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Author Topic: Aurora is seeking Interesting Roleplays. I play Male and Female.  (Read 3099 times)

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Offline Aurora BorealisTopic starter

Hello, hopefully you are looking for an engaging roleplay filled with sexual tension, drama and interesting complex characters? If so... step into my office.

The office is like an Edwardian gentlemen's office with leather and books. Also, there are a lot of mermaids and unicorns in the office.

I'm Aurora Borealis. My old name was AnjelRocker. I'm 28 years old and living in Northern Alberta. There's Moose and Bears and a nice big River... also The Northern Lights. I like to write and I assume you do too... if not, why are you here? I match roleplays mostly but I write anywhere from 200 to 600 words a post.

My Favourite genres are Romance, time travel and historical role plays with some magic and folklore. Also, drama... action... a good story needs all that. I also have some kinks... Here's my ONs/OFFs

I play both genders, and I like to double. Doubling means that I want to play a female and you play a male. And then, I play a male and you a female. I prefer this method... please don't come to me if you only want me to be the guy. The answer is no unless your plot intrigues me.

I like back story and making well rounded individuals. I'd like to expand my writing abilities with unique characters. I also prefer plot over smut. I like smut but if I wanted to cyber, I would go to chatroom from the early 2000s on AOL.

Currently Craving: The Guardians of the Galaxy roleplay, A Ninja Plot. Civil War or American Revolution. (I am obsessed with Hamilton right now.) Also, a Vampire one. Time Travel. I am always down for Time Travel.

Plots and Ideas are below!
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Kingdom of Cards.

Princess Louise is the Regent of the Hearts Kingdom, one of the four kingdoms of the land. With a sick mother, the Queen and a matriarchy to continue... she is being offered marriage from the three other kingdoms. It does not help that the Kingdom of the Spades is raising in power with a tyrant King working on the backs of slaves. Numerous of the slaves escaping to her own country along with one Prince. He wants to overthrow his older brother with his supporters, a civil war is the first thing on his mind but with the help of the powerful neighbour, he might be able to take his rightful place. However. little does Louise know that people in her own country are set to kill her mother and overthrow the very serious Regent.

There's Louise and her younger sister (Sofia) to roleplay. I play Louise, but I will double in this one for the ladies. The two sisters are fighting for the crown... There is also a lot that can happen in this roleplay like an overthrow of her Kingdom by the Prince...

We can discuss this one and tweak it a bit. Nothing is in stone aside from me playing Louise.

Revenge is so very sweet.

The idea is that in a Regency, Victorian or Edwardian settings... A man is a former footman or servant to a prominent family. He ends up having an affair with the daughter but she snubs him when he wants her to marry him. He goes to seek his fortune in industrial or something of the sort and does really well. Now, years later... he is very well off and her family is on the brink of financial ruin. I like the idea of him toying with her... a battle of the wills since she is bound to be a prideful person of society status. Perhaps the family is so penniless that she has to become a governess for his daughter? (He could be married or widowed?)

Sympathy for the Fallen.

This could be any era but the idea is that a woman was once a lady of the night or a courtesan or a mistress to a powerful man. She has escaped her past life but it is coming back to haunt her... She could have moved away... oh, yeah... Romance. I would like to do this as a story in the Old West between a gunslinger and an former mistress or high end lady of a brothel turned hotel manager or something respectable. A soiled dove running away from her dark past... the same for the gunslinger?

Vampire Roleplay

I have a few vampire characters that I want to develop a little more. Both males and females... so I would like if we could do a doubling roleplay. I also have werewolf characters as well.

Ninja Plot

I like the idea of a kunoichi on a mission to kill an official and is accidentally caught. Maybe like some out of Tenchu Z or Red Ninja... Tsuki No Shippou?  I know a lot about Feudal Japan but it's been awhile since I have done a roleplay in it. I would like to do this one.

1920's Automobile Racing.

A man returns from war in France and takes up a new life to escape from the horrors of the 'Lost Generation'. There is money, fame, glory and ladies in short dresses but... can he really escape his past? I would like him to have PTSD or 'shell shock'. I also would like to play a former WWI nurse in France.


I like the idea of a young woman going on a ghost tour only to get an unexpected visitor following her home. She could look like a former love of his past? A silly idea I came up with when I was in a graveyard.

War of 1812

I would like to do a romance between a British(Canadian) and an American... I don't know how but... plot it out in the PMs.

Historical Lesbian Relationship

I would like to explore this idea of a more manly/tomboyish sort of woman entangling a younger or more feminine woman who is perhaps more innocent. Could be in the Victorian Age or even sooner? They act as friends or one becomes the other's companion...? You might have to convince me on this one.

Fille du Roi.

I would love to do a roleplay based on the History of New France. (Quebec.) Google that term to learn more... seriously, I would love a romance about this.

Guardians of the Galaxy

I would like to do the love story of Peter's Parents. Meredith Quill and Emperor Jason. (We can change the names if you want but OMG... YES YES YES!)

Modern War Story Roleplay

I like the idea of a romance between a man coming back from the war in the Middle East. Maybe, he's an amputee and suffering from PTSD... I'm a veteran so I got a thing for military stories in historical and modern situations.

Gallow's Humour

So, I decided to use the Tarot as a writing prompt and I got the card, 'Death'. So, I was thinking a story of a Grim Reaper... and I kind of want love in there because I am a hopeless romantic. Anyways, I like the idea of a female grim reaper who is doomed to walk the earth alone... and a human sees her... a human that is not suppose to die for awhile. We can play around with this idea. Make it like Dead like me?

Civil War - Arranged Marriage

I was doing this idea but she seemed to disappear. This can be doubled. So, there's an arranged marriage because two people who do not like each other. Let's say they have been engaged for many years but he went off to sow his wild oats or whatever. Anyways, he comes back. They get married then... Boom Civil War and he is shipped off... Except, she wants to come along as one of the camp followers. He won't let her so... she pretends to be a man to search for him as a soldier...

Brandy, You're a Fine Girl

I watched the new Guardians of the Galaxy Movie and it had that song by Looking Glass. Anyways, I like the idea of a bar maid who fell in love with a sailor but he disappears or dies... and/or she goes on her own adventure. Perhaps, she gets falsely accused of stealing and ends up on a ship... could be a pirate story or privateers?

Pairings for other stories in different settings
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Any Era
Hades/Persephone (Perhaps a modern twist?) CRAVING!
Time Traveller/Person from the Past, Present or Future.
Vampire Male x Human
Vampire Female x Human
Vampire x Newly Turned Vampire

Roman Era
Roman Senator x Slave
Roman Gladiator x Wife/Daughter of Owner

'Dark Ages or Middle Ages'
Viking Man or Woman x Celtic Man or Woman
Norman Man x Irish Lady
Norman Lady x Irish Man
Scottish Laird x English Lady
Scottish Lady x English Lord
High Ranking Man x Bondslave Woman
High Ranking Man x Gypsy / Irish Traveller
High Ranking Woman x Servant
High Ranking Woman x Bondslave Man
Blacksmith/ Working Class Man x Daughter of the Presiding Lord

Georgian Era
Duke x Commoner
Earl x Commoner
Lady x Commoner
Lord x Commoner
Duke x Arranged Bride
Earl x Arranged Bride
Courtesan x High Ranking Nobleman
Married Man x Woman Married to Another Man
Married Man x Widow / Unmarried Woman
Pirate x Lady
Pirate x Governorís Daughter

1770's to 1820's (ish)
Male English Spy x Captured Female French Spy
American Male x English Lady
English Man x American Woman
High Ranking Man x Widowed Woman
High Ranking Man x Commoner
High Ranking Woman x Commoner
Married Man x Woman Married to Another Man
Married Man x Unmarried Woman
Duke x Arranged Bride
Earl x Arranged Bride

Victorian Era
American x British Lady
American Woman x British Lord
Courtesan x High Born Lord
High Born Man x Commoner
High Born Lady x Commoner
High Born Man x Arranged Bride
Widow x Widower
Married Man x Woman Married to Another Man
Married Man x Unmarried Woman

1901 to Present
Single Mom x Single Dad
Single Dad x Nanny
Single Mom x Guy Next Door
Millionaire Man x Mistress
Widow x Widower
Bartender x Regular Customer
Abusive Boyfriend / Husband x Abused Girlfriend / Wife
Rich Guy x Working-Class Girl
Heiress x Working-Class Guy
Bodyguard x Heiress / Fictional Princess / Celebrity / Fictional Celebrity

Twisted Faerie Tales and Literature
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Beauty and the Beast*
Little Red Riding Hood
Donkey Skin
Little Mermaid
Alice in Wonderland

InuYasha like roleplay...
Darker than Black
Black Lagoon
Ninja anything really...
Rurouni Kenshin
Black Bird
Fushigi Yuugi (Yes... I want to do the Byakko Gaiden!)
Yona of the Dawn
Kiss Him, Not Me
Attack on Titan

Historical settings that role plays could take place in.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Time Travel!!! (Time Travel to any below, really...)
War of 1812 from the British or American viewpoint. (Please, seriously...)
1920's Jazz Age.
Age of Colonization of the Americas. (New France.) 
Regency Era (Jane Austen)
Victorian Era
Georgian Era
Dark Ages (Vikings, Saxons, Normans, Goths, Vandals...)
Ancient Civilizations
Edwardian Era (Think Titanic.)
Civil War
French Revolution 
Napoleonic Wars

Got any ideas? Tell me about them by Private Messaging me. (Please... do not post in this thread.)

Thanks for stopping by!
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Re: Aurora Borealis: Female seeking Historical Roleplay and more. M/F
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Re: Aurora Borealis: Female seeking Historical Roleplay and more. M/F
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Added two new ideas.

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Re: Aurora is seeking Interesting Roleplays. I play Male and Female.
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Re: Aurora is seeking Interesting Roleplays. I play Male and Female.
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