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Author Topic: Rachel is on the hunt, will you being her the joy she craves (MxM, MxF, FxF)  (Read 4453 times)

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Offline rachels270692Topic starter

I want to say sorry to anyone i have played with in the past for just proofing, i was having some trouble in my life and i have only just got my self back on track and feeling my self again. So i am back looking for roleplay once again.

Hello my name is Rachel, now I love MxM, MxF and FxF also love futas as well :) I am open to anything from normal, to fantasy to sci fi to anything you can think off. :D i am always willing to try new things, give anything a go once and love to mix and match ideas to make a cool plot to play with. I am open to ideas and am willing to talk any idea over and change any I have if you would like to change them to fix an idea you have.
Here is my ons and offs
I roleplay over forum, pm, email, and google doc
I do have skype but it crashed so will only to message on that one.

I am really craving a MxM roleplay right now, will also do MxF and FxF but really looking for a few MxM as i dont have many of them right now. So please check out my plots,

I am really craving being a sub, but a sub to many so like the toy idea or the pokemon world on below. My people (willing to play more then one sub) being taken by different people and doms.

Normal master x slave/dom x sub type of roleplay with me as a sub.

Also wanting to make my doms better, so looking for some roleplay maybe with my dom being in training so your dom teaching mine how to be a good dome. So this would us both being a dom and a sub.

craving plots:
Sex hotel for the needy
Teddy collector
pokemon world
I will turn you into a dom yet
My brother is my master
monster school

pairing craving:
teacher x pupil
neko x something
demon x something
master x slave
Pet X Master

Really craving my new master x slave plot called a master shown the light by there slave.

Now for my limits:
romance - I love this and all that goes with it, from cute hidden looks to love sick puppy's and all that jazz. Romance is fun to play and brings are people together, I love having it but is will to forgo it if the plot is good or there is a reason not to have it within the roleplay.

sex - O give me give me give me, ;P i love it and all it forms (with a few big nos for me which i will go over) I love to try new and kinky things, ask and if I have none done it, and it is not something I know I dont like then I am willing to give it a try. Bring on the ideas and throw twists and turns into the roleplay, I love it all. I my self love the sub role more, but I am also willing to play dom so we can talk about roles in the chat. :D

mpeg - I find this fun and willing to play it out, not played it a lot but the few times I have it was fun and interesting.

MxM/FxF - I love MxM the most and craving it a lot, FxF is also a lot of fun and I am willing to play both and a mix of the two in a roleplay with more then one people. MxF is also great as well if people dont like MxM or FxF.

Master x slave - O my god if you play this with me I will love you, even more if you let me be the slave. :) I love this idea and all the different ways in which it can be played, with twists throw in to add to the fun. I am willing to try a lot to do with this, and have a load of plots to go with it.

Dom x sub -Again I will love you for this, and again I would love to be the sub. Again like master x slave I love throwing in twists, maybe having the dom be someone who one would not think is a dom. And my sub being someone who most would think is a dom, to twist things round.

multiply people - I really love playing more then one person with in a roleplay, the more the better I find for it adds to the mix. I am willing to play just one, so dont worry about that, but throwing in more mains or even some side chars can just add and make the roleplay more alive.

ons if done right off is dont wrong
abuse - This is a yes and a no, yes if done right. But before having abuse we must talk it over, i dont mind it as long as i know what is going on. dont just go slapping my people around for no reason, or i may have them get your people back in worse ways. But if we talk it over this can be fun to add it, my one limit with it is nothing to far. by this no bleeding my people dry, hurting badly or anything over the top.

blood, gore, pooh, wee, vomit- no just no, the only time this is ok to do blood and gore is if we are doing a fight scene (for what every reason) and even then I will not go into that much detail. Not that into it, fighting is fun but the blood and gore just knocks me sick which is not fun at all. As for the other just no gross not my cup of tea thank you, the stuff for the toilet should stay in the toilet in my mind nothing to do with anything outside it.

Death - nope no killing my people unless we talk about it first, and there is a reason for it other then you just hate my people.  But if we are going to kill people off, there has to be a reason behind it and not just a random act.

Add body parts: no tentacles, weird holes, ugly bodys (by this i mean most alien body's which are not humanoid)

Animals sex: nope dont do it, no animal is having sex with my person. If you want a wolf to fuck a wolf then fine, but that wolf si not fucking my girl. also my girl is not climbing into any ones pussy dont care if it is a dragon and they are huge just nope.

Other may come up as we talk, I will let you know as we go if anything comes up which I do not like to do. :)

What I like to roleplay:
Ok here will be the list of stuff I like to play, anything like this is what I would like to play. If you see  O:) then I am craving it, the more you see the more I want this roleplay. All roleplay are open to gender changing, gender mix change (Ie from MxM to MxF).

Monster girls/boys x someone  O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:)
Angel X demon  O:) O:) O:) O:)
Neko X something O:) O:) O:) O:)
Human X dragon O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:)
Fairy X something O:) O:)
Vampire x something O:) O:)
Were-wolf x something O:) O:)
7 deadly sins O:) O:) O:)
Myths O:) O:) O:) O:)
legends  O:) O:) O:) O:)
Mermaid X something O:)
Gods x human O:)
ghost x Human O:)
Dragon x dragon
elf x something
fey x something
magic users
fantasy boarding school O:) O:)
Time travel O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:)
Highlander x woman
Pet x master O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:)

pupil X Teacher O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:)
Teacher x teacher
Headmaster/mistress x pupil
Pupil x pupil
boss x worker
model x artist
prince x princess O:) O:) O:) O:) O:)
prince/princess x slave/servant O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:)
Royal family O:) O:) O:) O:) O:)
brother x sister
sister x sister
brother x brother O:) O:) O:) O:) O:)
mum x son
dad x daughter
master x slave
best friend x best friend boyfriend/girlfriend
best friend x best friend
best friend x best friends brother/sister
enemy x enemy
enemy x enemy's brother/sister
new kid x cool kid
jock x shy
kidnapper x kidnappee
mob boss x underling
single mum x doctor
cop x runaway
rich x poor
high school
boarding school

Here are my plots:

Here are my plots each can be changed of you feel you can did to it. Some are just base ideas which needed to be worked out other have a more fixed plot. All genders can be changed, so just let me know.

Plots are spilt into base ideas, so there could be some fantasy plots which are found in the highschool setting or the master x slave one.

so all plots in green are fantasy plots
all plots in red are non fantasy
all plots can be changed, to be fantasy or non fantasy so if you see a plot you like we can change it :D

all plot are open

Sex hotel for the needy
Teddy collector
pokemon world
I will turn you into a dom yet
fantasy high school
Master x slave with me as the slave

Cravings right now look for the :sun: the more :sun: the more i want to do it.

New plots:

New Plots  O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:)craving all new plots

Sex hotel for the needy:
This can be MxM, MxF, FxF plus be more then one person each willing to have some real fun with the idea.

The sex hotel is a place where both men and woman could go for help, these are people who feel like they are broken. Once who are unable to cum, or feel they are to ugly to be wanted. this is a place where non humans aim to please humans and make them feel the joy only they can bring. What these fantasy beings get in return you may ask, well that is simple first they get a chance to find there mates. After all fate always had a way of making mates meet, and whats more they get all the sex they need, and for some of them they need sex for life.

The idea for this, is maybe doing a group of short roleplays with different pairing, so different humans coming in, and well getting fixed as well as there fix of loving :p
one long team where a human comes back because they are in love with one (or more ;P) of the fantasy beings, turns out they are there mate only the fantasy beings can not tell for maybe they are cursed or something so it is how they work it out and take what is theirs.

The teddy collector:
This story can be MxM, Mxf, FxF or a mix :p
Person A has always loved teddy's, they had a huge collation of them. She has big ones and small walls, animals, humans and fantasy beings ones. She loves them all so much, person A is alone they lost all there family so put all there love on their teddy's. On a day out to town to get some food, Person A finds a hurt cat they take it home and heal them. the next morning the cat is gone, but from then things start to happen. Before her eyes her beloved teddy's start to change, they become males who wish the please her. the animals get human form, only with there animal counter part ears, tails and other changes. All the teddy's want to return the love they have returned, and what better way then to bring there master/mistress the great is joy of pleasure.
Really would love to play the human in this, with a group of sex dom males and females all trying to please mine. But also willing to play as some of the teddy's, maybe even make it a double and add in that person A is a twin so there are two of them. So many ideas can go with it :p
(this idea is based of a roleplay i had going, but changed to become a whole new one.)

Pokemon world:
In a world where everyone loves there pokemon there are some who feel it is cruel what is happening. So when they make a virus which was meant to change people minds, it went very wrong. the virus spread from pokemon to pokemon turning them into anthro of there pokemon self. or humans with pokemon like ears. Now the world has to get used to pokemon who can not only talk, but also do a lot of other useful things.

This one is based of a roleplay i had going, it can be a mix of MxM, MxF, FxF would love to play a few people in this one. lots of ideas to go with it.

I will turn you into a dom yet
Ok this one is more an idea then a real plot, but the idea is that we each play a dom and a sub (or many subs) but my dom is in training, i am wanting to learn how to be a good dom. so this will help, so maybe the older brother is teaching the younger how to be a dom, or a freind helping or maybe my guy put an ad in the paper looking for a teacher. But something along them line, just so I can learn to play a good strong dom, and not the weak love sick puppy's i am playing right now.

Older plots:

Monster school O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:)

This is the same idea as the fantasy school below, only the school is filled with monsters and other magic beings. A more wild school, which is a really school for young monster and fantasy being come to learn there arts or skills. ages changed on the species and when they come of age and become adults as each age differently with some being born as they are. A mix of teacher and pupils, with other roles as well like cleaner, council and even parents would be fun to add.
this is a base idea a really plot can be made together. :)

Master x slave O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:)

The way of the pack:
The alpha of the pack has taken in an homage who is having a bit of trouble with there old pack, thinking it was just not the right fit the alpha lets the omega join his pack. Only to find the omega is still having the same trouble, getting into fights and on the rare times winning the fights. So calling the omega to him, he plans to find out what is going on. Only to be shocked when set omega told him to go fuck him self and never came, pissed the aloha goes to find the omega and found a young man who dose not like the role he was born into. So was trying to become an alpha even if the faiths had blessed him the power of the omega. Now the aloha god is to teach the omega his place, which starts of as helper of the pack but soon become in the alpha bed as his mate only the omega is not going to be easy to win over as he hates being thought as, as weak and powerless.

The master who is shown the light by there subs.

Ok I am really craving this right now, the plot can be twisted and changed this is only a base idea

anyway the plot i had in mind has a really story before it, the doms are best friends who live together and both are cursed, one can never see the sun and must drink blood and live the life of a vampire. the only way he can be free is to find love with someone who understand him and can take him no matter what.
his best friends is cursed by the moon and in the day he is him self, but at night he becomes an Anthro wolf(or cat or something) and is more wild he too must find someone to free him of the curse both have to find true love.

only they don't want it, they don't want to run the risk of being made weak for both are powerfully and old beings. they think very highly of them self's, and don't want to be seen as weak lover boys who follow around there partner like lost puppy's. like there friends have become with there mates.

so they both plan something different, each buy a slave a pet to keep them self busy, and keep others others away. they do this by getting them self anthros pets. Only something is wrong, night (the night cursed guy) find him self unable to drink blood like normal and is growing weak, but seems to be craving his pet. where day (the moon cursed guy) is feeling more calm even in his Anthro form when his pet is around.

now this can go two ways, the ideas i have is the pet wanting to be free run away and the master go hunt them down to being them back.

or the pets work together to show there master that love is a great thing

(in my mind i would love both sub roles.)

The bored rich neko finds a toy  O:) O:) O:)
This can both be nekos or anthros.

Being rich and having everything you wanted was great, the rich neko loved their life and never wanted to give it up. But one day they found themselves bored of all their toys and friends so they go out to find something new to play with. As the work throw the town they end up stopping at a pet shop, inside was another neko but this one was clearly poor. The rich neko likes what they see and go in, finding the owner they talk to them trying to buy the neko, only to find out that the poor neko was not for sale as the owner did not own him and he was free. So changing plans the rich neko goes to talk to the poor neko, asking if they wanted to come home with them only to be turned down once again. Not liking not getting what they want the rich neko waits for the poor one to leave, they then kidnapped the poor neko and takes them home. But what will happen when the rich is faced with someone, who will not do what they say will they give up? Or find that they like it and wish to keep the neko for them self.

My brother is my master O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:)
The older brother has always wanted his younger one, (ages about 22 and 18 maybe) but thinking his younger brother does not want the world to know. He wait to the younger brother has moved out, well that was the plan until he came home one day and find his brother in bed with now only another guy. But also his best friend, not liking that his brother went to the older brother best friend and not him, he throws his mate out and makes a plan. He goes to his younger brother and gets him hooked on drugs, but little does he know his brother has another person in the room. The younger brother best friend was hidden in the closet he tried to leave but ended up being found out. The older brother had never really wanted his brother friends, but seeing as he saw what he was doing he get him hooked on drugs as well. Then another plan comes to mind, calling one of his mates who he known is a dom to come over and get his new toy. The older brother then makes his brother into his pet and toy, as he watched his mate make the other boy his.

The vampire who craved a toy
[/color]Inside a slave shop lived a neko who no one wanted, they was mean and bite and clawed at everyone. They had been sold many times, but always came back when their new master or mistress could not handily them any more. But one day a vampire comes into the shop, they see the neko and wants them at once. They don’t care about the neko's past, and they find the fight in them is that sexy. So they buy the neko and take them home, what will happen next will the neko find a way to make the vampire send them back? Or will the vampire just win over the neko or brake them?
The vampire who found someone in there bed  O:) O:) O:)
Running for their life a slave has just gotten away from there master, alone lost and in need of help they run. Right into the woods by the time they stop, they are cold and in pain they find a house in the woods. It looks like no one has lived in it for years, the slave goes inside and finds the place is dirty but ok in all. They find a bed and fall asleep, only to wake with a vampire looking at them. The vampire had come home tired after a long trip, ready to sleep in their own bed. Only to find someone sleeping in it already, shocked they let the slave stay and think of what to do with them.

The perfect slave, is not what i want anymore  O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:)
A vampire just got himself a new slave, a human girl who to him was for fucking and that was all. Once he got her home he finds she will do anything he wants, no fighting nothing just do as she is told. Normally this would be a great thing, but something about the girl does not feel right. It soon became clear she was acting, he catches her having a laugh with one of the maids and is shocked. At first she seemed boring and plain, but when she smiled and laughed it light up a room. He wanted that he wanted her to smile at him, but when he comes near her she becomes the every willing slave. So he makes a plan to being her out of her shell, to make her want him just as much as he was starting to ant her. But what will happen when the girl shell brakes, and the vampire finds his slave has a lot more fight in her then he thought and the fact he likes it?

The neko mistress who craved a new pet, got more then she hoped for O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:)
A neko mistress is bored of all her slaves, so she does out to find herself a new one. She find one that looks to be great and take them home, only to find this slave does nothing but lay around all day. Pays no attention to his mistress and just plain does as he wishes. Push to braking point with her new slave, the mistress takes it in her hand to punish him. Only to her shock the slave loves it, and it was what he was after the whole time what will she do now. Will she give up the slave who likes to play rough, or keep him and take what he offers.

The kinky household  O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:)
this plot has the base of a household, (the dom) would be looking to get a helper. Only he/she finds out that someone has just broken into there home, what they find is a sub who is on the run. thinking at first they was just going to turn the sub over, the dom soon finds that not only can the sub please them, but also they was smart and are able to keep up with all the work the dom hates. So they plan on keeping the sub, but what happens when the subs old maste comes a calling to get there sub back?
now this can be normal or fantasy

The 2nd way would be us playing more the one person:
the master and mistress of the house are running what seemed to be a nice business helping neko get use to free life, the slavery act as been put in place, which says no neko can be made to be a slave any more. Only the couple had a way of making neko thinks they are free, when really they are slaves to the master and mistress of the house.
This one needs some work and can be done many ways, plus the beings can be changed in it.

Family plot: O:) O:) O:) O:)
Some base ideas would be all on how many people you would be willing to play,
way one, playing one person each:

The dad and the mum are in a master and sub relationship, and they plan to bring in there kids into the fun. the dad taken his sons under his wing to train them in the role of a dom. Where the mother helps her girls to be the perfect subs. Only in the family there is already a set of twins, who are playing with each other as well as other having fun around.

Can have as many kids as we want, a mix of MxM, MxF and FxF if you want, with twists and turns and should be fun :)

My brother took me, and now I want more  O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:)

Having lost their mum and dad the two only had each other, only they was spilt the younger brother was only 15 so he was taken into care. The older brother who was 18 so he was able to live alone, he could not take his brother with him but he worked hard to make a home his brother could come home to. 2 years later the older brother had at last got a home and was ready to take his brother home, so he came to pick him up the younger brother did not know until his brother came to do door. But he was happy to go, he was now happy living with his big brother and had a home with his family. But one night the older brother comes home drunk, he had broken up with his girlfriend who was cheating on him with his best friend. Only now he was drunk he wanted her back, so when he saw his younger brother he did not see him but his girlfriend. Wanting to prove he was a better man then his ex-best friend he took her to bed to show her, only it was his brother and he ended up raping him. What will the brother do now, will they act like it never happened? Or what will the younger one do when he founds he liked what his brother did, and he wanted more?

Left home to babysit younger sister, well now she will be mine
Being left to babysit his younger sister is one thing, but having to babysit her when she is 16 years old is just plain annoying. But he got it his sister was into late night parties, bad boys drinks and god known what more there was. So here he was a 19 year guy watching his sister to make sure she did not do something stupid. His sister one the other hand does not mind, for weeks she had been handing very bad thoughts about her big brother. It all started when she saw him nude in the shower, it had been an accident no one know the lock had broken on the bathroom door. But now she wanted him, and with their mum and dad being gone for a whole week was her time. So she starts to come onto her brother, but what will he do will he give in or fight to the end?
We have been dumped, now we crave each other
Home alone the brother and sister was used to it, only this time both was not happy. Both had just been dumped, and both felt lonely. So when the brother comes home one day to find not only his sister, having sex in the living room but with his best mate he losses it. What pissed him off the most, was that she had picked his best mate over him, after kicking his mate out and yelling a bit. The brother finds himself taken the place of his mate, will the sister take her brother or push him away

Twins who are nothing a like
As twins they looks alike but they don’t act the same, one is a bad girl who loves to party and mess around and just have fun. The other is a good girl who is shy, she likes to stay in and take it easy. But one day the bad twin gets her sister to come out with her, they get home drunk out of their heads. Lucky there mum and dad are out, they end up getting into their dad’s porn and find a twin one. They watch it and start to play with them self’s, only what happens when they start to play with each other?

The family of incest O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:)

The kids are of different ages, youngest 16 oldest 18, there mum and dad had been killed in a car crush. Lucky the 18 year old has a job and is keeping the family homed, but trouble starts when one off the boys fell for his sister, and she for him they have to hid it from there brother’s and sister’s unknowing that two off their sister are in love and the two brothers are in love as well. Trying to hid their love life from the other they each are find out, now the family had to work out if they should move and live life as not family, or let the town in and not caring what they think, and when one of the girl’s gets preg the plan must be made fast.

(Ok this can be all FxF or all MxM or all MxF or the mix.)

Sci fi plots:

One long ride  O:) O:) O:) O:)
The star ship .....(name to be picked later) is on a long mission throw the universe, the crew knowing they would be away from home for a long time, have take on board a mix of pets races who have animal DNA worked into them, so they are part animals, and slave to help the trip go by. On bored some of the crew share there pets and slaves with the other on board where other will keep there pets and slaves to them self. The captain has a small harem to him self as he is the more powerfully man.
Added idea to add to the plot would be:
Alien slave trader drops of a new batch of slaves to the auction house, and a big night is planned. Could have a single male and a few slaves, or a few masters getting new slaves we can talk about it.

this plot is all on how many people you are willing to play, we can play the full crew or just a few. With lots of pets/slaves between them. This is more of a base lone idea, which needs to be worked on by us both.

The planet Iyvis where people have two sides.‏  O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:)

the plot is sci fi based.
there is a planet where the being on it have two people with in one body. Each person has a sub side and a dom side, they live as one person the two side swapping in and out some times the sub may be out for days before the dom comes out or the other way around or other they could swap every day or even more times in the day. all on what is happening and what they being wants to do. Both side are the same person, but one is dom and one is sub. the two sides have the same looks but with small different some just there eyes, other the hair changes some have fully different looks but the body type, size and hight stay the same. Now the plot could be about the about one of these being was born on another planet and there dom or sub side was locked away so they never know about who they are. But one day they come to the planet which should have been there home, they have a wild night with a guy who is the opposite to what they are (dom to there sub or sub to there dom) this sets off a chain of events where the other side is unlocked and now gther with there new lover the being who unlocked them they have to learn how to live with two side who dont always see eye to eye, add to that getting to know both sides of there lover?

it is a confessing plot but it is from a book i read, and sounds like so much fun. :)
this way we have a being who is both sub and dom, so we can have some real fun mixing it up. so we can have the normal if they are lucky one is dom and one is sub, or they can have bad look where both are dom and it is a fight for who is top (which can always be fun) or they can both be sub which is when they have the more soft loving times for.

There is another way it can be done, which is the person who helps my girl/guy. saves her from being raped by someone on the planet (which is what unlocks her dom/sub side) the person who saves her dose not have to be of that race and could be of any race, but they know about her/his race so they can help her/he to known what is happening and how to control it.

sci fi base ideas:
Aliens coming to earth and taken earth men or woman or both to take them away to help breed.
Aliens moves to earth to start a new life

Time travel

Being sent back in time, and another world  O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:)
In 2012 a brother and sister was living together, the brother loved his sister and hurt anyone who messed with her. The girl was sweet but she trusted way to easy, one day when they was walking home together. A guy grabs the sister and pulls her off, mad the brother runs after them only to be shocked when the guy grabbed him and throw him and his sister down a hole. Blackness took them both.
In ....(cannot think of a date hehe) there was a royal family, the older prince was on a walk when a girl fell from the sky and landed on him. Lucky he was able to catch her so they were not hurt. He was shocked for she was everything he had dreamed about, but she was out cold so he rushed her home to wait for her to wake.
On the other side of the kingdom a poor farm girls is working in the barn, when she hears a bang she walked over to find a very handsome guy lay on the floor. He was awoke and gasping his sister name looking around, But soon calmed down, the girl believe him when he tells her he is from another time and needs to find his sister. So the two set off to find her, not knowing she was safe in the arms of a prince who would do anything for her.

From an sex exhibit to a hot highlander bed O:) O:) O:) O:) O:)
Going to a sex exhibit, called sex throw the ages. The woman who has come here about 9 times by now and known everything is, is only really there for one reason, to see the painting of a highlander. He was told to be the greatest lover, and was sexy as hell. But on this night everything changed, feeling as if she has been pushed she fell throw the painting and find herself nude and has the sexy highlander looking down at her, when she learns she is in the past what will she do. Take the sexy highlander for all he has and try and get home, or try and make a life here in the past with her new found highlander lover?

School plots:

The school which is spilt down the middle
In a school where the bad kids hang with the bad kids, and the good kids hang with the good kids there is never any trouble. The school is at peace both sides keeping to their side, and everything is great. Until one day a set of twins came to the school, one was clearly a bad kid and the other was clearly good. But they would not fit to the code, they hung together, eat tighter and made everyone mad because they would not do as everyone was doing. Until one day the bad twin fell head over heel in love with the leader of the good kids, and the good kid feel head over heels for the leader of the bad kids. Coming up with a plan they swap, the good acted like the bad and the bad like the good and got their love. Only what will happen when their love finds out they are not who they say they are.

Catching the bad boys eye O:) O:) O:) O:) O:)
A new girl comes to a school, she is cute but very shy. She finds herself alone in a scary new place. She was sitting in the front, minding her own business, when the schools bad boy finds her, he is at once draw to her for she is one girl he had not fucked yet. But he finds out she is not so easy to win over, the girl may be shy but she is not a push over and turns him down again and again and again. will he get her in bed? or will he at last find his match? or will he find the girl is just the thing he has been waiting for?
All girls school, one male teacher you do the math
A young hot male teacher start teaching at an all girls school, at once he becomes the best teacher, good on the outside, and good on the inside. But one girl in all, the shy girl gets his attention, she is by far the best looking girl there. But is too shy to show it, he starts to work with her to bring her out. The two fell in love he has to hide his side, and then when she at last makes a move he has to put her down. Now she become worse in class, she is even shyer and her grades start to fell. He at less sees he has done this, and asked her to stay behind when they are alone he says he was sorry and tries to make up for it, by coming on to her. Will she take him now? or will she put him down now?

The pupil who loved there teacher  O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:)
(love this one, i would want the pupil role)
The pupil has been in love with the teacher for the last two years, in the hopes of catching the teacher eye the pupil has changed them self. They hid the fact that they was cocky, out spoken and more or less rude they dumped them self down to look not as smart. But in away would be the goody in class, always jumping up to help, being the teacher pet and everything. But on day when the pupils comes in, they over hear the the teacher talking to someone about how annoying they found the pupil. It went on and on and the pupil is shock, hurt and pissed off. The pupil rushes home and in a rage changes and showers out the hair dye and looks at them self and then says fuck it. when they got back it to school 30mins late for class they had changed. gone was the goody look, in it place was the bad kid they had been before, they get into class and the teacher is shocked at the same. But the big thing is now the teacher wants the pupil, but now the pupil dose not want them so what will the teacher do to win over the pupil and make them these?

School idea: O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:)

(Best friend x best friend, enemy x enemy sister/brother, shy x jock)

The kids are of different ages, youngest 16 oldest 18, there mum and dad had been killed in a car crush. Lucky the 18 year old has a job and is keeping the family homed, but trouble starts when one off them fell for his/her best mate, he/her does not want to wreck their friendship so keeps it hidden. Also right under the oldest nose, his brother/sister is starting to get close to his enemy. Where the shy/jock off the family, start to get sick off being alone and make their move on the shy/jock they have a crush on at school. Will it all become a happy ending or will it all end with heart broke and a broken family?

Fantasy plots:

She belongs to him now O:) O:) O:) O:)
There was a small town which was built on a magic well, being there got them attacked every other week until a dragon took up home on the hill, in return for keeping the town safe the dragon asked for a maiden be sent to him when he asks. 100 years later and it is time for the dragon’s new maiden to go to him, only this time he has picked who he wants. He sends a message down telling the town who he wants to come to him, only the girl he wants, wants nothing to do with him. She screams she would never like him and will make his life hell. But what will happen when she learns that the dragon is also the hermit a handsome kind man who came to the town and helped her out from time to time. She was madly in love with the hermit but hated the dragon how will life go for them once she knows.

This idea can be made into a double plot, with two dragons and two maidens or young men.
Genders mixs can be MxM, MxF or FxF
Open to ideas.

Band of the deadly sins  O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:)
7 deady sins plot:
Pride (Kouman)
Greed (Donyoku)
Envy (Shitto)
Wrath (Gekido)
Lust (Nikuyoku)
Gluttony (Boushoku)
Sloth (Taida)

All 7 of the deadly sins or their kids anyway have started a band, they don’t want to do evil for really it is just getting them killed and is to hard to stay under thr rader of demon hunters in these days. So they work together as the band call the deadly sins. They go away to do gig and get stuck in a house where they was staying the house is snowed in when a big storm hits, and they are left to them self. There more demon sides start to come out, as they are left with nothing to do but play with each other.

now this can go two ways

Way one:

Another band is staying there call the heavenly virtues which are
the heavenly virtues:
Faith (Shinnen)
hope (Kibou)
Charity (Jizen)
Fortitude (Kennin)
Justice (Seigi)
Temperance (Sessei)
Prudence (Shinchou)

No the two band do not see eye to eye really, well on is the demons the other are angels why would they. But being stuck together they find odd pairing coming together, some of the deadly hook up, and so do some of the heavenly but what happens when a demon and an angel meet.

way two:
Another idea for this would be that the sins are found out by a human who has hunters in there family, the human is a big fan of the band. But they end up finding out who they band really are, so the sins take the human back to there house to try and deal with him with out being found out. Then they get snowed in, and one of the sins finds they like the human more then they should.

(we can have this as MxM/FxF/MxF how every you want.)

Twins who went two different ways, meet again  O:) O:) O:)

In life they were twin brother but the younger twin, by just 5 mins was the outcast. Not as good at making friends he was bulled before high school the older one would look out for him, but in high school that changed. The older twin become cool, leaving his brother behind who got beaten and bulled, as time went on his family did not want him around, the 2nd best at everything, never good for what they wanted. So when the day came the older twin was killed and the younger one hurt badly in trying to save him he was blamed for the death off his brother and was thrown out dying some hours later. When the twin woke the older twin was an angel, living in heaven happy as always, where his brother because off the darkness in his heart from being unwanted and unloved by the person he loved most his brother. Was a demon, sent on earth alone, he made his life waiting for when the day came. His brother was sent on a mission on there own, the younger twin would get pay back and make his twin beg for him to take him, and beg and need his younger twin. But will the older twin stay with his brother, or go back to heaven leaving his brother alone again?

My blind date turned me into a vampire
One day a girl goes out on a blind date, which her friend set up. Everything was going great, until her date bite her and she passed out. When she woke she lay in a hole, with her date burying her. Jumping and getting out of the hole she backed away, her date trys to calm her telling her he was only making her into a vampire like himself. Scared for her life she runs out of the graveyard, she runs into a group of men who see the bite mark on her neck and grinning push her out of the way to kill her date. They then turn and start for her, and she runs she hears them running after her. She ends up at the bridge where she sees a man standing on the side like he was going to jump, calling to him for help does nothing. So she goes to him, as it turns out he is a powerfully old vampire, he sees the hunter and grabs her taken them both into the cold water. Once they are safe he has to make up his mind, does he help his newly turned vampire with her new life, or go back to trying to end his own life?

The ghost in my hideout
Just being dumped is hard for anyone, well this human is broken and goes to the one place they feel safe. An old house down a long land, they get there and go inside finding the home the same as when they was a kid. To their shock they found someone is living there, a boy/girl is there but they welcome the human and let them stay. What the human does not know is that the boy/girl is a ghost, someone who looked after the house and the human for a long time. The human and ghost started to hang out more and more and started to fall in love, only what would happen when it is the ghosts time to pass on? Will they leave there love behind or stay in the in between to be with their love.

She is my new younger sister, but why dose she have fangs?
a teen aged boy finds out his mum and dad just adopted a young girl the same age as him. He comes to meet her but is shocked, when he found out she is so amazing he finds himself dreaming no stop about her in ways no brother should. Soon the girls comes to his room and they make out and end up having sex, the next day the girl is gone. the boy stuck with love for the girl now runs away to find her, Finding two holes in his neck, which was not there before make him start to think. He starts to think she may off been a vampire, and he find the truth when he find her in an ally drinking the blood of a young boy. He is shocked she turned to face him, but is unable to kill him for finding out what she is. The truth being she too had fell for the boy she takes him back to her home, and tells him everything. What will happen to the two? Will they be together? or will her blood lust dive her to kill him to feed?

My best friend boyfriend wants me, and he is a vampire O:) O:) O:) O:) O:)
The two had been best friend from playschool, and he was now only just finding out his best friend for so long was gay. This pissed off the human boy to no end, but when his friend added him to meet the boyfriend he says yes. Wanting to see the kind of guy his friend went for, he himself being gay did not care it was more the fact it had been kept from him. To his shock the boyfriend is everything he had dreamed of in a guy, he was handsome and sexy but he acted as if he did not care this was his best friend guy after all. Un knowing to the human the boyfriend was a vampire, and he now had his eyes fixed on him. The vampire had been with this human for a couple of weeks and was bored, but when he meet his boyfriend friend he know he had to have him no matter what. He dumps the friend and goes after the human, only he will not take him as he does not want to date someone who dated his best friend, so the vampires has to work not something he was used to to make his human his.
We was married when we was alive, and we will be again now that i have you back O:) O:) O:) O:)

Alive they was in loves and even married, person a (angel) dies and person B (demon) gets mad and starts killing the people who killed the person he/she loves. So the day he/she die’s he/she become a demon where his/her love become an angel. to make sure the angel did not drop from haven to become a demon, to be with his/her love, they locked away his/her past so he/she did not remember being a human, so when the demon and angel get sent on a mission where they had to find a human souls the angel does not know demon was the person he/she loves. but the demon has keep his past and had to watch his/her love mate with other angels up in haven and not know who he/she was so when he/she gets him/her alone he/she tried to make him/her remember, but will the angel remember his/her human love or will he/she return to heaven with his/her past still locked away and the demon has to watch his/her love go on without him/her where he/she cries and hurts for his/her love?

I will get my revenge, o wait this wolfy is hot  O:) O:)
The vampires and the were-wolves have been enemy for years, but have lived side by side to beat the humans trying to kill them both. One day the alpha of a were-wolf pack, talks off to a vampire and pisses him off, so to get the alpha back the vampire kidnaps the alpha only son/daughter. The vampire thought this would be easy, lock the wolf away, feed and give them water they was wrong so very wrong, For this were-wolf was the someone the vampire could easy fell in love with, and leaving them alone did not work. As this wolf had away of getting free, they got out many times and ran.. So what will the vamp do, let him self risk his heart and fell hoping the wolf will fell in love to, or let the wolf return home and be alone?

Single mum x doctor plots  O:) O:)

Single mum never lets anyone close, until the new doctor comes along  O:) O:) O:)
The single mum is a nurse, she lives alone with her 6 year old kid. Hurt from what her ex did to her, she is trying to keep away from all man. But when the new doctor starts, something comes over the nurse she cannot stop looking at him, and forming a crush. The doctor knowing the nurse has feeling for him, tries to make a move but is shot down shock he soon learns of the kid and how her ex had treated her. He gets mad for her, and wants to make thing right so he tries again and soon they go on a date he meet her kid and falls for the kid at once, now wanting them to be a family he has to show the nurse he can be a good dad and husband and will not leave her.

this is your child, i never told you about them, but now we need your help  O:) O:) O:)
She had never told the father off her son, that he had a son. She had meet him when she had been seeing her mum and things just happened, now she has to take her son to see a doctor about the cancer he has. Everything is fine she is cool and clam until she sees who the doctor is to be, her son’s father, should she tell him about his son, or leave it and hope he does not find out. But she soon falls for the doctor and wants to be with him and he with her, but is scared of what he will say when he finds out she had keeps his 4 year old son to herself, will he still love her and forgive or leave her and fright for the right to have his son.

Boss x worker plots

being kinky with the boss  O:) O:) O:) O:) O:) O:)
Being married was not all (guy 1) thought it would be, his wife made him quit his job and move just for she did not like how people looked at her. Starting a new job was hard, it was even harder when it was your 5th one for you wife hated people you worked with and made you quit. Not many places would hire him, for they did not know how long he would be there. At last finding work, he goes to check in for work. What he find for a boss (guy 2) is a guy that make him want to be single again. The boss (guy 2) feeling the same soon gets (guy 1) to stay behind after work, and make a deal with him to become his master and give everything (guy 1) wife cannot give him. But soon it becomes more, not keeping it behind a locked door in the office, they start hidden in bathroom, dark corners or empty rooms at party and get together unable to help it. Both loving the thrill off doing it in the open, and being close to getting find out. Will they be able to keep it to them self’s or will they be find out and both guys lose their wife’s and be find out for what they are?

Other info

All my plots are just ideas and can be changed and added to, some can be twisted or even joined together. I am will to try other ideas as well so hit me with them, I love to try new things so if you have an idea please let me know and we can talk about it. and just because I am craving something, dose not mean I am not willing to do others if it is here I am willing to play it so just let me know.
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