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Author Topic: Quix's Quest For Writing Partners. Stories From Light To Extreme (M for F)  (Read 4701 times)

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Online Mr QuixoticTopic starter

Hi all, it's Quix here!

Finally, after a couple of years, but really only active, for one, I've gotten around to creating a proper O/O's thread to provide more detail and context on my preferences, allowing me to also completely revamp my Plot Thread, hopefully making it easier to navigate.

In brief, I'm a multi paragraph writer with a strong preference for character-driven stories where the greater plot stems outward from the internal motivations, desires and goals of our protagonists, whether they be the basest of evil, the saintliest of the good or, as is usually the case, somewhere on a spectrum between the two, and the psychology of people, over externally-driven plots, vast worlds, fantasy creatures and settings, adventurous epics and the like.

I've a few plots below which I've split up into various sections, as well as links to my current stories for latest samples of my writing. However, as I consider my main forte lies in - no matter the type of character I portray or what the story is about - the creation of three-dimensional, memorable personalities and getting deep into their psyches, not in coming up with fleshed-out plots from a blank slate, if any those don't strike your fancy please don't let that put you off. I place more priority on finding potentially compatible long-term partners than I do on being wedded to specific stories or cravings so after taking a peek at my O'O's/writing, you think we might mesh, feel free to shoot me a message and/or throw other ideas my way.

Just one request. If you do message, either in relation to one of my plots or simply a general approach, I'd appreciate if it's not just a one or two-liner with scant information, but instead provides me something to work with and an idea of your interests. 

Lighter Plots

The Proposition

She's an eighteen year high-school senior, near graduation and looking forward to moving to a new state to attend college after the Holiday's, and beginning her quest for independence. Attractive, but not stunningly gorgeous, neither a virgin or a slut, she's your typical, studious, girl-next door. He's an elder man, around thirty or so and handsome enough, who approaches her outside the school gates with a proposition.

One night, $5,000 an hour, and all she needs do is to entertain he and some high-flying business colleagues for the evening at his mansion. A chance to let her hair down; in total confidence, without judgement; and experience something many women fantasise about. It will be her secret to keep forever and she's free to leave at any time with the money earned, however, a further $100,000 will be paid if she stays until morning. Enough to ensure she'll be able to be concentrate on her studies and enjoy College life without the need to work.

A once in a lifetime offer, and it's only one night.


Note: Have started this a couple of times, but unfortunately, neither really worked off. Not entirely sure if I'd want to retry again just yet, but could be discussed.

A young novelist, wealthy beyond his apparently limited success, receives a call from an old friend, who he hasn't spoken to since College. Upon hearing he and the man's girlfriend plan to travel to his city for a month as she attends job/college interviews, he offers them a bed, unaware of the others true intent.

Consumed with old grudges and long-contained jealousy and believing the novelists success had come off the back of his ideas after uncovering the truth behind his wealth, the man intends to demand his fair share. Simultaneously, he can show of his new trophy; the one thing, beautiful and perfect, he had that his old buddy, always more successful with the ladies and in life could never claim as his. 

Or, is that true, because what will happen when she discovers that her boyfriend's old college dorm-mate, under a pseudonym, is the responsible for a series of bestselling erotic novels that speak to every sexual fantasy she'd ever possessed?

Wanting someone flexible in their kinks/sexual dynamics as I'd like it to incorporate a little of everything and a lot of variety, in that context. Too many options to list here, but happy to discuss further if anyone's interested in the above concept.

The Road To Fame

Set in the 1960's, an intentionally cliche-ridden, fun romp about the (mis)adventures of a small-time thief on the run from the Law in his home state and a down-on-her-luck Nightclub singer intent on making her fame and fortune in Vegas who, using his experience and her 'assets' to their advantage, team up and embark on a petty-crime spree throughout the Western United States.
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Online Mr QuixoticTopic starter

Re: Mr Quixotic's Request Thread
« Reply #1 on: June 26, 2015, 02:22:12 AM »
Darker Plots


A base idea that's been in my head for a while that I'd like some help to flesh out.

My character, out of pure mischief, decides that he requires psychological treatment to help resolve his anger issues. Very selective about who he'd bare his soul to, she'd need to be female and attractive. Not one to easily trust, he doesn't intend to reveal all immediately or admit to the series of brutal rapes that's garnered all the media attention even if she is bound by patient confidentiality, but to keep it all hypothetical. And if the Doctor happens to become aroused by what he hypothetically could have done to these women that's her problem.

So, is he telling the truth or lying? To get into his mind and discover that answer in order to be able to help, she'll need have him explain everything in exquisite detail and perhaps perform physical demonstrations. All in the name of medicine, of course. Just how was the victim kneeling and were her hands tied behind her back or in front, and with what? Was she screaming, crying or begging when he raped her? Is that position even possible?

I imagine this as a fun game of cat-and-mouse with their exchanges remaining couched in hypothetical terms for quite a while and incorporating a lot of buildup, 'teasing' and 'foreplay' as the talk/actions become incrementally more intense. However, it requires more than just counseling sessions and interaction between Doctor and Client so am looking to add another over-arching plot element.

Does she become a partner in his crimes, enjoying watching him rape other women? Is she married with a boring sex-life and her relationship with her husband change as her demands for him to become increasingly sexually rougher and more violent grow stronger? Does she step outside the relationship, putting herself in dangerous situations, and risking her marriage, career and reputation to sate her new desires? A combination of all or something else entirely? Is he a rapist at all, or just a deluded, but ultimately harmless, fantasist?

The Betrayal

He’d managed to conceal it his entire life, to hide it from those who would try to change or 'help' him. Sure, some had their suspicions, but it was nothing they could put their finger on, nothing which could be proven – he'd never allow that to happen.

Some knew more than others, of course; the ones he'd hurt before and a couple of his friends. Friends? Maybe acolytes was a better word, 'friends' implied that he was capable of caring for someone other than himself. It wasn't like they'd tell anyone though, the acolytes reaped the benefits, and the others? Well, they'd seen what he was capable of.

Still even then, they didn’t really know, not the whole truth. That underneath the charming, intelligent and friendly exterior there lay a true sociopath totally incapable of remorse or empathy; one whose sole pleasure in life came from the pain of others, who could only feel true emotion through their suffering.

From the moment he saw her, he knew. She was just another victim, another toy to play with. He’d charm, befriend, manipulate and isolate her until, in the end, he was the only one she could depend upon, the only one she could trust. In return, he'd be the only one who cared for her and once she trusted him completely, he'd betray her.

They had yet to speak, but he knew how it would be, it would be as it was before. He closed his eyes and the images ran through his mind, as if  watching a silent movie. He could see the look of pain and disbelief on her face; the dawning realisation that this is what he'd always wanted. Although there was no sound, he knew through her wide open mouth she would be screaming and begging for him to make it stop, pleading for it not to be true.

And he'd watch, and he'd laugh and he'd mock as his friends systematically used and violated her and her mind and body were broken, but most of all he would feel. Her emotions and her pain would be his emotions, his pain, and for that fleeting moment in time at least he'd be able to feel something.

Looking for a particular dynamic in this, in that not a female 'victim' type, but a normal, girl-next-door, and for the relationship to include consensual, enjoyable sex, initiated by either/both parties as subtle manipulation occurs behind her back, leading to a brutal, non-consensual coup de gras.

The man of her nightmares (Closed for now)

She'd met him at a college party. She hadn't really wanted to go, but her friends teased her and told her she'd never meet a guy if she never went out. So in the end she went and was glad she did.

He was a little older, maybe too old to be there, but she didn't care. He was different from the other 'boys', the ones who just wanted to get her drunk and sleep with her. He was mature and funny and charming and made her feel good.

Still, she couldn't help wondering, out of all the girls at the party, why would he be interested in her? Not that she wasn't attractive, she was. She was just a little shy and didn't show off her body or act slutty like the others.

Why her?

Partners In Depravity (Closed for now)

Our own take on the Fred and Rosemary West serial killer partnership.  The relationship between the two of them and how they become a partnership as well as their depraved acts. Would require a female partner to play as a joint protagonist with my character. I have a concept of this being a group roleplay - initially commencing as a 'one-on-one', where the relationship is developed between the two main characters, then opening it up to others (one at a time) to join in and play as one of their 'victims'.

Internet Killers (Taken - being written as Dulce Periculum)

He was a thirty-something security consultant, highly intelligent and  respected by his peers. She was a twenty-something college student, bright and attractive, your typical girl next door. He was a closet psychopath. She had a dangerous kink. He fantasised about raping, torturing and killing young women. She got off to seeing others in pain. They met in an underground chat-room. She issued him a challenge. Did he have the balls, or was he all talk? That was how the partnership began.

I'm in the mood to unleash my dark side, and write something violent, misogynistic, and depraved. Whilst I expect the interactions between the two main characters to at times be mentally and physically violent, both sexually and non-sexually, I am looking for a fellow protagonist, not a 'Villain/Victim' relationship. Not for the squeamish, I envisage this being  a Richard Laymon-esque serial killer/slasher movie parody  along the lines of 'Natural Born Killers', on steroids, but with more character development/plot and quite an amount of dark humour. Depraved, but fun, and light-hearted at times. Many kinks and acts of perversion are on the table in service of the story, depending on limits. I've a lot of ideas of where it could go, and how it could work, and am open to suggestions.

Adam and Eve (Taken)

Psychologically damaged by physical and emotional abused received as children adopted brother and sister, Adam and Eve, had only each other to depend upon when they escaped the home of their bible-thumping, evangelic Foster Parents. A few years later, closer than ever, and with both working menial jobs in a different State, the old voices and visions come flooding back when on the television news they see their Step-Father, his City's long-term Police Chief, nominated as preferred Senatorial Candidate for that State's Republican Party.

Frightened that a position of such status and importance will provide him the means to bring about the much talked of Armageddon, sending them to burn in the depths of Hell for all eternity, they need to take action to avoid his world-ending wrath, but how can the duo be expected to be able to face down one who is virtually Omnipotent? Only by thinning out his blue-uniformed protective Army first, with the added benefit of pissing him off in the process, do they even stand a chance.

But, how many will be enough and who is stalking them as the cop-killings grow ever more frequent. Friend, or foe?
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Online Mr QuixoticTopic starter

Re: A Quixotic Request Thread (M for F)
« Reply #2 on: August 22, 2016, 10:03:33 PM »
Light or Dark (can go either way, depending on preferences)

Curiosity Tempted The Cat

Would like to do a coercion/blackmail roleplay where a female 'victim' is complicit in her own corruption. Basic concept that comes to mind is a daughter/wife of a well-known businessman bored with her safe life or disciplinarian upbringing escapes for an evening of excitement. Leading to her, of her own volition, hooking up with the 'wrong guy'; a drug dealer/criminal or the like, who on discovering her identity sets out to extort her for sexual favours and possibly as a drug-runner. The point of difference being rather then a hatred or the situation, the female character would be aroused by it with any 'resistance' not real, but used as a self-justification for her to enter (and pro-actively place herself) into increasingly depraved and dangerous situations. Thinking the scenario would jump between that relationship and the one with her Father/Husband, where she'd need to maintain her 'good-girl' persona and keep her secret life hidden.

The Businessman and the Stripper

He frequented the clubs, not because of the women, well girls really, dancing naked up on the stage. He did it because since Amy died and his wife had left there wasn't really much else. At least it took his mind of things for a while. That and his job, it helped keep the anger at bay.

From the moment he saw her, he couldn't get her out of his mind. Not in a lustful way or not that he recognised as such. It was her looks, her smile, her youth, how she reminded him of his daughter. He had the money, he might be able to help her. To help her leave that dirty business, to find something else, to maybe even to go to College.

She was young and she stripped for a living. It was as simple as that. She got naked for strange men and she loved it. She loved the attention, the admiring glances, the money, the fact that all those men wanted to touch have her. Who would want to work their ass off eight hours a day at minimum wage when they could do this?

All he wants to do is help her, all she wants is what's in his wallet. Who'll win this little game of manipulation. And what will become of the loser?

The Girl-Next-Door (Taken - scenario incorporated in my 'The Heiress and the Hacker' story)

“Models (female), 18-19, required for catalogue, website and private photo shoots. Great hourly rate and flexible conditions with a reputable company. Afternoons, weekends or evening work available. Perfect opportunity for college students, all welcome to apply. No nudity required. Contact Connor on ..............."

That was the advertisement thirty-three year old Connor Adams had placed in local newspapers and on the college community boards a week ago and as far as he was concerned it spoke the truth. His company, Girl Next Door Productions, was reputable - within the pornography industry - and nudity wasn’t a requirement. Not, that was, unless you wanted regular work and the ability to earn ten times as much as you could flipping burgers in a fast-food joint. A small fish in a big pond, Connor planned to become a shark.

The films the larger porn production company's made and the girls they used - pretend 'teenagers' with bleached blonde hair, pierced lips, noses and eyebrows, tramp-stamps and the most incredibly fake orgasms he'd ever witnessed -. were all too similar and no longer offered the public anything they hadn't seen a thousand times before, so he'd come up with a new idea. The girl-next-door. A barely legal, articulate and personable young woman with a bright future ahead; one who Father's would be proud to claim as a daughter and Mother's to think of as a son's future bride.

And once he found that Girl-Next-Door, he'd take those Mothers and Fathers along with brothers, sisters, friends, lovers and peers on an ever intensifying journey; able to watch every minute of the once normal teenage girl's life as she was transformed into an Internet sensation, and filthy, depraved, insatiable, cock-craving whore. There, but for the grace of God, goes my daughter. It was a sure-fire winner.

If, deep down, she desired what he offered so much the better. Now he just had to find her.

The Reincarnation of Peter Proud

Supernatural isn't usually my forte, but this was a book I pinched off my parents and read when I was about thirteen and for some reason, it's always stuck with me.

From Amazon:

"Dr. Peter Proud’s ordinary life as a professor in California is threatened by recurrent dreams that all end the same: with his murder in a lake at night by a mysterious woman named Marcia. These dreams—which he comes to believe may be flashbacks from a previous life—become so disturbing that he seeks answers from a sleep researcher, a clairvoyant, and an expert in psychic phenomena in order to recover his past. But he soon discovers a new dimension to his dilemma while watching a television show called “America, Past and Present”—and realizes the show is set in the town in his dreams.

He travels to Springfield, Massachusetts, and comes face to face with the woman from his nightmares. The woman, Marcia Curtis, is shocked to see in Peter personality traits and characteristics that precisely recall those of her dead husband, Jeff, including his voice. Peter meets and falls in love with Marcia’s daughter, Ann, just as Marcia realizes that he is a reincarnation of Jeff. Will a second tragedy occur just as Peter is about to unravel the mystery behind his dreams?"

Though, probably not the same precise storyline as the novel, I think the premise could make for an interesting collaboration.[/spoiler]

The Tease

She was known as the Tease, but that's he what he always called a woman who refused to sleep with him, however,  in this case he was right. She knew she was attractive and she loved to flaunt and taunt. Usually, he'd take things into his own hands, but this time there was a problem. She just happened to be his boss. If only he could find a way to turn the tables, what with the business convention coming up and all. The entertainment at those things was always so boring, he'd love for her to become the main attraction.
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Online Mr QuixoticTopic starter

Twisted Fairy-Tales

Snow White and the Seven Perverts

The concept I have is for a long-term play with separate chapters based/themed on the name of each dwarf. Bear in mind that what's below is just a rough draft. If anyone is interested, I'm sure we could brainstorm and tailor it to better match both of our kinks.  Of course the chapter order isn't set either. Because I've been asked when I had this idea up before, my original idea to play the perverts as normal sized males, but hey, if you really want dwarfs, I'm amenable to it.


Chapter 1 –Sleepy, anything but a prince
Snow White awakes to receive her first inkling that the Evil Queen may not be so bad after all

Chapter 2 – Doctor, Doctor
Snow White is instructed on the rules of the house and prescribed her medicine 

Chapter 3 – Snow White gets Grumpy
Snow White discovers what happens when she disobeys the rules

Chapter 4 – A Dopey Night in
                  Drugs work better than chains

Chapter 5 - Happy times
                Snow White receives a reward

Chapter 6 - A Bashful excursion
                Snow White entertains at the local tavern (It could also be a bashful/shy 'dwarf', where Snow White takes control of the situation)

Chapter 7 –Sneezy shares Snow White  (and Snow White!)
                 A cocaine-fuelled night of debauchery, and sharing[/spoiler]

An Epic Fairy-tale Adventure

Goldilocks has came of age and in her desperation to escape the evil clutches of her widowed Step-father and his plans of betrothal - to him - she leaves her cottage in the dead of night. Tired and hungry, she breaks into an empty house usually occupied by a Father and his two son’s, the Bears. On her discovery and on hearing the story of the young woman a plan is hatched to keep young Goldie on as a household maid. From there begins a tale of sexual initiation and high-adventure,as the four protagonists undertake a perilous quest to save all those other Fairy-Tale characters in need.

I have lots of ideas for this and whilst most of the story would be written from the viewpoints of Goldilocks and the Three 'Bears' I am looking to delve into other Fairy-tale pairings, incorporating the writing of their stories and putting our own unique spin on them. Filled with fun and adventure it wouldn't be all sunshine and roses and I envisage it also containing dark elements as any good Fairy-Tale should with some characters-in-peril being saved by our dynamic foursome and others meeting a bad end, possibly at our protagonists hands. As well as a multitude of different sexual themes and kinks, for instance, as we perhaps pose some of the following questions or others of similar ilk;

Just how close were Hansel and Gretel and was their punishment deserved?

Why was Jack's crown broken, and who was responsible; Jill, before she came tumbling down? Is there something we have been told about what happened on that hill?

What's the best method for an attractive woman to distract a giant from Beanstalk surveillance?

How high a price will Goldie be prepared to pay, and in what currency, for her and her fellow traveler's to be allowed cross the Troll's bridge?

Is the wolf the only one to blow the Three Chauvinist Pigs, and if not, did the other do it willingly? Maybe he had reasonable justification for revenge?

Not to mention the possibilities offered up by Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, Rumpelstiltskin and Little Red Riding Hood to name a few others. However, please note nothing is set in stone nor am I stuck on any specific scenarios. They're all just random ideas off the top of my head intended to hopefully, provide a better idea of the overall concept I'm looking to write and I'm fully open to suggestions/changes/preferences within the overarching framework.

Of course, everyone would be aged up appropriately, and I'd also be looking to keep the characters human, or at least humanoid (such as with any troll or giant, etc) in appearance, with the fairy-tale designation being used a metaphor for personality and/or looks.

If anyone is attracted to in the basic premise, and/or helping me flesh it out, just shoot me a PM.
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Online Mr QuixoticTopic starter


Good Guy Lucifer

I've had a vague idea I've mentioned to a few people about writing a story inspired by the 'Good Guy Lucifer' Memes, whereas Satan is the misunderstood good guy, and God, the Evil one who by virtue of having her book published first claimed all of the credit for being 'Good'. I'd envisage it as a parody with a female God, but as far as fleshing out a greater story I've a few ideas, but am finding them hard to coalesce in my mind.

Possibly Satan and God are a couple having trouble with their sexually precocious teenage daughter, Eve, and wayward adopted son, Jesus, with every earthquake, tornado and  tsunami a result of marital bickering and a 'Just because we're married, you can't tell me what to do' attitude from God, met with a "I think we need counseling, honey, you've just killed another three-hundred-thousand people," one from her husband.  Of course, would also like to throw a solid overarching story-line in there as well.

One other thing that attracts me in this idea is that with the concept of God being eternal and omnipresent, time-lines and location wouldn't matter. We could move from the present day in one post to God, in a fit of pique, flooding the Earth in the next, then onto Samson and Delilah or Sodom and Gomorrah soon after, potentially playing the characters out and putting our own unique spin on each scenario. Ah, this is what I mean about my brain getting ahead of me with possibilities, there's now about a gazillion different ideas rattling around unchecked in my head and how they could all fit together.

Game of Tropes

Despite my requests or persona sometimes coming off as formal or even a little cold, it's because of the organised structure they require, which doesn't suit my non-linear thought process, and those who know me well outside of that are aware that I have an affinity for, and great love of, sarcasm, hyperbole and also more subtle humour.

In that vein, I've always wanted to write a complete story as a parody, and would love to find a partner interested in joining me for a fun, comedic collaboration.

I've nothing set in stone as details are open to discussion however the idea I'm looking to play around with is for us to chose a

common pairing or two, or twenty

Christian Grey/Anastasia Steele inspired

Dominant Daddy/Virginal Daughter

Bad Boy/Good Girl


Vampire/Lycan or Vampire Hunter


Experienced Older Male/Inexperienced Younger Female

Edward Cullen/Bella Swan inspired


Vile Rapist/Innocent Victim

Naive Woman/Male with Seductive Intent

Pretty much all other standard tropes open to discussion

and drop them in the middle of a

familiar plot theme(s)/trope(s)

An innocent daughter of a man whose ancestor crossed the ancestor of a Mafia Don three centuries before is made into a slave to repay the never-forgotten debt

A damsel in distress requires a rugged, dominant male to rescue her from peril

A virginal Princess is pressured into an arranged marriage to a Dominant Prince - from whom she'll learn the arts of submission and diplomacy - in an attempt to avert all out war between two Kingdoms

A naive, shy, innocent, never-been-touched girl needs the strict hand of an experienced older man to teach her about the birds and the bees

Either an Investigative Journalist or a Cop undertakes a secret mission to infiltrate a Biker Bar/S&M Club only to, in the second post, have her intrepid plans foiled by an evil villain who'll turn the once 'strong' - obviously, just look at her profession! - woman into a submissive little fuck-toy to be used and abused for the members amusement

A young daughter is fantasised over by Daddy, who can't restrain any longer his need to teach her a lesson

An impressionable student is taken advantage of by her handsome Professor, who threatens to fail her and treats her like shit before she grows to love it and together they sail off into the happily-ever-after sunset.

A teen, after being forced into prostitution, instead of trying to escape, finds it arousing, leading to her happily spreading her legs for as many men as humanly possible whilst falling romantically for her woman-beating pimp

A woman lost in the woods happens upon a lone man living in a cabin who, desiring nothing but solitude and to be left the fuck alone, - hence why he forwent his Calvin Klein underwear modelling contract for an isolated cabin in the woods - randomly finds himself wanting to seduce her when she knocks upon his door in the middle of the night, and will not allow the buxom beauty to leave until she succumbs to his roguish, masculine charm.

A younger sister to play opposite an older brother who has nothing else on his mind than his desire to ravage and dominate her; no matter what. But, don't worry, she'll like it.

A lone hitchhiker's car breaks down in the middle of nowhere where the first people who happen to drive past unfortunately turn out to be a bunch of vile, but extremely good-looking, rapists, rather than the more statistically probable neutrals or Good Samaritans. Or even ugly rapists.

A human girl who attracts the attention of a Demon intent on turning her into his pet. For something extra unique, she could accidentally summon him by innocently reciting a spell from a dusty old book she just happened to stumble across in an attic.

An 'independent' woman reluctantly enters a BDSM club for the very first time only to experience an epiphany, three-and-a-half seconds after meeting the steely gaze of a man she's never before laid eyes on, where she realises that being a sub is her true calling in life and she's just found her Dom

A female Vampire's inhuman strength and extraordinary abilities are made redundant in the context of the story due to the plot requirement that regardless of how great they are, they still must be lesser than the Lycan or Vampire-Hunter she'll (for that very reason) invariably submit to

A girl falls in love with the man who mentally, physically and sexually abuses her, because:
a) Stockholm Syndrome
b) He was doing it out of love, lust and desire and to show her what it was she truly needed; isn't that romantic?
c) Just because
d) All of the above

A naughty schoolgirl or workmate discovered showing off her boobies by a peer/colleague is subsequently blackmailed into becoming the biggest, most depraved cock-hungry worthless whore in the history of the Universe. Because, well, that action is much more logical than going to the Police and risking a slap over the wrists from her parents, teacher or boss

Again, all other standard tropes open to discussion.

To create our own unique -or not so unique!- story. Then, once we have that, proceed to mercilessly rip the shit out of every cliche that we can possibly manage to incorporate.

For instance, an extreme plot example (and also an extreme example in the use of nouns and adjectives!):

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Edward Gray, a dominant, bad-boy Jock Sports Teacher, also later revealed to be blushing virgin Anastasia Swan's biological Vampiric Daddy and a billionaire entrepreneur, uses the threat of failing grades to blackmail the gullible and naive student Cheerleading Princess into becoming the Universe's biggest cock-craving submissive bimbo-slut, imprisoning the long-haired beauty, turned sex-slave, in a tower dungeon before the damsel-in-distress is stolen away from her sparkly captor by a Beast of a Prince Charming who helps her overcome Stockholm Syndrome, and together they live happily-ever-after!

Think along the lines of like Airplane/Scary Movie/Naked Gun/Monty Python and the Holy Grail/The Life Of Brian, etc; something ridiculously over-the-top in concept, characterisation, stereotypes and plot-elements, but still written in a serious tone akin to any other story, as if the characters truly exist as they are within the fictional world we place them in, not as slapstick.

I know this is rambling and possibly nonsensical, but if it the general concept does strikes a chord with anyone who shares my interest in writing a story that is pure intentional parody, just hit me up to discuss.

Plot Bunnies

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

*A college student gains an internship at a Law Firm to take revenge on her sisters abusive ex boyfriend, except she gets more than she bargained for.

*A female 'Mata Hari' type character, is sent into foreign territory to gain/seduce information from a foreign army general/politician. What happens when her motivations are discovered?

*A college student/work colleague with a grudge sets out to  seduce her Professor/Employer, in order to film it and ruin his career and marriage. After she succeeds there's only one thing left for him to live for. Revenge.

*A new girlfriend becomes the centre of a tug-of-war between two old friend. (seduction/consensual, but could go many other ways)

*A prominent defence lawyer takes on the case of a serial rapist, only to discover that the accused is the very same man who raped and left her for dead, years before.

*A story centred around high-stakes gambling or a high-stakes gambler, possibly set in the Casino's of Vegas and/or other exotic locations Mystery, seduction, danger, but would like to say away from Mafia tropes.

* Something with Political Intrigue, and an intern who's more than she appears to be; sent to sexually entrap a Senator for Political gain, however receives more than she bargains for. Could be dark, as in revenge/consequences for the Intern, or turn into them working together towards a greater purpose.

*Would like to do which incorporates some of the psychological themes along the lines of those that occurred in The Milgram Experiment/Stanford Prison Experiment or Lord of The Flies novel, in which normal people dramatically change under extreme conditions. No set ideas in mind, but happy to chat it up. 

* A young woman accused of the murder of her family and boyfriend is bailed old by a relative/family friend who believes in her innocence, only to discover the girl is much more than appears to be, leading to a sexual powerplay, infidelity, betrayal and death. (as usual, have ideas for this sitting in my head, but need someone to bounce off to help flesh them out)

* An expose on the world of porn. Possibly some very dark content, even to the extent of snuff films, somewhat along the lines of the film 8mm with Nick Cage. Not looking for a 'victim' female main character, but one to work alongside mine, possibly the friend of a girl who's gone missing after entering the industry, however would envisage multiple characters and various scenario for the female as she goes underground to obtain information. As usual, the vague idea sits in my head, and need help to solidify it.

*A high-profile athlete/celebrity and an aspiring model who fake a relationship for the media.

* Something with a seedy vibe; illegal gambling den, exotic dancers, drugs and crime. A journalist/cop and a dancer/woman with her own intent for being there. Perhaps she gained a job there, casing the place for a sting? Or she's looking to take them own, even one entering the life undercover to write an expose for her college thesis, a woman living a double-life

* Similar in some ways to the above, I've tried a couple before, but neither worked out in the long-term and  lately have another itch for an investigative journalist story, this time set in the glory days of print media before computers, the internet and cellphones et al existed. Where rough and tumble, hard-working, hard-drinking tough men and just as rough and tumble, hard-drinking, hard-working women are prepared to use any trick in their arsenal; legal, ethical or otherwise; to first get the scoop and then deliver the copy to the newsroom before deadline. Maybe themed around illegal gambling dens and/or houses-of-ill-repute, potentially with political implications, though I'd rather it stayed away from Mafia tropes.

* A splatter-punk story. Over the top, but fun, violence, horror and sex in the vein of Richard Laymon's works.

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Links To Thread Stories

Active - BMR

The Heiress And The Hacker - SilvaMoon
A man's attempt to reconnect with his adolescent love is complicated by class differences, the hatred of her wealthy Father, and his Head of Security's uncovering of the renewed relationship, who'll use that information for his own ends. Can they find a way to use their own discovery of her Father's secret perversions against him so that they can be free, or will it all come crashing down around them?

A Vision In Blood - Miss Eleanora
An FBI agent finds himself enamoured with an art connoisseur during his investigation of a serial killer who creates 'masterpieces' from the drained blood of his  male victims, unaware that the killer is a she and they've just met. Will the man discover the truth about his new lover before it's too late and put a stop to the depravity, or will he instead become her Magnum Opus?

Adam and Eve - Aurelia
Psychologically damaged by physical and emotional abuse received as children adopted brother and sister, Adam and Eve, had only each other to depend upon when they escaped the home of their bible-thumping, evangelic Foster Parents. A few years later, closer than ever, and with both working menial jobs in a different State, the old voices and visions come flooding back when on the television news they see their Step-Father, his City's long-term Police Chief, nominated as preferred Senatorial Candidate for that State's Republican Party.

Frightened that a position of such status and importance will provide him the means to bring about the much talked of Armageddon, sending them to burn in the depths of Hell for all eternity, they need to take action to avoid his world-ending wrath, but how can the duo be expected to be able to face down one who is virtually Omnipotent? Only by thinning out his blue-uniformed protective Army first, with the added benefit of pissing him off in the process, do they even stand a chance.

But, how many will be enough and who is stalking them as the cop-killings grow ever more frequent. Friend, or foe?

A Royal Catastrophe - Malicious Lullaby
When the entire known British Royal Family (along with Elton John and Justin Beiber) is wiped out in a catastrophic catering accident at the wedding of Prince Harry, a war-mongering, Russian mob boss is next in line for the throne. That is, until the discovery of a possible descendant of a child borne by the apparently mis-nomered 'Virgin' Queen Elizabeth 1, living in America.

Active - Elliquiy

Dulce Periculum - Flickaha
A twisted love story. A psychopathic, serial-killer meets a woman on the dark web who is aroused by the suffering of others and together they embark on a mutually sadistic journey involving rape, torture and murder. In the process developing feelings neither believed they were capable of possessing for another human being, and that threatens to consume both in its intensity. The only certainty; that the depravity will never stop by choice.

An Inside Job - AzureRain
An Escort agency owner decides the only way to deal with an employee with an attitude problem is to engage her services, and see for himself if she's prepared to meet client expectations, particularly when it comes to the bedroom. Purely business at first for both, the sexual fireworks only really begin to fly as the relationship develops into more.

Raped Innocence - Xanaphia
An ex-cop, now convicted felon, breaks free of custody and accompanied by two fellow escapees exacts revenge on the women who testified against him; the daughter of his original victim, still haunted by the trauma of witnessing the rape and murder of her Mother with the promise that she'd be next, and her Mother's best friend, the girl's current guardian.

The Chaperone - Blue Bunny Sparkle
Entrusted to a Travelling Preacher by her aunt to chaperone her across country in the times of the Wild, Wild West, a young woman will soon discover that her escort is anything but the pious and moral 'Man of God' he pretends to be.

On Hiatus

A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing; When Predator Becomes Prey - Xanaphia (Bluemoon - On hold whilst we write another story together)
When a sixteen year old schoolgirl is referred by the courts to a Psychologist after the teacher she'd had an affair with is jailed for sixty years, all is not as it appears. Who is the real predator, and who, the prey, and will Dr Ellis McHugh meet the same fate as Warren Trudeau?

Now all Ben Roberts, MI6 special agent, needs to do is get Schuyler Lassiter to England for DNA testing, whilst being chased by the police and FBI, and avoiding the Russian Mob and rogue British agents who want her dead.

Completed/Other Long-term thread stories

(I might be amenable to taking up one of these plots afresh with a new partner, and/or putting a new spin on it.)

Farewell, My Lovely - Xanaphia (Fully Completed Story)
A happily married husband and wife's relationship is forever changed when a stalker, who first toys with his female victims from afar before ultimately raping and leaving them for dead, ups the stakes, and selects a couple as his next target.

Internet Killers - DovaKitten (BMR) (Unfortunately, partner got kidnapped by real-life)
A psychopathic, sadistic serial-killer meets a woman on the dark web who is aroused by the suffering of others, and together they form a depraved, antagonistic partnership, involving rape, torture, murder and romance.

The Road To Fame - Sumi (BMR) (Another kidnapped by real-life!)
Set in the 1960's, an intentionally cliche-ridden, fun romp about the (mis)adventures of a small-time thief, on the run from the Law in his home state, and a down-on-her-luck Nightclub singer, intent on making her fame and fortune in Vegas, who team up and embark on a petty-crime spree throughout Nevada.

Goldilocks and the Three 'Bears' - Cyanide Disaster (Yet another case of partner being kidnapped by real-life)
A take on the classic Fairy-Tale, where, after having broken into the Bear's residence, Goldilocks is rescued from the clutches of her evil Stepfather, and moves in with the Bear's, where she needs to deal with competitive sibling rivalry for her attentions, and the boy's quest for adventure.

The Manor - Malicious Lullaby (After nine months, Mali and I decided to move on to another, more action-orientated story)
A High-School teacher becomes involved with the mysterious owner of 'The Manor' and drawn into a world she's never dreamed of where any desire can be satiated for the right price.

Hyde And Seek - Ariamella (Great in concept, but difficult to realise as we wanted to in Roleplay)
A psychological thriller set in the glamorous L.A, California, HYDE AND SEEK stars Kat Ellis as Nina Hyde, a successful, reserved, and morally sound model who finds herself in an inescapable web of envy and sibling rivalry.

A joint production by Ariamella and Quixotic Pictures, and a release by visionary director Michael Rodriguez, HYDE AND SEEK takes a mysterious and thrilling journey into the psyche of a young woman whose almost-perfect life is not all as it seems when it's shattered by twin sister, exotic dancer, and long-time object of jealousy, Lily (also played by Ellis).

HYDE AND SEEK portrays Nina's pursuit of twisted happiness after discovering a tryst between boyfriend Christian West (Renier Byant) and Lily, prompting her descent from innocence into depraved sexuality. As the siblings' rivalry expands into a game of seduction, manipulation, and lies, Nina indulges in a newly awakened darkness that threatens to consume her.

Will the same fate also befall Kat Ellis?

Unholy Conspiracy - Xanaphia (A second story that was great in concept, but difficult to realise in roleplay. Moved on to a new scene)
In a Christian safe-house for women eighteen and up, residents are being systematically abused by those they've been raised to believe of as 'Men of God', whose words cannot be questioned, and where, contained in those words, the threat of Hell is ever present.

These safe-houses, dotted around the country, are condoned, even encouraged, at the higher levels of the church hierarchy. After all, if it's going to happen, best it happen to the 'dregs of society' rather than 'respectable' parishioners, whose claims of clerical abuse are more likely to be believed, and attract media attention. They've already had enough of that.

Pimped out, sold off, raped, abused, degraded, forced into pornography, and exchanged for political favours, the residents are trapped with nowhere to run, and no-one to trust; they don't dare. Except for one. Can she, in collusion with an Investigative journalist, bring the unholy mess to an end or will those in power discover the treachery, and like others before them, the duo simply be made to vanish into thin air?

Scaremonger - Lait (Unfortunately ran out of steam after lengthy real-life intervention)
After being viciously raped and beaten by a small-town Sheriff's son, watched on by three of his friends, then having her accusations summarily dismissed, a devastated woman meets up with a damaged ex-army veteran, who kills to soothe his own emotional pain. A sweet romantic relationship forms between the duo as they embark on a murder-spree, together vowing to 'rid the world of its immoral scum,' and exact brutal revenge on her assailants, and those who stood by and did nothing.

Not So Snow White - Aurelia (Partner and I decided it had run its race and to move onto another story)
Jealousy is a curse. The Evil Queen, never one to accept second place, sets out to embarrass her daughter, and have her become the campus whore. Just think of all the money she can make. Luckily, she can keep her hands clean, and stay out of trouble, by having the Huntsman do the dirty work for her.

The Huntsman, left with no choice but to agree, decides to turn it to his own advantage, and have Snow sleep with 'specially selected' customers, and obtain the information he needs that will allow him to take over, and control, the Campus drug trade.

Snow will have to work her way up to the top of the food chain. In the mean-time she and the Huntsman will need to deal with Prince trying to befriend her, Bashful being lonely, and Grumpy stirring up trouble.
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Re: A Quixotic Request Thread (M for F)
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Hi ^^

I like your creativity!  I would love to write something akin to the "good guy satan" plot with you if you are still interested!

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Revised opening post, revised plot bunnies, deleting a couple and adding one.

Potentially looking to take one or two more stories on. No specific preferences for plots/themes at the moment, (though, if I could find someone for a parody/comedic collaboration, that would be awesome!), and open to ideas.
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