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Author Topic: Hotaru's Ideas (F for M)  (Read 914 times)

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Hotaru's Ideas (F for M)
« on: July 03, 2015, 02:32:33 pm »
Hi, I am Hotaru and this is my collection of ideas for stories, pairings, and various characters that I have played often.  If you are interested in any of these ideas and such please over my ons/offs and pm me.  I would love to hear from you.

Working for the CEO
A young woman starting out as a secretary fresh out of college for a powerful business man in his building though she is mostly ignored other than him barking orders at her.  She finds that she is not the only one of his employees that has gotten on his bad side as he doesn’t seem to have a good side.  Everyone working for him has had some sort of bad experience with the man as he seems to be picky and extremely hard headed.  Her life working for him goes from bad to worse though when she is offered a job as his private secretary for he just fired his old one.  Needing the pay raise that would get the woman agrees hoping that she would be able to save enough money to get a new job.

She finds that being able to leave is harder than she expected when she finds out all the tasks of being the business man’s private secretary.  Not only does he expect her to do all her regular work, but also serve him personally in other ways.  She finds that she has no choice in the matter either way, as he knows the secret she has hid for years.

Details for story can be discussed.

Haunter House or Sex Cult
When her friends’ told her about a haunted house a college aged woman breaks into the supposedly empty house.  Trying to prove her friend’s wrong she starts to explore it to find the house might not be empty at all.  She finds a sex dungeon and gathers that wild parties were held and it scared her enough to try and make an escape.  Though she was being watched from the shadows and she never made it to the front door, but instead was captured by the brothers that ran the place.  Now, she will be forced to be a part of the wild sex parties with the brothers and their friends doing what they want.

I see this going two ways:
A) She ends up being stuck as a sex slave to the cult and she just ends up deeper and deeper.

B) She falls in love with one of the brothers and she has to make a decision about her future. 
   1) She could be turned into that brother’s special toy and stay with him.
   2) She tried to convince her love to leave and run with her.

Details for story can be discussed.

Ghost Hunt Gone Wrong
When a group of three girls enter a house that is suppose to be haunted they try to exorcise it.  They are a newly formed ghost hunting team that was asked by the owner to take care of the haunting that is in the house.  This roleplay can take a few different directions depending on what my partner and I decide to discuss.  I have four rough ideas that can come from this roleplay.

A) A God- In exorcising the house they uncover a god.  Whether the god seduces the girls or forces them into having sex is up to us.

B) An Angel- They uncover an angel in the house when exorcising it.  The angel could either want help from them to escape the house because of being trapped or want to smite them for interfering in his task.

C) A Ghost- They run into a ghost when exorcising the house.  This spirit can either be a playful spirit that teases the girl’s into sexual situations or a spirit that captures the girls and uses them.

D) A Demon- When exorcising the house they uncover a demon that either tries to manipulate the girls into bed or forces them into bed with his demonic strength.

Details for the story can be discussed.

How to Seduce the Babysitter
I have two different versions of this idea and I am willing to play both versions.

A) A young woman working her way through college baby-sits for an older couple that has both a son a few years older than her and a toddler son.  One weekend when she goes to baby-sit for the couple she finds that there was a miscommunication between them and it was the wrong weekend.  Her and the older son had hit it off before and now stuck together for the weekend he wants to seduce her.

My partner and I can discuss details.

B) A young woman working to make ends meat takes a job baby-sitting for a business man as he usually worked late into the night.  He can be married or not, but the two grow close through her watching his children and they started an affair.  What happens after the affair starts we can add in details.

I see these two versions of the roleplay as more of the romantic type.

The Unusual Punishment
A young woman who causes problems for her village as she doesn’t follow the rules is always punished, but this time she is in real trouble.  Once a year in an area near the village a portal to another world appears and the village always sacrifices a girl to close the portal.  This year because of the big fire that she caused in the village she was the one being sacrificed into the portal.  Once she is through the portal the young woman finds herself in the mysterious demon realm.  The demons that caught her through the portal take her to the demon prince so she can start the prince’s harem.

I see this rp with more of a medieval setting or ancient time.  Also I imagine that more girl characters could be brought depending on the details me and my partner discuss.

Snowed Inn
Running an inn in the mountains was the least of her problems one cold winters night when a blizzard snowed her and the man she had repairing the place in the inn.  Both trapped in the inn until help can come up the mountain to get them pushes the two of them together.

This is just an idea that I had the barest of beginnings on.  I can discuss ideas for the plot with the partner wanting to play this.  I see this more of a romantic rp, but can be persuaded to do it another way.

A Twins Roleplay
I would love ideas for a twin roleplay!  I have started several roleplays with playing two identical females in various situations.  They all have died though because of various reasons through the past few years.  Any ideas for a pair of twin girls I will listen to.

I have two ideas I have recently thought of about twins and I will put them up here.

   1) To Be Taught a Lesson:
   This is a late high school or early college setting with a pair of twins that are extremely close and most wonder how close they really are.  The one twin is failing a class and they decide to talk to the professor about what she can do about it.  What they don’t know is that the professor also teaches a lot other things and in exchange for a good grade the girls must agree to his private lessons.  Hence, the girls are drawn into his crazy sex games while they have no way out.

This can be developed to go various different ways.

   2) The Wrong Twin:
   This is a more romantic storyline, but with more plot than sex.  Based in medieval times a prince falls in love with one of the twins and brings her into his court to marry her.  What he doesn’t know is that her family hates the royal family and while the twin he fell in love with was a sweet girl her twin is anything but.  The family had switched the twins before he took her into his court and he ends up marrying her twin instead.  She murders him on their wedding night and disappears.  The knights go after her only to catch the other twin and nobody believes her when she says she is innocent. The good twin is given to the younger prince to do with as he pleases.

There is many ways that the rp can go from there, but I was thinking that the twin would fall in love with the younger prince seeing how he treats others even though he don’t treat her that way and also he starts to wonder if she is telling the truth seeing how she acts.  And the other twin has to come back into play at some point.

A High School RP
I am looking for a high school rp dealing with a rough edged boy and a quiet girl.  Details and plot can be discussed with any interested partner.  I am thinking it could more along the lines of a romantic roleplay. 

Being Home Alone is Hell
A young woman is home alone for a full weekend as her parents are going away to visit relatives.  It is the first time in a long time that she has been alone in the house and she is going to enjoy it to the fullest.  Three burglars break in and turn her fun weekend into Hell.  What happens to the girl with them is up to us.

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Queen/Princess x Warlord
Demon x Witch/Elf/Human

Still under construction!!!!!!