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Author Topic: On Murkey Waters//Tales of the Seven Seas (Interest check)  (Read 325 times)

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Offline Sirian EveTopic starter

On Murkey Waters//Tales of the Seven Seas (Interest check)
« on: June 11, 2015, 10:54:46 PM »
Legend of The Seven Seas
In a world ruled by magic and nature tales of seafarers have long been written in the stars. There are many great beings who rule upon the face of the earth but none as great and as terrible as the goddess Calypso. A sea goddess with a cruel heart and dark humor. No sailor crosses her seas without proper tribute unless they fear a painful and terrifying trip to their watery grave. Her name brings fear to every nation, tribe and civil order and her lust for power uncontrolled. The source of her power lies in the powerful trident Aegis. Aegis gives Calypso the power over the seas and waters. The other gods fear that if they do not retrieve the Aegis than the seas will never be safe to travel freely. However gods are forbidden to use their power against one another and so they had to find someone brave enough or rather foolish enough to retrieve the Aegis at any cost.

Enter Kael, a young man with no loyalty but to the highest bidder. He was been employed by the elder gods to travel to Calypso's realm of chaos and steal the Aegis. Kael can't do it alone. He'll need a crew, the finest crew with the best talents in the world. Upon successful completion of this mission he and crew will be rewarded handsomely and be able to retire for their rest of their lives. This story begins at dawn on Port Royal at Dead Man's Inn. An audition will be taking place to see who will be chosen to join the finest sea men (and women) from around the world.


  • 1. This will be a freeform style roleplay. Still debating on what section this will be placed in.
    2. What races are allowed? Anything you can think of with the exception of a god of course (they'll come into play later)
    3. Powers and abilities? Each character will have one power and one ability that is unique to them that can be used during this great adventure.
    4. The first story arc will take place on the ship, so if you don't have sea legs, better you sit this one out.
    5. Any questions or concerns feel free to pm me or write below.
    6. Be respectful.
    7. Have fun!
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Offline Sirian EveTopic starter

Re: On Murkey Waters//Tales of the Seven Seas (Interest check)
« Reply #1 on: June 11, 2015, 10:55:31 PM »

Code: [Select]
[b]Image[/b][floatleft][img height=300] PASTE IMAGE LINK HERE[/img][/floatleft]
[b]Player Name:[/b] (You, the puppet master)
[b]Character Name[/b]: (what interesting name will you come up with)
[b]Pickles or Eggs[/b]: (Pickles if you like men, eggs if you like women, or both)
[b]Race[/b]: (What are you exactly?)
[b]History[/b]: ( One paragraph will do)
[b]Ability/Power[/b]: ( What are you proclaimed to be the best at and what powers do you have? Nothing over the top)

Player Name: Sirian Eve
Character Name: Kael of the Last, Kael for short
Pickles or Eggs: Eggs
Race: Kael is the result of what happens when a dragon and a woman have a one night stand.
Kael's father was a dragon known only as the King of the Sands. His mother was a royal blood of the nomadic tribe of desert people known as the Hempi. His people were scattered to the winds during a civil war that only lasted a day. There are reasons why battles are not waged on the sands, the heat alone could kill. His life was spared by the god of the sands and adopted by a couple near one of the many river villages of man. His adoptive father was a slay master who hunted monsters and was paid by wealthy parties for doing so. He learned the trade in his youth and was exceptional with the sword, with any sharp weapon really. His favorite weapon of choice was the long sword.  Kael would often hunt with his father until the small river town was attacked by creatures that emerged from the waters of the river located next to the village. Though his father did everything in his power to save his community it was a massacre. With nothing but the clothes on his back he left the remnants of the village to sell his sword hand for profit to who ever could pay his weight in gold.  He became a mercenary of the sort, looking for purpose. He spent many years traveling from one township to the other, making a few enemies along the way. He also made a few allies when the pay was good enough. One thing had always puzzled him. Those water creatures that emerged from the river next to his village took nothing, they stole nothing. They merely killed innocent people for the sport of it and for the life of him he could not figure out why. Nor had he ever laid eyes on such creatures again until he settled on the isle of Port Royal. It was there that he heard about the goddess Calypso and the trident called Aegis. Kael had never set sail in his life, but for the first time he found purpose. For another set of years he sailed the seas looking for the goddess Calypso, becoming quite the seafarer. One day he was approached by a mysterious man who told him that he could help him find Calypso if he would deliver to him the Aegis, than he would have his weight in gold and be able to retire to any part of the world he desired. Kael took the mysterious man up on his offer.
Ability/Power: Kael has the ability to master any bladed weapon within moments of wielding it. Being that he is part dragon he can also summon flames and remain unharmed in doing so.
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Re: On Murkey Waters//Tales of the Seven Seas (Interest check)
« Reply #2 on: June 11, 2015, 10:55:49 PM »
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Online Ixy

Re: On Murkey Waters//Tales of the Seven Seas (Interest check)
« Reply #3 on: June 13, 2015, 09:09:57 PM »
Can you review this character submission and provide feedback or suggestions?

Player Name: Ixy
Character Name: Maritza
Pickles or Eggs: Both
Race: Aquatic Elf/High Elf hybrid
History: No one knew precisely what to make of Maritza's mother when she walked out of the sea-- she was lost at sea during a violent storm while undertaking a two-year pilgrimage to the Islands of Fire, where she was expected to commune with the deep-volcanic gods.  She had been missing for almost a year, and her family had mourned her and moved on.  She was full with child, and explained that "they"-- some strange beings that lived far beneath the waves-- had taken her in and nursed her to health, caring for her and communing with her like an orphaned child.  Why she returned to the surface was a mystery she would not speak of-- whether she had been cast out for some crime, or for her soon-to-be-born child's protection, she was filled with sorrow at every mention, and gave birth to her daughter alone in her order's temple inland.  Naming her Maritza, she often wept while nursing the girl, whom she kept swaddled to her breast when she walked the edge of the sea by day and by night.  The girl grew strong and, when she had reached adulthood, her mother seemed to know that she would return to the sea somehow, and watched with sadness as her daughter-- violent for her gender, impatient for an elf-- set forth with adventuring crews to learn to sail the oceans, where she would dive for pearls, salvage, and exploration.  She could swim like a dolphin, and feared no storm, and formed quick-- but brief-- bonds with crewmates and port-lovers before moving on to the next unknown sea.
Ability/Power: Maritza has the ability to commune with the spirits of fresh and salt water to navigate, track, and sense with eerie precision.  She has the power to breathe underwater and swim at extreme speeds, even at bone-crushing depths.