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May 15, 2021, 05:55:56 pm

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Author Topic: Redemption (MtF, Samurai-theme, LF companion)  (Read 322 times)

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Redemption (MtF, Samurai-theme, LF companion)
« on: June 21, 2015, 04:46:16 am »

Even those most tempered can succumb to their demons.
And some demons lead to a lifetime seeking redemption.

   What is this story about?
      I've had this idea floating in my head for a few days now. It's a story of someone who, for most of his life, lived a high-moral road always doing what was right. Yet, one night, he had a moment of lapse. His morals faltered and he broke his code of honor. The result of breaking his code was a new path he had to walk, a path to seek redemption.
      I want a story where a character has mental suffering from an action he committed, something he regrets, but something he can't take back. I want progression and story within the story. I want it to be a tale of romance and action.
   What is the setting?
      Think Samurai Champloo. It's a Samurai era setting that doesn't completely conform to the exact setting. It has freedom to be altered for the best feel, but I want to stick to the feel of that era in regard to technology with a hint of magic. The story will not be in one town or one area, but rather an adventure across the land doing various deeds and seeking an ultimate goal.
   Who is my character?
      He was a noble warrior, heavily inspired by the samurai theme. During the war he was a mercenary serving the side with the biggest purse. He was well known and his skills, some say, won the war. But the truth is, no one man won the war. It was the efforts of all involved. After the war finished, he observed the destruction he had help bring, and the suffering he had brought upon the land. It didn't matter if his actions were right or wrong, for the end result had been pain. He set out as an adventurer going from village to village helping out where he could, trying to rebuild the dream he seemed to have destroyed.
      Advance forward many years. He is still wondering, but his will has grown week. He has seen corruption beginning to spread once more. The smell of war is on the horizon once more and all the work he has done to help the people will soon be shattered by their own thirst for revenge. What good is all he has done if, in the end, it'll be thrown away?
      He soaks his sorrows with a bottle in hand. A young woman catches his eye, one barely of age. His judgement lapses and in his drunken state he makes a pass at her. Being the innocent maiden she was, she refused. His demon got the better of him, and he felt she had no right to deny him. He did the worst thing he could do, he stole her purity.
      He regretted it come morning, but by then it was too late. The deed was done. An old witch heard the pleas of the maiden and granted her justice, by changing the warrior into what he had lusted after. He became a young maiden. Not only that, but one that would, once the sun set, desire nothing more than to please others the way he had wanted the maiden to please him
      The witch could see his noble heart and see the sadness that had driven him to the action, but that did not make his action forgivable. She told him how he could revert his punishment, by proving his noble heart once more and then seeking her out once again. With that, they parted ways.
      That is where his new adventure began, as a roaming swordswoman seeking redemption, one piece at a time.
   What about your character?
      Honestly, it can be anyone you want. I'm looking for a companion to following along with my character on adventures. As a player, I want someone who will help build the story and help piece together the adventures they will go on. Ideally it'd be someone who is also seeking redemption or salvation from their past and they walk a similar road to forgiveness.
   What about the adventures?
      I see a land on the brink of war. Towns are fearful and some are in denial. The adventures could be small things, such as helping defend a town from bandits or big things such as trying to find a way to stall or even stop the war. I want a big part of the story to be about trying to stop the war from happening, and in that action hoping he'll prove his noble heart and, ultimately, going back to the witch for his final judgement.
Interested in this idea? Send me a message and we'll discuss the idea.