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Author Topic: Dream with Me (sub f looking Dom F or any non-M identities)  (Read 414 times)

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Offline DreamsofFaeTopic starter

To clarify on what I am looking for partner and gender wise:

I really do enjoy including elements of dom-sub, whether mild or full out slavery, in my RP. I am, in this, looking for Dominant Character partners.

Female Characters are always desired. Your Character is female if she identifies as female. Period.

Non-Binary Characters are always desired.

Gender Fluid Characters are always desired.

Gender Queer Characters always desired.

Intersex Characters are always desired.

I am gyno-sexual, so should a female, non-binary, gender fluid, or gender queer character have the genitalia typically associated with the male gender, we will need to negotiate how exactly to do sexual aspects, as I have some pretty hard limits regarding sch genitalia.

Pairings (or More!) I am Always Craving (please assume some level of BDSM with me playing the submissive):
  • Any kind of incest
  • Lady/servant or Servant/lady
  • Priestess/acolyte
  • Lady Knight or Warrior/noble lady or even princess
  • Captor/captive can include Pirate, Warrior, Knight, etc...
  • Roommates/Flatmates
  • Human/elf
  • Vampire/human
  • Abuse of position of authority pairings, including but not limited to Professor/student, Boss/employee or secretary, etc.
  • Reversal of power is always fun and would include some already listed.

Types of Games I Enjoy:
  • Romantic growth into 24/7 Slavery: This would include both elements of sweet romance and extreme BDSM as the couple journeys together. They journey could be propelled by one character or the other or mutually. It could happen accidentally--an impromptu swat leads both liking it which leads to a spanking leads to.... The important element is maintaining, or perhaps the struggle to maintain, a balance between romance and the deepening power exchange.
  • Forced slavery: This would obviously include elements of non-con and extreme, but I would love to see true affection arise, though there would never be a truly mutual relationship in this relationship. Power would be taken rather than freely given.
  • Legal slavery: can be consensual or non-consensual, romantic or forced, but would involve society's approval, public displays as normal, and legal apparatuses (why isn't the plural apparti?) to keep slaves in their place as property. May even include the inheriting of slaves.
  • In Training: You are not my ultimate Mistress, but your job is to train me, which may include breaking me, and make me salable or perhaps I'm a custom design with a buyer already in mind. This isn't about affection, this is about training, whatever that takes.
  • Slavery via Blackmail

Fandoms or Others:
note: regardless of canon ages, all characters would be at least 20.
  • Perverted Fairy Tales
  • Sailor Moon
  • Doctor Who
  • Star Trek
  • Pern
  • Valdemar--but more the Tayledras or k'Leshya
  • Soul Eater--weapon as slave is not much of a stretch and would be a fun kind of objectification!
  • Kushiel's Legacy, though I'm only on the first book

Specific Ideas:

Pern Porn Slightly AU, Non-Con, Heavy BDSM

Bad pun is bad; Stupid title is stupid. But it amuses me.

When a male dragon catches a female in a mating flight (or if a female dragon caught a female dragon...), the rider of the catching dragon also "catches" the caught rider, willing or not. so when Y'ves' (MC) Green Izath is caught, she is too caught up in the flight to even resist as YC carries her off. It's only when Y'ves wakes after the flight in the bed of an ex, a woman (or person) she left because she could not be what was wanted, what the Weyr expected her to be, YC's slave.

Not all weyrmates are Master or Mistress and slave, but it has become common enough and accepted practice--and collarings are public weyr events and celebrations. Some dragons are submissive from their first flight--regardless of gender. Female submissive dragons allow themselves to be caught by the dominant dragons, while dominant females pick the most submissive males to "catch" them, and even some degree of s/m has developed among dragons. That itself doesn't lead a couple to expected slavery, though it can lead to chosen slavery. However, when the submissive dragon continues to exhibit submissive behavior and the dominant dragon continues to dominate after the flight, the bonds between dragon and rider usually leads to the relationship between the riders.

Y'ves resisted this. It did not matter that Izath bared her neck every time YC's Dragon was near, or sought YC's Dragon when she needed something. It did not matter that given the chance, she would first submit herself to and then snuggle with--usually after asking if there was anything she could do for--YC's Dragon. It did not even matter that she would beg YC's dragon to bite or scratch or hit her. Y'ves resisted and discouraged Izath's behavior. Y'ves was not, she insisted, a slave. Even as she would watch the M/s couples and sigh when no one was looking. Even when other relationships failed because they were not YC or YC lending her out. She refused the collar and the translucent clothes--outside of fighting Thread--of a slave.

And now she woke in YC's bed. With Izath pleasantly sore and YC looming over her, lust and a desire to take out months of frustration out on her ass. Y'ves must make a decision: give in to what they both desperately want or continue resisting. And YC must make a decision--let Y'ves run away again, or take what is rightfully hers/theirs.

Your Weapon, Your Slave Soul Eater Universe, Up to Heavy, Consensual, Romantic, BDSM

YC--a Weapon's Meister--chose MC--a weapon: a sword (can be changed), and we've been partners ever since. I eventually became a death scythe, but we--well, you--convinced Death to keep us together as a team. It wasn't hard since MC can't seem to work with any other Master. It's hard to say at what point we moved from best friends and partners to lovers, though the first kiss was sweet. But lately, MC has been craving something, something she can't quite put her finger on, but it has affected her work as a weapon and our ability to sync.

This story would be about two established lovers deepening their love and relationship by giving into themselves and each other as they move first into kinky bedroom play but eventually into a full Mistress/slave relationship but one still colored by mutual respect and love. There should be struggle and resistance on both sides as they adjust and readjust. Confusion. Fear. Sometimes one--not always the same one--moving a bit faster than the other. Bungled safe words. A whipping that's one lash too far, etc. But always love. As it's meant to be romantic, I'd like both pain/humiliation/objectification/discipline/etc and sweet after care/moments of every day cuddling.  Can also include elements of going after witches or even teaching at the DWMA.

Raised for Sister Incest; Possible Non-Con Start; Heavy BDSM TAKEN

For two sisters, despite their closeness in age, life had always been very different. Even as children YC, the slightly older, was given what she wanted while MC was taught to do what YC wanted, to always give YC her way. YC got away with bullying MC, but MC got punished for saying no to YC. Despite that, they grew up close. Things seemed to change once they were teens and into their early 20s. MC was even allowed to go to a different college than the one YC tried to strongly suggest she attend and more than ever the two seemed like normal sisters with normal sister disputes and normal sisterly affection and closeness.

Until MC stated at a family dinner that she wanted to go to grad school rather than accepting YC's invitation to live with her in her nice apartment. That was when their mother simply smiled at YC and nodded with an "It's time." MC was rather quickly, and thoroughly, informed by her family: Mom, Mom's slave(s) aka Dad or Momma and/or Auntie, and YC that that would not be happening. That it was time she took her appointed place at her sister's feet. Ideally, I'd like the RP to start at that dinner and we'd NPC the parents--and of course, YC always has the option of sharing her new slave with Mom (but if Mom's slave is Dad, he would not be involved).

Magic's Familiar Con or Non-con; full on slavery with pet play element; Heavy BDSM; will consider allowing a small exception for cutting in this one.

Magic is a real thing in the world, and is fully accepted. In fact, magic users have even gotten into positions of power within government so that they have been able to craft laws not only to further the protection of the magical community, but to make some aspects of using magic easier. They have also passed laws against the abuse of magic including using magic to compel a person to do anything. One law they have passed that was controversial--though they opened it up so it had benefit or the non-magical community as well--was legalizing familiars.

Familiars are not exactly cats that talk or just help their magic users in some way. Familiars are bonded and enslaved people that can hold excess magic for their magic user and from whom the magic user can take small amounts of blood or otherwise use to increase the power of their spells or workings. Some magic users have discovered that the energy generated through a familiar's orgasm or pain is particularly potent. Not all people can be familiars. Familiars are people who are sensitives--people who cannot use Magic themselves but are aware of the magical powers, streams, and wells around them. Once they are bonded to a magic user (or users), it is a lifetime bond, and the death of their user will often kill them as well. When familiars, or the ability to use these people as such, was first (re)discovered, it was highly controversial, but now persons who prove to be sensitives are reclassified so that the owning of them is considered no different from owning a pet, and even non magic users may buy them, though the service they provide in those cases is more about warning when magic is being used. Public places such as restaurants, theaters, and stores have adjusted to allow for familiars--as the treatment ranges from companion to slave to pet. Hotels even offer rooms with crates, and the only thing not allowed in public is the explicit sexual use of familiars.

People are tested on their 20th birthdays, and sensitives automatically become the property of their parents to sell upon being discovered. Some go into it willingly. Some do not. Being a sensitive does not guarantee that one is inherently submissive or masochistic or even that if one is that one wants to be used such. There is a small movement to free familiars who do not want the bond, but sometimes run into trouble when they try to free a willing, happy, familiar.

This story could begin in a couple of different places:
  • YC is meeting with the broker who is selling MC for her parents to determine if she is a good fit for what you want.
  • Established Magic User/familiar relationship, at any point in it.
  • YC has recently acquired MC and is working on training and forming the bond.
  • MC has been taken from YC by the familiar liberation group and is trying to escape to get back to YC while YC is trying to find her and get her back

I would love for this story to involve some pet play as well as harder bdsm elements. After all if pain or orgasm can add power to a working, what could a pain slut orgasming from a whipping do?

Please, I Need to Serve BDSM, Romantic Growth into 24/7

We've been together for a year, but lately MC has been getting restless, even bored. It's not that the sex or the affection or the day to day things aren't great, it's just that there's something more she needs. And she's just recently realized what it was. A friend told her of how she had taken her long term girlfriend as a slave and how they both loved it. She described the first spanking, seeing her slave kneeling naked, serving her, and MC knew exactly what she wanted. What she needed.

YC has been trying to figure out how to tell MC you want to hurt her, to tie her up, to control her. So when she comes home to a home cooked meal, a slutty dressed girlfriend, and a present of a flogger...

How deep will the two of you go together? Can you truly reach the depths and heights you both need?
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