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Author Topic: ღ Vibrant Gate ღ [not yet open!]  (Read 726 times)

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ღ Vibrant Gate ღ [not yet open!]
« on: June 11, 2015, 02:25:50 PM »

Title: Vibrant Gate, the Universal Host Club!
Literate level: Semi-literate, low maintenance
Genre: Slice of Life, perhaps a hint of Romance
Type of roleplay: small group!
Short description of roleplay: Have down time in the middle of your RP?
Would you like a little roleplay experience without committing large chunks of your time?
Become a customer at the Vibrant Gate, and find out what your favorite color is!

Anything extra: I'M SETTING UP!

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Re: ღ Vibrant Gate ღ [not yet open!]
« Reply #1 on: June 11, 2015, 02:26:19 PM »

Set up in a small shop just two blocks away (somehow always two) is a quaint Host Club made just for you! Meet Chromatose, the not-so-local host and hostess group as well as Sans Shade, their mentors. Looking for a bit of fun and fancy, the time has come for them to do a bit of attention grabbing. Enjoy some cake, shakes and other treats as they sit down and get to know you! Drama happening at school? Of course they'll listen! Need a little pick-me-up after a hard day of work? Got you there!

These peeps are a hot commodity, though; make sure you get to the door first when they open! Don't get stuck waiting to be waited on!

The goal of this RP is to provide a small oasis for those in high-demand RP, a new environment for those who are stuck in writing ruts or can't afford to RP full-time in worlds full of intimidating adventures and dark forces. This will be something a much lighter - after all, who doesn't enjoy a good Host Club, with concerned and caring hosts ready to dote on you for a few hours? If you need a hub for two characters from different universes to meet, this is also a good place for that, too! Vibrant Gate's magic allows it to be several places at once!

While you (and other guests) are spending time with your host, talk to them too!

Of course, you're not limited to bringing pre-existing characters. It's perfectly fine to make someone specifically to be a regular, if you wish.

Page 1 - Teas and Lemonades

Page 2 - Other Beverages and Fruit

Page 3 - Cakes

Page 4 - More Cakes

Page 5 - Other Treats

Page 6 - More Treats

Page 7 - Extras
Anyone may be a guest. In the "How to Post" section, the posting format is explained. It's rather simple. We'd simply like a photo of the character you're currently playing included in your post. You can talk our hosts about anything! Keep in mind, though, that these characters won't know much about you to start - if you're referencing anything from a pre-existing RP, you'll have to explain the situation(s) to them, the same way that you would if you were having a real conversation.

Roleplaying occurs in sections. Meaning that I decide when the shop opens and closes. Don't worry - I only close the shop when a significant amount of RP has been made/when we've serviced a few characters. I realize that it can be intimidating to join an RP with so many people, and there are others who prefer having the Hosts all to themselves if they can help it. In addition to that, I don't want to be overwhelmed by customers - this also acts as a break for those who RP consistently and often - we can all use breaks. Something low maintenance can still be overwhelming if there's too much of it.

You will know if the shop is closed. There will be a large sign indicating so in the top post. While the Club is closed, I may add some posts to complete various loose ends. If you want to RP with a host one-on-one (to explore something more mature*, etc., please PM me). When I'm about to re-open the store, I will post about doing so, and change the sign!

Regardless of how much RPing was done in the Host Club or outside of it, all conversations will be assumed to have ended abruptly (either by the shop closing or the customer having to leave, people needing to go home at the end of the day, etc). I may open an OOC thread for talking about or establishing what happened at the end of the evening/while the shop was closing. If you're building a friendship with any of the characters, you're allowed to use references to these plot points in other posts at the Club, so long as you add details so that anyone reading can follow along.

*regardless of what transpires between the hosts/hostesses and other characters off-topic, they are perpetually unavailable so far as exclusive relationships are concerned (and for the purposes of RP, are vocal about that being the case). They don't go out on excursions often, however, as remaining available adds to the allure of their work. Please keep this in mind when asking.

ღ Although this RP has mostly anime influences, other types of character Play-bys are allowed as well. That also applies to furries, etc. Just keep in mind that the general idea of this RP is for companionship laced with a bit of flirtatious fun. For anything more intense, remember, you'll have to PM me and do a one-on-one, perhaps (if I'm interested).

ღ No Godmodding other people's characters. I don't really see why there would even be a situation where godmodding is even the least bit appetizing.

ღ HOWEVER, please keep in mind that for things to happen at a brisk pace, as it normally would in a shop of this sort, you are surrendering a bit of authority to me in your absence. If the shop is closing, or you take a long time to respond, I may be forced to write about your character leaving, so that other customers don't have to work so hard to account for silence or inactivity over a long time. Please don't be offended! If you're uncomfortable with that, we can talk about it, but I see no other options for continuing without you!

ღ Romance is encouraged (this is a Host Club), but be aware that the Hosts are encouraged to be romantic with all of their guests. But remember, there will be no explicit material in here!

ღ Please proofread your posts.

ღ Make sure that there's a visual, either by link or embedded, into each of your posts so that we know who you are!

ღ Inactivity isn't an issue here. Your characters can come and go as they please - Going to a Host Club is a before or after school deal usually (sometimes in the middle if you're at an expensive school with free roaming lunch periods!). The point of this RP is to be laid back!

ღ The hosts react to you - keep that in mind! Banter, teasing and rivalries are fine - but in RP there is a blurry line that *can* be crossed, and if your conduct doesn't match the venue, your character will be asked to leave. If you are inactive, the hosts will comment on your "sudden departure".

ღ Don't be discouraged about playing out bits of drama or exciting events in the store, though! Small impromptu hows by musically talented guests are allowed, as well as heated discussions, confrontations, etc. Those are sometimes the best parts of RP!
If you're interested in becoming a customer, there's no hassle in doing so! Simply post in the RP thread with a small image of your character (please, nothing hulking and large) centered over your text, so that our Hosts will know what your character looks like! Hosts will be doing the same!

If you're making a character specifically to be a regular here, I'll be starting a small guestbook soon for easy info reference!
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Re: Premise
« Reply #2 on: June 12, 2015, 11:01:02 AM »

Click here for general premise and description of the shop.
At first you didn't even notice the small shop. Your route home after school is always the same, after all, so why would you expect anything different? This is your home, and nothing ever changes. It isn't as though the building is extraordinary in size or shape. The one story structure is quaint at best and boring in color, sticking to the traditional white-siding-and-dark-brown-roof cliché. The door is black, an odd color to choose for such a scheme. For whatever reason, one day the building seems a little brighter, a bit more clean. It catches your eye - be it because of your familiarity with your own route home, the fact that no structures like it (drab colors or not) just don't exist in your area, or simply a vibe you can feel emanating from the building itself.

Once you've noticed it, you do every day. It seems to stand out more and more as the days go by. How could this building have come into being so close to you and go unnoticed? There on the left side of the road, at the corner, it sits. Soon enough, your journeys home help you spot other things. Suddenly there are plants growing on the edge of the property. The grass seems more green the next time you pass. Near the front door, small groups of flowers are flourishing in the soil. Seven colors are present, representing each major spectrum of the rainbow. They're quaint, like the establishment itself.

Despite your inclination for or against vibrant hues, you find the small accents somewhat charming.

Is this a flower shop? you wonder, but a cursory glance around the premises yields nothing. No sign, no indication of what purpose this structure is supposed to serve. Maybe someone lives here. You stand there for a few moments, wondering if you can spot someone traveling to and fro, but after a few moments of silence you move on.

In the days following your discovery of the flowers, another peculiar development shows itself: people passing in and out of it. All of them chittering, giggling. Sometimes those exiting part and go separate ways. Regardless of who is coming or going, no person seems jarred by the sudden appearance of the building. It baffles you. You ransack your brain for memories of others doing construction, of adding such a strange thing to your scenery - but you would have noticed if there had been construction. It's loud and noisy, or at least involves a gathering of people. This road has always been quiet, peaceful. You struggle to remember what had been here, before this building's sudden appearance, but you cannot.

When your curiosity overcomes you, your feet have no trouble carrying you to the door. With so many others moving to and fro, after all, it can't be a residence.

To your surprise, the interior isn't simply splashing with color. Blinking, taking a breath, you're unsure of why you had been expecting it to be. The walls match the siding outside, an off-white color that pairs warmly with the dark, robust mohagany floorboards. Booths and tables are scattered around the small room. Always a cornered booth at a right angle. Moderately sized circular tables stand in front of them, and across from the booths are two chairs. An interesting unit for seating four, to say the least. Each booth and each set of chairs are framed in black wood, upholstered with a print in a different color.


The greeting is soft, but it echoes off of the walls and the sound rings in your ears.

"Welcome to the Vibrant Gate!"
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