*TAKEN*Older woman(40+) x College student(me) [VAN], [BON]

Started by Shariden, October 28, 2008, 02:31:25 PM

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[VAN], [BON]
Status: TAKEN
(If the status should change to TAKEN, please feel free to leave a reply or send a message anyway. If you share the same tastes as me, I'd like to keep you in mind for future roleplaying.)

This roleplay will be rather kinky and is mostly sex oriented, just to forewarn. The plot revolves around a curious woman in her forties and a confident college student of twenty one who meet online in a sex chat. This will be a consensual RP but there will be some bondage and roughness (i.e., spanking, hair pulling).

The woman would be someone like this, but if you are interested, adjustments could certainly be made to suit your tastes:
She is a housewife and has teenage/college bound children, but has grown somewhat dissatisfied with things, especially her sex life which was never great to begin with. The idea of a dominating, commanding lover, not afraid to be rough with her or call her a slut, intrigues her, but she has never had such an experience before, nor does she really expect to. Her sexual resumé is actually very modest and it is only with the onset of middle age does she experience her sex drive begin to blossom anew.

She experiments with chatrooms while her husband and children are away and has a little fun being flirty and sassy. The roleplay will start with a certain night, when someone attempts to start a private chat with her and according to his profile, he is all of twenty one. She's bemused about talking to someone half her age, but curiosity keeps her chatting playfully, sometimes a little crudely about what she likes in a man. "Could you really satisfy me, boy?" she seems to say and he responds back in a suitably crude and degrading manner that nevertheless begins to turn her on. When she mentions her upcoming birthday, the young man tells her he has an early present which turns out to be a live feed of him pleasuring himself. A gamut of emotions run through her but ultimately she is pleased if stunned by the display. Some more chat sessions follow and one one day he asks her about coming over to meet him. Cautiously and not without trepidation, the woman considers...

From there, the roleplay will center around the two arranging a meeting in the man's city and things will proceed as they will. The RP can be played out through PM or one of the boards, I will leave that decision to you as well as first person or third person narrative preference. My schedule isn't all that reliable, so I'm not one to harp on anyone for less that consistent posting. If interested, please send me a PM or reply here.


I rarely get the opportunity to play my own gender in an RP, nevermind to play the non-aggressor - I'd love to give this a shot if you're still looking.