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Author Topic: The Mad Fantasies for Those Who Dare to Look (Dom Males needed M x F)  (Read 4032 times)

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Offline lover of the moon03Topic starter

I have had so many cravings ever since I started here and now I can put them up for you all to see.  :-) If interested pm me please, hope you find these ideas as interesting as I do. Most will be forbidden romances who doesn't love that?

1) Wolf High DOUBLE CRAVING:She is fascinated by the myths of werewolves and does great paintings and poems about them but what happens when one from her school, who everyone thinks is just a sexy mysterious human, feels she is his true love. He wants to change her and make her his forever, will she go with him or stay where she know she is safe. In this story your character becomes fascinated with her after reading her poem and seeing her art work in the school newspaper.

2) His PetDOUBLE CRAVING: There are various levels of demons, some closer to the Lord of the Underworld then most. Your character will be Hades right hand man, he has been loyal for so long that Hades gives him a gift. The man gets one of Hade's hellhounds as his new pet. This hellhound is an alpha female who has sworn to protect you character with her very life. No matter what he asks she shall do it. However once you get her is a different story, she is rebellious and only really listens when she gets a reward. Constantly horny, always wanting to kill, and her favorite treat is human children. This rp is not for those who cannot handle blood or gore. Your character will need to put this bitch in her place and will need to use a great amount of force.

3) Little Red Riding Hood *DOUBLE CRAVING*: Life in the little town of Willow Creek has been hard for the last two generations. Ever since the werewolf pack decided to take up residence just outside of town. In order for the town to be protected from them they had to sacrifice an animal every full moon. Doesn't matter what just an animal for the alpha. This year however the alpha has decided to give his son a gift. He is soon to be alpha but he has to find a mate. He doesn't want any of the females from the pack so now he has to make a new one.

After going through the town in his human form he saw his prize. A feisty female who always wore a red cloak. However it was obvious she wasn't going to give in unless he broke her and that would take time, she wasn't going to give into him anytime soon. So his father demands the girl and she is willing to sacrifice her self to save the village however when the soon to be alpha tries to have sex with her and turn her she stabs him (just a simple flesh wound that would only annoy not hurt).

So he takes her by force turning her and raping her showing her she has no choice in what is happening to her. When she does turn he has to then convince her she is his bitch and only his bitch. Maybe later on her hate will turn into love for him but through most of the story she is going to fight him every step of the way and maybe even give herself to other males of the pack just to drive him away.

Another version of this story and less rape filled is that MC wants to be apart of the pack, perhaps even has spent time with them already but the alpha to be has not shown any interest in her though shes definitely found him interesting. So when she is chosen, shes thrown off but excited when he claims her in front of his pack. He learns what a needy bitch his new queen will be as he first takes her and changes her into one of them. This story would be more about the relationship between then building while there are others in the pack annoyed he didn't pick them.

4) The Unknown Guardians *DOUBLE CRAVING*: Humans have gone centuries being guarded from the demons and other supernatural entities that wish the whole human race extinct by the great werewolf packs around the world. The werewolves know it's their job to protect the humans but they also had another job, protect the world from humans. They had begun to develop too greatly and destroying anything they feared or didn't understand.

They had killed off so many of the supernatural community and animal species, polluted the oceans and destroyed the earth. Over populated and constantly trying to have ownership so the supernatural community rose up and the war that ensued was devastating. As more and more of the supernaturals came out that had hidden for so long. Within that time the number of humans went from 7 billion to just under 2 million and the world was over run with they beasts of myth and supernaturals that had hidden for centuries for fear of humans.

This would take place 100 years after the 'human eradication'. Now the humans were few in number and most enslaved, those that weren't lived in small communities in hiding. Werewolves helped keep the few humans alive because the world has become so dangerous for them now. MC would be born into the town but she was gifted by the Gods with power over the elements. The town sees her as a rare gift as she uses her powers to help the town even at a small age. Trying to keep her a secret from the outside world and the werewolf pack guarding the small forest village. They stayed deep in the forest keeping danger far from the town. YC would be next in line to be Alpha, a true alpha in all ways who is the one to find MC practicing her gifts in the forest. We can discuss where it goes from there depending on how noncon or light we want this to be. Many changes can be made, feel free to discuss your ideas with me.

5) New World: We have all seen the movie Pocahontas and it has always been a favorite of mine. I will take on that role, change the name and you can too if you don't like John. The story line will be very different though. This is going to be more realistic of how the white man took exactly what they wanted. This will be the invasion of her territory and the enslavement of her people.

6) How Long Can You Say No? *DOUBLE CRAVING*: After saving the life of a young werewolf pup the pack decides to take in this broken human girl. She talks to animals, has an alpha female personality and is very beautiful. The alpha male (your character) has this need for her. She turns him down and then he decides he must have her. Instead of taking her by force he decides to help her as she suddenly gets sick. It's only a human illness, bronchitis, but it's enough to make her weak. How long can she say no to a man that helps her?

7) Howls of the Arena CRAVING: In this I would like the setting to be like Spartacus: Blood and Sand. Will choose what to keep the same and not with the partner of this before starting. In this a new comer to the ludus that your character is the champion of, the only problem everyone has is the new gladiator is a female. You and the others are outraged and seeing her you all decide she won't even last a minute before being raped and killed. It turns the girl isn't even human, she is a werewolf and not a very nice one at that. Being traded since birth she never has lost any of her will to fight and try to escape. This rp will focus on the rise of her fame and the fight between the two champions of who is number one. The sexual tension between them will lead to very rough and border on extreme fights that turn into sexual encounters.

8) Everyone Has Secrets DOUBLE CRAVING: Arranged Marriages are for the good of the countries, but sometimes you get people that are meant to be together. Sometimes though they are too stubborn to see it. So his father wouldn't take over her father's country, her father gave her to his eldest son. Next in line to be king and a notorious lady's man. She is a virgin but their clan doesn't hide sex, it's celebrated and done out in the open. Beautiful and young she looks perfect, however she comes from a family of shape shifters, a secret the other country does not know. As well as her country doesn't know about your character's race (your choice). So they both have secrets to keep but are to be married. She hates him because she can't hate her family for sending her to him. He hates her because now he has to be married. They fight constantly at first but in the wild they meet as their creature forms and some how know primally they belong together. I suspect there to be very rough dominance between the two so this is not for the weak willed.

9) Demon High *DOUBLE CRAVING*: Demon High is where the demons train and learn to fight Demi gods and protect certain gates of hell being what ever their races job is. My main character is a hell hound, they have to go fight and guard gates. Being new to this particular high school, a pack of hell hounds all bare the same royal mark. One female though always in her hell hound form is beautiful even as a canine, none other than her pack mates have ever seen her in her other form. She is weaker and less able to fend off other demons in that form so she takes no chances. One day your character happens to find her in a classroom in her demoness form but doesn't realize it's the hell hound princess. We see where it goes from there based upon the way the first meeting goes. Rough idea work out more kinks with partner. Must have a knowledge of Greek mythology for this one.

10) Daddy's Little Slave *DOUBLE CRAVING*: This story will be set back during the viking era. Clans fractured through out Iceland territory. This lovely girl had one of the toughest shield maidens as her mother and most ruthless viking king in history for a father but not one she knew well. She was very young when her mother and father split because of his infidelity. Her mother took it as a huge insult. Now with her mother dead and my character put in charge of the area her mother commanded. It was time for her to meet her father. This would take a rather dominant partner because he's going to take her and her land.

11) Their Savior, Her Nightmare *DOUBLE CRAVING*: This story isn't set in stone it's just an idea I've been turning over in my head for about a month. Life is about choices and sometimes in fits of rebelling and curiosity girls tend to do dumb things. Young, beautiful, fiery, and very dependent Sethra decides to go out to a party, usual drugs and alcohol. Wearing the wrong outfit at the wrong time she walks home not trusting herself to get in a car with anyone. She didn't notice the group of men following her home through the woods due to how fucked up she was. When they do catch up to her they find a lot more fight then they thought they would. Even as they beat her, rip her clothes off and rape her she still is fighting. No tears no screams of help just screams of anger. Now this is where it could go a few different ways. Either we could keep it in the normal human story or we could mix some fantasy in. As always I'm thinking either werewolves or shifters but I'm open to ideas. In the regular human aspect the group of guys decide to keep her as their personal slave bitch in their home and over time she becomes more...interested in the idea of staying. That will be a very brutal and twisted story as I expect them to either all be brothers or related in some way. Also a large tragedy should have happened in the family to make them need her in some way.

Now for the fantasy side I see a group of brothers (3 or 4, different ages) stumbling upon her getting rapped as they hunt, they don't stop the humans they just watch thinking it is just teenagers acting like teenagers. Then they see her really fighting, finding her to be very brave and an alpha female in their eyes. As the humans leave her bloody and broken they take her back to their home. The brothers share everything and they have all yet been able to find a suitable female for themselves. Except now, they want her to become on of them and be theirs to share. Of course in the beginning she will fight this but with enough attention and care after her trauma she will be more likely to stay. At first though I see her fighting them all, especially the alpha male of the brothers. She will be distant and aggressive when approached which only makes them want her more because she isn't letting the rape make her weak or frightened like most humans would react.

12)Can She Be Tamed? *DOUBLE CRAVING*: We've all seen how savage the world of the Vikings can be. It is one native women's turn to be prize in a contract between her father and the King of vikings all over equal ownership of land and combing of clans. She's to marry his son and be whatever he wants which her father has prepared her for the worst to be his sex slave even just his guards. This women however is far from able to be caught, she's fierce, cunning, and aggressive. She is like the animal on her back a wolf, beautiful and untouchable. Can the King-To-Be tame his new bride? This story is meant to show the aggressive and savage love between people during those times and the use of women like cattle and one women who demands respect and instead of letting herself be used.

13) Need for Change *DOUBLE CRAVING*: Whenever exploring a new area there is a tendency to find a new species of plant, animal, even new races of people. This story line would consist on either the finding of a new planet or just a new area of Earth up to the partner. In this area the people have been needing a mate for their alpha male but no female has been the one to light the fire in him. My character would be trying to find a new home for her people and stumble either upon him or maybe one of their own in trouble ans saves them. My character would be a shapeshifter it's up to the partner what they would like the other people to be. They may not fall in love at first sight but there is a definite connection I expect both to fight or at least a one sided fight since they will be very weary of each other.

14.) Anime Ideas *DOUBLE CRAVING*:
Recently in a very anime mood. I want to play out the story of Inuyasha but with the sex that we all know should have been in it. My partner for this would have to be as fun and perverted as I am. Our main characters would be Kagome and Inuyasha but I'd love to play the sub characters as well, have the most fun!

 Full metal alchemist related. Either our own brand new characters with their styles of alchemy or perhaps the always fun Ed and winry pairing. Really have to come up with the plot with a partner.

15.) Tables Have Turned *DOUBLE CRAVING*: This role play will start as your character a Black man that was given everything from the plantation owner who owned him as redemption for his soul or whatever you'd like reason to be. This man now owns most of a city once slavery has been abolished but he still holds hate in his heart for the whites. So he purchases my character who had been taken from one of the many burning plantations. He gets to take out his anger and she's obviously going to fan the anger for her racist hatred. Soon though she accepts her role as his personal slave and as partners we can choose where to take this.

I will post more ideas once I can properly word them. Thank you for reading this 
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Offline DarkHeart

I'm interested in your ideas, in particular, 5 and 7. Let me know if either or both are still available, then feel free to ask me questions.

Offline Diabolus Lupus

I like the sounds of ideas 3 and 13.

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Offline lover of the moon03Topic starter

Added Anime Ideas *DOUBLE CRAVING*

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Re: The Mad Fantasies for Those Who Dare to Look (Dom Males needed M x F)
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Re: The Mad Fantasies for Those Who Dare to Look (Dom Males needed M x F)
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Added Tables Have Turned *DOUBLE CRAVING*

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Re: The Mad Fantasies for Those Who Dare to Look (Dom Males needed M x F)
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Revamped some ideas and took out some.

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Re: The Mad Fantasies for Those Who Dare to Look (Dom Males needed M x F)
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Offline lover of the moon03Topic starter

After a couple of months of getting my life back together from a family tragedy and getting a new laptop I can depend on I'm ready to open up shop again.

Come one come all and explore my many ideas.

Feel free to pm me to discuss details and I'm open to playing with one of my ideas if you have an idea you're very passionate about. Thank you for stopping by and hope to hear from you soon.

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Updated The Unknown Guardians *DOUBLE CRAVING*

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Re: The Mad Fantasies for Those Who Dare to Look (Dom Males needed M x F)
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Monthly Bump! Come one, come all, and pm to discuss any plots you're interested in!

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Re: The Mad Fantasies for Those Who Dare to Look (Dom Males needed M x F)
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Monthly Bump! Lets see who dare to dive into the madness!

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Re: The Mad Fantasies for Those Who Dare to Look (Dom Males needed M x F)
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Back from a much needed vacation which was actually going back to school but still out of the US and in my eyes a magical experience.

Happy to reopen to new ideas and should be updating this list soon.

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Re: The Mad Fantasies for Those Who Dare to Look (Dom Males needed M x F)
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Back from a much needed vacation which was actually going back to school but still out of the US and in my eyes a magical experience.

Happy to reopen to new ideas and should be updating this list soon.

Dibs! I've got a dozen old threads I can't stop rereading, a half dozen ideas I want to run past you, and a quarter dozen threads I want to invite you too! Everyone else can get in line! XD

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Re: The Mad Fantasies for Those Who Dare to Look (Dom Males needed M x F)
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You know I'll always make time for you love! I'm open to all!

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Re: The Mad Fantasies for Those Who Dare to Look (Dom Males needed M x F)
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Monthly bump, also I took away some old ideas and fixed up the ones here. Looking forward to new adventures with new partners!