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Author Topic: Kyra tg roleplay ideas.  (Read 1203 times)

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Kyra tg roleplay ideas.
« on: June 13, 2015, 10:09:59 pm »
So role play ideas I'd like. Mainly MTF gender bender body swap stuffs so...

Jack L Chalker inspired:

Flux and Anchor

This is a sci fi fantasy series set on a world where "magic" works but only in flux. Flux is mostly a maddening void like realm that surrounds large areas of stable land called Anchor where reality is immutable and feudal type civilisation exists. "Magic" does not work in Anchor. Most people can not use "magic"... magic is actually a mental link to massive supercomputers that hold Anchors stable and allow manipulation of things in flux. There are Fluxlands peppered throughout flux ruled by wizards or flux lords- long living people with immense power and often a very tenuous grip on reality. Roving through Flux are poor marauders called duggers, people who have been transformed by their own subconscious into hideous creatures by their tenuous link to flux or people cursed by fluxlords. Yeah so Flux lords are wizards who control flux and create small lands in flux with their power. Then there are stringers, people with limited power who can read enough code to get around and not go nuts.

Which brings me to the fluxgirls. Guys or girls who have been changed physically or mentally into ... Well really sexy girls with high libidos. So the game would involve becoming one of those.

Rings of the master.

For centuries, Master System ruled mankind unchallenged. Then a small band of renegades commandeer a colonisation class spaceship and flee into pirate territory. Now they prepared to seize the five coded rings that together could shut down Master System--and return human destiny to human control. But to do it they had to use matter transformation to infiltrate planets populated by the descendants of colonists forcibly altered by master system. That's where the rings are. Unfortunately the transformation process works only once. Some of the worlds are a little different. Going down to one of these worlds, preferably a low tech one as a female.. Where males rule the females...

Couple of places here. Melchior is an asteroid prison where human experimentation occurs. The jailers use myrilium powered matter transformation machines to remake inmates for various purposes including sex slaves. Being a prisoner here could be fun.

Four Lords of the Diamonddone - thanks WB

The Warden Diamond is a system of four planets, ruled by their own lords, collectively called "The Four Lords of the Diamond". Each planet of the Diamond has its own special "Warden Organism", a symbiotic microorganism that lives within the inhabitants of the planets. However, the organisms destroy their host when he or she leaves the Warden Diamond, making the planet system the ideal prison colony for the Confederacy, a massive space empire.

The planets are
Lilith - a non tech world
Cerberus - mind swapping when both parties are asleep. Host mothers.
Charon - a hot and steamy world of jungles and deserts where magic works. Magic here means that some individuals can sense, and learn to control, the Warden organism that pervades everything and everyone. It is possible to fool the Wardens into believing they are something else, such as converting a fruit juice to poison, or changing a person into an animal. One's status depends a lot on how much of the power one can learn to use.
Medusa - farthest out of the Diamond worlds, and the coldest. Technology works just fine on Medusa, and due to the Warden powers, all people infected can adapt to the extreme cold automatically. The adaptive ability is quite comprehensive, and with proper sensitization to the Wardens, one could become almost any life form by force of will. There is normal physical / gender transformation (dominant personality becomes male). Good time girls are mind controlled into extreme female form. It is a totalitarian society, one headed by Talant Ypsir, who has helped perfect a system of complete surveillance of nearly all parts of the cities of the planets, overseen by The Monitor Service, who are both the police and secret police. People are paired with a partner and assigned a communal apartment unit.

Bio-Mod Mix-Up

I’ve come into some money through an inheritance and decide to splurge on a full body rejuvenation and muscular augmentation. Height increase. Muscle increase. Slight tweaking of my self confidence. Unfortunately there is a mix-up with my paper work an I emerge from the bio-vat with the mods intended for the mistress of a wealthy foreign official. He’s paid for some illegal mental modifications that severely limit my free will to create his ideal sexual toy. The bio-mod company realised its mistake but unfortunately they could not undo it. Consequently they have applied additional mental controls to hide their mistake. The officials former mistress is more than happy with his new life and newfound wealth and is similarly trapped...

I have to escape but things seem bleak...

Other worlds

Zhor by Overlord

A counter earth much like Normans Gor where ruk serum turns men into slavegirls. A one way process. Playing a warrior or a criminal ruked by a rival.

Acteon by Alyssa S

Similar to Zhor but this is a primitive planet where guys get swapped I to slavegirls more often than not. There is always the hope of escape. But this rarely happens. Women might swap into knights bodies. Going on a holiday with wife or work pal to be betrayed or tricked into a slavegirl.

Becoming Tammy

A bit of a dead story by incognito that I'd like to continue round Robin style.

Wild Cards

Anthology series edited by George R R Martin. A more earthy take on super heroes with Nats, Jokers, Latents, Dueces and Aces. Might be fun to have a fresh Wild Card outbreak and investigate it.
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Re: Kyra tg roleplay ideas.
« Reply #1 on: April 29, 2019, 04:06:14 pm »