F looking for M-Dungeon crawl, multiple characters or just 2 of us

Started by Verasaille, June 21, 2015, 07:22:29 PM

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Deep down in the depths...the air is warm...what there is of it. There is no sunlight here...in fact you do not know where you are. You went to bed in your home, safe and snug. You awoke here. The floor is stone, what you can feel of it, grainy and hard. There is a coating of dust on nearby surfaces. You listen carefully and may hear a dripping sound in the distance or merely an echo of one, cave sounds can be misleading.

There is a faint source of light nearby, just enough for you to make out that you are in a cave, actually an alcove in a larger cave. The place where you are is marginally protected with a few rocks. You are not harmed, in fact you seem to be well physically. Though if you had any magic in you it seems to be dormant. It is there inside of you, you just cannot cast. You are in the clothing you went to bed in, if any. You have no weapon to use and no armor.

How you got here is something you may wonder, but no answers are to be found laying here in the relative darkness. As you rise to your sitting position you look over the rocks that are screening you from view of anything or anyone else in the large cavern. It would be wise to be cautious, you are not alone. There are two torches burning in the large room. one on either end. There is also a slab of rock in the center of the room, it appears to be about twenty feet long. There is one lit candle on it.

The sensation of being deep below the surface of the earth is suffocating. The air is not fresh, it is stale and musty. The torches burn with a  snap and crackle. Whoever set you here is testing you. How you react and how you manage to survive is up to you. Look around the small space you have found yourself in.  Your primary concern is survival. Cooperation might be  necessary.

Finding a weapon and armor is just as important as finding food and water. Whatever training you might have had in your life to survive might come in handy. Who knows how  long you will be stuck here, wherever here is.  Anything useful is certain to be found only by exploring the cave. Water seems to be dripping somewhere, perhaps it is clean, perhaps not, but only one way to find out.

The air is a combination of musty and a slight hint of decay. Where you lay is a hard surface with a slight layer of dust and sand covering it. As you search with your eyes in the gloom you realize you are without any of the normal things you take for granted. Perhaps your memory is hazy at best, you might remember snatches of conversation, a place you called home.

The air is warm if not a bit stuffy, though the torches seems to be burning all right. The alcove you find yourself in may have something hidden in it or it may not. Look around you, about a twelve foot area of room, uneven walls appear to be free from moisture, and yet you seem to hear a trickle of water somewhere near.

There is room enough for you to stand. The opening to your little alcove is not blocked and you can leave anytime you choose. As you move around a slight noise attracts your attention. Peering out beyond the rocks you can see a very large cave with many alcoves like the one you are in. You look up and see dark shapes in the ceiling. The top of the cave is well over a hundred feet. The light does not illuminate much up there. Is it your imagination or did something up there move?

The room is about fifty feet in diameter and the east end of the slight oblong seems to have a shiny surface on the wall. There is darkness below that wall, and the torchlight seems to be reflected there.
Most of the cave floor seems to be sandy and very dusty. Stalagmites rise from the floor in front of the alcoves, some hang from the ceiling, far above. As your eyes scan the area you see darker areas in the walls above, alcoves up there too? But they are about thirty feet up from the floor of the cavern.

A slight noise attracts your attention and you glance towards the sound. A rat scurries across the floor, stops to glare at you then disappears in a hole in the uneven floor. Might be a good idea to watch where you step. The rat is rather large, maybe the size of a housecat. It has red glowing eyes and sharp teeth and can squeeze into small spaces with ease. If only you had something to hit it with! Roasted rat is edible.



Does any of this sound interesting? Are you intrigued by the possibilities? Two people thrown into a survival tale. We can discuss reasons, plot and pictures by PM. Any world you might like to inhabit? Maybe a trickster God has decided to test us? I prefer humans or elves.

Send me your ideas, your picture of what you see your character looks like. His personality, his experience, his skills. I would like some detail please.

A daily post is ideal, but I can live with up to a week apart if you give me plenty of things to work with. Any longer than that I will get bored and look for another partner. No offense intended, I just work better and my Muse cooperates better with frequent posting.


I have gone off in search of myself. If I should get back before I return, please keep me here.


Just a little link to my other ideas, in case anyone wants to check around for brainstorming.

I have gone off in search of myself. If I should get back before I return, please keep me here.


Just wanted to add, I would not mind this for a small group, but no more than four people total.

Also this will be a freeform game. I am not a fan of systems play.
I have gone off in search of myself. If I should get back before I return, please keep me here.