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September 27, 2021, 01:29:26 pm

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Author Topic: My Idea Thread, Featuring Superheroes, Vampires & Fantasy (M for F)  (Read 511 times)

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Hi, I’m Petr. I’m still pretty new here, so go easy on me. I already made one of these posts, but now that I’ve done a few RPs, I know a little more about the type of stories I want to write, so I’ve updated accordingly. 

About Me/RP Style
Fandoms: Marvel comics, MCU, Agent Carter, DC comics, DCU, Young Justice, Steven Universe, Buffy, Harry Potter, Conan the Barbarian, Star Wars, and more… If you think I might like something, just ask!
Interests: Fantasy (Epic, Urban and otherwise), Science Fantasy, Vampires, Superheroes, Adventure, Romance

Post Format: Elliquiiy’s Boards
Post Length: 200-300 words (for dialogue/character interaction)/ 500-800 words (everything else)
Post Frequency: Depends. Anywhere from 1-4x per day to 1-3x per week. I expect something similar from you. Open communication is key.
Post Content: 70% Action/Dialogue/Etc…/30% Sex
Rating: I typically post X-rated content. The action/violence/gore level is usually somewhere between PG-13-R with the sex being X rated and pretty detailed, and I'd like to keep it that way! :D

Characters: I play straight/bi men and straight/bi women, typically in M/F pairings.
OOC Interaction: I like a good deal of dialogue outside of the actual RP, be it via PM or IM, where we discuss plot, characters and if we won’t be meeting our typical post quota.
Planning: I like to plan the general storyline, high points, major themes, characters and the like ahead of time and with my partner, but allowing each other a bit of freedom.

Plot Ideas

Something with teachers/college professors. Professor/student or teacher/teacher.

Anything DC Comics
Superman/Lois Lane, Superman/Catwoman, Black Canary/Green Arrow, Nightwing/Oracle, Nightwing/Starfire, Batman/Thalia, Batman/Catwoman. Aquaman/Wonder Woman, Etc...

Merlin and Morgana have to team up to fight an oncoming Zombie Apocalypse .

Hyborian Blood: Something similar to Conan the Barbarian, with vampires. It would feature the same kind of shirtless/skimpily garbed sword and sorcery, only really at night. We could discuss the plot in more detail.
Characters would be a barbarian/babarianess and a spellcaster on some type of mission. 

McCarthy’s Vampires: Remember the Commie scare in the ‘50s? This would be an AU of that, only sub in Vampires for Communists. Arthur Miller would be writing the Crucible, and he’s suspected of being a vampire by the US government, doubted only his vampire hunting wife, Marilyn Monroe. Then he gets bit and has to hide it from his wife. This could go one of a few ways: she finds out and offers to help cure him, or is cool with it and they become a vampire hunting team, or she isn’t cool with it, they end up fighting and that leads to hot sex. After that, we can discuss how things will go.
Characters: Arthus Miller and Marilyn Monroe.

Vampires Galore: Dramione, but Draco is a vampire. Vampire Superheroes. Vampires,  Vampires, Vampires. Just anything with vampires. Etc...

Post Battle of Hogwarts Dramione AU
Draco Malfoy & Hermione Granger.

Batman Down: A Romance: Jason Blood is caught stealing a precious artifact by Batman, who takes him down, only for Blood to take on his Etrigan: the Demon form, injuring Batman to the point of death. Ra’s al Ghul, having an interest in the artifact, resurrects Batman with a Lazarus pit. During his recovery, Batman trains under Ra’s to get to the point where he can take on Etrigan, meanwhile he and Thalia al Ghul fall for each other. The RP could end when Batman is back to health and takes on Etrigan or go further.
Characters: Batman, Thalia al Ghul.

Batman Down: Part 2: A sequel/part 2 could take place ten years later with Damian Wayne becoming part of Batman’s life, with Thalia as a lover and/or opponent, or Ra’s as opponent, or Etrigan returning.
Batman, Thalia al Ghul, (Damian Wayne?).

Atlantis Falling: Atlantis is thriving, but one scientist fortells a catastrophe threatening the city to being sucked under water. He and a wizard who does believe him strive to uncover why, and prevent it, falling in love in the process.
Characters: Scientist & Witch/Wizard.

Other Ideas: High Fantasy adventure featuring supernatural creatures, Anything with superheroes, existing or made up, vampire/werewolf romance, anything romance with an action side, really, Demon-hunting rockstar, Grown up Peter Pan something where a twisted version of Neverland and Earth are colliding.

I think that’s it. I'm always open for ideas, too, these are just suggestions!
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