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Author Topic: Spray and Pray - interest check for a D&D 5th ed - a few campaign options  (Read 353 times)

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Offline SainTopic starter


I really wanna DM a small group D&D 5th edition game. Figured that rather than propose a single setting at a time and get no players, it might be better to put on display a few of my settings with different flavors and themes to see which of these might garner me a player or three :-) Below I give summaries of each campaign. I have more for each prepared and am listening if you get cool ideas to contribute for them.

If you want to express your interest please mention which ones you wanna play. I'll lock one in the moment it attracts three players (except if you say 'maybe' or seem wishy washy, I won't count it then.) I take 3-5 players. Starting level can be from 3-7.


Synopsis: Surreal, planeshopping, exploration, travel, massive scale conspiracy

An endless empty plain of grass with and vast oceans with bright blue sky above. Countless different dimensions and worlds connect and disconnect with the Worldfall constantly, leaving behind relics - items, buildings and sometimes people. Worlds literally fall from the sky to connect with the infinite plane and the citizens of the Worldfall visit these worlds to forage for food and supplies as nothing grows in this strange reality where they have gotten stuck. One can visit the visiting worlds, but must return before the planet fades out of alignment. As players the struggles you face are not just fights against oddities you meet in these worlds or the environmental dangers and stress for survival. You will also be thrown right in middle of a great conspiracy that will shake the very foundations of the Worldfall and seep from it to every single world in existence.

Weightless Swords

Synopsis: Science Fantasy, dungeon crawl, short campaign with a fairly straightforward plot

This is your typical high fantasy world. A group of adventurers discovers an ancient dungeon and clears all obstacles standing on the way, finally reaching the end, but what they find is not a convenient treasure. In a strange cylindrical room with open ceiling stands before them a tall white steel monolith with a small hatch granting entrance. The party decides to explore this mysterious relic and climbs inside. Ancient systems dormant since the beginning of history reawaken and launch the party past the atmosphere into a secret dungeon where they will face otherworldly hazards and dangers while uncovering the mysterious past orbiting their home world.

The Awakening of Myths

Basically starts off as a low fantasy setting. The world has very limited magic and very little variance with races. Humans are dominant and their largest nations organize cruel witch hunts to get rid of anything magical and mystical. A world wide event shakes up the status quo. Magic and myth begins flowing forth from multiple locations. Large areas become once again uncharted territories where the laws of old world don’t seem to apply and creatures each more mystical than the last roam as if they had been there forever. The fantasy continues to spread like a plague and keeps intensifying until even the mythical creatures begin to fear for what is going to come out next.

I have two main ideas for this sort of setting.

Low tier

Players are members of the original ‘mundane’ races. They’re a small group of seasoned adventurers sent forth by one of the old powers that be to investigate this phenomena and possibly put an end to it or find ways to combat it. This would be an uphill struggle against ancient forces and epic powers.

Synopsis: Epic plot, low fantasy vs high fantasy, fantasy apocalypse

High tier

Countless mythical creatures are trying to spread their influence into the untouched mundane areas. Some spread good, some spread chaos and dread. You are the good and want to save humanity from being stomped out of existence by other powerful supernatural forces. Your characters are trying to find a way for the mundane races and supernatural to co-exist. The chaotic tides of the fantasy flood are unpredictable even to those spreading it. Things get out of control fast when everyone realizes that what they give birth to is beyond their influence. Can anyone catch the lost reins of the chaos that is about?

Synopsis: As many plots as there are plotters, high power, high fantasy,
Note: I might have to run this in pathfinder or 3.5 as there are (as far as I'm aware) no guidelines for how to handle monster PCs in 5th ed and 3.5th just has more books to choose from. Needless to say starting level would be a lot higher than 7 for this one.

Questions, comments, etc. below.
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Offline eternaldarkness

Oh man, Worldfall sounds awesome and I am so in. Any chance you'd allow UA material? I'm dying to play a climbing, swinging, swashbuckling Fighter with the material from Waterborne Adventures.

Online AndyZ

Worldfall sounds pretty cool to me too ^_^

Online TheGlyphstone

Worldfall sounds pretty cool, and I definitely want to give 5E a shot.

Offline Faeli

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Saaaaain!  You know how hypnotic I find your avatar!  Anyway, I am totally in for either Worldfall or Myths!

Offline SainTopic starter

Glad to see the hypno magics work :-) Worldfall it is. I'll whip up an OOC with some more lore on the setting a bit later today. The setting allows for your characters to be pretty much from any sort of background or world you want from low fantasy to scifi. I'm thinking the opening scene could be with some of you guys visiting a world and finding the last member of your party (volunteers), snatching them with you and returning home. Would toss you straight into some dangerous scene so keep them initiative dice ready. There is really no way to measure time inside Worldfall so you don't have to specify how long you've been adventuring together with anything else than how many worlds you've visited already. Were there any preferences for starting level?

eternaldarkness. I haven't read the UA, but if it has nothing more broken than the Moon Druid (which I'm banning by the way ;) for balance reasons entirely) then it should be fine.

Online AndyZ has the Unearthed Arcana stuff for Waterborne.

May I ask what is bad about the Moon Druid?

Offline SainTopic starter

Thanks AndyZ. Swashbuckler and other stuff in that note seem fine to me so go ahead if you wanna use them.

Moon Druids are easily one man parties in the early levels with brown bear transformation. Although, I suppose if we want to start later (say lvl 5-7 instead of 1-4) then it might be alright. I'm personally down for any of those level ranges.

e. Looks like exotic-NC will be the place for the game.
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Offline Muse

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  Oooh!  Oooh!  Am I too late? 

  Woldfall looks really neat. 

  So does Weightless Swords. 

Offline SainTopic starter

Not too late, no.

I'm gonna call starting level to be 5th for now so everyone has gotten some cool toys to play with, but still plenty left to grow. 27 PB, all races and classes are alright and you can rework the fluff of each race/class as you see fit.

OOC up soon. Chargen etc. can be moved there (I want to get this out of the way asap as I'm leaving for a few days and want to at least give enough material for you folk to get characters started meanwhile)

e. OOC up with character sheets and some more lore. Go nuts people.
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