Delving into Poetic, Dark Fantasy

Started by Darkmoon, May 30, 2015, 06:56:48 AM

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The pleasure is mine, ye figure of dark beauty and divinity.

I've climbed, nook by nook, granitic crag by ashen niche, to summit the chasm from whence the hard worker is cast, to be ground by labor and servitude to in the cogs of capital gain. Into that chasm I've shed reality for a taste of fantasy with you. I'm looking for a writer, someone who does not shy from exploratory words with countless connotations, who sees synesthesiac color in the language itself, and loves the English language for its own sake. I'm looking for a female writer to embark upon a dark, perhaps twisted, perhaps romantic fantasy, painting a character's body in Aphrodite's oozing arousal, teasing the imagination at every turn, standing aloft on the curled and dusty paper bones of Ovid, Shakespeare, George R. R. Martin, and the desperate pulp porn scribe.

What the hell I'm talking about:

I'm looking to start writing, improvisational, with little regard for background to start. The idea is to spin an enticing and erotic yarn about characters in a beautiful, unearthly setting, to indulge in their bodies and their thoughts and memories, to come up with something from nothing with each post, and see what blossoms. This is a creative milking of the brain but can be inspired by any genres you enjoy: fantasy, gothic horror, modern, science fiction. Mostly, I want to be drawn to the portrait of a character you create by words and details, like some sexual dream in which one wakes up aching to return and find that fleeting nymph that left stiffness saluting the sunlight through the blinds.

* PM me if interested. We can brainstorm if you're uninspired or just begin writing. This is a chance to find a partner for your creative outlet and desires.
* Pictures for inspiration or stimulation are very desirable. Words paint pictures, but images enhance words.

Images that inspire my dark fantasy:

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