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May 24, 2018, 03:31:26 AM

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Author Topic: When Dreams Change You [M Looking for F] [Dark and Delicious Fantasies]  (Read 437 times)

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Offline FrostTopic starter

Hello all  ;D

I would like a partner who will post at least a paragraph, I really do not desire one liners or placing it upon me to do everything which one liners or limited detail and replies tend to force me in to :( There will be scenes where it will be a quick fire so shorter than normal.... I get that :) and that is ok...... anyways :)

I am looking for someone to play the female character in this Rp -

When Dreams Change You

┬źName┬╗ is finding it hard to sleep at night, working in a demanding office and business environment she needs to sleep, coffee being abused, catching a nap in the toilet on her lunch break, anything to restore the energy back in to her so she can concentrate at work. Making an appointment for the Doctor she begs him for help, asking for something to help her sleep, sticking her nose up at the regular sleeping aids as she wants something stronger as her situation is becoming desperate, the Doctor obliging by giving her some pills that are under development, human trials, gladly accepting the terms and conditions as she signs the paperwork to obtain these miracle pills , well..... as she thinks.

The pills however drag her in to deep dreams, so deep that she feels they are real, weird and wonderful settings that can twist and change, deep feelings and pent up frustrations allowed to be set free, this is where the fun will begin, the ability to taste different and weird dreams, her pent up lusts and sexual want tearing in to the limelight, dreaming she is a scientist in a high security lab, testing against all the morals as she is dealing with human male dead bodies, injecting various concoctions of drugs in to the dead tissue, trying to re-animate them, it is late at night and the injection seems to work, dressed in her white lab coat which covers her smart tight fitted white blouse and black skirt, leaning over the corpse as she does her checks, the drug starts to work as the body comes to life, she is on her own, things lead to another where she is taken in her lab by this zombie type fiend.

In her real day to day life she starts making changes, trying to get the same feeling as she does in her dreams to be in her real life too, dressing different, going places she would never before, putting herself in various situations.

The dreams can change to various, well known horrors, aliens, anything that the brain can muster can be used and they will use her, through non con and consensual the whole thing is up for grabs on what will happen next.

This will be a dark and gritty story, please have a look at my On and Off's to see if they match, as this will be mainly dreams with a hint of reality, anything really goes apart from underage and anything on my Off's, you like monsters? famous horror characters from films, book? want to explore the fantasy world? then this may just be that ticket to unlocking those wanted ideas to flow in to the Rp :)

Please PM if interested

Look forward to hearing from you all  >:)

Offline FrostTopic starter

*waves the idea around again :P *

Offline FrostTopic starter

back up and avail