The Master Canine [M looking for]

Started by Frost, June 07, 2015, 07:32:25 AM

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I am looking for someone to play the female character in this RP -

The Master Canine

A beautiful woman with the perfect hour glass figure, heavy breast and teasingly wide hips, moving to the city for a job in an office from the country with her only true friend, her dog, she had him ever since her was a little pup, now he had grown in to a large protective and loyal friend to her, she did not want to give him up, plus the added security of having him around made her feel more confident heading out to the big smoke.

Getting used to her surroundings as she took her dog for a walk, the local park with a nice river and lake made her feel at home, the dog running off as it enjoyed the freedom as he got to stretch his legs, the summer sun making him thirsty, moving to the lake as he lapped the water, unknown to her and her dog the water had been contaminated that morning by a rogue chemical plant, the dog lapped at the water, sensing the weird taste as it had enough and drew away from the water.

Later that night as the dog slept, it stirred in it's sleep as it felt hot and restless, the unknown chemical residing in it's brain, as changes started to happen, the next morning the dog opened it's eyes, looking around the room from it's large basket before giving a large yawn.

The chemical has interacted with the dogs brain, making him able to understand human spoken word, although he is unable to speak himself, his thoughts are now much like a humans, his eyes seeing hi owner in a new light, starting to lust after her as he finds he form enticing and arousing. This will continue through as the dog becomes more than her best friend, the dog even being able to pick out clothes for her, when out on walks making her bump in to certain people and creating new encounters for her.

This is more of a dark and gritty story, starting off nice and rosy before the dark clouds start to emerge, the men the dog leads her to might not be the sort she cares for, but the dog is very smart and intimidating, when the dog thinks she has had enough he breaks them up by threatening the other male if he does not get the first hint that it is now over, the dog starting to control her life more and more, as it becomes her master.

Please PM me for questions and interest :)