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May 24, 2018, 06:44:34 PM

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Author Topic: Strange Happenings...  (Read 729 times)

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Strange Happenings...
« on: June 17, 2015, 05:56:57 PM »
As I sit at my desk, I stare out the window beside me, the trees are waving gently in a breeze that caresses them and knocks their beautiful red and yellow leaves off, which then float care fee down to the hard ground. I twiddle my fingers, twirl my pencil, drum on my thigh, anything to keep the boredom I feel from seeping in deeper. The first day of college, and I am not listening to the professor at all, this is not the class I chose to be in, that class was full already and in order to get a credit in English I had to take something. So Poetry and Politics is what Dean Thomas stuck me in, did he already have something against me? What did I care about politics and poetry? I loved to write it, but I sure didn't care about the politics surrounding it. I set my pencil down and quit fidgeting due to the dirty look from the girl seated next to me, i ran my fingers through my dark red hair and sighed inwardly. The next hour and a half was going to drag on so slow and torture me to death I was sure of it. I looked back out the window and smiled, seeing my friend Stacey across the lawn in the parking lot, she seemed to be fidgeting in her purse for her car keys, per usual since she never put them in a pocket but rather threw them in her purse. She finally found them it looked like and went to get in her car when someone came up behind her, pinning her to her car. I sat up straighter fear coursing through my veins already at what could possibly be happening, or was it her boyfriend Samuel? I couldn't tell, not from the window, I looked around to see if anyone else was watching but they were all staring straight ahead or dozing off. I turned my attention back to the window hurriedly, fearing that I would miss a crucial moment that would tell me if she was in trouble or not. I watched and Stacey dropped her purse on the ground, and put her hands on the front of the man that had her pinned, at first I thought it was a loving gesture but then she seemed to try and push him off of her. I could tell now that something was wrong, I started to get up and head for the door when I saw something strange happen. The man brought his arm up and the back down rapidly over and over, beating Stacey, sunlight glinted off of something silver gripped tightly in his hand. Even from a distance I could hear the scream that started and ended abruptly, I could see the blood that spurted from Stacey's neck. I stood up and began running down the aisle to the front, tears already soaking my face, and screams ripping from my throat. Students all around me stood up and hurriedly got away from me, the teacher stopped his droning and looked at me his face plainly telling me that I was frightening him. I stopped in front of him and he grabbed me by the shoulders, shaking me once, I tried to meet his eyes, as I frantically tried to look out the window again. "Amelia! Amelia! What is the matter with you!? What happened???" His voice rang through my head like dynamite, tearing my attention from the windows to his face again, I shook my head and sucked in a deep breath. "Stacey...someone...outside...her much blood!!!" Mr Eisenhower released me and ran to the window, searching out them himself, "Which one is her car Amelia? There is nothing out there that I can see?" I walked over to him as best as I could manage, gripping the window sill as I stood beside and leaned up to the window, blinking my eyes to rid them of tears I searched for my best friend, nothing. There was nothing out there, time stood still for a moment, as I found the spot where her car should have been, it was no longer there, there was no evidence that Mr Eisenhower could see that anything I had said had even happened. I took a step back, shaking my head, my knees felt weak and I looked over at him, seeing the pity there and the confused look. My eyesight began to grow dark, and I knew right then that I was fainting. I hit the ground already my mind was gone, I never even felt the pain.


Hours later I awoke in the nurses office, a splitting headache roaring through my head. I closed my eyes trying to shut out the pain when I heard a noise. I opened my eyes again to find the nurse standing in front of my bed, she smiled and sat down on the chair next to me. "Hi Amelia, I was hoping that you would wake up soon, I was beginning to worry that we may have to send you the hospital." I groaned and stuck my hand to my forehead feeling the cold clamminess, great I must look amazing. "What happened to me?" The nurse looked at me and I could plainly see that she would rather not tell me what had happened, "What the hell happened?" She looked up at the ceiling as if asking someone for help in dealing with such an insufferable person, then looking back down at me she cleared her throat. "Well this morning you had an attack of some sort, we are not entirely sure what it was, but you were claiming that there was someone out in the parking lot that had been killed...Stacey I believe you said?" I sat there staring at her, remembering the vision I had seen out that window vividly and with such detail that I shrank back from the nurse and shook my head rapidly. "There was nothing outside in the parking lot Amelia, but just an hour ago...well...the police were here. They found Stacey, in her car about three miles from here out by Old Mill Park." I stared at her, my mouth hanging open, my heart pounding what felt like in my throat. "They what? She's...she's dead? It really happened? I really saw her get murdered in the parking lot???" My mind was on hyper drive, I was trying so hard not to black out again. "No Amelia, she wasnt murdered here at the school...She was murdered there trying to get into her car, they dont know what she was doing out there, but they say that she seemed to have been searching for her car keys...and then well, she was attacked."

My mind flew in circles, how had I known that was happening? I saw that happen to her, and she had been three miles away from me!!