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April 24, 2017, 04:37:53 AM

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Author Topic: A few ideas (F looking for M/F/other: mostly NC, EX)  (Read 1340 times)

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A few ideas (F looking for M/F/other: mostly NC, EX)
« on: June 09, 2015, 08:46:48 AM »
Hi there,

Ons and Offs & Gaming Preferences
Here you go: My O&O thread.  Beware - it's new and I'm still far from 100% sure about it being exactly as I want it.  If you have any questions PM me.  The list is a good indication to the sort of things I like/dislike but do ask if there's something you specifically want/don't want as there's a lot to be said for context and it's impossible to summarise contextual effects on them in any meaningful way.

Current Status
Currently all booked up but I may be swayed into another if something particularly grabs me.

OK - I've underlined and coloured the characters I would want to play in a given story.  If I've indicated multiple characters then I'm happy to play any of them.  If it gets more complex than that then I'll explain it in the specific info for the idea.  It's worth noting that I've no objection to taking on NPCs as and when required.  The character preferences are for the main focus of my attention :)

Extreme NC

To The Manor, Born (NC, EX, Humiliation, BDSM, any number of other things)
The mistress of the manor is not a generous employer by any stretch of the imagination.  In fact she has spent a fair amount of time building up a lot of simmering animosity from her staff and servants.  So much so that when the opportunity arises and the weather pulls in to isolate the place for a period, they take their opportunity and dethrone her and show her just what they think of her.  They only have a limited time before the weather clears and things can get moving again but there’s a lot that can be done in that time.

Out of the Vault (NC, EX, BDSM, slavery, any number of other things)
A lone vault dweller (possibly more) is awakened from cryo-sleep, summoned up to deal with a problem that just can’t be dealt with by automated systems.  An external vent is blocked and if left unattended the projections suggest overheating that would result in damage to other systems within two to three months.  Someone needs to go outside to clear it.

The trouble is that the vent has been blocked by the latest building efforts by the group of raiders who have created their settlement in the area surrounding the vault.  They’ve no means of forcing their way inside but if something tasty comes out?  Well… shame to waste an opportunity.

(Set in the Fallout universe)

The Pack (NC, EX, BDSM, Attempted Breeding, any number of other things)
A pack of werewolves have tracked down a lost cub.  They’ve been keeping tabs on her for some time now but it is time to act.  She is coming to breeding age and they need to know that her offspring will be part of the pack.  It is time to bring her in and initiate her into the pack.  Even if she doesn’t like that idea.

Awakening (NC, EX, BDSM, any number of other things)
One or more characters are on a merchant ship a the height of the second republic.  It is all going so well until the explosions start.  Is it pirates, mechanical failure, something else?  They have only enough time to dash to the cryo chambers before they eject in the life pods. 

Centuries later, the House Cestus star-yacht slowly maneuvers into place, carefully scooping the salvage aboard.  Ancient humans are as valuable, if not more so than technological gains.  Maybe they will have insight that even the scribes lack, maybe they’ll just make nice addition to the House’s stable of pleasure slaves.

The intent is that the setting is a baroque space one where technological knowledge has regressed some distance from humanity's peak.  Inspirations: Dune, Fading Suns.

Duelling Banjos (NC, EX, Torture, Humiliation, any number of other things)
A road trip.  Six friends and a simple idea - a fantastic way for them to spend a portion of their last summer before College.  A last chance before they went their separate ways.  It would be fun and they could swing by all sorts of cool places.  The girls hadn't figured on a closed interstate and a detour through the backwaters.  Nor had they figured on getting two tires punctured in rural hicksville.  At least it was a town, though.  A town with a garage and a motel.  It wasn't exactly luxury but neither was it the open road.  Two to three days to wait for new tires and so they had to kick their heels.  Not much to do in a place like this...

The idea for this one is following the redneck horror tropes of teen horror flicks.  The girls grabbed and dragged off to meet the depraved needs of the locals.  I'm willing to play fast and loose with some of my normal 'offs' here as there's 6 girls to play with.  I'd like to keep one as a 'main character' and have her have a chance of stumbling out of town, to be picked up on the highway (as per the source tropes).  The others could end up meeting all sorts of nasty ends (again as per trope).  Very much targetted at the extreme end of things, focusing on horror, torture and very very depraved things and with 5 disposable victims alongside the one-that-might-survive.  It also gives the opportunity to flit about between scenes.  Moving without too much of an eye on chronology or sticking with a character and scene longer than we're interested.  I would ideally look to play the main female character with you taking on the locals (focusing on a main character from amongst them if you prefer, probably the ringleader - maybe the others just turn a blind eye to him/her).  I would be happy to play the other 5 girls as well although they could just as easily be relatively briefly 'on-screen' 
Characters: The one that might survive, any number of possible 'locals'.

The Wild Hunt (NC, EX)
She knew not to go into the woods.  That there were forbidden places, places where people disappeared from time to time.  The truffles, though, they would fetch a pretty price at market and especially so if gathered under the new moon.

It wasn't until she heard the sound of the horns that she realized what a terrible mistake she'd made and now she was running.  Dodging the limbs or trees and the clawing undergrowth, fighting to keep her balance and her breath as she rushed headlong into the woods.  The sound of the hounds and of their masters could be heard in the distance and they seemed to be forever closing.  She had heard too much of the fae to think that she would come out of this unscathed.

A story of being the prey in a hunt and what might happen after that.  This could bring in all sorts of kinks but the NC element is pretty integral.
Characters: Hunted girl, fae hunter(s).

After the Dust Settles (NC, EX)
My vision for this one is fantasy/medieval but it could work in a range of different genres (modern, scifi etc).

First there was the revolution, throwing down the abusive monarchs and their stooges.  Most faced execution, some were imprisoned and a few switched sides denouncing their previous lives.  The princess, though, she escaped and the counter-revolution was pretty much an inevitability.  There were plenty of other powers willing to take a chance at putting the old order back at he top.

They failed and now the princess was finally in their clutches.  A quick execution was, of course, an option but there were still sympathisers out there.  It should be made clear that the new order was no longer afraid of the old and that the old was beyond all capacity to do harm now.  She would embody that, be the public demonstration of their power that they needed. The people would see her humiliated and every time they saw it they would know that the old order had been swept aside.

The focus of this story is on public humiliation but could take in pretty much any kink in that cause.

Characters: Ex-princess, the revolutionary council members.

Pirate Spoils (NC, EX)
This is one of my looser ideas for a game - pirates fall upon a merchant vessel expecting a spectacular haul.  Their information, however, is somewhat flawed and it turns out that the vessel is mainly carrying worthless ballast.  The first mate, however, is something of a beauty she might not fetch as good a price as a decent cargo but she'd make for great sport up until a decent sale could be arranged.

I see this one as possibly a shorter story although I guess it could take a number of interesting turns.  It would lend itself to all sorts of extreme elements as the pirates take out their frustrations on their prize.  I'm really looking for those elements of extreme public humiliation, punishment etc.

In terms of genre it could easily be historical, fantasy or even sci-fi without much effort.  Modern day could work as well.

Characters: Captured female first mate, pirate captain/pirate horde.

A little competition (NC, EX, competition)
This once could also work as a group game. 

The war was over now and the Empire had been gloriously victorious in the end.  However, victory came at a price - the fighting male population had been decimated and the cavalry had decimated the supply of horses.  Even the gladiators had been called up to fight the barbarian hordes and as expendable shock troops had taken the brunt of it.  The people needed their entertainment and they needed assurances that the victory was a meaningful one.  A trickle of barbarian slaves could provide some of the blood-sport but, again, their body fighting men had been whittled very thin indeed.

And so, they were now resorting to other options.  Female slaves brought from the barbarian lands were used in the arenas.  They weren't as adept as the professional gladiators but new options for opened themselves up.  The crowds craved more than blood and soon it was the flesh on display.  First they were just fighting or competing naked and then more and more sexual elements were incorporated as the crowds demands were heard.  Forfeits for losing were introduced alongside the rewards for winning to punish those that would fail to engage.

This is another story that could offer a close focus on slavery, punishment, public humiliation.  There's room there for pony-play and other items of display-play.  Other elements (branding, bestiality etc) could easily be brought in as per preferences.  Something worth talking through in advance.

Characters: Female arena slave (either barbarian or of local stock), arena trainers, other girls, male gladiators, nobles.
Genre: I envisaged this one as a fantasy Rome style setup but it could fairly readily be transferred into other genres
Other possibilities: I guess this could easily work for a group game.

Farmhand (NC, EX, slavery, exhibitionism, bestiality?, pony play? and others)
With the economy tanked a poor college leaver has few options for work.  She had searched for office work, to no avail and even considered retail but retail always wanted people experienced in the sector and there were plenty of those on the job market currently.  Finally she saw the ad, asking for those willing to commit and work hard to apply for roles on a farm.  It wasn't specific about the roles in question but she'd never been shy of some hard work and the job offered board and lodging as an added benefit.  With that taken care of she was sure to be able to put some money by and look for something closer to ideal later.

If only she knew quite what was in store for her....

This story I envision having a broad scope for all sorts of kinks but I was thinking in particular:

  • NC/Slavery
  • Pet Play
  • Pony Play
  • Caging
  • Exhibitionism
  • Bestiality
  • Branding
  • Punishment/pain
  • Forced Competition (with forfeits, rewards etc)
  • Forced/induced lactation (possibly... speak to me first)
It will revolved around life on a farm where female (and possibly male) slaves are held and forced to train, perform etc alongside animal equivalents.

There's plenty of scope for other kinks to be explored either as part of day to day life for the hapless slaves or as punishments for misdemeanors or forfeits for failing at various tasks or competitive events.

This one explores the borders of my comfort zone a fair amount but it's intended that way.

Characters: New, female slave at the farm, farmer/farm hands, visitors, other girls.
Genre: I had modern day in mind but it could easily be set in any number of genres with some minor tweaks.

Softer (maybe) NC Options

The new pet (NC/Semi-NC, EX or lighter)
The futures is bright and full of technology, at least for those that can afford it.  Those who sit within the comfortable corporate compounds.  For those outside it is hellish, dangerous and short.  Food and medicine is always in short supply whilst makeshift weapons and quick ways to die always seem plentiful.

It's unclear if the ward program began as a a cynical means to please the upper and mid levels of corporate management but it certainly became that.  On the surface it seemed altruistic enough - those in the corporate hierarchy with resources enough to spare could sponsor one or more of the poor unfortunate souls.  These wards would become the responsibility of the sponsors until such time as they were ready to become productive members of the corporation.  The implementation, in typical corporate fashion, was via a contract.  The ward would sign up for a number of years, possibly conditional on attaining certain academic or behavioral targets, and at the end of the contract they would be awarded status within the corporation and a small pool of resources with which to start over.

Of course the system was open to abuse, at first in subtle ways but then more blatantly as time went on.  As non-citizens the wards had very few rights - their health and well-being protected more by the fear of being sued by their sponsor for damage to their 'property' (the contract was their property even if the ward technically was not). 

Several years on, it has now become popular amongst the elite and rising middle-management to acquire one or more wards and to treat them as house pets.  Some are afforded genuine contracts with a concrete termination date but many find themselves with contracts continually extended through various attainment or behavioral clauses.   Many are subjected to great risk through various 'sporting events' and it is not uncommon to brand, tattoo or otherwise modify the body of a pet.  Amongst the more wealthy or ambitious owners, it has become somewhat fashionable to bio-genetically modify their pets to be more animalistic - adding fur, ears, tails or other animal features.

I see this game offering a mix of opportunities with a somewhat softer NC style than most of the ideas I seem to come up with.  The treatment of the ward could be anything from gentle pet-play through to really quite brutal.  I think the themes I want to explore with it are pet play, self-initiated slavery, public humiliation and exhibitionism.  Almost any other kink could be brought into it and I'd be happy to discuss options.

Characters: Female ward (possibly anthro or catgirl etc but not necessarily), sponsor.
Genre: Dark and gritty cyberpunk / SciFi.

Other Stuff

The game (consensual / Semi-NC)
It started off as a study group but now the project is over and they got together for a celebratory party.   It was a pretty quiet affair - none of them the sort of brainless jock that got off on keg stands or the like.  There was alcohol, though and the evening has got late and inhibitions are low.  Would they have started the game of Truth or Dare otherwise?  Probably not, but here they are - lounging on beanbags and kicking off a game that might lead to all sorts of interesting places...

This game is relatively open and could explore a wide range of kinks.  Obviously there will be more than two characters present but I want to try it as a one-on-one with each player taking one or more main characters and then between us mopping up the remaining study group members as collectively available NPCs.

Characters: A member of the study group (college students).  Could be a wide variety of different personality types.
Genre: Real world.

Images that pique my interest

Walk the pet

A dignified cat
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Re: A few ideas (F looking for M/F/other: mostly NC, EX)
« Reply #1 on: April 13, 2017, 08:39:41 AM »
Update - currently booked up for my 1-2 (or three) starting games.  I will probably be looking for more as soon as I'm back up to speed and may be persuaded to take on extras if something really grabs me.

Update - got back from a loooooong break from Eli and updated the list of ideas with a bunch of new ones and cleared the 'taken' markers from some others.  Clean start, new ideas, yay \o/
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