The Player's Wife: The story of how I became my best friend's fiancee.

Started by beautifulexhale, June 11, 2015, 01:42:19 PM

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Plot: The Player's Wife

Plot Status: Open
Genre: Feminization, gender and ethnicity change, romance, sensuality. Time period - modern.


(Muse B) is a star power forward for the [Insert city and team name]. He's revered by the fans, has great sponsors, and is coming off a huge run to the playoffs with his team last season.

As the new season begins there's a lot of questions about his off court maturity. Around the league he's seen as a partier, a womanizer, and always out on the town at home or on the road. A few sponsors are considering pulling out of their deal after he's racked up a DUI in the preseason. To make matters worse he can't get the respect he feels he deserves from the veterans in the league either. His agent suggests that perhaps thinking about settling down or the appearance of settling down will do wonders for his image. Besides, the party girls only want him for his money or what he'll buy them.

So, (Muse B)'s agent and him hatch a plan to have a stand in fiancée during the season. Someone he can trust to keep up appearances, and have his best interest at heart. He scourers through old girlfriends, but most are settled down now. He thinks about hiring an actress, but the connection feels cold.

The idea seems like a wash until he gets back in touch with his old college roommate, Kevin Walker (Muse A). They always had a tight bond, and Kevin helped keep (Muse B) out of trouble, and was a dependable friend. Kevin has fallen on some hard financial times after his divorce, and that acting career he always talked about in college hasn't panned out. That's when an idea hits (Muse B). Maybe with a little change, and some work done to Kevin's appearance he'd be open to assuming the persona of (Muse B's) fiancée Rashida Whitaker. It's just for the season he says.

Yeah, just for the season...

What starts out as a plan to help slowly sees Kevin (now Rashida) being inundated in the lavish world of being a professional athlete's wife. And what happens when his new husband to be starts to forget that this is all a ruse?


Muse A - Kevin Walker | I would prefer to play this role |  FC (Rashida Jones)
Muse B - Star Athlete | Backstory UTP |  FC open


I’d like to start the plot where Muse B takes Kevin out to dinner to pitch him his idea for being his fiancee. I'm also open to Muse B being in the NFL or MLB. Doesn't have to be NBA. We can discuss other ideas together. You can look at my posting history and see I'm a quality writer. :)


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