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Author Topic: Ini's newest ideas!!  (Read 376 times)

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Ini's newest ideas!!
« on: June 11, 2015, 11:01:34 PM »
Love The Way It Hurts

Meet Taja.

She’s a small town girl from nowhere Montana that is the hottest thing on the airwaves after winning her recording contract on the national show ‘You Call That Singing?’ From nobody to somebody in ten weeks - poor to rolling in money in nine months - dating the music world’s biggest hunk within a year - traveling the world... and all at nineteen years old. Talk about having the life right?

Wrong. Behind the glamour lies the dark truth. Drugs, alcohol, and a tumultuous, abusive relationship that is about to boil over into the world media and could see a true talent snuffed out before her time.

What’s a girl to do?

This would be where her manager, the one tasked with trying to keep her business life sane and on track, steps in. He has to - his career is now tied to hers, and hers is in serious danger - before the media gets wind of more than they already know.

Now, this is going to start a good way into Taja’s decline. The manager is going to have to go through several situations of collecting Taja from clubs and other public venues where she’s drunk and stoned out of her gourd. The violence in her relationship is slowly escalating - from screaming matches to that first slap. She hides it of course, she’s embarrassed by it (when she’s sober). That first slap turns into a black eye, a busted lip, bloodied nose... it gets to the point that she is struggling to hide it - missing shows and appearances because of the bruises.

The moment when the manager has to step in comes when the last beating lands her in the emergency room with the media clamoring outside of the hospital trying to get pictures. It’s now up to him to take this young songbird under his wing.


What I am looking for is someone who is willing to dig into the rather taboo aspects of an escalating abusive relationship as well as the relationship that will slowly develop between Taja and her manager. The main characters of this will be Taja and her manager - this means that the abusive boyfriend can be written by either myself or my partner (whichever is more comfortable for my partner).

This is not going to be a short story, this is not going to be a quick to the sex story. While there may be sex scenes between Taja and her abuser, it is not going to be the substance of this story. What does this mean? Well, if you are looking for a quick to the fucking story with nothing but fucking happening, this isn’t the story for you.

I am looking for a descriptive, multi-paragraph partner. This is not to be seen as me being an elitist - I am simply looking for someone who has a writing style like mine. Obviously, I am looking for someone who is not squeamish about the subject matter - someone who can handle the descriptive nitty gritty of violence, especially against a female. (And yes, this will be in the extreme section.)

Last but not least - please read my Ons and Offs if you are interested... and if you are interested, please send me a pm instead of responding here. I will not be checking this thread.

Under the Bayou Moon
Meet Sadie.

Raised in the bayous of Louisiana by a poor adoptive family so that the only life she knows is the rough, wild life in a swamp community that depends on alligator hunting, fishing and hunting to survive.

Sadie has long dreamed of a different life - one filled with excitement, wealth, and travel. For as long as she could remember she has felt out of place in the sweltering, humid swamps of Louisiana. A feeling she has always blamed on the fact that her birth parents had just left her on the doorstep of MaryBelle and Cleatus.

She is about to find out there is more to her. See, Sadie is not mortal. She is the daughter of a Valkyrie and a Sorceri - an odd combination to be sure, but nowhere near as life threatening as the fact that she is the long awaited Vessel.

Her life is about to get turned upside down and she has precious little time to learn about her new life.

**** Anyone interested in this story needs to read the link below. This story is based off the Immortals After Dark book series. While I do not require that my potential partner read the series, I do require that the link be read to at least have an understanding of the world this takes place in and what type of races there are. ****

The Lore
Every creature or being that was thought to be mythical... isn’t.

They all secretly exist alongside humans and enjoy the gift of immortality. There are hundreds of different kinds: from Vampires to Lykae, from Furies to Shifters, from Fey to Valkyries.

These Immortals call their world the Lore.

They walk among us, but they war among themselves. Each faction has its strengths, weaknesses, and age old prejudices against the others. Every five hundred years, the Accession, a battle for supremacy, rages. That time is now...

The Valkyrie
“When a maiden warrior screams for courage as she dies in battle, Woden and Freya heed her call. The two gods give up lightning to strike her, rescuing her to their hall, and preserving her courage forever in the form of the maiden’s immortal Valkyrie daughter.”
   Take sustenance from the electrical energy of the earth, sharing it in one collective power, and give it back with their emotions in the form of lightning.
   Possess preternatural strength and speed.
   Without training, they can be mesmerized by shining objects and jewels.

The Lykae Clan
“A proud, strapping warrior of the Keltoi People (or Hidden People, later known as Celts) was taken in his prime by a maddened wolf. The warrior rose from the dead, now an immortal, with the spirit of the beast latent within him. He displayed the wolf’s traits: the need for touch, an intense loyalty to its kind, an animal craving for the delights of the flesh. Sometimes the beast rises...:
   Also called werewolves, war-wolds
   Enemies of the Horde
   Their beast is seen as a ghostly image overlaying their body, they do not actually shift. When a male Lykae finds his mate, he is driven to bite her to mark her for all to know she is his.

The Vampires
   Two warring factions, the Vampire Horde and the Forbearer Army
   Each vampire seeks his Bride, his eternal wife, and walks as the living dead until he finds her.
   A Bride will render his body fully alive, giving him breath and making his heart beat - a process known as blooding.
   Tracing is teleporting, the vampire’s means of travel. A vampire can only trace to destinations he’s previously been.
   The Fallen are vampires who have killed by drinking a victim to death. Distinguished by their red eyes.

The Horde
In the first chaos of the Lore, a brotherhood of vampires dominated, by relying on their cold nature, worship of logic, and absence of mercy. They sprang from the harsh steppes of Dacia and migrated to Russia, though some say a secret enclave, the Daci, live in Dacia still.”
   Their ranks are comprised of the Fallen
   Enemies of most factions in the Lore

The Forbearers
   An army if vampires consisting of turned humans, who do not drink blood directly from the flesh.
   Kristoff, their king, was raised as a human and then lived among them. He and his army know little of the Lore
   Enemies of the Horde

The Demonarchies
   A collection of demon dynasties
   Most demon breeds can trance like vampires. Some breeds are bound to obey summons.
   Those that can emit poison from their fangs, horns, or claws are more vulnerable to other’s poison.
   May demon breeds must have intercourse with a potential mate to ascertain  if she’s truly his - a process known as attempting.

The House of Witches
   Mystical mercenaries who sell their spells
   Strictly forbidden to create personal wealth or grant immortality
   Separated into five castes: warrior, healer, enchantress, conjurer, and seeress
   A witch who possesses the powers of all five castes is known as “the Awaited”

The Sept of Sorceri
   A breed-line broken from the enchantment caste of the House of Witches
   Born with one innate power, their root power. If they lose it, they become slaves to their own kind called Inferi. They can trade and steal secondary powers.
   One of the physically weaker species in the Lore, they use elaborate armors to protect their bodies. They hold metal - especially gold - sacred.
   The Sorceri were led by Morgana who ruled as their regent. Interestingly, her Queen power was to control other Sorceri. So she was literally the Queen of Sorceri, in both meanings of the word.

The Furiae
   Ruthless she-warriors bent on delivering justice to evil men when they escape it elsewhere.
   Led by Alecta the Unyielding One.

The Berserkers
   A cadre of human warriors, known for their merciless brutality, who swear allegiance to Woden.
   Stronger and faster than mere mortals, they carry within them the spirit of the bear and can channel its ferocity into a berserker rage, temporarily becoming as powerful as an immortal.
   When a berserker wins his two hundredth battle in Woden’s name, the god will grant him ohalla - immortality with untold strength.

The Order
   A multinational mortal operation created to study - and exterminate - nonhumans.
   Thought to be an urban legend

The Vessel
“To be chosen is to be doomed...”
   At the cusp of each Accession, a chosen female will beget a child who will a warrior of either ultimate evil or of ultimate good - depending upon the father.
   Some factions will seek to assassinate the Vessel to prevent any birth. Others battle to possess her and control her offspring.

**credit for races and the world given to author Kresley Cole**

Hide and Seek

This is a legally binding contract for employment to Nuevelle Laboratories. Signature on these documents shows that the applicant agrees to the terms of the employment as well as the strict privacy agreement.

The candidate is being hired to track and return the lost property of Nuevelle Laboratories without question or disclosure of the job to anyone outside of his or her contacts within Nuevelle Laboratories.

Payment has been agreed upon as set forth. All expenses paid during the time of the search for Nuevelle Laboratories property, a sum of two point five million to be paid at the completion of the employment paperwork, and the remaining two point five million to be paid upon the return of the lost property.

It is understood that any physical damage done to the property of Nuevelle Laboratories will forfeit the remaining balance of the payment. The methods of tracking and securing the property of Nuevelle Laboratories is left to the discretion of the employee with the only exception being that there is to be no police brought into this search.

Upon completion of these papers, the applicant will receive the information upon the property in question.


Identifier: Specimen 15
Given Designation: Daphne
Age: 21
Height: 155 cm
Weight: 90 lbs

Specimen 15 has an estimated intelligence quotient of 300+. It is because of this that we are stating that this job could become dangerous. Specimen 15 has shown an incredible ability to fit in to the surroundings, much like a chameleon. It is known that Specimen 15 removed the tracker that had been placed in her, thus rendering our recovery systems useless.

Testing upon known abilities has shown that Specimen 15 can not only read the thoughts of those around, but exert thoughts into the minds of those around. It is highly possible that Specimen15 will consider this to be a game, and if such is the case, Nuevelle Laboratories is to be contacted immediately. Specimen 15 was created with a higher tolerance for pain and seems to be able to repair it’s body with thoughts though it requires more food and sleep to compensate for the genetic mutations.

Specimen 15 has some weaknesses that have been discovered beyond the need for more food and rest. It has proven to be susceptible to the various strains of the flu as well as the common cold. The most notable weakness will be the lack of social skills.


The Idea: Specimen 15, aka Daphne, is a genetic social, and illegal, experiment that has managed to escape her creators. To keep from having to admit to the government and law enforcement that they have been conducting illegal human genetic and social experimentation, the company has hired the best tracker money can by. Obviously, the company is not going to admit to everything - which means the tracker is going to be in for some surprises along the way. Of course, Daphne is in for surprises of her own as she has little concept of life outside of the secure facility she was created and raised in.

Beyond the hide and seek that will occur, the base idea is that the hunter realizes that she is more than a specimen and that the company wants her returned so they can destroy all evidence of their actions.
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Re: Ini's newest ideas!!
« Reply #1 on: August 01, 2015, 12:14:53 AM »
Added Under the Bayou Moon

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  • Diva of the Damned | Mother of Horrors | Patron Saint of Blankies
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  • Join Date: Feb 2011
  • Location: Somewhere between the lost and the fallen
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  • Mirror mirror whose the fairest bitch of all?
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Re: Ini's newest ideas!!
« Reply #2 on: August 03, 2015, 07:23:00 PM »
Added Hide and Seek