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Author Topic: The slave emporium  (Read 371 times)

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Offline DenivarTopic starter

The slave emporium
« on: June 22, 2015, 12:29:16 AM »
Imagine a world much like ours, but where slavery still exists and is accepted. There are no bankruptcy laws or protections, so if you run out of money your creditors might have you sold into indentured servitude or even full slavery depending on how much you owe. Slaves are mostly traded in specialized 'emporiums', which train, display, and sell them, either by auction or direct sale.

You would play a young woman, who has had the misfortune of falling into slavery. It is common for a slave to be transported many miles away from her home to a foreign emporium for sale, so that she will not find it easy to escape back to her family. And as such you find yourself in an emporium in  ... well, as far as you can tell it's somewhere in Eastern Europe, but you were sedated for transport, so you don't know exactly where you are!

Would you be compliant? Or defiant? How would you react to being 'trained'?

I will play a well to do professional. I am not a mogul with millions of dollars to spend on an entire collection of slaves, like some men do. But, I do earn a decent salary and not having any other vices such as gambling or excessive drinking, I have quite a nice disposable income. My one little indulgence is slaves. I can't afford the truly expensive ones -- the ones costing many hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars -- but as long as I take my time, and opportunistically buy a nice girl at the right time, I can afford a few slaves.

And so it goes, that while on a business trip, I decide to visit the local Emporium. Just for some fun, I tell myself, I won't actually buy anything.

That is what I tell myself, until I see you. What is it that makes me decide I just have to buy you?

Please PM me if interested. Any role play will include plenty of storyline and character development (as well as you and me there will be other slaves I own and other characters ... and I'm perfectly comfortable with twists and turns like you escaping and where that ends up...)  ... and there will also be plenty of mastery, domination, and sadism.