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Author Topic: WC's plots of male and female domination in high fantasy (M/F, F/M, F/F) (nsfw)  (Read 568 times)

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Offline Ron Don VolanteTopic starter

Andronikos and Theodoria

So Iíve had this world bouncing around in my head for quite some time. It was originally inspired by Aysande and companyís awesome Aquarius & Caleen world. Itís the tale of two large countries (Andronikos and Theodoria) surrounded by barbarian lands, independent kingdoms, lands infested with monsters, demons, and other dark entities, as well as pirates that sail the seas raiding whoever they like. There are other fantasy races (elves, dwarves, gnomes, minotaurs etc) but as Andronikos and Theodoria are primarily human Iíll be concentrating on them.

The most prominent aspect of the world is that Andronikos is a cruel militaristic monocratic (ruled by a monarchy) patriarchy where, aside from a few tiny exceptions, all women are owned by men and has a heavy Western Roman flavor. Likewise Theodoria is a cold blooded magocratic (ruled by mages) matriarchy where the vast majority of men are enslaved by women and is greatly influenced by the Eastern Roman/Byzantine Empire.

I wonít be going into too much detail on the two lands here (I plan on creating a world-building thread for that in the near future) but there are a few points that I wonít mention in the below game proposals. While this is obviously built with Elliquiy in mind, Iíve used Pathfinder as a base for magical powers, creatures, fantasy races etc. that both makes world design easier and allows Pathfinder based adventures easy to fire off (D&D 5.0 isn't entirely off the table but I'm very unfamiliar with it). Additionally although the focus is male domination of female and vice versa, plenty of same-sex enslavement occurs in both countries so thereís an opportunity there (although for me M/M is not interesting but the opportunity is there for others).

Finally, Andronikos and Theodoria is a growing pet project of mine and not only are suggestions welcome but I invite anyone to jump in the world independently of me so long as you let me know. Iím fascinated by any input you might have! :D

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Offline Ron Don VolanteTopic starter

Bringing a Sorceress to Heel

Virtually all women in Andronikos are slaves but aside from women born of noble blood, there is a class of female slaves that is held in very high esteem. The long conflict with the magically superior Theodorian have made any magical resource incredibly valuable, living or otherwise. Although female wizards (who learn their trade through schools) are unheard of, female sorcerers, who are born with an innate power of magic, are so treasured a separate set of laws and protocol bind them.

Namely, all women who show sorceress talent are surrendered by their fathers or owners (sometimes one in the same) to the Andronikan Crown for training. Specially trained wizards have crafted an abena a magical collar which, once put around a sorceress, would allow her master the capacity to deliver great pain and misery or great pleasure with just an exertion of will. Although their eventual role (from the battlefield all the way to the court of great nobles or the king himself) varies wildly all sorceresses learn very quickly that their eventual owner has total say on whether she will receive the pleasures that the abena can grantÖor the mind rending nightmares, terror, and pain that it can unleash.

Heavily inspired by the concept of the Aídan from the Wheel of Time series, I have a great interest in the relationship of the owner of a sorceress and the sorceress herself. Despite the doom and gloom, some relationships grow and it is not unheard of for a sorceress to become the Andronikan equivalent of a wife to her owner. Other times, of course, the owner can be a vicious sexually sadistic overseer seeing his charge as little more than an animal or an object. This is particularly true of sorceress slaves taken from conquered or barbarian lands and especially of any captured Theodorian sorceresses.

I have three thoughts for the sorceresses: one is where a particularly powerful sorceress is captured either from Theodoria, an independent and civilized kingdom, or from the barbarian lands. This wouldnít really be for the faint of heart as the sorceressís new owner will have to use the full power of the abena to bring his new pet to heel. We can either have the pair go on dangerous and high powered adventures or keep it domestic where he keeps the Sorceress at home to use and abuse to his content while having her slave away at constructing magical objects and casting spells for the greater glory of Andronikos. Obviously heavy non-con and BDSM elements will be involved in this version. This idea has been taken.

A second version is somewhat softer: A powerful Andronikan Sorcererís own daughter turns out to become a sorceress and, rather than send her away for training, gets special permission to train her himself. InĒ all women are slaves to their fathers (or brother if he is the patriarch of the household) before they are sold to their new owners/husbands. While it is not illegal, as all slaves are chattel of their owners and can be used in any way they deem fit, incest is not viewed favorably. However, the Sorcerer is powerful enough that he can shrug off societal disapproval as he adores the Daughter too much once the bond grows between them after clasping her with the abena. (This can also be done with a brother/sister pair).

The third version is similar to the second. The Sorceress is the top of her ďclassĒ and combined with her beauty goes for a great sum on the auction block. Purchased by an adoring young Noble of her own age (and of great power and wealth), he makes her his Tyllian Slave (the Andronikan equivalent to a wife) and the two quickly bond. Even when the Noble is called by the Kingdom for a mission (whether battle or some sort of spy or exploration mission) he brings the Sorceress with him knowing that the two can accomplish much together. This one has a more of a high adventure feel (and gets some inspiration from The Queen of the Black Coast but we can keep it domestic if you like.

Visual Inspiration

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Offline Ron Don VolanteTopic starter

A Womanís Rebellion

There are few more hellish places for a slave in Andronikos than a mining or quarry camp. Miserable, dangerous, overcrowded, and incredibly valuable both sides protect these operations with strong defenses against both internal and external threats. Guards gladly kill first and donít bother asking questions against would-be attackers. Overseers tend to be heavy on the discipline even to the point of whipping a slave or two unconscious or even to death just to intimidate the others.

Naturally, the least desirable slaves are often funneled into these mines. Prisoners of wars, dissidents, criminals, and particularly unlucky political enemies end up in these terrible places. While the vast majority of the actual mining work is done by males, women make up a percentage of the population to provide support services (clothes making, food, etc.).

Aside from magic, Theodoriaís greatest strength is a powerful spy network filled with moles, assassins, and saboteurs. A major coup would be to spark a vast slave revolt that would consume much of the Andronikanís military muscle to put down. Although the plan is vast and intricate a key part will be the copper mine of Great Orme. For the plan of a servile war to work Theodoria must slip a woman into a place where she can gather intelligence and put herself in a position of great influence. Luckily, in order to keep both the overseers happy and the slaves sedated, prostitution is commonly used with the more attractive and well trained ones used by the overseers. And even in Andronikos, a man will often tell a woman whom he is with far more than he should and let her have more influence than she should haveÖ

There are a couple of options here. The most obvious one being that YC is either the slave overseer/owner or the Theodorian agent heís unknowingly coupling with on a regular basis. Other possibilities include another prostitute that becomes friends, or even lovers, with the Agent whom she grows deeply attached to. Additionally, fights over The Agent could involve multiple competing overseers eager for her among other possibilities.

This idea contains a fair bit of espionage, seduction, and action. The Agent could even be a sorceress or, at the least, have a few magical items she uses to make her mission that much easier. Either way, this would be pretty dark RP considering the setting but it would have a lot of possibilities including a reflection of Spartacus but with a female protagonist.

Visual Inspiration