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Author Topic: Seeking contemporary RP for my characters  (Read 421 times)

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Offline shadow2kTopic starter

Seeking contemporary RP for my characters
« on: June 08, 2015, 08:41:15 PM »
I have a nice collection of female characters for RP and I'd like to give them a try on this board.  They are mostly designed around contemporary settings, but they are adaptable so if needed I can modify them.  I don't intend to play all of them at once, just looking for an RP where one of them would fit.

Here's a sample of 4 of them (currently my most developed characters):

April Beckwith
A short, cute, nerdy girl with a shy but confident stance.  She's 18, but it's quite difficult to tell exactly how old she is by looking at her due to her nicely contrasting curvy/slender figure; an abundance of babyfat gives her a somewhat cherubic appearance, while her large breasts do their best to assert her adulthood.  Slender arms and legs are subtly toned with muscle, but she still appears quite frail.  Her butt is small and curt, but still seems as if there's enough fat there to provide a decent cushion for sitting (or other activities).  Her eyes are a deep blue in color, and shine vividly when the light hits them just right.  Her long brown hair is naturally curly but she combs it straight and usually fixes it up into a ponytail to keep it out of her way.  She has a small, petite build, probably around 4'9 or so.  She wears big glasses which slightly magnify her eyes, and speaks with a bit of a lisp, almost making her a stereotypical nerd.  She is also quite agile and her small size gives her an advantage when operating in small spaces.  Her natural coordination does give her impressive accuracy with ranged weapons.  Although she is reasonably athletic, she is not physically strong and can be overpowered by larger or stronger foes, if they can catch her.

She is very logical and intelligent and has a knack for figuring things out.  This makes her quite versatile and allows her to think her way through most challenges.  She has a strong adventurous streak, always seeking to learn new things, especially things that are mostly or completely unknown to other people.  She's a total computer nerd.  She can use almost any kind of computer, and knows several programming languages.  She loves science and knowledge and is always interested in learning, specifically about things that defy scientific explanation.  If she encounters something that defies her scientific knowledge, she will be more intrigued than afraid, and has a tendency to run toward things that she may be better off running away from.  She is a complex girl of contrasts.  Secretly she has some very twisted and kinky ravishment and bondage fantasies but goes to great effort to hide these fantasies and will deny them at every turn, fearing the kind of attention it may bring.  She is socially avoidant and does not trust anyone initially, though her trust can be earned.  She is extremely loyal to those she loves, and is often willing to sacrifice herself if necessary to protect her friends and family, though she will try to find a less costly solution first if possible.  Though she tends to be a bit dull and often comes off as a cold fish, she does have some colorful quirks that show through in her fashion sense and aesthetic tendencies.  She avoids sexual situations, pretending to not be interested so as to avoid having to deal with her secret fantasies, which she considers her greatest weakness and feels guilty about becoming "sexually compromised".  Obviously, she is sexually represssed, which makes her vulnerable to certain types of manipulation.  Though she represses it, she does have a libido (and quite a wild one in fact).  She is turned on by intelligent and logical men, bondage, underwear fetishism, breast play, and rape fantasies.  Her breasts (and especially her nipples) are unusually sensitive and a quick way to drive her into exstacy, thus she protects them vigorously.

Alysha McCoy
An athletic, deceptively powerful girl with a hidden fire.  She is a bit short for a 20 year old woman, and has short red hair and dark olive skin.  Her dark green eyes are quick and alert, though she maintains a cool, unsuspecting demeanor whenever possible, so as to keep her enemies off guard.  She has a mostly average build except for her large breasts.  Always one to side with a good cause, and often too stubborn to know when she's wrong, Alysha has had a turbulent life.  The daughter of a Mexican drug-runner and an Irish hacker, her childhood was interesting to say the least, and culturally rich, but her parents had difficulty with her during her teenage years and she ran away from home to live with a boy she'd met, a boy who was part of a local gang used by the cartels to smuggle contraband in and out of her home state of Arizona.  Once she learned that her boyfriend was merely a tool of the cartels, she left him and returned home, but quickly found herself targeted by the cartels for illicit knowledge she had acquired while dating her ex.  Not one to hide, she fought back where she could, though did so cautiously.  She knew that allies were important when dealing with powerful enemies, and after high school, joined up with a group of activists protesting border atrocities covered up by the military.  There she learned valuable combat skills and participated in stealthy sabotage of government targets near the Arizona border.  She doesn't think about sex in terms of pleasure, but more as a tool.  She will usually resist flirtation or sex unless she believes it's the only way to get what she wants.  It's usually a last resort sort of thing for her, due to the inherent danger and time consuming nature of sex, but sometimes there's no other way.  She is normally quiet and reserved, but once properly triggered, her fiery disposition explodes, and she can become quite violent and destructive - this is both an asset and a liability.  Left unchecked, her temper could level entire buildings if she gained access to some explosives.

Quinn Patrick
A brilliant girl, the "Smartest Girl in the World", according to the Capital City Herald after she achieved an unprecidented score on an IQ test at the age of 8.  Quinn was never quite ordinary.  Gifted with intelligence beyond the understanding of others, she never really understood what it was like to be the equal of anyone else.  But, being wise in addition to intelligent, she realized the danger of superiority and took steps to psychologically condition herself against developing such a complex.  That being said, she still finds the majority of people she deals with on a regular basis to be "annoyingly difficult to work with" due to their inability to keep up with her.  Her greatest weakness could be that she gets so far ahead of people that she often comes across as random and weird.  Eccentric to a fault, she would be considered mentally challenged by her typical behavior if the results didn't speak for themselves.  The inventor of countless ingenious gadgets and the founder of many groundbreaking scientific theorems, she is an impressive individual, and has accomplished all of this by the age of seventeen.  She doesn't look like much; a frumpy, nerdy girl with a rather petite but healthy build.  She speaks with a slight lisp.  As far as sexual tendencies go, she really doesn't have any.  In fact, she doesn't even think about sex, except in a purely clinical form as necessary for reproduction.  It'd be fair to say she probably has no libido, nor any interest in sex or procreation as she considers having to raise children to be a major obstacle in her work, which she believes will better mankind in every way (and she could be right).  She has taught herself several martial arts, and even invented a few new ones.  Her greatest weakness could be her tendency to mentally race ahead of whoever she is dealing with, making it difficult for others to relate to her or understand her when she starts to ramble on about whatever she is thinking about at the moment.  This presents her with social challenges which she finds difficult to overcome.  Though she has invented some powerful technology, she tends to equip herself with experimental (and not necessarily reliable) equipment whenever possible, always anxious for opportunities to test her latest creations in the field.  Her tendency to take risks for the sake of science could be considered a weakness, though she is usually quite good at evaluating her situation and making the most ideal preparations beforehand.  She places a great deal of confidence in her ability to think her way out of any difficult situation, but everyone can make mistakes...

Tabitha Halliwell
Tabitha just wanted to be a normal girl.  Instead, she got a destiny.  The youngest in a long line of powerful wizards, sorcerers, and witches, Tabitha inherited great magical power.  The Halliwell family is one of the most prominent magical families in the world, and they have trained her well.  But as she grew up, all around her she saw other kids her age having normal lives.  They never had to worry about accidentally blowing up their kitchen during alchemy practice, or being haunted by the wild magic after-effects of a miscast spell from a week ago.  To her, magic is more a burden than a blessing.  Sure, she is powerful, and could grow up to be the greatest witch of her line, but it's all so complicated and time consuming, and to her it feels too dangerous.  Her childhood and teenage years were spent cloistered in the Halliwell Estate's cavernous library, studying and learning the arcane secrets of her bloodline, or being lectured on the doctrines and legends of her ancestors by the Elder Halliwells.  Though she was allowed to have friends among the Mundanes, or "Norms" as her uncle called them, she could only rarely spend time with them.  The time she did have among them only made her wish for a normal life more and more, and especially as a teenager when she began to resent magic and her birthright.  Once she turned 18, the Elder Halliwells revealed to her a prophecy of incredible importance to the world - and that she was the centerpiece in this prophecy - or so they believed.  According to the prophecy, she alone would determine the world's fate - for better or worse.  They did what they could to ensure that she would act in favor of the family, but by this point she had become so frustrated with all the pressure that she simply teleported herself away, concealing herself behind a well-prepared ward to prevent them from finding her, for she had learned much from them - including how to evade the powerful Halliwell magics.  Now alone and independent in the world, Tabitha is a free witch with a powerful birthright.  All she wants is to have a normal life, but that's not likely to happen.  Although she's hidden herself for the time being, the Elder Halliwells may someday find her again, and the Halliwells have enemies too - enemies who would be very interested in gaining control over the Destined One.  Not to mention the witch hunters who seek to eliminate the last vestiges of magic from the modern world, or the enchantment thieves who would be all too interested in getting their hands on Tabitha's enchanted underwear, which increase her magical power but could grant magical powers to anyone who wears them.  Or simply the fact that the Halliwells are a wealthy and respected family in the world, and she could be used as leverage against them.
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