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Started by Chemmy, October 31, 2008, 02:59:07 AM

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So I'm game for a lot of things as you'll see, just look at my on/offs.  This will be divided in to three sections.  Ideas for story ideas I have, Cravings for things I'd like to play but have no real story in mind for and Pairings for match pairs I'd do.

I'll try to keep this as up to date as possible.  Please read my on/offs before you PM me just so I know we're on similar footing.  I'm open to modifying the stories some and I'm always open to ideas.  If an idea is taken, I'm still open to play it if there's a spin on it and you just tempt me to trying again.

My Ideas
So you want to date my teenage daughter? [M/m, M/f, F/m, F/f, NC?, BON?] TAKEN
Overprotective dad/mother decides to put his/her daughter's suitors through a "screening" process just to see how badly they want to take her out.

Story would basically involve the parent (or maybe both) screening the young suitor (ideally male but could be female) by putting them through a series of tests, namely sexual ones.  Parent would obviously be dom in this case.  We can discuss limits based on where our on/offs match.

I'm willing to play any of the positions in this role but would prefer to play this with a female partner, even if she plays the boy or dad.  It's one of the few times being open for M/M.  If you wow me or we match well I could be persuaded to play this with another guy though.  No offense but I'm just trying to be honest here.

Brothers Need to Share [m/f, m/m/f]
Incest story here about a sister and her two bothers.  The idea is that neither brother knows about what she does with the other, they both think they're the only one.  This continues until she winds up pregnant and decides to come clean, rather than be disappointed the brothers decide to share her evenly and sometimes even together.

Ideally, in my mind, there would be an older brother and a younger brother but we could discuss the details of that.  This would a be a lovey flirty kind of roleplay, just lots of sex.  This can either be two people with one person playing two characters (likely to be the two brothers) or maybe three.  I could be persuaded to have M/m action too if it worked out well, but we'd need three players.

His First Time [m/F, m/f, NC?, BON?]
Story about a nerdy/geeky/shy boy who's normally unlucky with a woman.  He hasn't even really been on a date yet.  This is a story about his first time.  Two possible ways for this to go:
1) A boy's mom's competative friend who's out to take the boy's cherry.  Try to make him care for her more than the mother kind of deal.
2) Loving divorced aunt who's in need of some attention.  She decides to take advantage of her favorite nephew and give him an experience of a life time.

I know it's been done before, but what the hell?  It works out well if say the woman is divorced or unhappy at home.  This can be a Dom/sub thing maybe?  I'm open to more parings but ideally looking for something to fit the 16/17 year old boyWe can talk about those details.

Bought and Sold [M/f, NC?, BON?, EXTREME?]
It's a world where anything can be sold and a particularly wealthy business man is in the market for a teenage girl's virginity.  Hard up for cash a family agrees (with or without the daughter's consent) to take him up on the offer.

Can take this as just a simple cash for virginity, make it a more rape like scenario, or things can get more extreme up to and including snuff (again check my on/offs).  Preference is on the extreme but again I'm open here.

Prove your worth [M/F, NC?] NEW
Man/Boy has a thing for dating 'dumpy' women.  He thinks he is a hotshot (maybe he is) and likes to date beneath himself to make the women work all that much more harder.  Maybe they're a bit fat or a bit old, or they're just very average and they've never felt special.  His goal is to swoop in and show them a good time and then start making them "earn" his attention.

Ideally it would involve some humiliation and abuse (physical and/or verbal) with some control aspects.  The guy should appear like the ideal catch on the outside but when they're alone together he's less than nice to her.  Works well for her to have low self esteem that he can feed off of.

My Cravings
To be dominated - I'm usually the one in charge so it'd be nice to switch it up
Something involving snuff - Been a long time, maybe something along the lines of Dolcett?

Basic parings
Doctor x Nurse/Patient
Patient x Nurse/Doctor
Teacher x Student/Parent

Brother x Sister
Son x Mom
Dad x Daughter
Cousin x Cousin
Mixture of Brother(s) and Sister(s)
Step relations of any of the above

Molester x Victim
Spouse x Spouse's Friend/Family Member
Boyfriend x Girlfriend's Sister/Girlfriend' Mom
Dad x Son's Girlfriend/Daughter's Friend/Wife's Friend/Wife's Sister
Brother x Sister's Friend/Bother's Girlfriend


I sent you a PM based on your first idea (So you want to date my teenage daughter) :)


Updated, added a new one and marked some as taken. 

If you have a twist on one of the taken ones, provided it's different enough then I'm all ears, certainly wouldn't turn down an interesting proposal.

Thanks to everyone who's expressed interest, it's been great talking to you and meeting new people.


Brothers Need To Share and Bought and Sold caught my eye.
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