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June 20, 2018, 06:53:11 AM

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Author Topic: Lost in time recruiting  (Read 272 times)

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Lost in time recruiting
« on: June 24, 2015, 06:38:14 PM »
Lost in time

Twenty two year old Jasanti Nazzar a Las Vegas show girl.   No not really a Las Vegas show girl.   However it is one of the many costumes that Jasanti would wear.  The computer programmer at University Chicago-Illinois, a senior is into the world of cosplay.   Totally invested in the world of cosplay.   She would travel to numerous conventions during the year.   The Las Vegas style showgirl outfit, actually is a stylized period piece of her portraying a concubine from the ancient world.  It is quite the risque outfit.   Her top is nothing more then a tassel like costume jewelry that merely cover her nipples, leaving her breasts otherwise exposed.    The bottom is nothing more then again costume jewelry of small fine chain set in a fringe loinclothe with large cubic zirconias,  add in other accompany pieces of jewelry.    Leaving her bare ass exposed,  as she dressed up for a college frat party with other cosplayers.   

Satisfy that her costume looks good.   Jasanti I-phone goes off as a text message is received.   Picking it up so she could see who is texting her.   It is right at the moment she was going to pick up her light long over coat to toss on over her rather risque costume.    Stepping out of her townhome  to the outside.  Engrossed in the I-phone text received,  obvious to the fact that she has stepped outside exposed in the risque costume.   As the text is a photo of one of her girl friends who sent a selfie of  herself and the costume she is wearing.   So in turn  she would send one back to her friend.   Holding  out her I-phone she does notice at first the strange backdrop.   Not until she goes to press send.    She do a double take as the backdrop is of a blue brick wall with lions on it.    Looking up she is outside,  but it is not outside her town home.    Turning quickly around there is indeed a wall behind of bricks and with lions upon it.


The time on her I-phone is 10:15 pm.   She goes to push send,   but it comes up not sent.   As the morning light of early morning Babylon illuminates the course way.    As night has suddenly given way to day.   Disorientated  Jasanti staggers back against the wall.   No had notice that she suddenly appeared.  It is still early as life begins to awaken in the ancient city.    A shout is heard by her and then more.   In a daze her head lifts from the screen of the I-phone that she clutches in her left hand.   Looking to see who is shouting.   Men dressed in costume as if in a cosplay.   Are rushing towards her.    The words at first do not register.   For they are Farsi.   The language of her grandmother, grandfather and parents.   These so called cosplayers are armed with real life looking spears.   As the language of her grand parents and parents suddenly clicks in her mind as they yell 'halt'.   

The year is 539 BC  Cyrus ll the great of the Persian empire is besieging the capital city of the Neo-Babylon empire,  Babylon itself.    The walls are said to be impenetrable.   A plan is devised by the Persians as the Persian army entered through the river.   Slipping into the city the night following a national feast day of the Babylon empire.   The soldiers rushing towards the disorientated Jasanti.    Are Persian soldiers that have breech the city through the river.   The city would be taken,  fall under the control of the Persian empire.   The city would be made the capital of the ninth satrapy of twenty three satrapies created in the empire.   

Slavery is largely abolished in the empire.   Due to the Persian religion of Zoroastrian, but open worship of other religions are allowed.  As is various degrees of slavery over looked in the various provinces.    The Babylonians would be allowed to return to their city and allowed to practice, this included even its Hebrew population.       So at this time Babylon has three religions within the city.   Zoroastrian, Babylonian pantheon and early Judaism. 

Now what I am looking for, is a follow lost in time partner.    I leave such as who and what that person was in present day.   However that person is the striking resemblance to the man that would be named the first satrap of Babylon under Cyrus ll rule.    That man had been killed in the taking of the city, drown and at the bottom of the river, weighted down with his armor.

The plot of the story is do they realize they both are from the future.   Of course it will be obvious to him that she is of the future.   By the I-Phone, she however will not realize the same of him.     They have to survive,  find a way home back through time.    But how did they even go back in time.   

I can go with anyway one wants to play their character.   A romance that develops and is epic or the lust for power already gained by ones knowledge of the future leads to corruption .