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Author Topic: Interest-Subnautica(Scifi, survival,)  (Read 874 times)

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Interest-Subnautica(Scifi, survival,)
« on: June 11, 2015, 06:46:19 am »
Why are you here? How did you get here? For that matter where the hell is here?

This is Subnautica, a long abandoned semi submerged research station sitting in the shallow waters near an uncharted island. The thing is, most the characters don't even know how they arived on the island. Some may have been washed ashore after the airliner they were on crashed or they were on a ship that was caught in a storm and ran aground on the island. Others have no memory of how they arived. All that matters is they are on an island in the middle of no where and there is a large seemly abandoned looking research base sitting in the shallow clear water just offshore, just with in swimming distance.

The Survivors have lost all hope of trying to escape the island or contacting the outside world and have formed a small society. This is a group that has accepted their place on the island and research station and re-purposed themselves. This is a survival story, a new start for a small group. These individuals must return to basic skills instead of relaying on computers and other tech all the time. They elect leaders of the group, distribute jobs based on skill, and they claim territory. This is a them vs the elements and what ever else is on the island. And each other. Disputes are bound to happen and squiables over resources and even jealous and blackmail is bound to happen.

Yes some tech does still exists, there is NO communication equipment in Subnautica. Its all been ripped out oddly enough. It appears someone has used a crow bar or similar object to forcefully remove all the communication equipment from with in the research base before abandoning it. Did they discover something terrible? Did someone else rip it out shortly after it was abandoned for reasons unknown? Where they working on something illegal?

The island and surrounding sea has plenty of small animals, eatable plant-life and fruit. The trick is getting to said food and holding onto said food since there is bound to be some disputes between characters so food hoarding is something that may happen.


Cyberbrain: A human brain that has been augmented with tech and encased in a bulletproof shell. Those that own a cyberbrain will find this amazing feat of technology sadly near useless since there is no way to contact the outside world. It has its sues though for the more tech savoy. They can hook into Subnautica's systems and discover it was once used for research and much of its files have either been deleted (how odd) or so corrupted that very little information can be gleamed from them. Also said characters can tap into Subnautica's systems and mess with the power to non vital locations and the like

Weapons: Despite being the area of cyborgs and body modification, weapons have largely stayed the same. Projectile weapons are still best though since this is a survival sitation they will be rare and ammo will be very limited.

Body mods: These range from the minor to full out augmentations. Be forewarned, replaced limbs and the like does add a lot of weight to a character and swimming may be very difficult to near impossible.

Subnautica: A large research station situated just offshore, its comprised of one central dome shaped building and several smaller buildings on a hub surrounding it with enclosed walk ways joining the hub and main building. As stated before, all of Subnautica's communication equipment is gone, brutally ripped out, its lab and living quarters were a mess with personal items scattered about as if the owners had left in a hurry.

Subnautica is power via salt water and solar panels so there is no worry about loosing power as long as the vital systems are maintained. It also has filters and a rain water catchment system which also need to be maintained.

-Sandbox with GM events
-No random non con. Yes non con is bound to happen but lets not have it happen out of the blue and put up some sort of warning. I've seen random non con kill games
-Active  writers who will not flake mid way through or after one or two posts
-All genders and orientations are welcome. Both OCs and CC are welcome as long as the CC is modified to fit the setting

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Re: Intrest- Subnautica (Sci fi, dark, extreme, non con)
« Reply #1 on: June 11, 2015, 07:02:00 am »
Color me intrigued by this.