Dagger (hand, +1 armor, 1 weight)
    Adventuring Gear (1 weight)
    Healing Potion (0 weight)

   Your fighting style is showy and impressive. Gain +1 forward to parley with anyone who has seen you fight

Arcane Bladework
When you attempt to incorporate magic into a melee attack, roll +int.
✴ On a 10+, deal your damage and apply 1 technique.
✴ On a 7-9, deal your damage and apply 1 technique, and your opponent attacks you.

Throw Down The Gauntlet
When you challenge someone to a duel, roll +cha.
✴ On a 10+, they choose 2 if they do not accept.
✴ On a 7-9, they choose 1 if they do not accept.
       -You take +1 ongoing against them until they defeat you
       -They lose the respect of their peers and underlings
       -They retreat
The Riddle of Steel
When you cross swords with a humanoid opponent, gain +1 forward to discern realities about them. In addition, you may add the following to the list of questions you can ask:
    -What is this person about to do?
    -What emotion drives this person?
    -What is this person trying to hide?
Student of the Blade
Begin play with 4 techniques.

If your attack kills a target, you may immediately attack a new target as if you had gotten a 7-9 on the move you initially used.

The edge of your weapon hums with an unearthly light. You may slice through inanimate objects with ease and add the ‘messy’ tag to your attack.

You create illusions of yourself that strike additional enemies near your target. Illusions deal your damage but do not apply any techniques.

Your attack heals you for 1d4. Heal 1d8 instead if this attack kills your target.


Name: Mergoloth Kos'gokal
Age: unknown
Gender: female mostly
Orientation: Omnisexual
Race: Shoggoth
Appearance: Mergoloth is a powerful shape shifter, with the ability to control and reshape every cell in her body, allowing her to take almost any form conceivable, even inanimate objects. However her "true" form is that of an amorphous slime creature, molded into an imitation of a human maid. She stands around 5'10, with bluish-purple skin and glowing yellow eyes (with additional eyes lining along her body in various places). She often portrays a curvaceous, 'motherly' figure, meant to make her seem both attractive and trust worthy. Since she can morph parts of her body into anything she requires, she never wears actual clothes and is effectively naked at all times, and she's able to create most of the objects she uses for her duties out of her own body. For this reason she is given special permission to use her powers on the premises, as long as it is in service to her job.

When traveling outside the apartments, or when dealing with people who find her other appearance unsettling, Mergo takes on the appearance of a mature human woman. In this form she grows out her hair dramatically so that she can quickly and discretely morph it into tentacles if needed.

Personality: Mergoloth is the very model of a kind and demure maid. Almost too demure some might say, as her calm, serene smile is almost completely unshakable, regardless of how dire or depressing the circumstances. In fact despite being one of the longest occupying residents, no one can actually recall a time her mood has dipped below a patient sigh. While it's unclear if this is just an act or if she's literally incapable of portraying anger or sorrow, her intentions are usually very benevolent. She enjoys serving and easing the burdens of others, though this can sometimes manifest in...slightly unsettling ways. It is clear from conversing with her for any period of time that her eldritch nature does not stop merely at her appearance, and her views and perspective on things can seem quite strange to humans and even other monsters. As such she can sometimes say things that come off as callous, creepy, or existentially unnerving, though rarely is her intent malevolent in any way. She has a great fascination for Earth and all of it's beings, and loves discussing and learning about various cultures and histories, though sometimes her wonder can too closely resemble a child observing animals in a zoo rather than someone taking in the culture of an equal.

Occupation: Housekeeper/Maid for the Crescent Veil apartment complex

History/Background: Mergoloth Kos'gokal is, as she herself explains it, a 'daughter of the cosmos'. Having been born amongst the stars themselves, she is a stranger to Earth even more so than most creatures of the Veil, and in many ways is just as alien to other monsters as she is to humans. Little is known about her life before visiting Earth, a topic she rarely speaks about, usually claiming that mortals would find it very boring and thus not worth going into detail about. When she first arrived on Earth she was completely ignorant of it's people and their ways, most cosmic beings giving no mind to humanity at all, and while this initially caused some small 'conflicts' with humans who weren't exactly 'mentally prepared' to meet her, she regardless developed a strong fascination and adoration for human life and culture.

For several decades...or perhaps centuries, it's hard to tell, Mergo explored the human world in secret, visiting all sorts of fascinating places and meeting interesting people. Eventually she would learn of the 'Veil Lurkers' as well, likewise gaining an inquisitive curiosity of them, though humanity would always remain her first true love. As such when she discovered a place where both humans and veil lurkers lived together, she didn't hesitate to seek it out and become a tenant. Wanting to always stay close to this melting pot of different species, she ended up taking a job as the apartment's house keeper and maid, believing that it would allow her to interact with everyone on a regular basis.

Likes: cooking, cleaning, reading, visiting new places, observing, friendly conversation, role playing games, cuddling, the night sky, consuming things, tentacles, massaging people's brains, online forums, fancy chocolates
Dislikes: dislike is such a strong word, why give mind to lesser things when you can focus on things you like instead?
Character Ons: teasing, gentle sex, rough sex, tentacles, multiple penetration, oral (giving and receiving), anal (giving and receiving), light bondage, pet play, excessive cum, lactation, nursing, cum play, food play, group, public, "mind fucking"
Character Offs: scat, guro, heavy bdsm, torture
Player preferences: Any really, she's highly adaptable. Doesn't work well with sadists though, mostly because she never expresses pain or negative emotions and doesn't seem to suffer any wounds regardless of what's done to her (it'd be like trying to torture a ball of playdough that just smiles no matter what you do to it).
Other notes: Has a copy of everyone's apartment key (along with keys to most of the areas around the complex) so she can come in and clean, does her best not to abuse her privileges.


Riley Callaghan
Name: Riley Callaghan
Alias: Snake Eater
Role: Reforming villain
Association: Sons of Balor, Heroes Federation
Age: 17
Origins: Dublin, Ireland
Height: 6'1"
Hair: Raven Black
Bust: D cup
Preference: Pan Sexual

Powers: None, though is trained to peak human conditioning. Posses incredibly fast reflexes and near improbable accuracy with firearms.

Weakness: Anything that can kill a human

Personality: Cocky, headstrong, and more than a little mouthy, Riley oozes confidence (or perhaps arrogance) out of every pore of her body. She's highly sarcastic and constantly quips, flirts, and throws around taunts in combat to throw off her opponents. Though while she rarely shows it, she takes her assignments very seriously, and has the strong will and discipline that comes with strenuous military training. Having fully given in to the Sons of Balor's ideology she is highly bigoted towards meta humans, aliens, or anything that isn't a pure human, seeing them as dangerous and inherently untrustworthy. However when regarding other humans she can be very friendly and affable. 

Background: Born to a group of rebels in a terrorist cell of the IRA (Irish Republican Army), Riley was raised to be a solider since she could stand. Initially working as a scout and explosives planter, she was made a proper fighter when her natural talent for marksmanship became apparent at the age of 13. However not long after the compound her family lived at was raided by the government, her parents killed in the fighting along with all of the other adults who showed resistance, while herself and the other children were taken in for "protection". After a string of failed foster homes that "protection" took the form of a juvenile detention center.

It was there that she came into contact with the Sons of Balor, a group of militants formed to protect humanity against the plague of mutants, aliens, and monsters that were starting to spring up all over the world. Whether they claimed to be a villain or a hero, all meta humans where considered an enemy to the Sons of Balor, and they just as often spent time raiding innocent civilians homes to detain mutants just trying to live their lives as they did actually fighting against pertinent threats.

Recognizing her talents Riley was taken in by the group, and was instilled with the doctrine of hunting down meta-humans at all costs. Given the code name "Snake Eater" she was sent to the city as the main acting Sons agent in the area, tasked with taking out all of the major super powered villains and heroes she could. Of course, she only managed to rack up a few kills before the heroes of the city took notice and put a stop to her, capturing her and cutting her off from her contacts back in Ireland. Beaten, isolated, and facing either life in prison or execution for her crimes, Riley was given an ultimatum, take part in the federation's new super villain rehabilitation program, or face the full wrath of the law as an adult. Begrudgingly she choose the former, believing it would give her time to try to find a way out of this sticky situation.

Mayami Nakamura
Hero Name: Toshu-Yaiba "Empty Handed Blade"
Aliases: Mayami Nakamura
Identity: Semi-Secret
Age: 40

Appearance and Personality:
Mayami is a statuesque and strong bodied woman. Standing at 5'9 she is taller than average for a Japanese woman, and weighs in at around 135lbs. She has a slender, athletic figure, softened somewhat by age and mother hood, baring firm hips and C-cup breasts that she usually keeps bound in a sarashi. Her old Yakuza roots are deeply tied into her personal style, from her gangster-esque outfit to the copious tattoos running down her body. All and all she has aged rather gracefully, and is still a beauty by anyone's standards, however the stress of her work has begun to take its toll, most noticeably in the early graying of her hair around the ears. Also tied into her roots she holds a rather old school mind set, holding honor, tradition, and respect in high regards, and while she isn't humorless, she always carries herself with a certain level of sternness that can make her seem hard to approach to some. 

Powers: Mayami possesses no special abilities beyond regular human limitations. However she is an extremely skilled swordsman, as well as a practitioner of several martial arts. While her body has slowed down somewhat from when she was in her prime, her speed, dexterity, flexibility, and precision are all still well above that of your average person. In lieu of powers she fights with a set of specially made beam katanas, cutting edge technology given to her back when she was a part of the Yakuza, the energized blades capable of cutting through most materials with relative ease.

Born in a small town in Osaka Japan, Mayami grew up with a fairly uneventful, country upbringing. She helped around her parents' shop, went out exploring with her friends, and trained at the local kendo dojo every summer. When she came of age she went out to try living an exciting life in the big city of Tokyo. However a wide eyed country bumpkin like herself was quickly gobbled up by the ruthless city, and it wasn't long before she was relying on loans from some unrepeatable people to make ends meet, acquiring a fair amount of debt in the process. When the loan sharks came a knocking and it was clear she didn't have the money, it was decided she would have to find other ways to pay them back. The first and most obvious idea on their minds was to use her body, whore her out to make back what she owed, however she managed to spare herself this fate when they found out how proficient she happened to be with a sword. She was given a knife and a target, a thug from one of the rival clans, the instructions were simple "either plunge this into his belly or spend the rest of your life having things plunged into yours", at first she struggled with the morality of her decision, but it didn't last long, after all this was a criminal, a bad man who had done bad things to good people... and she was no one's whore...

From that day on Mayami found herself on a new career path, that of a trained hit man, an assassin who took the life of whoever her bosses, the Iyama clan, deemed a nuisance or threat. Though she started as a indebted servant, eventually she gained the respect of the higher ups, and rose to a prominent position in the syndicate's hierarchy. They called her Toshu-Yaiba "The Empty Handed Blade" due to the signature beam katanas she wielded, that appeared blade less until the moment she struck in a blinding flash of light. Then, once she had paid back her debt to the family 10 times over, and felt she had done everything she could for them, she stepped away from the business. The split was amicable, she was a revered member of the family, who had done more than her share for the cause in her time, if she wished to settle down then they would support her. She ended up taking a husband and started up her own little corner store (with the backing of the Iyama's of course), and the two even had a beautiful daughter together, finally managing to find a happy medium between her quiet, uneventful country life, and the insane, violence filled world she had found herself living in for the past 15 years.

She would have lived happily ever after, however 5 years later her old associates from the Iyama family came knocking once more. There were big stirrings within the Japanese underworld, and they once again found themselves in need of her services. She flatly refused however, she was retired, she had a family, she had put that violent life behind her. The clan had tried every trick and trinket they could to try and entice her back into the fold willingly, however when it became clear that she didn't intend to take up her sword they decided she needed to be punished. Reminded of who it was she answered to, who had given her the chance to build the life she led...and who could take it away oh so easily. It wasn't shock or surprise that gripped her when she saw the bits and pieces of her husband and daughter spread across the inside of their shop...only deep, sinking despair...and then heated, violent rage. With the wrath of an angered war goddess Mayami cut down the ranks of the Iyama family like a field of wheat, not stopping until she had slain all of them down the very last man.

However theirs deaths had brought her now great satisfaction, not enough to fill the void left by her family at least. And her actions had caused such great instability in the crime world that staying in Japan wasn't an option. Thus she left, fleeing from everything, her past, the memory of her family, the bloodshed she had left behind in her wake...all of it behind her. And when she found herself in a strange new land she found herself with nothing left but fatigue and overwhelming guilt. Guilt for allowing herself to be the pawn of evil men, guilt for the misery her actions unwittingly sowed for so many. She told herself she would never allow such injustices to go unpunished. She could not stop criminals from abusing the weak or destroying families as they had with her's, but she could at least make sure they paid the price for their actions with their lives. As such she ended up becoming not a hero, but a vigilante, stalking the streets at night and taking down criminals with lethal precision. She would never be accepted by the more noble, registered heroes, but she didn't care, after all she had spent most of her life as a hitman, she was prepared to live out the rest of her days as such if it meant doing at least some good in the world.
Note: Theme: The Rising Sun

Dual Beam Katanas "Blooming Lotus" and "Shrinking Violet"

Mayami in her prime (as well as back tatoos)

Physical Skills: 3 - Skilled in several disciplines of both sword and hand to hand combat. Also sufficiently trained in stealth, tracking, marksmanship with hand guns, and "interrogation" methods. Over all ability is only slight marred by her age and accumulation of injuries over her life.
     Specialty: Dueling/Assassination - due to her upbringing as a Yakuza hit man, she is particularly effective when facing down a single opponent, or when having to arrange the assassination of a target.

Mental Skills:
4 - Mayami has both a keen, well educated mind, as well as years of experience fighting and hunting men. Combined this makes her a great tactician, both when planning/organizing difficult missions, and when spontaneously improvising solutions on the spot. She is also well versed in certain technology, particularly the operation and maintenance of her beam katanas.

Social Skills:
2 - Carries herself very professionally and regards most people with a fair amount of respect. However her old school personality sometimes clashes with more modern sensibilities.

Tenacious D

Hero Name:
The Tenacious D
Aliases: Duarv'n Sha'klan, Darwin Dharc
Identity: Public
Age: 28
Appearance and Personality: In his current guise Darwin is a purple haired human male of varying height and build. Due to his powers it is difficult to pin down his figure, though he general shifts between the two extremes of incredibly muscular, to waifishly slender. While for the most part he appears fully human, though a bit unnaturally beautiful, his pointed ears and set of three tiny horns on his forehead out him as an alien. Proportionate to his over the top looks, Darwin can be quite vain, and is prone to bouts of show-offsmanship that can sometimes prove detrimental. He does truly believe in helping others, but he can sometimes get his priorities messed up, and his altruism is often matched by an equal measure of selfishness.

Powers: Minor transformative powers, specifically the ability to increase or decrease his muscle mass at will. This allows him to pump up his muscles to match the greatest of body builders, granting him a massive buff in strength and toughness. His alien skin is also more resilient than normal humans, making it harder to inflict damage on him. He draws energy from the sun to fuel his transformations, and his skin appears to shine and shimmer when in direct sunlight. He also has an often unseen ability that causes his body to shift and alter to better fit the anatomy of the dominant species of whatever planet he's currently on, this change occurs involuntarily.

History: Not originally of this world, Darwin Dharc was actually born Duarv'n Sha'klan, a Zaelatian from the planet Zae'el. However the story of his arrival to earth wasn't one of tragedy and planetary destruction, but of a simple navigation error. Originally the son of a farmer, Duarv'n always dreamed of becoming a great scientist. This opportunity came when he was offered an internship job from the Bureau of Extra Terrestrial Study. It was a simple enough assignment, a warp ship was doing rounds around the galaxy, returning abducted subjects back to the wilds of their home planets. He was simply there to observe and monitor, but if all went well it could be a great way to get his foot in the door. Unfortunately things didn't go well, as during the last stop on their route, Earth, the ship ended up colliding with some strange debris (later learned to be a satellite) and as the ship crashed they were forced to evacuate to escape ships. However, before his shuttle could engage it's warp drive, it collided with yet another satellite, causing it to careen towards earth, impacting in northern Alaska.
When he crashed down on earth, Duarv'n's natural ability to adapt and morph caused him to take on a human appearance, however while the transformation allowed him to survive in Earth's atmosphere, it couldn't protect him from the head trauma that left him with partial amnesia. He was capable of recalling bits and pieces of his identity and home world, but the majority of his personal memories where lost, along with the knowledge of how to properly use his abilities and technology. He was taken in by a kindly old couple, farmers ironically enough, and gradually began to adjust to Earth society. When he discovered the existence of super heroes he was enthralled by the idea, and dedicated himself to becoming one himself. However things didn't work out as well as he planned: his look was generally considered a bit too flamboyant for the general population, his strength, while superior to most humans, didn't really match up to the higher tier power house heroes, making him a bit obsolete, and due to his selected hero name being a clear violation of copyright laws the government refuses to register him under it, and Darwin likewise refuses to change it. While he still does some heroing on the side, Darwin has actually found a surprising amount of success as a male model, where his beautiful looks and love of gratuitous posing is better appreciated.

Note: Theme: Superman

Original Zaelatian form

alt images/body types

Power (2): Is competent at using his abilities for increasing and decreasing his muscle mass, however the fact that this ISN'T supposed to be the main use of his species' powers points to a lot of untapped potential (as well as ignorance of his own capabilities, his people are full-on shape shifters so his abilities are actually super limited to what he should be able to do)

Physical Skills (4): D have big muscles! D punch really hard!
Specialty: The Don Quixote! (Windmill Punch) - Begins rapidly swinging his arm in a circle, building up momentum and focusing his power, causing his arm muscles to grow even more dramatically. He then swings forward with a powerful punch, capable of sending foes flying as if shot by an air cannon.

Mental Skills (1): Falls roughly around the "sack of hammers" level of dumbness.

Social Skills (2): He's a pretty nice guy, though tends to misunderstand/misinterpret human customs, and is all around kinda awkward to hang around.

Monster Girls
I recently came up with a bunch of monster girl concepts for an rp that unfortunately ended up falling out before it could start. I didn't want to waste this many characters, so I decided to throw them up here for possible story inspiration. They were made in the context of belonging to a huge school dedicated to monster girls, but they can be reworked into just about any kind of story, or added to any other plot that's listed here, so if one happens to strike your fancy don't be afraid to message me and see if we can't come up with something.

Volgis Nasfar
A young woman from the nation of Rook, "The Kingdom of Demons" (not to be confused with hell/the underworld). Volgis comes from a long line of artists and entertainers, herself a professional ventriloquist in training, using her magic to control her two dolls Mr. Om and Ms. Nom. She is a highly affectionate and charismatic girl, holding a sort of lazy charm to her that makes her easy to get along with, though she can sometimes come off as a bit of a ditz as well. She's also very hands on when it comes to bonding with others, never missing the opportunity to hang onto someone and rub up to them, reveling in skinship. She also has an almost insatiable hunger, including a rather monstrous taste for sentient creatures, everything from humans, to elves, to mer-folk, she's always willing to try something new. Ofcourse this becomes problematic as she spends most of her days in class daydreaming about ways to prepare her classmates, though aside from some playful nibbling she doesn't pose any real danger. Also as a result of her generous diet and general lazy demeanor, she's a bit more "full figured" than other girls, something she's a bit self conscious about, though not nearly self conscious enough to actually go on a diet.

Serana vi Marion
An arch demon from the kingdom of Rook. Born to the noble Marion family, long prestigious for its line of famous knights Serana has been raised in the art of chivalry her entire life, and considers herself to be a valorous knight. Ofcourse the codes of honor and chivalry in Rook are much different from those in the human world, demon society being a bit more brutal in general, though few would argue that Serana isn't, in general at least, very honorable and virtuous.  She is capable of channeling demon magic through the painted rose sigils all across her body, allowing her to manipulate plant life around her, or spawn her own varieties of weaponized plants.

Lucina Zebub

Harrowing from the underworld, Lucina is the only daughter of Beelz Zebub himself, one of the princes of hell, and lord of flies. Being a hell spawn demon she is fundamentally different from other demons born on earth, though few bother to make such distinctions. She is incredibly powerful, and taking after her father is a master of manipulation and corruption. While she's not entirely cruel, if there is something she wants she doesn't hesitate to do whatever it may take to get it. When she takes a liking to someone she pursues them relentlessly, and may sometimes resort to..."harsh" measures to remind them of who they belong too.

Vera Strauss
An aspiring young actress and singer who was tragically killed in a car crash before she could reach her prime. However after her burial she was resurrected by the wraith serpent Solomon, creating a parasitic relationship between the two. Using her body as a medium Solomon is able to amplify his necrotic powers, which, among other things, allows him to keep Vera's body in pristine condition as well as maintain her body without the ravenous hunger for flesh that usually plagues zombies.

Amnaris Bell
A rather unassuming blue slime. Amnaris is rather special, as she is one of few slimes to actually posses human level intelligence, most slimes being considered vermin creatures that hunt purely out of instinct. However, while she is intelligent for her species, she is considered rather slow by most standards, having difficulty remembering things for long periods of time, or even talking properly. This is something that Amnaris is incredibly self conscious about, leading her to be very withdrawn and shy. However because she has such difficulty expressing herself, she tends to wear a neautral expression, which combined with her loner nature leads many to think she's actually a tough delinquent, which couldn't be the farthest from the case, many rumors abound of her getting in gang fights or hunting down students from other schools during breaks and absences. Being a slime Amnaris can directly manipulate her body mass, even to the point of controlling how solid or fluid she can become, able to go from almost as solid and rigid as human flesh, to as fluid as a thick syrup. She also has the power to shape her body at will, though her "default" figure tends to be rather voluptuous, based off of the figure her "mother" had when she split apart from Amnaris and created her. (side note: A slime's body mass is actually very sweet, having a rather fruity taste to it. As a result Slime Jelly is considered a popular delicacy amongst monsters.)

Riley Callaghan
A dullahan hailing from Ireland. Riley is capable of completely removing her head, and acting independently of it. It is uncertain how her body is capable of sensing anything without her head, having no ears, eyes, nose, or mouth, but she seems perfectly capable of perceiving things around her with just her body, in fact removing her head actually "splits" her perspective, allowing her to effectively see from two different angles at once. She's also capable of manipulating shadows and smoke, which she uses both to form all of her clothing, and communicate when not using her head, creating messages with smoke for others to read.

Vajra Hadun
A great and powerful djinn, whose lamp lays hidden somewhere amongst the shelves of the school's library. Whomever rubs the lamp is entitled to three wishes. However, genies are well known for their trickery, and Vajra is known for being especially mischievous and naughty, often twisting people's wishes and putting a more perverse spin on them. However while she does enjoy tricking people and abusing wishes to indulge in pleasure, so far she's never done anything to permanently harm someone, so the school tolerates her shenanigans.

Basili Tenmaru
A lamia from a small village in India. Basili is an energetic, fun loving girl, whose enthusiasm can sometimes border on overwhelming. Since she was young she's been fascinated by professional wrestling, and has been working to become a wrestler herself since she could, slither. She tends to project a boisterous personality, prone to dip into long, emotional monologues on the drop of a dime, along with the bad habit of testing out new moves on fellow students, especially submissions, typically using it as an excuse to wrap her long tail around someone and snuggle up to them.

An Ushi-Oni (Bull-Spider demon) possessing immense strength and a carefree, devil may care attitude. While she greatly prefers to remain in her full spider form, due to its size and cumbersomeness she is forced to remain in her human guise the majority of the time, something she gripes about to no end. Generally pretty easy to get along with, she can become very dangerous when angered, meaning most people try to stay on her good side when possible. She also has a very casual and direct approach to sex, preferring to simply walk up to someone and push them up against the wall if she liked them, cutting out annoying things like "asking out" and "dating" and "consent". Fortunately few who've fallen prey to Lolth's advances have had much reason to complain afterwards, the spider woman considered a rough yet skilled lover.

Brunhilda von Guggenheim
Born in Germany, the ogre Brunhilda is arguably one of the strongest monsters in the entire school when it comes to physical strength, rivaled only by her "rival" Lolth. Brash and foul mouthed, Brunhilda is the resident delinquent at school, walking around with a short fuse and a big chip on her shoulder. It doesn't take much to get her temper flaring, and she likes to take any excuse she can find to pick a fight and show off her strength. However beneath the delinquent attitude, and if you catch her in a good mood, Brunhilda can be pretty laid back and easy going. There are three things she loves most in life, food, sex, and fighting, and so long as someone can provide the first two, she's usually willing to hold off on the third.

The Yagura Sisters
The infamous oni triplets Yoshina, Kirin, and Hotei. Born and raised in a mountain village the three learned to stick together in order to survive the harsh ways of the oni. As such the three are nearly inseparable, seemingly doing everything together: training, eating, drinking, and sometimes even loving. It had become a sort of unspoken rule that anyone who tries to hook up with one of the Yagura sisters should expect to be shared amongst the three of them, of course few would really object to such an arrangement. Yoshina, the technical eldest of the three, is seen as the pseudo-leader of the bunch, being obsessed with kendo and old samurai movies, she has a high sense of "justice" and is usually one of the first to rush to someone's aid, or to misguidedly challenge someone for perceived injustices. Kirin, named so after the mythical beast due to only having one horn, is the "straight man" of the bunch, being the most down to earth and grounded. For the most part she finds herself pulled along into her sisters shenanigans, trying, and failing, to be the voice of reason. And the youngest, Hotei, is easily the most feminine of the three, though also the biggest booze hound. She always caries a gourd of liqour around with her, and thus is also always drinking. This actually makes her the most unpredictable of the three, while she may seem a bit air headed and lackadaisical, her mood can shift on a dime, swapping between giggly drunk, affectionate drunk, and violent drunk within seconds. 

Elizabeth Valkaris
Born of the prestigious Valkaris family, Eliza is a direct heir of old Prussian royalty. Ofcourse, it has been a long time since Prussia has held a seat royal family, or in fact even been a country. This is one of the few hints that suggest Eliza's true age, as being a vampire she hasn't shown any signs of aging in well over a century. After the unification of Germany, Elizabeth wandered from place to pace, blending within society and taking many different identities and personas, in fact it is assumed that the name Elizabeth Valkaris itself is, in fact, just an alias. Finding a recent fascination with youth, and specifically young girls, Eliza has enrolled to the school posed as a normal student, her vampiric blood magic grown to the point where she can easily alter her visage at will, taking the form of a teenage version of herself. Elizabeth finds great joy in seducing her classmates, turning them into lovers and convenient bloodbags, especially when she can revert back to her adult body and use it to more easily dominant her "victims"

Mergoloth, Daughter of the Cosmos
Mergoloth, or just Mergo for short, is a creature considered very alien to this world, even amongst the hordes of monsters that inhabit it. She is what's known as a Celestial, beings that come from beyond the stars, believed to exist on an entirely different plane of existence from regular mortal beings. Having crashed landed on Earth many years ago, Mergo hides herself amongst human and monster societies to better learn how the societies of Earth work, finding them all very fascinating. Since the true forms of Celestials are horrifyingly impossible to comprehend, often driving those who glimpse them to madness, Mergo spends most of her time in human form, only partially transforming herself when needed. However, it should be noted that even her "true form" as she presents it, is still not actually her true form, and is heavily toned down and incorporated with human elements to make it easier to understand and relate too.

Ayumi Inari
A wise, old mature kitsune working at monster high. Acting as both homeroom, Illusions, and human integration teacher, Ayumi works closely with her students to help them learn about human society, and how to successfully blend oneself into it. She takes a very hands on approach to bonding with students, seeing herself as both a mentor, and a friend to her young apprentices, encouraging youthful experimentation and intimate bonding of all sorts. Usually she displays her affection for her students with light caresses of her tails and tight hugs, though there have been rumors of her entering more illicit affairs with students in the past, all of which are completely unfounded.


A wild and ferocious hell hound spawned from the depths of the Underworld, Asaroth is the embodiment of a wild, untamed spirit. Rowdy, loud mouthed, and confrontational, Asaroth isn't the easiest person to get along with, she can come across and brash and arrogant, and associates herself to the shadier crowd of monster high's student body. However despite her tough exterior, Asaroth actually has a strong submissive streak, something that directly conflicts with her pride as a hellhound. Hellhounds are known to be incredibly prideful and defiant, rejecting the notion of being "slavering dogs", and bowing to no master. However deep down Asaroth finds the idea of being a pet rather alluring, the thought of being someone's affectionate little puppy making her burn up with desire. Ofcourse she can never show this side of her to anyone, knowing she'd be a laughing stock to all hellhounds everywhere, and because of this tends to over compensate with the tough, domineering front she puts forward.

Calypso Quaris
A squid woman born under the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. She has a calm, confident demeanor, and a gentle assertiveness when it comes to getting what she wants. Many other students see her as a sort of guiding figure, as she is surprisingly wise and knowledgeable for her age (and for having lived in the ocean all her life). She is always willing to give advice or help out when needed, and is very good at sensing a person's mood. When she takes a liking to someone she isn't one to beat around the bush, politely and casually asking them out, and even going so far as to start lovingly coiling her tentacles around them while in public. Some are a bit put off by her level of nonchalance, though some find it endearing, she knows what she wants and she takes, it not by force, but with a gentle, guiding hand. It gives her a sense of power and control that in ways surpasses those with a more "brutish" approach to displaying their affection. Being born in the dark waters of the ocean, Calypso's body can naturally emit soft glowing lights, which line up along her body. She's also become very adept at partial transformation, granting herself legs to walk around like normal during classes, so as to avoid taking up space with her cumbersome tentacles.

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Characters Cont.

magical girls
Name Miyami Nakamura
Cup Size: DD

Hobbies: Tabletop war games, military history
School/Year: Usagi School for Gifted Youth, 2nd year
Club: Survival Game Club

Transformation: Her transformation item is her eyepatch. Miyami presses the skull symbol on her eye patch, causing her clothes to violently explode off of her, temporarily leaving her naked and exposed. The scraps of clothing will then glow a dazzling white and merge back together around her body, reshaping themselves into her magical girl uniform, the glow fading away to reveal the completed transformation. When she reverts back to normal her uniform will glow and shift back into whatever clothing she was wearing prior to the transformation, with far less theatrics than the initial transformation.
Special Abilities:
Stolen Blade: wields a stylized katana she took from a kunochi from Sarutobi National High School about a year ago, incorporating it into her fighting style.

Ammomancer: Has the ability to summon magical fire arms at will, ranging from simple hand guns, to rifles, to heavy ordinance and howitzer cannons.

Dead Eye: Her right, usually concealed by an eye patch, is capable of absorbing and processing information at an insanely fast rate, sending her mind into over drive and allowing her to assess situations, analyze opponents, and make insane trajectory calculations within seconds. Cannot make use of her eye for much longer than a minute at a time due to the strain it puts on her nervous system.

Physical Description: 5'7, 138 lbs. Stoic in demeanor, stern of face, and stacked in figure.
Biography: Born to a family with a strong military history, Miyami grew up in a strict household, and was raised to be a soldier first, and a girl second. At first she was being considered for the USJF Military Academy, however when her level of natural magical power became evident she was instead recommended for Usagi's. She entered the school with a huge chip on her shoulder and a mean streak a mile wide. At first the other students would tease her for being a "try hard" or an "edge lord", thinking her naturally stern disposition merely an attempt to look cool. However that changed when she showed up to school one morning with a busted up face and an unfamiliar katana slung over her shoulder, reeking of blood, sweat, and angry sex. Ever since then all sorts of rumors have flown around as to what exactly happened, and the incident has earned her a reputation as one of the scarier girls in the school despite her relatively young age.

Character Goals: Have a harem of kunoichi slave girls...and save the world and stuff I guess.

Name Mia Angelo
Cup Size: E

Hobbies: Music, Swimming, Cooking
School/Year: Usagi School for Gifted Youth, 4th year
Club: Swim Team/water combat

Transformation: Her transformation items are her twin hair pins. To begin the transformation she touches the red jewels of her hair pins, and a giant bubble forms up around her, melting away her clothing as she's pulled in, leaving her naked and floating inside the massive bubble. Tinier bubbles will float up inside the bubble and pop against her skin, causing a piece of her magical girl uniform to manifest around the respective body part they come into contact with. Once her uniform is fully formed the giant bubble will pop as well, causing the air around her to shimmer and sparkle as she strikes a triumphant pose. When she reverts back to her normal form her outfit will shimmer and ripple as if it was made of water, and then spontaneously pop, revealing her normal clothes on underneath.
Special Abilities: Bubble Magic
Bubble Up: Channels her energy to form magic bubbles around her. These bubbles are under her direct control and will move wherever she wants them to go. The standard go too is to make bubbles out of water, usually pulling it from the air around her, but she is capable of using any nearby liquid to create bubbles. The number of bubbles she can create at one time depend on the size of the bubbles made, from a single massive bubble, to hundreds of minuscule bubbles, creating a foam like substance. These magical bubbles are significantly more durable than their normal counter parts, capable of supporting several hundred pounds of weight and pressure without popping, however a sharp edge/point or particularly powerful attack can pop them.

Bubble Blast: Weaponizes her bubbles by causing them to explode. The type of explosion depends on the substance used to form it, like a blast of scalding hot steam for water bubbles, or a more traditional fiery explosion for a highly flammable substance like gasoline. The magnitude of the explosion also depends on the bubble's size, the bigger the bubble, the bigger the explosion.

Bubble Snatch: Causes a bubble to envelope and ensnare an object or person. The thing grabbed by the bubble must be smaller than the bubble itself, and a bubble currently holding something inside it cannot be detonated with Bubble Blast.

Bubble Shield: Focuses her energy into one of her bubbles to make it stronger and more durable, allowing her to use it as a makeshift shield. This shield can be continuously maintained against an attack so long as she keeps feeding her power into it, but this means keeping a shield up against a prolonged attack can quickly drain large portions of her energy.

Unlimited Bubble Works:  "I am the sheen of my bubble. Air is my body, and water is my blood. I have blown over a thousand bubbles, unknown to pops, nor known to floating. I have withstood pain to blow many bubbles. Yet, those hands will never scrub anything. So as I pray, unlimited bubble works"
Mia's ultimate technique. She forms a massive bubble dome around a large area, from which escape is impossible by normal means. Then hundreds upon hundreds of bubbles of varying sizes will form around the enclosed area, all of them at Mia's command. Mia will then swarm her enemies with a rain of exploding bubbles, intending to overwhelm them through the sheer number of attacks.

Physical Description: 5'10 150 lbs
Biography: A senior at Usagi's School for Gifted Youth. Mia tends to fit the role of the "cool senpai": down to earth, easy to talk to, nice to more or less everyone (within reason). She has a very lax, and laid back attitude that makes her easy to get along with, though sometimes gives off the impression that she doesn't take things seriously, or that she's someone to be underestimated. This isn't the case however, as she's actually near the top of her class when it comes to demon fighting, something that usually comes as a surprise to people not only because of her personality, but also her seemingly silly and weak power. These assumptions are quickly proven wrong by anyone who's seen her fight, Mia over the years having mastered her goofy ability and adapting it into a powerful and versatile move set. However despite her massive potential, Mia suffers somewhat from a lack of ambition. She doesn't have a tragic backstory, life long dream, or any sort of prophesied destiny driving her to become a magical girl. It just happens to be something she's good at that will hopefully pay the bills well enough that she can coast comfortably through life.

Character Goals: Pay her rent on time.

Full name: Kimori Shirone

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Kimori stands taller than average at 5'9, with a fit but curvaceous figure, her generous breasts and hips contributing to her 145 lb weight. She has jade green eyes and snow white hair, and often maintains a well kept and proper ensemble, even going so far as to wear a longer skirt than is required by the school dress code for the sake of modesty. Modesty that of course constantly clashes with her lewd, naturally delectable body.

Age: 18

Class: Foot-Soldier

STF Uniform:

Magic: Dark - Kimori has a strong connection to the darkness, a link that is strengthened when she is blindfolded and thus can see nothing but darkness. So long as her vision remains obscured her other 4 senses are amplified, along with gaining a 6th sense of sorts that allows her "feel" things around her, granting her more spacial awareness while blinded than when she can see. This also boosts her dark magic attacks and her physical prowess in general. However, when the blindfold is removed, and light seeps back in to her eyes, her connection to the darkness weakens, causing her to loose much of her enhanced senses and strength. Also, because she so often fights blindfolded, she isn't used to having to look at the more horrifying and grotesque yokai, and thus risks going into frightened shock if she were to be unblinded in the middle of combat.

Blade in the Darkness: With her enhanced senses she is able to excel in the use of sword play to fight yokai, coating the very edge of her blades with dark energy to make normally harmless weapons capable of damaging them.

Shadow Walk with Me: Kimori dives down into a nearby shadow and emerges out of another one within eye sight, up to a range of 50 yards.

Shadow Boxing: Kimori takes control of her shadow and sends it out to attack the shadow cast by her target. Any attack inflicted on the target's shadow will be reflected as damage on the corresponding part of their body.

Shadow Counter!!!!: Focuses energy into her shadow, and then goads an opponent into attacking. As the opponent attacks, if they step foot into Kimori's shadow they will suddenly be magically trapped in place as both Kimori and her shadow assault them with a retaliatory barrage of attacks. 

Background: One of the upperclassmen of the school, who has spent the past couple of years fighting as a foot soldier for the STF. While she hasn't progressed much as far as promotions and rank, she is respected amongst her peers as a skilled and strategic fighter. She has seen dozen of battles so far, and has earned herself the nickname "Blind Justice" due to her unorthodox method of tapping into her powers. While she likes to project the aura of a kind, respectable upper classman, someone the younger students can look up too and aspire to be, deep down she is a closet pervert, who at times enjoys "exorcising" yokai a bit too much, and often secretly fantasizes about watching her fellow school mates getting violated, being violated alongside them, or actually being the one violating them herself. It is because of this perverse nature, and suspicions about her natural inclination towards dark magic, that higher ups have hesitated to promote her past foot-soldier despite her probably being skilled enough to lead her own platoon. 

Name: Akumi-Jo "AJ" Sakuma

Age: 18

Year: Third

Sex: Male

Orientation: Pansexual

Background: Born and raised in the Toshima ward of Tokyo Akumi-Jo is a city kid through and through. Raised as a single child by his parents Aki and Josefumi Sakuma, for the first few years of his life AJ was no different than any other kid growing up in Tokyo. He went to school, got good grades, had a decent relationship with his parents, though due to working long hours to support their big city life style he grew up spending more time running around the city with his friends than with his family. It wasn't until shortly after turning ten that he discovered his powers while playing the hit trading card game "Battle Tendency" when he discovered he could switch the faces of the cards at will, allowing him to cheat to win a high wager game against one of his friends.

It was at that moment his life was flipped on it's head. After winning the game the brash young boy cheekily showed off his ability to his friends, who immediately freaked out, having been raised to think that Abnormals were dangerous. Since his family hadn't manifested powers for several generations, and he originally showed no signs of having any abilities, he was initially passed over and considered normal. However when word got around that the boy was actually an abnormal the government quickly swept in and had him placed in a specialized school, trying to seal him away and hide him from the rest of society as AJ saw it.

It was then that AJ began acting out. The way he saw it, he refused to be ignored and brushed aside, he refused to just shrivel up and hide who he was, and if people were going to hate by default just for what he was, then he may as well give them a reason to be disgusted. He began wearing loud, flashy outfits and make up, getting tanned up, bleaching his hair, and acting super feminine, essentially transforming himself into a gyaru delinquent. Ofcourse his parents and school officials nearly had a heart attack at the sight of the rebellious boy's transformation, but the more they tried to get him to act "normal" the more outlandish and extreme he became. He also developed somewhat of an inferiority complex, always needing to be in the spotlight, always needing to be the "cutest" or the "sexiest", always needing to find a way to get one over on someone, and in the process he ended up becoming quite the little con artists, fully embracing his powers to fuel his new found compulsion. And as he grew older he also grew more promiscuous and "free spirited" using sex and intimacy as a means of seeking the approval and adoration society had refused to him. In his old school he was quite infamous for being "loose", and it was even rumored that he would whore himself out for the right price.

While his parents hoped that the reforms and movements to try and integrate normals and abnormals as equals would finally quell AJ's rebellious tendencies, it's ultimately become a case of "too little too late", as AJ has no intentions of changing who he is now. In fact he actually sees the mixing of schools as a chance to finally start getting back at normal kids, though his form of "vengeance" is relatively harmless, taking the form of pranks and petty scams.

Power: Trip Switch: Can "swap" parts of things between two different objects/people.

-Parts being switched must be equivalent to each other. For example, you could make two people's arms switch places, but you couldn't swap an arm with a leg.

-The user must be physically touching both things/people they're intending to switch parts of when making the switch, meaning the power can't be used remotely.

-There isn't a set time limit for how long swaps last, but once the two targets move outside of a certain distance of each other, the effect breaks and their respective parts switch back to their original owners. The effective distance of the power depends on the mass of the part switched. For example, the user could attempt to switch two people's "bodies", making their minds inhabit one another's bodies, or they can instead swap their "brains" between each other, achieving the same effect, and since a brain is significantly smaller than an entire body, the range the two can move away from each other before switching back is longer. If the user's body isn't involved with the swap in question, then the user doesn't need to remain within range of the targets, only the distance of the targets themselves matter.

-While the array of things that can be swapped is wide, and can sometimes dip into abstract approaches, only physical parts of things can be switched. For example, you couldn't switch two people's "strength" or "power" between each other, but you could swap their "muscles" allowing for a similar result. Due to being heavily ingrained within a person's DNA, powers are unable to be swapped between Abnormals.

-Parts swapped onto a new "main body" will continue to function as they had before being switched, and will partially morph to properly fit into the new vessel they're being slotted into without causing damage or loss of function as result of the switch, however any damage or faults in the part will now afflict it's new carrier. For example, if two people were to have their knees swapped, and one person started with a bum/broken knee, the body part will remain injured within it's new host and will now adversely affect them. At the same time any new negative/positive statuses applied to the part will carry over once swapped back, so if two people had their knees swapped, and one person got their knee broken while they were switched, the original owner of the part will continue to suffer the injury after being switched back.

-The user cannot willingly cancel a swap on their own, they must either A. wait for the two objects to move outside of their range B. Fall unconscious (canceling all currently active swaps) or C. physically swap the same two parts again with their powers, requiring them to again touch both targets at the same time.

-While swapped parts cannot be swapped again until they return to their original owner (meaning you could not swap parts with someone then swap that same part out with a third person while the initial swap is activated). However there is no limit on how many different parts of the same body can be swapped out at the same time.

-The more swaps maintained at the same time (and the larger the parts being swapped) the more physical strain is exerted on the user. The maximum safe limit of swaps the user can perform at once is five, less if all the parts being swapped are considerably large or complex, any further than that risks sending the user into cardiovascular shock from stress on the body. Since the user cannot remotely cancel swaps at will, they must carefully keep track of how many times the power has been used and how many swaps are currently active, or else they can trap themselves in a fatal situation where their body cannot handle the strain of their powers but they can't undo it in time to save themselves.

Clubs Interested In: Host/Hostess, Drama/Theatre, Music/Band

Hello, My name is:   Ashley Jacobs "AJ"
I am 21 years old.
I am attracted to: just about anything

My past was like this: The son of a plumber, AJ was never anything particularly special growing up. Whether it was money, grades, athletics, or artistic talent he never peaked much higher than"average", maybe "slightly above average" if he was having a real good year at school. The only thing that really stood out about him was his looks, though growing up being teased for looking "girly" he never really considered it much of a boon. However amongst his group of friends he was the oldest if only by a few weeks), something he quickly latched onto, deciding to be the "big brother/elder" of the group. He prided himself on how mature and responsible he was, regardless of how rarely he actually showed said traits, and pictured himself the defacto leader of the group.

Of course when their friend went missing he didn't feel very in charge at all. In fact he had never felt so powerless. He tried his best to keep everyone's spirits up after the incident, but with people moving away and drifting apart keeping the band together quickly became impossible. AJ would end up staying in the village all the way until he graduated high school, finally taking the opportunity to move out into the big city when he turned 18. With no exceptional skills or talents he ended up falling back on the one thing that stood out about him, his looks. As a kid his long hair and soft features had been perfect ammo for mockery, but as an adult he gained a newfound appreciation for his pretty face's money making potential. After a few months of picking up any scrap of a gig he could get, he's managed to build up steady work as a male model, paying the bills and looking good doing it.

When he got the call or telepathic message) that the gang was getting back together he jumped at the chance, ready to ride that sweet sweet endorphin high that only childhood nostalgia could induce.

This is how I am: AJ is a rather spunky and outgoing individual. For the most part he tackles things with a carefree attitude, preferring to not to think about things too hard and just have fun. He can be quite mischievous and flirty as well, and very much enjoys teasing his friends, though its usually all in good fun. Still while he may come off as goofy and happy go lucky, he can be very feisty when angered, and isn't afraid to throw himself at people twice his size if they manage to piss him off.

My Mark is like this: a star
And it can be found here: right hip/pelvis
This is what my power is all about: Can make objects either incredibly sticky, or almost completely friction-less by touching them.
I really like: cute/sexy outfits, shopping, music, sick poses, chocolate, energy drinks, social media, anime, video games, wrestling,
I don't really care for: trolls, creeps, coffee/tea or any bitter drink for that matter), corn, country music, the crippling cynicism and self doubt that comes with working in a shallow, vanity obsessed industry.
I'm scared of: Being hated/rejected, horror movie tropes is paranoid that his life is just gonna randomly turn into a horror movie one day), centipedes
I have a thing for: Always found Odessa and Chris oddly charming growing up, helps they were older like him. Thinks Piper is adorable, though more in a cute little sister way.
Here are some other things about me: In addition to more commercial modelling work, he has an online persona "AJ Styles" where he does various amateur cosplay and cross-dressing shoots. He's amassed a rather impressive following and makes a fairly solid profit from fan donations.
I look like this:

Name: Akuhime - "Demon Princess", "Queen of Seduction", "Devourer of Innocence", "Light of Humanity"

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Over years of possessing the same body Akuhime has managed to re-sculpt it into her perfect image. It is unclear if her current body accurately reflects her "true" form or not (she adamantly asserts that it does), though the tasteful mix of sultry beauty and demonic ferocity is enough to give anyone who lays eyes on her pause regardless. Of course, her arousing aura also helps with this greatly, and it can be difficult to discern how much one's attraction comes from her personal charms, and how much is due to her magical influence. In addition to the obvious womanly assets and demonic traits, Akuhime has also endowed herself with a firm, strapping cock, so as to have a proper outlet for her baser mating desires.

Class: Kami

Target: Many years ago she possessed the body of young business woman named
Mayumi Sato
. Left sexually frustrated by her newly discovered homosexuality, Mayumi made the perfect target for Akuhime to take over. While there was some resistance at first, the girl quickly gave over full control to the yokai after she began using the human's body to enact all of the lurid lesbian fantasies she never had the courage to do when she was in control.

As far as targeting those for sexual conquest goes she prefers nubile young women, with virgins being an extra special treat for her. However she has recently developed a taste for thick, milfy types as well.

Magic type: Being a kami class yokai Akuhime is proficient will types of magic, able to bend the forces of nature to her whim with a thought. However very rarely does she show off these arcane abilities, leaving some to believe she is not truly as powerful as she may claim. At the very least her non-combatant status means despite her immense strength, she is not a great asset when it comes to fighting yokai, at least not directly.


Awakening Touch: A rare ability even amongst Kami class yokai, and the main reason why Akuhime is so valuable to the STF. With a simple touch she is capable of awakening a human's inner magical potential. This allows her to convert seemingly normal, powerless humans into the yokai fighting magical girls with ease. While only a normal, brief bit of physical contact is needed to awaken someone to their powers, Akuhime is able to further tap into someone's potential and draw out more of their power through prolonged, intimate contact, with full on intercourse providing the most dramatic results.

However, without intensive training the human body will not be able to hold on to this ascended power for long, and over time an individual who has had their deeper potential drawn upon will begin to power back down to a "base line" of what their body can safely handle. This is why when cadets are first awakened (through sex) they will experience an initial massive spike in power, before returning back to grunt status shortly after. Because of this, the most powerful members of the STF will usually make a habit of sleeping with Akuhime on a regular, set schedule, assuring that their power output constantly remains at it's peak.

Healing Nectar: Another utility the proves useful for the STF, in addition to their light aphrodisiac effect, all Akuhime's bodily fluids have the ability to heal one's injuries when ingested. Usually this takes the form of a saliva swapping kiss, but pretty much any secretion will work (and thus Akuhime has gotten a lot of mileage finding "inventive" ways to administer her healing to members). While STF members already heal fast, in the event of crippling or life threatening injuries Akuhime's power is a life saver. It is also believed by some that the STF higher ups secretly lace Akuhime's fluids into their members' food and drink, and that this is actually the reason why STF soldiers heal faster in the first place.

Royal Essence Infusion: One of Akuhime's most potent abilities, and an enhanced form of her Awakening Touch. Normally when Akuhime touches an individual she is drawing upon and amplifying their own inherent, natural power and abilities. However there sometimes comes a time when even one's absolute peak is not enough to overcome a fearsome yokai, and it is these times that the REI protocol is used. Instead of unlocking someone's own power, Akuhime will temporarily lend that person her own demonic strength. To do so she channels her power and mystical energies deep into her testicles, seeping her sperm in raw magical power, imbuing her seed with her spiritual essence. She will then have sex with the girl in question, shooting her powered up sperm deep inside their womb, imbuing them with the power of a kami class yokai. Because her cum resides deep within the woman's body, it is as if Akuhime herself is constantly in contact with them, meaning as long as the STF member holds the demonic seed inside of them, the power she gains from it will not dwindle or diminish over time. However, once the majority of her cum has leaked out of them, the power boost will reside, and the girl will be left incredibly weak and exhausted for a short time (as well as 99% certain to become pregnant). Because of the taxing physical toll, and the near guarantee that a yokai baby will be born as a result, this protocol is saved for only the most dire of circumstances.

Goals: For reasons not entirely known to the STF, Akuhime holds a strong, bitter hatred for Satus. So much so that when the rift opened into the human world, she willingly crippled her people's ability to take over by awakening a select group of humans to their arcane potential, leading to the creation of a task force that to this day works tirelessly to keep her kind out of their realm, all just so she could spite Satuses ambitions. Of course, her current arrangement with the STF just so happens to work rather favorably for her as well. She is allowed to stay within the human world unchallenged and unopposed, and has a steady stream of beautiful women to sate her appetite and desires with (the main reason why she choose an all girls school to imbue with power rather than, you know, the military). Whether she has any other deeper, more ambitious goals outside of "fuck over Satus" and "bang school girls"  has yet to be seen, but it always remains a possibility.

Extra: In order to move freely around the school and keep an eye out for potential new recruits, Akuhime disguises herself as the school's principle, "Sayumi Mato". Only after a girl has shown to be an exemplary and trustworthy member of the STF (usually around reaching Platoon Leader rank) are they entrusted with the woman's true identity, and sworn to secrecy under threat of severe punishment.

Hamia the Goatherd
Name: Hamia
Occupation: Goatherd
Gender:  Futa
Traits: small nose, serious

Bond:  "____ must forget about our past together"

Str- 13 (+1)
Dex- 9 (0)
Con- 7 (-1)
Int- 13 (+1)
Wis- 13 (+1)
Cha- 13 (+1)
Luc- 11 (0)

HP: 2
Load: 5
Dam: d4
Equip: Crook (reach, awkward, 1 wt), 4 goats

Ramm the Rat Catcher
Name: Ramm
Occupation: Rat Catcher
Gender: Male
Traits: long beard, optimistic

Bond: "I respect _____ for telling it like it is"

Str- 12 (0)
Dex- 12 (0)
Con- 11 (0)
Int- 10 (0)
Wis- 10 (0)
Cha- 8 (-1)
Luc- 16 (+2)

HP: 3
Load: 4
Dam: d4
Equip: Club (close, 2wt), burlap sack (0 wt), 7 dead rats (1wt)

Moira the Tanner
Name: Moira
Occupation: Tanner
Gender: Female
Trait: long arms, cantankerous

Bond: "I am bound to ____ because I have no other friends"

Str- 11 (0)
Dex- 9 (0)
Con- 8 (-1)
Int- 8 (-1)
Wis- 9 (0)
Cha- 8 (-1)
Luc- 11 (0)

HP: 2
Load: 4
Dam: d4
Equip: Knife (hand, 0 wt), 2 animal hides (2 wt)

JoJo stand users
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Name: Jin Hojo / Kairi Hojo
Age: 36 / 18
Gender: Male /Female

Description: A single father and daughter originally from Osaka, now living in Paradaisu city. Being "cursed" with a stand whose sole purpose seems to be to kill other stand users, Jin ended up falling into the life of a "hit man", working for a select group of "elite clientele" and using his abilities to take out "problem starters" before their unique abilities allow them to shake up the carefully maintained status quo. As his daughter would end up inheriting the same kind of stand from him, he eventually began teaching her the ways of the new family business, showing her how to use her feminine charms to make targets more vulnerable to attack.

Stand Name: Jin: Stand By Me / Kairi: Love Lockdown

Stand's Power:
Stand By Me: Jin's stand has the seemingly simply power of attracting other stands towards it. When it activates it's ability it will focus on a specific stand user, and generate a "smokey scent" that only that user will be able to smell, and immediately their stand will break away from them and begin moving towards Stand By Me in the most direct route possible. While under this effect a stand will be able to manifest itself even outside of it's normal range, and will no longer have any limit to how far away it can move from it's user. The stand will still answer direct commands from it's user, but will not for any circumstances stop moving towards Stand By Me, and thus cannot be recalled. Also if the stand moves outside it's normal operating range the user will lose the ability to activate their stand's power until they've stepped back into that range, with the stand's movement speed increasing the closer it gets to Stand By Me, eventually outpacing the speed at which a normal human being can run. While this ability has no direct combat applications on it's own, with careful positioning this can allow Jin to rob a stand user of their abilities, making them vulnerable to more conventional means of attack. Stand By Me's range is well over 5 miles, giving Jin the ability to manifest his stand far away from himself, thus allowing him to hide and observe his opponent and wait for the perfect opportunity to attack.

Love Lockdown: Kairi's stand has the ability to "lock away" portions of a living being's power, manifesting in the form of ornate locks that appear wherever her stand manages to touch on someone's body. For example, if Love Lockdown touched someone's arm, it would lock away the "physical power" from that limb, leaving their arm weak to the point it would be difficult to even lift it, or if they touched someone's head it would lock away their "mental power", making it difficult for them to focus and string together coherent thoughts. However if Love Lockdown manages to touch someone over their heart, manifesting as a special heart shaped lock, it will lock away their "inner power", completely sealing off any supernatural abilities they may have, including stands or the Wave. Love Lockdown has a range of 100 yards/meters, and as long as it stays within that range it's locks cannot be removed. However Kairi is currently only capable of placing up to 5 locks at one time, and must unlock some to begin placing more.

Love Lockdown's secondary ability allows it to place locks on doors and other entrances, magically sealing them shut. This turns whatever entryway affected into an air tight seal, and it cannot be opened through conventional means (it even reinforces the material of the door so that only particularly strong attacks can break them down). These locks fall under the same restrictions of her normal locks, and contribute to the same 5 lock limit.

Encounter Idea: (basically how I think their "episode" would be set up/play out) I think this would be a fun duo to kind of show off how the corrupt businesses in Paradaisu city deal with stand users who could otherwise completely destroy them or loosen their control over the city. I was thinking that Kairi would initially try to seduce/trick one of the younger members of the group into being alone with her, in which case she would try to seal them inside a room with some kind of trap (I was thinking poisonous gas). This would demonstrate that despite being a hitman, she's not very comfortable with killing people directly, and thus tries to use "hands off" methods to do it. Meanwhile at the same time Jin would be using Stand By Me to lure away another teammate's stand so he could assassinate them, with the rest of the gang following along and trying to figure out what the source of the strange phenomenon is. Eventually this would lead to the gang confronting the two as a group and eventually defeating them, with them possibly becoming good guys (or at least neutral) afterwards, particularly Kairi who over the course of the battle will become apparent that she doesn't really want this life in the first place.


Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Name: Shinji Nakamura
Age: 26
Gender: Male

Description: A gruff young man with potential ties to the Yakuza or some other corrupt organization. He uses his stand "Chase" as a means of doing his dirty work, causing injuries, killing people, or just generally causing mayhem.

Stand Name: Chase

Stand's Power: Chase manifests as a hulking red bull that, true to it's name, relentlessly chases down it's target, goring and trampling them with incredible power once it reaches them. When conjured Shinji will direct Chase at a specific target that has been "marked" with red, and so long as that person has any red showing on their body Chase will automatically pursue them endlessly. Outside of setting a specific target and recalling him Shinji is unable to direct Chase's actions at all, though this lack of control comes with a massive boost in the stand's range, allowing it to chase after targets even once far out of sight of it's user. Since Chase will stop pursuing a target once they no longer have any red on them, Shinji often carries items on him that allow him to keep his stand on target, including ketchup packets, cans of spray paint, and even a laser pointer so he can keep a red dot trained on his target.

Encounter Idea: More of a throw away encounter, perhaps another attempt at assassination by the corrupt businesses of the town, or perhaps he's just trying to extort the player for money, promising to save them from the raging bull if they pay him off (basically a mafia style "protection" scheme)


Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Name: Mayami Fujiwara
Age: 26
Gender: female

Description: A corrupt detective on the corporate payroll. She ensures that the corporations' dirty work goes unseen by the local law enforcement, and that those who try to speak out against them either end up discredited, locked away, or just disappeared entirely.

Stand Name: Poker Face

Stand's Power: A non-combative stand that allows Mayami to gather insight on the target through interrogation. When she fist activates her stand and engages with a target Poker Face will materialize a deck of cards made up of the target's thoughts and secrets. It will start by dealing out five cards, providing a base-line of information about the target: their personality type, interesting bits of their history, fears and desires, etc. Mayami will then proceed to ask the target questions, and each time they give an answer Poker Face will deal out another card, revealing insight about said question and answer on it. The information gained from these cards will be 100% truth, taken from the very depths of the target's mind, if she reads off the card out loud everyone who hears it will immediately accept the information as fact, regardless of if there is any physical evidence to back it up. After a session Mayami is able to store any cards she's managed to gain away to be used and read out later, allowing her to keep a large database of information and blackmail material on various people at once.

Encounter Idea: This would very much be a mental battle rather than a physical one, think the Darby brothers. Again this could be a good way to have the big bad/corrupt forces come after the players indirectly, having the group taken in by the police on bogus charges, and each one having to have a verbal sparing match with Mayami, trying to avoid giving away any information that might end up incriminating them for real.


Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Name: Jumpin' Roo Frazier
Age: unknown
Gender: male

Description: A famous trained boxing kangaroo infamous for it's many televised spectacle fights. He boasts a massive undefeated streak, having been pit against fellow kangaroos, human boxing champions, and even bears. Shows featuring him are always guaranteed to sell out, and as part of his world wide tour he's performing in one of Paradaisu City's most illustrious casino hotels for one weekend only! Despite being a seemingly normal kangaroo, Roo Frazier seems to demonstrate a near human level intellect, as well as possessing oddly human features.

Stand Name: Down Under

Stand's Power: Down Under's only abilities seem to be it's near blinding speed and overwhelming power, allowing it to overwhelm opponents with a barrage of punches

Encounter Idea: I wanted to make a sort of Iggy/Pet Shop equivalent for this universe. I was thinking that the group can end up winning VIP tickets to see the show while Roo Fraizer's in town, and either end up encountering him backstage or through some kind of comedic mishap one of them ends up getting thrown in the ring with him. I think either one could be really entertaining, either the kangroo sees them backstage and sensing they're fellow stand users challenges them to a fight, or they get thrown in the ring with them and one player has to try and keep up with his overwhelming speed and power while the others cheer and try to subtly cheat to help them out while at ringside.


Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Name: Fuka Hibashi
Age: 19
Gender: Female

Description: A beautiful young woman who works as an assistant at the local train station. While she seems kind and normal enough at first glance, in truth she's a massive pervert, one that takes great pleasure in using her stand to peak into and live through other people's lives. While she typically doesn't do too much harm, usually just sticking around for a few hours or a day at most, she's been known to get a bit "bold" and take advantage of the freedom that comes from using someone elses body to get into a bit of trouble, like committing minor crimes, making outlandish public displays, or even getting into affairs while being another person, obviously not caring about the trouble she leaves them with after the fact.

Stand Name: Jump Up Super Star

Stand's Power: J.U.S.S. is a non-humanoid stand that manifests as the rather distinct hat that Fuka wears, seemingly at all times. When Fuka places her hat upon someone elses head she's able to take possession of that person's body, her own body vanishing for the duration of the possession. While inside their body Fuka instantly gains all relevant knowledge and memories of that person needed to continue masquerading as them, and is able to control their words and actions freely. However because stands are a manifestation of the user's psychic energy, and thus an extension of the mind, she isn't able to use another user's stand while possessing them. While possessed the host's mind will still be active, forced to watch everything their body does of it's own accord. Weak minded individuals will briefly pass out and forget the events that transpired after being released, however Stand Users will be able to retain full memory of what happened while they were possessed. Fuka's possession is able to persist as long as the person being controlled is wearing J.U.S.S. with control reverting back the instant the hat is knocked off, with Fuka's body reappearing immediately afterwards as well. J.U.S.S. also has the ability to change it's shape, transforming itself into different hats in order to better entice people to put it on, or to better blend in with the wearer's style to avoid suspicion.

Encounter Idea: I figured this one would be a much more lighthearted, and even lewd affair. With one of the players getting possessed and Fuka taking advantage to get mischievous and seductive, maybe leading to character pairings we wouldn't normally see. Or it could stay fairly innocent and just be a case of wacky shenanigans as she keeps jumping from player to player causing mischief.


Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Name: Jem
Age: unknown (many thousands at least)
Gender: female

Description: A mysterious woman from out of time. She was found buried below the earth in what was first thought to be some kind of crystal, but was later found by scientists to be some kind of hardened light. Initially believed to be a cave woman or neanderthal from our prehistoric past, it's now clear that she is something else entirely. While human in appearance, her body is much stronger, faster, and more durable, able to withstand damage that would normally be considered lethal and heal from it rapidly. She also seems to posses an above average intelligence, able to pick up modern mannerisms and even language just from careful observation alone. This scientific anomaly is truly a sight to be seen, and a special show at the Paradaisue Grand Theatre is the only place where this marvelous creature can be witnessed first hand!

Stand's Power: While Jem does not appear to posses a stand herself, her abilities seem to be rather closely tied to them. Her species seems to be able to feed off of the latent psychic energy found in humans, greatly empowering themselves in the process. Essentially this means that she "eats" stands, able to rapidly absorb them just by making contact. This process completely consumes the stand in question, killing it's user as well. Her ability to absorb psychic energy also makes her almost impervious to stand abilities, as she will just begin to absorb the energy as soon as one of the effects attempt to influence her. Because of this stands are only able to fight her through indirect means, like using weapons or the environment against her.

In addition to absorbing stands she seems to draw energy from light itself, especially the sun, which is her second greatest source of power after directly consuming stands. Once she absorbs enough energy her body will change slightly, with her hair taking on a golden glow and her body sparkling with unnatural radiance, and she will only power up further from this state, to the point where her body will even begin to swell and thicken to accommodate the excess energy. She can channel this ability into a variety of light based attacks (not dissimilar to Hamon from the original universe) and even harden light into solid constructs for her to use.

Encounter Idea: For this one I was thinking of what this universe's Pillarmen/Stonemen equivalent could be, and I thought it could be a fun twist to have a race that is fueled by light. So instead of an enemy that is harmed by the sun, you have the exact opposite, as well as an extra ability that makes her incredibly dangerous to stand users. I thought this could also help explain why naturally occurring Stand users are so rare in this universe, because back in prehistoric times the "Bright Ones" essentially used them as a source of food, hunting them down until natural selection took it's course and humans without stands became more prevalent, with only a few natural stand users managing to slip through the evolutionary cracks.

I also thought this would be a fun way to showcase Paradaisu City's insane decadence, just like with Roo Fraizer. They're so crazy about money and tourism that they're willing to host as a prehistoric god as a tourist attraction. Also this could be a good way to kind of "clear out" any lingering stand users in the story that aren't going to be relevant for the real big bad, plus it could act as a good way to show why the Wave is still important in a world with stands, as it would be the only way to efficiently fight her off since they can't really use their stands. We could even have be it that her exhibit was the reason why Zeppeli came to Paradaisu City in the first place, tracking her down to try and eliminate her just like the original Zeppeli did with the stone mask.

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Re: Pdragon's Plot & Pairing Parade (M seeking any)
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This will sort of become the "dump zone" where I'll be putting rps that I'm no longer actively looking for, whether because they've been taken, I'm in too many rps similar in theme, or just because I've lost interest and want to promote other ideas over them. They're not 100% off the table, I'd just need more convincing to want to play the story out.

Dump Zone

Daughter of the Cosmos (Lovecraftian slice of life, Futa x Male/Female)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A young high school student has found themselves the object of attention and affection of one of the most beautiful girls in class recently. Her name is Merissa Kos, a long haired, big breasted beauty with a carefree personality and a surprisingly dirty mind. However as the student gets more involved with her, they found out a horrifying secret, she actually has a dick!...and is a mind breaking cosmic horror that seems to have come straight from a love craft novel. Her true name is Mergoloth, Daughter of the Cosmos, and claims to be a celestial being who crashed landed from the heavens years ago and has been masquerading as a normal human girl ever since. As it turns out, she's developed a keen interest in the mortal concept of "sexuality" and "reproduction" and has set her sights on the student as a potential mate, and a loving partner (ofcourse). While she may at first glance appear completely a-moral, and her advances on the student hold only the thinnest veil of caring about their actual consent in the matter, her feelings for the student seem genuine enough, perhaps they can actually find love in this wacky galaxy where nothing is truly as it seems...then again, will the student's fragile human mind even last that long in the face of such an eldritch horror?

Pretty standard slice of life/love story (Well not really lol). Will be pretty smut heavy, especially in the early stages, but still has plenty of room for a nice romance story to develop. Kinks include tentacles, futa, excessive cum, large insertions, shape shifting, slight mind breakage, and lots of cuddling.

Inspiration pics:

human form

Sexy time (nsfw)

True Form

Magical Girl High (Magical Girl x Magical Girl, yuri/futa on female)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Hidden away from normal human eyes, lies an academy dedicated to training young ladies into full fledged magical girls capable of facing the many forces of evil that torment the Earth from the shadows. Everything from advanced transformation techniques, to combat applications of ones powers, to proper costume designed are taught between these walls. However, while at first it may seem like a fantastical, yet otherwise normal school, the academy has another oddity to it, in that all those who step foot on it, be they student or teacher alike, find their libidos quickly skyrocket as their inhibitions dwindle to nothing. Some believe that the energy released during sex helps boost one's magical power, others theorize that the lack of men and stress that comes with fighting demons and monsters naturally drives the girls of the academy into each others' arms, while others still think that some prankster student who used to attend somehow managed to cast a powerful lust spell over the school that has yet to dissipate to this day. Whatever the reason, an aura of sexuality seems to hang thick within the very air at the school, and as such the staff are much more lenient on matters of sex and public displays of affection.

Two new students to this school find themselves paired together as roommates, and while at first they write off the strange phenomenon as nonsense, soon they too find themselves afflicted by whatever strange force is causing all the students to go into heat, and look to each other for relief. As their relationship deepens they find their team work and collaboration growing in equal measure. Will the two be satisfied with just each other? or will they find themselves drawn in by the other lusty wonders the school has to offer, or perhaps they may just find the source of the school's near perpetual heat and put a stop to it, all while keeping up with their homework and fighting back the forces of darkness! Talk about a full plate. 

Not Who They Seem (Serial Killer x Normal Girl, yuri) TAKEN

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A young girl who's been looking to find a new relationship has set herself up a profile on a new dating site that's gained popularity recently. Things seem to go well, and after a few days she's already received quite a few messages and offers. One guy in particular catches her interest. He hasn't given his picture, but from his personality blurb and listed interests he seems like just her type. Deciding to take a chance she decides to give it a shot and sets up a meet up with him. However the girl is quite shocked when she finds a tall, large breasted, but rather dark and somewhat creepy looking woman waiting for her, happily waving her phone in her direction. As it turns out the man she contacted wasn't a man at all, but a shut in woman who was trolling around the site trying to find a cute girl to go out with. The girl's first instinct is to, ofcourse, slap the woman for lying to her and storm off, but despite the woman's somewhat unsettling aura she actually turns out to be rather sweet and charismatic, charming the girl enough to get her to agree to go on the date anyways. The date goes well, and actually ends with the two going back to the woman's apartment. And after a few more dates with similarly passionate endings the two start dating officially. However things take a sharp turn when the strange woman's erratic behavior and creepy aura finally receive an explanation, as the girl finds out that she's actually the infamous serial killer "Mack the Knife" a mysterious killer connected to at least 3 dozen murders over the past 5 years, and that's just what's been reported on the news. Armed with this terrifying truth what does the girl do? Does she risk revealing what she knows to her slasher girlfriend? Or even more risky trying to go to the police? Does she try to cut and run? Or does she simply pretend not to know and continue to play along hoping that the woman likes her enough not to want to make her her next victim, if she hasn't already been planning to do so from the beginning.

The Married Life of a Tentacle Monster (Tentacle Monster x Hero Girl/Futa) TAKEN
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The scene is frantic, a man in a lab coat flees through the bowels of a dark laboratory, a shadowed figure in close pursuit. The man stops, letting out a low chuckle as the heroine manages to back him into a corner. It seems good has won the day after all, and his horrible schemes are over. That is, ofcourse, until he snaps his fingers and a strange portal opens right underneath our magical warrior woman's feet. A massive of thick, slimy tentacles burst forth from the portal and...well we've all seen enough hentai to know where this one goes. The girl's clothes are violently ripped from her body as her holes are all forcefully stuffed by the long, phallic tendrils, filling the girl up to the very limit. However something is off. Unlike other girls the scientist has pulled this trick on the girl doesn't panic, and whats more her mind doesn't break leaving her a slobbering pile of lust, though it's very clear from her enthusiastic moans and the way she violently writhes her body that she is indeed enjoying the experience. The tentacle monster emerges fully from the portal, and for a brief moment it and the girl meet eyes...err..eye, in the case of the tentacle monster. A strange feeling comes over the two...could this Well it seems close enough, as the tentacle monster turns on his conjurer, binding him down and giving the girl the chance to deliver the final blow. After quickly finish up their little love session the two walk away dramatically from the lab, a small stagger in the girl's step, as the entire building explodes behind them, putting an end to the man's horrible research for good.

Cut ahead a few years and the two's relationship has actually flourished pretty strongly, and the two are now enjoying a life together as husband and wife. One may wonder how a tentacle monster gets approved for a marriage license, but the heroine had saved the town from certain doom enough times that they where willing to make an exception. However will true love and mind shattering sex are all well and good, as it turns out married life isn't all perfection. The duo find themselves facing all manner of trials and tribulations, from demonic invaders to disapproving neighbors. Not only that, but with our heroine still committed to her duty of protecting the town, it's up to her tentacled husband to find a job and provide for the family, especially with them entertaining the idea of having a few tentacle babies of their own. However things are destined not to go smoothly, after all this monster was born for sexual conquest, not for office work! Though they say with heard work and determination anything is possible, so lets not count our unlikely couple out just yet.

A slice of life romantic comedy with a rather unique twist. Follow our heroes as they try to carve out a place for themselves in a world in which neither truly belong.

Inspiration NSFW

A Daughter's Awakening (yuri, daughter x mother x family friend)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A relatively young single mother, Asuna Sato 35 years old, lives together with 17 year old daughter Ayumi. For the past ten years now the mother has had to bear the duty of raising her little girl alone, ever since her late husband passed away. Ofcourse as happy as it makes her to provide for her small family, she is not immune to the stress and frustrations that come with being a mother, and when it all becomes too much to bear the mother often looks to the arms, and beds, of her friends for solace. After her husband's death Asuna has sworn to never lay with another man again, something she has remained faithful too ever since, however that doesn't stop her from finding comfort with other women. One such woman is Mikasa Ibuki, an old friend she met way back in middle school. In addition to being friends the two have been casual lovers ever since Asuna's husband passed, though they've never taken their relationship past friends with benefits. Meanwhile Asuna's daughter Ayumi has started to grow up into a beautiful young woman, one who seemingly shares her mother's attraction for other women. However having idolized her mother since she was a child Ayumi finds herself more attracted to strong, older women, such as her mother's friend Mikasa. The girl begins spending more and more time with "Aunt Mika" her attraction to the older woman growing with each meeting. However there is one small complication, Mikasa and Ayumi's mother Asuna bear a striking resemblance, so much in fact that the two could easily pass off as twins if they wanted. Most would probably instantly turned off by someone who so closely resembled her own mother, but if anything it makes Ayumi even more attracted to her, something that both shocks and horrifies her. After all, her entire taste in women is modeled partially on her mother, wouldn't it then make sense that she was secretly hiding an attraction to her? Ayumi doesn't want to admit it, but as she gets more and more involved with Mikasa she can't help but feel something is wrong. Mikasa on the other hand openly adores both Asuna and Ayumi, and simply wants them to be happy. She continues to help handle Asuna's needs, even while starting to see the woman's daughter behind her back. At first she feels a bit guilty, but as she starts to pick up on the mounting tension between mother and daughter she gets a wicked idea that will hopefully bring about a happy ending for everyone.

An incestuous love triangle with mother and daughter becoming intimate with the same woman. Ayumi has a vague understanding the her mother and Mikasa have done things together before, but Asuna is still completely in the dark. Both mother and daughter are hiding a secret attraction to each other, and through their relationship with Mikasa will begin to bring those feelings to light as Mikasa attempts to bring the two closer together, while hopefully still keeping herself in the picture so she can enjoy the ride. Names, appearances, and setting details can be changed as desired. The story is set up for a mundane, modern world, but can easily be transplanted into a more fantasy or even sci-fi setting.
Asuna Sato

Ayumi Sato

Mikasa Ibuki

Offset Gemini (Fanstasy, Female x Female)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Two young women, one a Valkyrie still in training, the other a Red Mage's apprentice, have set off on a journey. Having grown up in the same town, and even born on the same day, the two have grown up together, and outside of their training are near inseparable. Despite their obvious differences the two share so much in common that most regard them as twins. While they are not true sister's, they are as close as any family. Not to mention not being bound by blood does have it advantages, such as the two girls being free to explore their lust for one another unabated, something they have done in secret since they were much younger. However now that the two have come of age they have been sent out on mission that will graduate them from mere apprentices, to true adepts of their chosen crafts. Together they must face perilous odds on their pilgrimage to recover a shard of crystal from a long abandoned holy shrine down in the southern mountains, the same crystal that the people of their city have been using to craft their infamous weapons and catalysts with for years. However along the way not only will they face great challenges, but they will find the freedom to explore themselves and discover who they truly are.

An action adventure/coming of age story. The two girls will be traveling to find the sacred shrine within the mountains, and along the way will find themselves caught up in other plots and events beyond their understanding. The rp would be heavily story based, but will still have plenty of room for smuttiness. The main pairing is between the two girls themselves, but both girls are bi-sexual, and more than willing to explore other sexual pursuits, from staying at brothels, to inviting other young adventurers to share a room at the inn with them, to using their ever growing skills at seduction to overcome challenges they may not be able too by force alone. Also has potential for some NC content as well, them getting captured by slavers and taken advantage of before finding a means of escape, monsters and strange creatures who try to use them to satiate their lust, stuff like that that would take advantage of the more fantastical elements of the game, though those are completely optional if a more straight forward yuri story would be preferred.

Our Savior is a Magical...Boy? (Trap x Female/Futa) TAKEN

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Ren Asuka (name pending) was just an ordinary high school students, when one night he encountered a
strange creature

fleeing through the park, pursued by a horrific looking demon. Spurred into action he ran in to try to help the poor creature and with its magic the tiny being granted him the power to become a warrior of light, a defender of justice, a magical girl!....well, magical boy, though unfortunately there was no option to change the costume. With his new found powers Ren defeated the demon, and continues to patrol the city at night, defending the people from the forces of the demon realm. In response to this newly discovered threat, the demon realm has sent forth an agent, a beautiful and devious succubus, to combat the boy while also searching to find his secret identity. To accomplish this the demoness takes on the visage of a teenage girl and infiltrates the school under the guise of a foreign exchange student. Now the boy finds himself trapped in a viscous game of cat and mouse, having to fend off this new foe and the ever growing hordes of demons by night, while keeping his identity safe by day.

(may contain some NC or light bondage themes, as battles will sometimes end up taking an erotic twist as the fight drags on)
Inspiration pics (NSFW)

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Through Thick and Thick (Futa x Male, child hood friends)
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Two friends who have known each other since they where little. Nearly inseparable the two have stuck together through thick and thin, always having each others backs. Seeing how close the two are, many would be surprised that they've never been anything more than friends. "A boy and girl being just friends? Pfft, they're probably just keeping it a secret" most would scoff. Though the truth is the girl hid a secret, she was a hermaphrodite born with both parts. The boy has known since he was little (they use to take baths together and all the usual childhood friend stuff), and while he doesn't really think she's weird or anything, he's never really considered a relationship with her because of it. The girl however has fostered feelings for the boy for a while now, and the longer things go on, the harder the "urges" are to hold back. Eventually those urges become too strong to ignore, but what lengths would the girl stoop too to satisfy them? (includes possible non-consensual themes)

Riley Armstrong Impregnates the World! (Futa x Female (multiples))
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Riley Armstrong is a young hermaphrodite woman who comes from a rather large, loving family. And like all young people Riley has big dreams. However her dream isn't anything as ambitious as wanting to become the leader of her country, or a famous inventor or celebrity. No, Riley's goal is simple "I don't want the sun to ever set on the Armstrong family!" or to put plainly, she wants to have children in all corners of the Earth. When her parents agree to pay for the girl to take a trip abroad all across the globe, Riley devises a plan: Seduce every woman in sight and try to knock up as many of them as possible during her travels. With a twinkle in her eye and a throbbing in her pants the young woman sets out to spread her seed across the globe. Will she be successful in breeding her small army of bastards? Or are some dreams just too...."ambitious"(read: stupid), to be obtainable?

Kind of a silly premise to act as an excuse to have a series of smutty scenes with a futa in all sorts of settings with all kinds of different women. Each scene would find Riley in a different part of the globe, in pursuit of a different woman, or women. Wacky shenanigans, misadventures, and plenty of cream pies ensue.

Bully Problems (Female Bully x Female Victim) (Female Bully x Trap Victim)(Futa Bully x Male Victim) ) NC
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A young student in highschool has been dealing with a bully for almost two years now. They're mean, shallow, and love to impose themselves on their helpless victim, abusing them both emotionally and physically. However while normally the bully has stuck to more typical abuses, shaking them down for money, making them run errands for them, generally teasing and making their life hell, recently the bully's actions have taken a rather, perverse twist. The bully has started making their victim do more twisted things, like stealing their clothes, making them wear creepy outfits, having their victim strip down in front of them, and even brazenly groping and spanking them in the halls. As it turns out at some point down the line the bully's feelings towards their victim turned from hostile, to a twisted form of love. Of course at this point treating their victim like a plaything is all they know, so instead of coming clean about their feelings, they intend to train them to be an obedient pet. The more the bully manages to get away with, the more bold and perverse their actions become. Will the victim finally manage to break free from their bully? Or will they submit to their cruel abuses? Is there a possible happy ending for these two confused young teens? Or is their relationship fated to remain that of a master and pet?

Intergalactic Romance (Alien Girl x Any)

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Based on a comic by artist Incase. The Puazi are an intelligent race that migrated to earth almost a century ago. Despite their alien appearance they are actually very similar to humans, both mentally and biologically, allowing them to easily assimilate into Earth society. However there is one significant quirk about the Puazi that makes life among humans problematic. For whatever reason, the pheromones and chemicals given off by humans triggers a strong, almost completely irresistible reaction in Puazi, overloading their sex drive and causing them to go into "heat" whenever they get into too close of contact with humans. Because of this strong reaction Puazi are almost helpless to resist the advances of humans, and some with particularly strong reactions may go into a frenzy just being in the vicinity of humans for too long. This has caused the Puazi to be regarded by humans as "Space Nymphos" and strong prejudices and bias against them exist among most societies. While its not necessarily hostile, and Puazi are considered full citizens with equal rights, most people still see them as lesser beings, incapable of withholding their baser urges. There are plenty of people who fetishize the Puazi, and very few would ever turn down a round of casual sex with one (which is very common), but the rate of humans engaging in romantic, committed relationships with Puazi is incredibly low. After all why bother trying to marry a girl who's probably gonna loose her mind and cheat on you ten times just on the way to the supermarket?

However for one young couple, such statistics mean nothing. Having grown up together since middle school, and getting married shortly after graduating high school, the Human/Puazi pair have dedicated themselves to making such a relationship work. Theirs is a story of true love, and most people who know them regard them as the cutest couple you've ever seen. However, regardless of how strong your love may be, no relationship is perfect. The common stereotype, the idea that a Puazi wife wouldn't be able to stay faithful to their human spouse? Well it's not exactly wrong. Despite her best efforts to resist her strong urges, the Puazi woman finds herself succumbing to her hormones and taking multiple lovers a day when not at home with her spouse. The two have tried everything, psycho therapy, chemical suppressants, even stuff as crazy as having as much sex as possible in the morning hoping that it'd "hold her over" until she got home, but in the end the reaction to humans is just too strong. The human has decided to simply come to terms with their wife's condition, letting their love for her let them see past it, especially since she can't control it. However lately it seems as though the reactions have been getting stronger and stronger, the Puazi woman engaging in more and more depraved acts as the days go by. Even with the understanding and patience of a saint, cracks are starting to show in the human's resolve. How will they come to cope with their wife's condition? And can the two find a way to preserve their marriage before things get even more out of hand?

(Alot of different directions to take this idea. The story can either focus on the wife's constant affairs, following her daily routine as she finds herself pulled into kinkier and kinkier situations, or likewise it can instead focus more on what she and her spouse do in response. Perhaps the spouse decides that they're going to "punish" her every night depending on the number of people she sleeps with, becoming more and more depraved as time goes on. Likewise it can be a mix of the two, perhaps the spouse too starts to go out and start sleeping with other people, which hurts the Puazi girl since she feels she's being punished for something she can't control. Or on a more positive/light note the pair decide that becoming a swinger couple might be the solution, embracing a more open relationship to help make her more unwanted affairs seem less strange)

Puazi girl example:

Raided by Orcs (Orc Futa x Male)
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Kind of a weird one (though which of my plots aren't weird at this point right?), but I've been playing around with a fantasy setting in my head for a while, inspired by one of my favorite images by InCase, in which instead of Orcs being a hulking, barbaric, simple minded race, they are a hermaphroditic race of strong, beautiful, but also significantly cultured warriors and traders. At first glance they appear to be a race of all women, but in reality are all futas capable of both bearing and seeding children. Because of this, along with their historical conquest and cultural appropriation of the elves, they are one of the most dominant races on the planet, and hold one of the most advanced and sophisticated societies. Essentially the role that high elves tend to play in most conventional fantasy settings.

Anyways setting aside, the story is of a young man in a fairly un-extraordinary town. The town lies within a human controlled kingdom, but lies along a fairly popular trade route, making it a stopping point for caravans and other traveling merchants. One night a group of orc traders roll into town, and quickly hole up in the tavern for drinking and revelry. The boy has just come of age that year, and perhaps the orcs already recognize him from prior years passing through the town, or perhaps the newly matured youth just happens to catch their eye. Either way after a few hours of drinking and getting chummy, the orcs coerce the boy into coming back to their room at the inn, and the orcs promptly spend the next 3 days fucking his brains out, sustaining him on a strict diet of wine and thick orc cum as they have their way with him in every way imaginable. After their long weekend of filling his holes well past their limit, the orcs promptly pack up their things and carry on their way, leaving with fond memories of their little escapade, but ultimate thinking little of it. Of course for the boy it wasn't just a casual fling, it was a moment of awakening, an experience seared into his body that went far beyond just forming a fetish, but bordering on addiction, always craving for that distinct taste of orcish semen. And with his orc lovers gone, he's not exactly in a position to get a fix. He tries, to no avail, to find satisfaction with other lovers of various races, but finds he can't stop thinking about the powerful women who showed him such unparalleled pleasure, and whenever another orc just so happens to roll into town the boy finds himself stricken with insatiable need, all but slamming himself onto every emerald cock he can get his hands on. Such begins the tale of the new town orc slut, and the rp itself would follow the initial drunken gang bang, and a series of other encounters after the fact, with different orcs coming for the boy to try and seduce, all having different personalities and forming different relationships with the young man. Some simply relishing the chance for an quick and easy fuck, others being a bit more taken by the boy's earnest charms, and perhaps others coming to feel a bit more...possessive of their new toy. All sorts of possibilities for different stories.

initial inspiration picture

other inspirational pics

A Tale of Two Brothers (Male x Trap (incest))

Picture basically speaks for itself, older brother walks in to find his little bro masturbating, discovering both his hobby for cross dressing and apparently fondness for dicks in the process. Where do they go from here? Can range from comedic to light hearted, to sweet and romantic, to a bit darker or extreme, and can either be just a quick one off, or the starting point for a longer story, all depends really. Does the younger brother take this moment to confess his love for his older brother? Does the older brother take advantage and start blackmailing him for favors and even start whoring his littler brother out to his friends? Or are the two just become over come with lust and start fucking on the spot like animals?

A Strange Love Triangle (Futa x Male x Female)

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A young couple have been seeing each other for a long time, going all the way back to their time in High School, and just recently have finally decided to tie the knot and get married. Their relationship is more or less ideal, though there is one point of suspicion, the husband's oldest and closest friend is a woman, and a beautiful one at that. Ever since they got together is was something that bugged the girl, if only ever so slightly. They always seemed so close, so in synch, so comfortable with one another in ways that even the young couple wasn't. Of course the guy always assured her that they were just friends, and nothing more, going so far as to have his friend be the "best man" at their wedding to prove that she was supportive of their relationship. Of course while she tried to do her best to bury her concerns, doubt has a way of festering inside of someone, until one day when the two girls were hanging out a long it finally spilled out of her. With a chuckle the friend merely took the girl's hand and pressed it to her crotch, revealing why her husband had always assured her there was nothing going on between them. She wasn't a full on woman, but a futanari. The wife was shocked, however surprise and shame at suspecting her husband quickly gave way to a different emotion...desire. Suddenly so close, the two felt a flash of need between them, and in the heat of the moment ended up giving in to this new found desire. Of course the wife was distraught at what had happened, suspecting her husband of having an affair and she ends up sleeping with the very same woman she thought to be his secret lover, what a cruel turn of events. How will they go on from here? Will they come clean to the husband? Can they? Especially when the desire to do it again already burns so hotly?

A Strange Love Triangle: Alternate Take (futa x mother x daughter (incest)
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Similar set up to the first idea, however in this one instead of being young adults, the three involved are older, old enough for the young couple to have a teenage daughter. Instead of sleeping with the wife, the affair initially starts with the futa sleeping with the couple's daughter. However once the mother finds out about their relationship the futa decides the only way to keep her quiet is to seduce her as well. Will the futa be able to juggle both of her new lovers whilst being able to keep the whole affair a secret from the husband? Is she more of a villainous character, happily betraying her best friend and stealing both his wife and his daughter from him? Or is she more of a reluctant hero, getting too caught up in the pleasure to stop herself? What happens when the husband finally finds out? All open for discussion 

Futa Cafe (Futa x m/f)
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So basically, I have a massive cum fetish, specifically in regards to futas. Eating it, wearing it, getting filled or covered by it, anything goes really. So the basic premise is just a flimsy excuse to facilitate that: a maid cafe owned and operated by cute, friendly futa girls. For the most part it seems to be just a normal cafe, just with an interesting choice of staff, however in truth the cafe boasts a "secret menu" for regular costumers and those in the know, allowing a variety of services, from getting to enjoy dishes imbued with your waitresses cum, to getting to drink it directly from the source, to even getting to have sex with a waitress of your choice.

There are several different options for a story off of the basic premise. The most straight forward and perhaps most actual story intensive would be a romance story between our characters. At first MC (a young man or woman) thinks their new girlfriend is the most splendid girl in the world, fun, sweet, innocent on the outside but a little bit kinky behind closed doors, not to mention she happens to have a little "extra" down below. However things get flipped turnt upside down when they find out that the cafe she works at is a lewd futa cafe. Can either be purely fun, with MC getting drawn in to the cafe's "family", YC not shy about sharing them around with the other girls who work at the cafe, and maybe even getting them a job there despite not being a futa themselves. Or a more dramatic approach can be taken, with the two struggling with their relationship now knowing that YC is basically a prostitute in so many words. Other plots include the exploits of various regular costumers and their favorite girls, an esteemed food critic that the girls team up to really wow with their excellent service and "secret sauce", a non futa employee who's infamous amongst the other staff for ignoring the advances of the various girls (will one be able to win them over?), or a darker scenario with an obsessive fan of the cafe starting to stalk one of the girls after work. And many more, really just an open platform for various ideas.

The Trap Prince (trap x male/female/futa)

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Topping charts all over the world, Augmented Reality (AR for short) is quickly becoming one of the fastest rising bands in recent memory. Their front man, AJ Styles, enjoys both fame and controversy as one of the first cross dressing artists to break into the main stream. Dubbed the "Trap Prince" AJ became popular for his feminine sex appeal, and unmatched vocal talent, capable of swapping between male and female vocals with seamless ease.

I actually had a few different ideas for this set up, all involving the crossdressing front man and exploring different possible relationships for the character. Any of these plots can work with pretty much any gendered partner, allowing for a lot of diverse approaches to them.

Obsessive fan/stalker- Recently the band has begun raising concerns about some pretty "intense" fan mail being sent in. So far AJ has waved these concerns off, finding it rather endearing that he has such a dedicated fan. However when he actually ends up meeting this fan face to face...well things don't go well. Alternatively a lucky fan has won the opportunity to go on a date with a member of the band, choosing AJ, and while things seem normal at first, a pill slipped in the singer's drink causes things to take a drastic turn for the worst.

Old Friend/Lover- Recently AJ has started reconnecting with someone from his past, either and old friend who used to be really close, or perhaps a full on lover. Whoever they are they were someone important to them, and unfortunately they were forced to part ways as they both pursued their separate dreams. However now that the two have come into contact again, they start trying to rebuild their old friendship. How will their relationship develop now that they've each reached their goals, is it possible for them to rekindle something special? Or has the change from their former selves simply been too great to over come?

Manager/Producer- AJ has recently entered a secret affair with one of the band's authority figures, either their personal manager or perhaps one of the producers from the record label their signed with. However something about their relationship makes it too scandalous or taboo to reveal to light. Perhaps AJ doesn't want the affair at all, and the higher up is using their influence and power to make him cooperate, perhaps their manager ends up being abusive, and he's forced to stick with it for the sake of his fellow band mates, perhaps the other person is already married, and the guilt of possibly becoming a home wrecker is giving AJ second thoughts. Either way the manager/producer has to work hard both to keep AJ obedient, and to keep his mouth shut, lest the whole thing come crashing down around them.

inspiration pics
AJ Styles

Futadom School (Futa x Male)
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Blackwood Academy is an illustrious school that until now has been exclusively all girls. However in the past few years the school has begun allowing boys to attend, a small population of male students steadily beginning to grow on campus. However this sudden acceptance isn't solely to try to increase diversity, but instead it feeds into of the dark secrets of the school. Despite being an "all girls" academy, Blackwood is actually a school that caters to futanari students the entirety of the female student body being dick girls. The introduction of boys has arisen as a means of helping to control the futas over active libidos as they struggle through puberty, all boys on campus being fair game to be used for sex whenever a futa students pleases, willing or no. There are only two ways for boys to avoid becoming a public cum dump: staying within the boy's dorm, as futa students are not allowed to step foot within them for any reason, making them a safe haven, or allowing themselves to be "claimed" by a specific partner through the use of a personalized collar. These collars are handed out as a reward for good grades, extra curricular performance, or other impressive feats recognized by the school, and since they allow one to gain access to their own personal sex slave, they are a much sought after prize.

Alot of different ideas floating through my head for this one, all of them ofcourse having a heavy Futa on male, NC, and femdom themes to them.

An honor student is surprised to find that one of her old childhood friends ends up being one of the newest males to join the school, woefully ignorant of the fate that awaits him. In an attempt to save her friend, she convinces him to allow her to claim him, granting him safety from the other students. However now that she has the freedom to do whatever she wants to him, will she be able to resist abusing this newfound power? Especially when old feelings and a raging libido begin eating away at both her resolve and her moral fiber.

A senior futa and her male have been bound together since they were both Freshmen. However their relationship is more of a lovey dovey couple than master and slave, and they are widely considered to be the "number one cutest couple" in the entire school. Obviously a lot of people enjoy having the couple around, as their affection helps justify the way males are treated in the school. However for one group of girls the sight of the couple only brings them disgust and jealousy. The group is a small gang of delinquents, and after years of watching their sickeningly sweet love show, they've decided enough is enough. They've decided to do everything in their power to tear the male away from the girl, collar or no, including bullying, molesting, and even raping him in an attempt to cuckold the unsuspecting futa. Will the young couple be able to survive these heart wrenching trials?

Alex is a bit of an enigma at Blackwoods. Having attended the school for three years now he has managed to completely avoid both getting claimed by any futa, or even getting fucked at all, making him the only male student in all of Blackwoods to go multiple years with his anal virginity intact. He's managed this through a mixture of quick wit, careful planning, and his amazing ability to lay low and blend into the background. However things are about to change, as one futa finally starts to catch on to the boy's stealthy antics, and decides to make it her mission to not just claim him as her pet, but to claim all of his firsts in everything! Will our unlikely hero manage to survive with his chastity in tact? Or will he become just another one of many boys to fall victim to Blackwoods...

Blackwood's basketball team is one of the shinning stars of the school's athletics division, and among those shining stars one girl stands out as the absolute MVP. In her years at the academy she's led the team to back to back victories, and is idolized by both fans of the team and her teammates themselves. However she's not interested in shacking up with fans, or even her athletic peers. Recently she's begun dating, yes dating, not claiming, the new manager to the basketball team, a kindhearted and loyal underclassmen. Drawn his sense of innocence and naivete, their relationship starts off fairly innocent at first. However as they begin having sex something awakens in the young woman, she begins discovering kinks and fetishes she never knew she had, becoming far more dominant than before. She ends up claiming her new boyfriend, using the leverage to make him help indulge in her mischievous cravings, a lot of which involves getting other people involved, starting innocently enough with threesomes, then getting the entire team involved for gangbangs, then whoring him out to other futas so she can watch, or even record videos of him having sex in increasingly lewd situations. Will the two manage to hold onto the sweeter sides of their relationship through all the depravity? Or will the MVP become consumed in her lust and end up taking her innocent underclassmen down with her?

The Creep Next Door (Futa x Male)
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A young man has recently moved into an apartment complex a few months ago. The rent is fairly cheap, the apartment is decent, and the other tenants all seem nice enough. However there is one tenant in particular who has caught his eye. A tall, dark haired woman with a reserved personality and a shut in life style. The two only ever meet briefly, running into each other in the hall, or the office, or while using the laundry room. Their conversations are brief, and a bit awkward, but the boy can't help but feel that despite the woman's oddities she's actually rather attractive. However the truth is the woman is hiding two very big secrets. The first is that she's actually a futa, possessing a massive hard cock sticking out from her otherwise feminine figure. And second is that she has also started to take an interest in him, though her attraction is a bit more...intense, than the boy's. As the days go by the woman ends up more or less stalking him, taking pictures of him in secret, stealing his clothing in secret, and manufacturing ways for the two to bump into each other more often. Every night she goes to sleep pleasuring herself to all sorts of lewd fantasies about him, but how much longer will that satisfy her? Eventually the two start hanging out more often, even going on a date, but things are going far too slow for the girl's tastes, and she starts plotting to take things into her own hands. Will she be able to hide her stalkerish tendencies while working to make the boy her own? Or will the young man find out about the woman's hidden activities? And if he does, what will he do about it?

Daddy's Little Girl (Futa x F) TAKEN

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Your basic perverted dad vs. innocent daughter scenario, except with a twist, the "dad" of the family is a futa, a beautiful woman in every way save for the impressive member she sports. Usually I'm not a huge fan of "dad goes crazy and rapes his daughter while keeping her hostage" plots, especially since they tend to play out all the same, but I think there are a few variations that can be fun.

1. Our characters have had a sweet, loving family life for many years now. The two ladies were high school sweethearts, and it didn't take long for them to start a family together (in fact the father's "graduation gift" was the news that their daughter was on the way). They only ever had one daughter, and ofcourse as is the case with many single children she was spoiled and coddled and doted on all to hell. However, while the daughter has managed to avoid becoming a brat, growing up a sweet and innocent girl, she has developed a somewhat..."over dependent" personality. Even now in high school she sees herself as as her parents' little girl, and acts very cutesy and childish around them. This wouldn't be too much of a problem, if she didn't end up climbing into bed with them almost every other night, seriously putting a hamper on their sex life. Both mentally and sexually frustrated, the father finally snaps and decides it's time for her daugther to grow up, and what better way to do that than to make her a woman in the most primal sense? (well there are plenty of better ways actually, but to be fair her dick is doing more thinking than her brain at this point). However what starts as freak incident, a moment of passion, starts to spiral into an elicit affair, the father having developed an insatiable desire for her young, nubile daughter, and the daughter too innocent and obedient to try to stop her.

2. Theirs had not been a great marriage. They had hooked up in college for what had supposed to be a one night stand, she ended ended up getting her pregnant by mistake, and begrudgingly was made to take responsibility and marry her. As one would expect it didn't last all that long, the two breaking up when their daughter was only 10 years old. Since then what semblance of family life she's had has been dwindling away, gradually loosing more and more of her custody time with her daughter, and with her daughter growing up and growing apart from her what time they do spend together isn't particularly close. Eventually it gets to the point where she only has her daughter on the weekends, the girl always going out with her friends or partying so she rarely sees her. It's reached the point where her own daughter feels like a stranger to her, only showing up to occasionally eat a meal and crash for the night...of course, as far as strangers go she isn't a bad looking one. Being a futa she has always had issues controlling her libido, it was what got her into this mess in the first place after all, and watching her daughter grow up into a healthy young woman has been particularly hard on her. One night after a few drinks her daughter comes home similarly buzzed, and for some reason they each feel something strange when they look at each other. She looks so much like her mother had that night they had first slept together...and it had been so long she had been with the end the two wake up in the same bed the next morning, sweaty and covered in each others' fluids, a mixture of horror and deep satisfaction mixing inside of them. They swear to never talk about what happened, to forget it ever occurred and just move past it. Of course that makes the daughter all the more surprised when she shows up the next weekend

I'll make sure you keep my secret! (Futa x Male) TAKEN

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Partially inspired by the manga Maid-Sama. A high school student stops by an interesting new cafe while out and about town, only to discover that it's actually a fetish shop. All of the maid servers are futanari, their outfits brazenly displaying their cocks, and all of the dishes come with a fresh serving of cum! However that isn't the worst of it, before the boy can heed a hasty retreat, he's greeted by his server, only to realize that she's one of his classmates at school. Realizing the connection, the girl confronts the boy the next day before class, believing he intends to use the information about her job to slander or blackmail her. While the boy has no such intentions, the girl is unrelenting, and decides that the only way to assure he doesn't reveal her secret, is to gain some dirt on him of her own, namely that he's secretly a cumslut who loves being dominated by futa. And while that may not be the case at first, she's more than happy to make it true.

The Bull that Mounts the World (Futa x male/female) Taken
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The basic premise is a modern fantasy slice of life story, which kicks off with your character, a regular human, coming upon a strange puzzle box, either just buying it on a whim at an antique store, winning it some strange contest they don't remember entering, or even just having some shady guy on the street offer to sell it to them. Upon completing the puzzle the box opens, releasing the being trapped inside, however instead of a mystical genie or anything of the like, it turns out that the box had contained a beautiful yet strange

She introduces herself as the Dark God Dharmin, "The Defiler of Planets", "The bull that mounts the world", "The father of horrors" and other such imposing names. Basically she's a god-like entity that travels the cosmos literally fucking entire planets, causing them to "birth" various celestial monsters and horrors, and had come to Earth hundreds of years ago intending to use it's fertile soils to bare her newest offspring. However at the time the greatest heroes and deities of Earth had banded together to defeat Dharmin, ultimately sealing her away within the puzzle box, intending to lock her away for the rest of time. However by unlocking the box YC has freed her, once again unleashing her upon the Earth so she can have her vengeance and fulfill her sordid plans. Though there is one problem. The wounds she suffered during that climatic battle, along with being sealed away for hundreds of years, have left her incredibly weak, not powerful enough to destroy a single building let alone eradicate the human race. As such she needs time to recover her strength, and decides to forcefully recruit your character to become her minion in this great endeavor (as well as a warm hole to offload centuries of backed up cum into).

So the idea for the story would be a slice of life depicting YC having to live with an evil goddess, and depicting their day to day shenanigans. In addition to just using YC as her personal toy, Dharmin will be coming up with all kinds of hair brained schemes to try and regain her powers faster, usually bringing her into conflict with other supernatural beings, and dragging YC along for the ride. It would be a mixture of comedy, action, romance, and light horror elements, with YC obviously terrified of the idea of Dharmin regaining her power and destroying the earth, but being powerless to stop her (even in her weakened state she's far too powerful for them to defy her wishes). Ofcourse over time she'll spend time and bond with YC, along with all of their friends and acquaintances, and hopefully by having her form all those bonds and seeing how beautiful and lively Earth is, they could ultimately convince her to spare the Earth from her lustful wrath...or they could just give in to their new mistress and help her regain her lost godhood and literally fuck the Earth raw.

The Devil's Rejects (f/herm demon x m/f human) Taken

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Based on the visual novel "The Reject Demon Toko", the story revolves around a normal, average human who's everyday life is thrown into chaos when they find a demon taking up residence in their home. However this is no typical poltergeist or demonic possession, and the demon isn't interested in taking the human's soul or devouring their flesh. To put it plainly, they've been kicked out of hell for "bad behavior" (whatever that means by demon standards), and they really need a place to crash, and the HC's house just happened to look comfortable. Even weirder, the way back into hell's good graces isn't through some kind of crazy tournament or all out war, but an annual rock competition, the winning band receiving any wish from the big boss himself. Hijinks ensue as our poor protagonist has to deal with a freeloading demon while getting dragged along to assemble a band of the mightiest outcasts.

A Nurse's Bizarre Checkup
A Nurse's Bizarre Checkup (female "demon" x human futa, high smut/medium plot)

Based on JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, the Fate series, and this image album (nsfw)

Set in a seemingly normal modern day world, YC's everyday life is turned on it's head when she crosses paths with a strange woman. She has candy pink hair, blood red eyes, and is wearing an outfit that seems like a perverse parody of a nurse uniform, all wrapped around an inhumanly perfect body. This woman reveals herself to be a "Demon Nurse", a succubus capable of feeding off of human lust and converting it into all manner of strange "medicines". Their task is to search the world for humans with powerful magic potential, and use them as their "champions", having them fight on their behalf until only one remains. For what purpose she won't reveal, but the fact that YC can even see this woman, who usually walks among humanity completely invisible, is enough evidence of her being magically inclined, and so she decides to make YC her champion. And so with little understanding of what she's being pulled into, YC finds herself flung into world wide battle royal, forced to pursue other champions and defeat them in battle, lest she end up hunted down herself.

The process of powering up is fairly simple. The Nurse absorbs their champion's semen, their "life essence", through sex, and their bodies convert it into drug-like serum in their blood. When injected this serum not only increases a champion's physical attributes past their normal human limits, but imbues them with a special ability, unique to each nurse, and the more serum they're injected with the stronger they become. As such only men or futanari can become champions, and they're encouraged to have as much sex with their Nurse as possible.

Mandatory Kinks: none aside from the fact that they'll be having LOTS of sex, the specific kinks involved are pretty open ended

Optional Kinks/Ideas
oral of all kinds, gokkun, cumplay, food play, cock slapping, condom play, public sex, rough sex, multiple partners, marathon sessions, hair pulling, pet play, body marking/writing.

YC can either be born a futanari, or alternatively MC can inject her with a serum when they first meet that causes her to grow a cock. This could also be the hook to keep YC in the game, with MC promising to return her body to normal once she wins.

Could add a harem aspect to the game, where after defeating a champion YC gets to claim their nurse as her own, not only gaining another sexual partner but gaining access to their unique serum. Alternatively with each victory there can be a one off sex scene where YC takes advantage of the enemy nurse and gets a new power from it, if keeping many characters around would be too cumbersome.

If you're not limited to just playing against female characters I can add in male nurses as well (as seen in the album), ties in to the harem ideas.

Enemy Nurses may try to seduce YC before battles in an attempt to weaken her chances of winning.

Public scenes that take advantage of MC being invisible to normal people, teasing and having sex with YC while making her look like she's masturbating/crazy.

MC can either be the dominant one of the relationship, a manipulative power bottom, or could fully commit to a submissive, slavelike persona to appeal to YC. In the same vein the serums YC gets injected with could either make her more complacent and agreeable, or pump her full of hormones to make her aggressive and impulsive, leading her to be much more dominant than she'd normally be.

After a big argument our characters end up not having sex for a while. This could lead to YC becoming both pent up and weak, forcing them to reconcile. Alternatively MC agrees not to have sex so long as YC masturbates into condoms so she can keep converting her cum into serum, though she keeps making a lavish display of drinking/playing with YC's cum to try and get her to have sex with her again.

MC starts slowly molding herself to better suite YC's tastes, trying to get the largest, most potent orgasms out of her possible. Could eventually start dipping into strange/taboo areas, such as morphing to resemble a family member/close friend, or gaining more exaggerated proportions or monster girl features.

Villain Defeated? (female villain x futa superhero/magical girl, high smut/medium plot)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
inspired by this gallery NSFW

A valiant heroine has been locked in a seemingly endless conflict with a most vile villainess, the Black Witch Gremwald, for what's seemed like years now. However after thwarting all manner of plots and schemes, and battling more monsters and henchmen than she can count, the time of their final confrontation is at hand. Having tracked her down to her lair, if she can defeat her nemesis here she can finally end her reign of terror for good. The heroine expects the battle to be long and grueling, the perfect climax to a bitter rivalry, and so she is left completely speechless when she arrives at her primordial throne room only for the witch to immediately surrender. In fact not only does she give herself up without a fight, she swears to never again commit an act of evil, all under one very strange condition...

She wants to become the heroine's personal sex slave...wait what?

The heroine is obviously stunned by this. Sure their years of animosity were undercut by perhaps just a little bit of thinly veiled sexual tension, and she'd be lying if she hadn't stayed up a few nights stroking her futa cock to the sight of the villainess in her sinfully proactive robes...but this? this had to be some kind of trick, right? Still suspicious the heroine reluctantly agrees to the offer, and the villainess is escorted out of her lair not in handcuffs, but on a leash. The heroine now finds herself free of her evil fighting duties, her days of fighting the witch's minions replaced by training her body in all sorts of perverse play. Still believing it's some kind of trick the heroine decides to push the villainess into as many degrading and humiliating situations as possible, thinking it will get her to drop her ruse, but the more intense she becomes the more the witch enjoys it, and the deeper in love with the heroine she seems to fall, completely devoting herself to serving her old rival without shame. Is this really part of some master plan? Or are her feelings truly genuine?

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Update: added "into the forest" and "our savior is a magical...boy?" plots

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Re: Pdragon's Plot & Pairing Parade (M seeking any)
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Re: Pdragon's Plot & Pairing Parade (M seeking any)
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update: added a section for monster girls

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Re: Pdragon's Plot & Pairing Parade (M seeking any)
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update: added a mess of new pictures

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Re: Pdragon's Plot & Pairing Parade (M seeking any)
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update: added "trap prince" plot

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Update: Reworked the thread's layout and added a new plot "Child of the Sun" along with a bunch of new pictures.

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Re: Pdragon's Plot & Pairing Parade (M seeking any)
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Update: added three new plots "lost kitten" "futadom school" and "eternal empress" along with even more new inspiration pictures. I fear I've loaded my picture section with so many cute traps and horny futas that it's starting to reach critical mass, though never the less I find myself unable to stop.

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Re: Pdragon's Plot & Pairing Parade (M seeking any)
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update: added the "Merging of Kingdoms" plot and a swell of new pictures.

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Update: added new plot
Raided by Orcs (Orc Futa x Male)
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Kind of a weird one (though which of my plots aren't weird at this point right?), but I've been playing around with a fantasy setting in my head for a while, inspired by one of my favorite images by InCase, in which instead of Orcs being a hulking, barbaric, simple minded race, they are a hermaphroditic race of strong, beautiful, but also significantly cultured warriors and traders. At first glance they appear to be a race of all women, but in reality are all futas capable of both bearing and seeding children. Because of this, along with their historical conquest and cultural appropriation of the elves, they are one of the most dominant races on the planet, and hold one of the most advanced and sophisticated societies. Essentially the role that high elves tend to play in most conventional fantasy settings.

Anyways setting aside, the story is of a young man in a fairly un-extraordinary town. The town lies within a human controlled kingdom, but lies along a fairly popular trade route, making it a stopping point for caravans and other traveling merchants. One night a group of orc traders roll into town, and quickly hole up in the tavern for drinking and revelry. The boy has just come of age that year, and perhaps the orcs already recognize him from prior years passing through the town, or perhaps the newly matured youth just happens to catch their eye. Either way after a few hours of drinking and getting chummy, the orcs coerce the boy into coming back to their room at the inn, and the orcs promptly spend the next 3 days fucking his brains out, sustaining him on a strict diet of wine and thick orc cum as they have their way with him in every way imaginable. After their long weekend of filling his holes well past their limit, the orcs promptly pack up their things and carry on their way, leaving with fond memories of their little escapade, but ultimate thinking little of it. Of course for the boy it wasn't just a casual fling, it was a moment of awakening, an experience seared into his body that went far beyond just forming a fetish, but bordering on addiction, always craving for that distinct taste of orcish semen. And with his orc lovers gone, he's not exactly in a position to get a fix. He tries, to no avail, to find satisfaction with other lovers of various races, but finds he can't stop thinking about the powerful women who showed him such unparalleled pleasure, and whenever another orc just so happens to roll into town the boy finds himself stricken with insatiable need, all but slamming himself onto every emerald cock he can get his hands on. Such begins the tale of the new town orc slut, and the rp itself would follow the initial drunken gang bang, and a series of other encounters after the fact, with different orcs coming for the boy to try and seduce, all having different personalities and forming different relationships with the young man. Some simply relishing the chance for an quick and easy fuck, others being a bit more taken by the boy's earnest charms, and perhaps others coming to feel a bit more...possessive of their new toy. All sorts of possibilities for different stories.

initial inspiration picture

other inspirational pics
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added new plot A Tale of Two Brothers (Male x Trap (incest))

Picture basically speaks for itself, older brother walks in to find his little bro masturbating, discovering both his hobby for cross dressing and apparently fondness for dicks in the process. Where do they go from here? Can range from comedic to light hearted, to sweet and romantic, to a bit darker or extreme, and can either be just a quick one off, or the starting point for a longer story, all depends really. Does the younger brother take this moment to confess his love for his older brother? Does the older brother take advantage and start blackmailing him for favors and even start whoring his littler brother out to his friends? Or are the two just become over come with lust and start fucking on the spot like animals?

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Re: Pdragon's Plot & Pairing Parade (M seeking any)
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Re: Pdragon's Plot & Pairing Parade (Mostly futa and f/f ideas)
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update: did some clean up and added two need plot bunnies.

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Re: Pdragon's Plot & Pairing Parade (Mostly futa and f/f ideas)
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update: added new plot
Futa Cafe (Futa x m/f)
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So basically, I have a massive cum fetish, specifically in regards to futas. Eating it, wearing it, getting filled or covered by it, anything goes really. So the basic premise is just a flimsy excuse to facilitate that: a maid cafe owned and operated by cute, friendly futa girls. For the most part it seems to be just a normal cafe, just with an interesting choice of staff, however in truth the cafe boasts a "secret menu" for regular costumers and those in the know, allowing a variety of services, from getting to enjoy dishes imbued with your waitresses cum, to getting to drink it directly from the source, to even getting to have sex with a waitress of your choice.

There are several different options for a story off of the basic premise. The most straight forward and perhaps most actual story intensive would be a romance story between our characters. At first MC (a young man or woman) thinks their new girlfriend is the most splendid girl in the world, fun, sweet, innocent on the outside but a little bit kinky behind closed doors, not to mention she happens to have a little "extra" down below. However things get flipped turnt upside down when they find out that the cafe she works at is a lewd futa cafe. Can either be purely fun, with MC getting drawn in to the cafe's "family", YC not shy about sharing them around with the other girls who work at the cafe, and maybe even getting them a job there despite not being a futa themselves. Or a more dramatic approach can be taken, with the two struggling with their relationship now knowing that YC is basically a prostitute in so many words. Other plots include the exploits of various regular costumers and their favorite girls, an esteemed food critic that the girls team up to really wow with their excellent service and "secret sauce", a non futa employee who's infamous amongst the other staff for ignoring the advances of the various girls (will one be able to win them over?), or a darker scenario with an obsessive fan of the cafe starting to stalk one of the girls after work. And many more, really just an open platform for various ideas.
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Re: Pdragon's Plot & Pairing Parade (Mostly futa and f/f ideas)
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Re: Pdragon's Plot & Pairing Parade (Mostly futa and f/f ideas)
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Update: renovated the plots and added a new one "Daddy's Little Girl"

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Re: Pdragon's Plot & Pairing Parade (Mostly futa and f/f ideas)
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update: added character section as well as several new characters.

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Re: Pdragon's Plot & Pairing Parade (Mostly futa and f/f ideas)
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Re: Pdragon's Plot & Pairing Parade (Mostly futa and f/f ideas)
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update: added two new plots, "Love Trap" and "I'll make sure you keep my secret!"