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Author Topic: Smutty RP Ideas! M/F  (Read 559 times)

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Smutty RP Ideas! M/F
« on: June 10, 2015, 11:01:14 PM »
I'm searching for a female RPer that is capable of plenty of detail whether it be sensual ecchi ones in regular situations or simply explaining the area around them. The smallest posts I usually type are around three paragraphs but that, of course, isn't set in stone :3 I enjoy both smut and plot but I am currently looking for a more hentai-centric or smutty roleplays at the moment so please keep that in mind should you consider any of my plot ideas. These can be either long term or short term, whichever you are in the mood for! Oh and these are completely up for debate and altered as you see fit <3 I am strictly searching for M/F roles but I do not mind playing as a futa if you'd prefer. Please PM if you are interested as I only RP through private messages. Thank you very much for reading, that's enough about my preferences. Now, onward to the ideas!
(P.S I do enjoy romance so I hope you do too)

1.) My protagonist is rebelling against a corrupt government in a Gothic-ques city with a resistance group known as "Misfits". My protagonist is known as a criminal in the city and is known as a sexual deviant and helpless romantic. Your protagonist could be a rich, prosperous woman that resides in the city that somehow gets involved with his gang or something.

2.) Modern day Earth has been slowly getting rummaged with beings from the seven netherworlds (Each one based off of the seven sins), Heaven sending their most powerful angel (you) to reside on Purgatory to combat these heathens. Despite being an angel, she has a very lustful/sultry personality and a brutal fighting style. My protagonist is a defected devil from the largest castle in hell, "Pandemonium" and has been assigned to work with your protagonist. He could have a calm, suave personality.

3.) A new college year is starting and the university that mine and your protagonists are joining have just passed a rule for unisex dorms, our characters sharing a room together where they could either start out hating each other but secretly lust over or fall in love at first sight but are reluctant to show emotions etc.

4.) With the release of a highly anticipated MMORPG, people rush to grab their own copy of Eternal Defiance 1.2. Seeking away from his stressful high-school life and a salve from his family problems, he finds himself purchasing the acclaimed computer game in hopes of a nice distraction. However, after customizing his character and putting on the quite expensive O.F.S Goggles, his malware protection notifies him of a virus. The virus affects his goggles and shocks him into unconsciousness where he then wakes up as his character in the game, with his senses in reality applying inside the computer. Your protagonist have been affected the same way and enter the game, be a high-leveled AI that acts on her own free will etc.

5.) A young boy resides in the town of Celeste which resembles that of a winter village much like in a child's tale. The protagonist has inherited a book known as "Folklore" from his father whom had passed away only recently. The boy delves into the chapters and explores each and every story whilst searching for his own chapter to call his "Happy Ending". (This will involve a time skip where our protagonists are older)

6.)The prodige and heir to a large corporation, Nikolae Maevolo, seems to have everything a man can dream...only he feels empty. Under his hard exterior lies the interior of a young man looking for someone to care for, not some building and business he never asked for. Your character could be someone he meets in school (Whether High School or College is up to you) or maybe becomes a secretary at the corporation etc.

7.) Being born in a traveling troupe, the boy was raised around those whom are regarded as "freaks" or "weirdos". He himself has the ability to perform strange feats that others label as "psychic" since he uses his mind and the will of his psychosis to achieve such phenomenal performances. Your protagonist could be apart of his troupe, or maybe someone whom watches a show with him in it etc.

8.) The world is gone...after the leader of the Illuminati took hold of all corporations and Earth has plunged into war after war until nuclear warfare has now reduced the planet to nothing short of post-apocalyptic. Generations afterwards, few have any memories of what the earth used to look like. My protagonist is a wastelander that wanders the deserts in search of a certain something.

9.) It is the Sengoku Era in Japan, the warring states of the West and Eastern army are in a deadlock. The lord of the Eastern army was killed and betrayed by a righteous man named Ieyasu. My protagonist is Mitsunari Ishida, looking for revenge against his old ally and to conquer the lands in memory of his lord. Your protagonist could be against his army or they don't meet until my character is forced to ally with another country etc. (Really wanting to do this one~ You don't have to have any knowledge of the warring states era of Japan so don't be afraid that this RP will be a history buff or anything)

10.) A young explorer is on the search throughout the seas to finish his father's research for a hidden path towards "Babylon", his sails landing him onto a remote island that seemed desolate until running into a young woman around his age whom has lived there since birth. Your protagonist could be apart of a tribe, raised by animals etc. and she at first is weary of him, maybe even hate him but during his stay she warms up to him steadily. {I wouldn't mind if the roles were switched here. Your protagonist could be the explorer and mine the island dweller }

11.) On your protagonist's way home from high school, she runs into a peculiar stray cat that was wounded and in poor care. After taking in the small animal and giving him special medical care, the cat speaks and reveals himself as a young man whom was blessed by the power of Nekogami Yaoyorozu. Your protagonist could react to this in any fashion you like, the young man will keep trying to repay her and win affection.

12.) A college graduate has just secretly invented a pheromone that makes any woman incredibly horny at the simple touch or feel of this substance. Using that material, he makes a fake I.D card to roam around and plow women left and right all over the city. This RP could technically be never ending as he would wake up ready to find another girl or the roles could be switched. Your character could be the scientist and so on.

13.) The world is now a living nightmare. With the majority of the populace succumbing to a widespread infection from a disease known as ataxic neurodegenerative satiety deficiency syndrome, or ANSD. My protagonist is a survivor whom fought his way through his high school during the epidemic and is now looking to recruit a team to try and make it through what looks like the end of the world.

14.) The crests to the holy doctrines across the world are being stolen by a notorious miscreant roaming for an unknown purpose. Your protagonist can be a bounty hunter after his head but after certain circumstances, your protagonist can find out the reasons for his crimes is to purge himself of a being that inhabits his body and soul known only in cults as "Noblesse".

15.) Your protagonist is a princess soon to be the queen of Egypt to take up the mantle of her passed ancestors. However, a conspiracy of one her family members had set in motion a plan to remove her from power and effectively exiled her out of Egypt. My protagonist could be a vagrant mercenary whom is an ideal bounty hunter that only lives for the pleasures of today rather than prepare for the future, some events would happen that would involve him aiding her in returning to Egypt and reclaiming her throne.

16.) Years of perfecting the art of war has risen into the progression of science and technology till now those enlisted into warfare are trained and suited up in armored mechs known as "Arma"s. Many people now live not only on Earth but in space colonies known as "Habitable Orbiting Microcosmic Ecosystems", or HOMEs for short. My protagonist is a child soldier whom has grown into a young man practically born inside his specialized Arma named "Calamity Mk.I". Your protagonist could be an ally or rival Arma Pilot etc.

17.) Being an erotic manga artist, my protagonist is having severe writer's block and can't seem to get any new work done for his publishers as of late since moving to his new apartment in Osaka. Luckily, he finds his new roommate to be the most curvaceous woman ever conceived. Your protagonist could either be a fan of his works and find out who he is and help him with his dilemma etc.

18.) Throughout history, anomalies occurred within the fragment of physical and spiritual laws in various forms which have affected the flow of time. These occurrences has brought into the world many unexplainable objects, lands and even people. Your protagonist is one of many known as "The Altered" and possess abilities many in society brand as evil or unholy due to a great number of The Altered spreading chaos and havoc in their wake which had brought this ill outlook on them. My protagonist is part of an order built on the thoughts of spreading justice and annihilating all traces of those anomalies, the order being named "Righteous Indignation". Your protagonist could act as an antagonist and pursue to rid the Indignation for the purpose of chaos or be one of the few kind Altered and only wish unification etc.

19.) Your protagonist is the most powerful and attractive genie in all the lands, many would kill legions simply to just get a single glance at you while others believe that once they have found you, they can obtain three wishes. However, feeling jealous of your popularity, your sister has implanted a repelling curse on your lamp which not only prevents you from returning into your home but also cuts your magical capabilities. My protagonist is a treasure hunter that is the first to stumble upon your lamp just before the curse is taken into effect and decides to help you in return for three wishes...

20.) It takes a certain type of person to be able to make it as a hitman for the Sicilian Cosa Nostra but if it would put bread on the table and women in his bed, then my protagonist would gladly do so. Sicily has found itself as a battleground between the many crime families that infest the beautiful city. Our protagonists could be rivals as hitman or you could be a cop that wishes to do away with all of the crime etc.

21.) The incubus prince of the Carnal Luxuria netherworld has descended onto Earth after a battle against a group of heroines that desire to drain him of his life force via sexual intercourse, the demon lord now looking to regain his power and create an army to reclaim all that he had lost. Your protagonist could be a succubus from his netherworld that wishes to find him again or be a human with special abilities etc.

22.) Your protagonist gets onto a subway that is infamous for a groper that sexually harasses voluptuous young women and comes into contact with him, the man actually being an incredibly handsome young man. Your character could become addicted to the rush of him ravaging her in the midst of many people, simply be infatuated with the man himself etc.

23.) A young athlete becomes physically wounded after almost obtaining first place in a national competition and is placed in a hospital where he meets a certain nurse that seems to be incredibly seductive. Her "treatments" become more alluring and provocative with every time they see each other until it leads to a secret relationship they hide from others but enjoy the danger of getting caught.

25.) The Wild West apparently wasn't wild enough...creatures and magical beings that were only wives tales told by crazed sailors or drunk men in bazaars have become far more than just gibberish. They roam in great numbers varying from goblins, witches and trolls to things they had no clue what to call them. My protagonist is a gunslinger living in this strange world and taking up bounties of the mythical kind just to make a living. Your protagonist could be another gunslinger that joins him in the purge of these terrible creatures or perhaps even a witch etc.

26.) Your protagonist is an infamous and very skilled thief that roams around the massive city weaving through all that stand in your way whether it be stealthily or simply seducing with your incredibly sexy figure. My protagonist is the chief of police and has been trying eagerly to catch you but no matter how close he gets, you always find away passed him. Secretly though, the two are incredibly fond of each other and actually enjoy confronting the other as if it was a chess game. This one would involve quite a bit of smut from the get go and we could start out having your protagonist pulling off one or two heists before they end up working together to stop a greater threat which would be the main source of characterization and romance.

27.) A young knight has been casted out of his chivalrous brotherhood for counts of messing with black magic in an attempt at bringing back his deceased father back to life which not only has affected him physically and mentally but also has severed all ties with his hometown. Branded as a heretic now, he is on the run from his very own kin that wish to do away with him while he still resembles that of a human and not that of a beast which could either be them overreacting from the stories they have heard or be accurate should you be into anthros. Your protagonist could be either a fairy sprite following him out of curiosity, a female knight of his brotherhood that wants to end his days but somehow ends up befriending him where romance ensues etc.

28.) Your protagonist is the head of student council in a prosperous high school and is tasked to go convince a delinquent to attend classes regularly instead of skipping out, the young man on the brink of expulsion. Little does your character know that he is the leader of a gang and has a loner and cold attitude towards people which is a response to his harsh childhood, instantly not prithee to the idea of going back to school. There are many ways we could do this idea whether it be your character being super bubbly and shrugging off his facade or perhaps your character could be a tsundere and be rather crude, similar to him, but they both secretly grow fond of each other etc.

29.) A devilishly handsome and suave young man appears before your protagonist, an incredibly sexy priestess/nun/etc; and instantly falls madly in love with you. Of course, being a woman of God, you are unable to return such affection whether it be adoration or lust...and lord knows how sexually pent up one would be securing such a chastity for so many years. The lad is one stubborn romantic though and will stop at nothing to swoon you over no matter the cost. Even if it means becoming a priest himself~ This one would involve plenty of shenanigans and sensual build up before any smut which goes double for romance to finally blossom.

30.) Throughout history, there has been a special style of martial arts only known to few in the entire world and only one man is public with that legendary fighting style. Your protagonist is the daughter of this fabled man and in line to inherit his dojo...however, in a scuffle that is clouded in mystery, he had perished in a fight to the death by his one and only pupil. To make matters worse, he has become your new martial arts instructor! This would have quite the long build up of characterization between our two protagonists, him essentially training her so she can someday kill him to avenge her father yet the two end up having romantic feelings as her training progresses. (We could reverse the roles here if you so desired~)

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Re: Smutty RP Ideas! M/F
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