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Started by KirbysFolly, June 10, 2015, 11:04:31 PM

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Hello everybody. I'm supposed to be studying, so here I am procrastinating further. College lets out for the summer in a couple weeks, so I'll have some free time on my hands. With this in mind, I figured it wouldn't hurt to put one of these up.

Per the way of things, please drop me a PM if you have questions or are interested, so we don't clutter this place up.

I tend to post about 3-4 times a week once things get going, although I usually post more often when a game first begins, and if I'm a conversation (especially in a group game, to avoid holding things up).

I do not care about other players' gender or sexuality. I'm not interested in playing M/M pairings, but I'm up for anything else. I prefer to play female characters unless I have a specific male character in mind.

I prefer system-based games but they are not a requirement.

I don't have a thread for my Ons and Offs, but I've filled out the matrix thing pretty thoroughly. If it's not listed in there, I don't really care one way or the other. If you have more questions about that, go ahead and drop me a PM. Seeing a new PM is always exciting.

So without further ado, I'm interested in:

Star Wars
Padawan and Sith: An uncertain Jedi padawan is taken in by a Sith, to be their new apprentice. Her powers have never seemed to match those of her peers, but this Sith senses potential. But first, she'll have to be converted.

Details on this can be changed around easily. Maybe the Sith was formerly an apprentice, and their master and the padawan's master fell in battle together. Sensing the opportunity, they struck. Maybe the Jedi Master fell in battle, unrelated, and the Sith pounced before the padawan could return to the temple or find other safety. I see the padawan as being insecure about her abilities, which only makes things worse, and having a hard time finding a calm center. This would probably be a darker roleplay, and I might even be willing to consider some of the things I have marked as 'Dislike' for this.

I would be interested in playing the padawan for this roleplay. I figure probably an even-ish balance of plot/smut (and certainly, the smut could double as plot in this story).

Scum and Villainy: Smugglers, scoundrels, and other ne'er-do-wells bouncing around in the galaxy. Basically, the default setting for Edge of the Empire. If you're totally unfamiliar, kind of Firefly, but in Star Wars.

I have no specific character in mind for this, it would just be fun. I would definitely be up for this as a group game, too, and I think it would probably even do better that way. This would have more plot than smut, but doesn't by any means need to be smut-free.

Post Apocalypse
My Ancestor, Kennedy Bowman...: A rough, mutated man travels the wastes. He carries an ancient American 50 cent piece on a chain around his neck, a keepsake, passed down from his father, and from his father, etc. He calls himself Avery Bowman, and he pronounces it like "Take a bow, man." He thinks JFK is his ancestor, and wanted to travel the world, but couldn't. He's going to do it for him, and he's upbeat about everything.

This is strictly for a silly, more over-the-top PA setting. People get mutated, weird things roam all over the place, and a mutated man who thinks John F. Kennedy was his ancestor, Kennedy Bowman, isn't completely out of place. Nothing should be too heavy here.

Something Else: No specific idea, I just do like PA settings. I think I might like to play a scavenger-type, digging through the wastes of society to find something useful. I like to see some green in my apocalypse (like in The Postman, or The Last of Us), but standard wastelands are okay too. I'm open to ideas here.

World of Darkness
Changeling: I had a Beast Changeling I wrote up a while ago, for an online game. I never got to play her, but I'd be interested in doing so, if anybody is interested in running a game.

If any of these sound interesting, or you think you've got something else good, definitely go ahead and hit me up.


Hey there :3 I just want to say I've enjoyed reading your post! There are definitely some stories I would like to try out if that's okay with you.

Mm, the Firefly-esque one sounds very entertaining! I've always wanted to play a wild, free-spirited type of trader. The Post-apocalyptic one is also quite intriguing. It would be nice to explore the psychological struggles the characters face when encountering loss or hardship.

Personally I would write paragraphs of detailed story and avoid meaningless smut unless it fits the scene. Though I will not shy away from it!  Mm, I know that's not what everyone wants, but I'll try to accommodate!
Jan 18th I'm sorry my partners! My work is starting soon and I need some time to do some paperwork to get ready. I  won't be able to write for a little bit, but I will return and reply your posts! Really sorry!