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Author Topic: New Laptop, New Cravings [M seeking F]  (Read 315 times)

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New Laptop, New Cravings [M seeking F]
« on: May 23, 2015, 11:32:47 PM »
Been on a bit of a hiatus due to my laptop having a lot of issues including some internal parts actually breaking.  Now I am back with a new laptop and I'm certainly craving some nice and juicy role plays right now. 

Note that I like plot and smut to be about 50/50 of the story.  I love to include sexual themes but if the story has no actual plot then it gets boring and dry rather quickly.  I'm looking for female writing partners (lieges that identify as female are certainly welcome as well) that don't mind reading and writing at least a couple of detailed paragraphs per post.  If any of my ideas interest you or if you would like to toss me your own ideas after checking out my Ons/Offs and what not then please feel free to send me a PM!

Most of these ideas are not complete.  Basically I'm just throwing out the kind combinations of scenes/plots/pairings/kinks that I'm currently craving and I'm looking for someone to hash out the rest with.  I don't like making ideas too concrete or inflexible because I want my partner to be able to enjoy it as well rather than just appeal to my wants.


Blood Contract
General Idea
Your character has gone to visit or summon a powerful demon/creature so that she can use his power for whatever reason - maybe it's for her own personal reasons and gain or maybe she is wishes to protect someone or something or use his powers to fight for what she believes in.  My character would of course be the male she seeks out/summons and he offers her his power and companionship as long as she gives her body and soul to him.  Basically she is his mate to satisfy his urges, it is the price she must pay if she wants him to be bound to her so that he can help her achieve whatever goal she desires.  Aside from him being powerful the contract between them could also grant her powers or make her stronger in some way.  The contract could also have other conditions that bind them.

So basically a female making a deal with a monster/demon for power.  It could be modern day with some girl fed up with society and the world or maybe something more fantasy based with a mage seeking a demon for power or a princess making a contract with a demon to protect her people.  Really the possibilities are endless.  I'm just looking for a pairing where a human-like female is paired up with a large and powerful monster-like male.  Details of the pairing, plot and kinks can be discussed.

Possible Kinks
Size Difference
Excessive Semen
Cervical Penetration
Abdominal/Stomach Bulging
Light Cum Inflation
Rough Sex
Blood Play (very light)
Intestinal Penetration (deep anal)

Inspiration Pictures NSFW

Varren Academy
General Idea
For the setting I'm basically looking for a gifted school type of deal.  A modern world where there are people with special gifts that are typically kept secret from the rest of the world.  It could be something like X-Men with people being mutated and born with special powers, or maybe something closer to Harry Potter with people being born with a gift for magical abilities - or anything like that at all.  A school for the supernatural could work too.  I would love to set up a unique and interesting academy and world that goes along with this.  There could be gangs at school due to these powers and internal conflicts.  There could be special training programs and assignments - maybe students are even trained to battle monsters/demons of some sort or villains in order to keep the rest of the world safe.

I would love for our characters to be students at this academy.  A young, high school relationship type deal but with supernatural elements.  Going through the lust and the romance, training and sparring together and having the sweaty sessions turn into passionate rompings.  Maybe in this academy sex is even somewhat casual amongst the students and they hold sexual parties/orgies/competitions or whatever - that or maybe it's not uncommon to pear into a simulated training room and see two partners going at it like animals in heat.  Students could be paired up to work, train and live together as a partnership program of the academy.

Possible Kinks
Sexual Experimentation
Adventurous/Risky Sex
Virginity Loss

Inspirational Images NSFW