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April 15, 2021, 09:14:37 pm

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Author Topic: Secrets in a Blasted World (oWoD, SW, Fallout, Freeform) [LF partner]  (Read 409 times)

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Offline EvalonTopic starter

   I've recently had my muse poked, but it resulted in a let-down (booo!). I couldn't let a good muse go to waste, could I? So I'm in the mood to see if I can get something going. My first thought was to make this into a group game but I've had little nibbles from that, so I'm shifting my focus to a more narrow setting. Should enough interest come in, I can still transition this to a group game.
Spit it out already! What is this all about?
   This setting borrows from a few different worlds and setting.
   1) World of Darkness (old); I've been wanting to play a Kuei-jin theme'd character for awhile and I'm feeling extra inspired. I'm not a fan of the new version of World of Darkness BUT I'm willing to mix it together since this setting is inspired by but not based upon World of Darkness. This also means everything from the universe is an option. No limits, as long as there is balance.
   2) Secret World; I loooove Secret World and I think it would be a good foundation for the flow of the world. The supernatural exists. In fact, pretty much everything exists. But the human population isn't in on it and powerful people do a lot to keep them out of the loop.
   3) Fallout; this is where the post-apocalyptic setting comes into place. This isn't your normal world. No, no. The bombs have dropped. Craters cover the world and civilization is shattered. Towns and outposts are scattered around the world and dangers lurk around every corner.
   4) More; since I want the feel of "all myths are true", you can suggest anything you like and we can see if it'll fit ;D
Well, that's nice and all, but what's the setting like?
   The bombs have dropped. The people trying to keep the secret world hidden are the ones behind it. As far as the human population is concerned it was a terrorist attack that lead to a near global retaliation strike. The truth of the matter is something more sinister.
   Another plane is breaking through, threatening the world and its inhabitants. When the usual means didn't seem to work, they resulted in a more modern approach. In an attempt to slow the rifts from breaking more, the bombs were dropped.
   Did it work? Well, that's just part of the story ;D
   The organizations are less in control now. It's hard to have your hand in everything when the world is so scattered. 'Supernaturals' are more free than ever and are hunted more than ever. The organizations are recruiting anyone they can get their hands on.
      1) One possible branch of the story could be a group of renegade 'supernaturals' who are not associated with any organization trying to come to terms with the new world.
      2) Another branch is a group of 'supernaturals' who are recruited into an organization and find out the secret behind the bombs and what is currently going on.
Anyone else I should know?
   That's the basics. I can build off more (I have plenty bouncing around in my head) and, if someone shows interested in assisting, we can brainstorm possibilities ;D

Offline Mr BadGuy

Hello! :) I am a huge Fallout fan and would like to brainstorm with you over a possible story in a Fallout themed world, or some other post-apocalyptia that would be equally interesting to work with.